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Many politicians and office holders -especially today- are held in public disdain for their lies about so many things. But some rise above the rest as genuine public servants. They have spoken of the need for truth about the ultimate deceit- the coverup of fallen extraterrestrials at Roswell. A review of their telling statements and actions -and a newly uncovered revealing photo- show a deep concern about the event throughout the years. From Senators and DC insiders to U.S. Governors - up to the highest office- there have been those who are in power who wish to empower us with the knowledge that we are not alone in the Universe. They provide clues to the greatest secret: that craft and bodies from another world were made known to man many decades ago.

Of course the politician most closely associated with investigation into the crash is the late New Mexico US Congressman Steven Schiff. Schiff pressed the US GAO (General Accounting Office) to conduct an independent audit of any extant records or materials that the govenment may have had that related to the crash. Though he passed in 1998, his call to truth on Roswell continues to echo through the hintful voices of several prominent and valiant civil servants:




Multi-term US Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico was the former US Energy Secretary. He was also a former US Presidential Candidate. Most recently Richardson was offered a U.S. Cabinet role with the Obama Administration, though he declined. Popular and a populist, Richardson is an affable man that is personally liked by many on both sides of the aisle. Richardson arrived in New Mexico in the late 1970s when the first mentions of Roswell were rumbling. He is very serious about Roswell and is very candid when he says that the government continues to lie to the public about the incident. Richardson is surely privy to many things that many are not. He has carefully considered the history and evidence of Roswell. And he may well himself be privy to the ET nature of the event.

So compelled is Richardson on the subject that he even wrote the foreward to a book on the subject. Richardson has stated publicly that "it would help everyone if the U.S. Government disclosed everything it knows." He adds, "The American people can handle the truth." Richardson believes that "with full disclosure" that "we should be able to find out what happened that fateful day in July 1947." This is an extraordinary choice of words. He speaks of the crash at Roswell as a "fateful day." "Fateful" is variously defined as "momentous," "exceedingly important" or as "critical" in its significance. And indeed Roswell was.

Richardson is very direct about the matter. Curiously, even well after the USAF and GAO reports with its "official" balloon explanation were issued on Roswell, he saw fit to state: "the mystery surrounding this crash has never been adequately explained." He does not believe that official inquiries to date have told the real story to our nation's citizens about Roswell. And he encourages "our best scientific investigation" be brought to bear on the subject.

According to a 2007 AP news story, when Richardson was asked by a Dell employee in TX about Roswell, Richardson responded that he understands that "the data on Roswell remains classified" and that he was not happy about it. Not surprisingly, Richardson brought out the ire of sceptics when he came out on Roswell. Dave Thomas, skeptic of New Mexico Scientists for Reason, especially was upset, and made his "disappointment" in Richards known in public statements.

Given that Richardson reported directly to the President of the United States -and that he possessed Top Secret clearances of the highest order as head of the Department of Energy- he was uniquely positioned to know the precise nature of the Roswell event. He oversaw US DOE black research projects and the development of bleeding-edge technologies as well as having guided some of our national laboratories.

And as a decades-long resident of New Mexico, his interest in Roswell likely began early. This is especially true if he was so motivated as to write the forward to a book on the subject and to have made such stunning statements. And Richardson was there in New Mexico early on to hear from his constituents within the State about the matter when the Roswell event became more public in the late 1970s.

As Governor, he may well have been able to tap institutional memories, the testimony of old time politicos, and even may have perhaps viewed telling records within the State about the event. There is substantial evidence that the State was involved in the response to the crash through the reported involvement of the Lt. Governor at the time, Joseph Montoya. Combined with his high level role within a U.S. Presidential Administration- there can be no doubt that he knows something very significant about Roswell. And as a genuine public servant, Bill Richardson may well be trying to tell the public something very significant about Roswell.

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