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Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec. 2 - 2012’s Crust Shift - Has it, Can It Happen?‏

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2012’s Crust Shift

Has it, Can It Happen?

by Arthur "Art" Ryan
Having just watched the very entertaining new film "2012", it seemed appropriate to write about it. Many of you will think - Why is a fiction movie worthy of inclusion on this site? Well, the answer is simply, because it is a very real possibility that the events depicted in the movie have happened in the past.
The catastrophic event is a Earth Crust Displacement, also known as a poleshift or crust shift. An event that has been written about a number of authors, such as Hugh A. Brown, Allen W. Eckert, Arthur Ryan, and; as mentioned in the movie, Charles H. Hapgood. This same theory has even received a positive endorsement from Albert Einstein.

In "Cataclysms of the Earth" and "Path of the Poles", Brown and Hapgood look at many anomalies of Earth's past to provide evidence of previous Crust Displacements. When these previous non-fiction works seemed to land on deaf ears, Eckert wrote "The HAB Theory" in a fiction tale, in a further attempt to get the word out.

Like the movie, Ryan believes the phenomena can and will happen again. His theory for the cause of the shift differs from that of the film and Ryan does not set an exact date for its culmination. Yet, his brief description of what will transpire immediately before and during the shift are eerily similar to the movie and just as devastating. The survival of life on the planet will indeed hang in the balance.

What makes Ryan's work different from that of Brown, Hapgood, and Eckert is the inclusion of a natural process that causes the shift. This cause differs from that used in the film to tell the story. All of these authors agree that the probable cause for the Crust Displacement is a unbalanced build-up of ice on the polar caps that will eventually start an uncontrollable wobble that eventually succumbs to the physics of centrifugal force.

In the movie, the cause of our demise comes in the form neutrinos emitted by the sun, that super heats the earth's core and destabilizes the crust. Two problems immediately become apparent with this theory. One - examinations of core samples and exposed extremely aged rocks does not contain evidence to support the idea that this has happened in the past and thereby fails to explain those items addressed by others. Two - In this softening of the earth it seems more probable that the crust in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere would actually move towards the equator in the same relative locations and seemingly blend with the tectonic plates already there. This would also be due to the influences of centrifugal force caused by the earth's rotation. Not a true shift. This is not meant as a negative comment on the entertainment factor of the movie. It is pointed out to show that this is probably a cataclysm that will happen again sometime in the future. The film has some basis on a very real science that has not been given the attention it merits. A lack of notice by the mainstream scientific community could result in our demise.

So, should we resign ourselves to humanity's total destruction barring some government program that can be bought? The answer is NO! Unlike the movie, which shows the entire planet flooded by water, it is more likely that there will be small areas where the shift can be survivable. There is a chance that mankind will make it to the next epoch.

This redirect of the governments' and scientific communities' focus needs your help to facilitate. Cries of warning cause us to invest resources. So, you need to review the aforementioned books, and then sound the warning by telling everyone you can think of to spread the word. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Mankind's survival is in the balance - Are you up to the task?

Crust Shift Theory Gaining Acceptance

It has been said that new ideas are ridiculed before they are accepted. Albert Einstein also is quoted saying "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition..." This is an article that clearly shows an example of this in the present day.

Some of the "Great Spirits" are people like Brown, Hapgood, Eckert, and Ryan. These individuals have worked to enlighten us as to an idea that has met with opposition and are just now starting to be looked at by mainstream science. In works such as "Cataclysms of the Earth", "Path of the Poles", "The HAB Theory", and "Are We Worth Our Salt?" these authors have outlined a apocalyptic event that they believe has happened many times in the past.

Brown and Hapgood have given a large amount of evidence to support the theorized event takes place and Eckert has written a fiction tale in order to increase awareness of the phenomena. Ryan take the topic to the next level by not only providing additional evidence; but, he also lays out a natural recurring physical process for its culmination.

You might ask yourself "Just what is this event and why should I care?"

Well, the phenomena is a shift of the crust of the earth. It is also known as a earth crust displacement, pole shift and even polar shift. This topic should not be confused with the magnetic polar wandering which is a less traumatic and probably harmless natural process.

In a crust shift, the entire outer layer of the earth (lithosphere) begins to slide over the mantle (the liquid interior) known as magma, bringing what the earth knows as polar caps into a more temperate area, closer to the equator. This event subsequently causes new polar caps to take root.

A look at possible past events of this type give us a different view of things like ice ages and these events actually provide a viable explanation for many, if not all, of earth's mysteries and yet unanswered reasons for items that the scientific community tell us happened without providing for their cause. No other theory equals a crust shift for solving simple questions like "Why are wooly mammoths frozen in Siberia and elsewhere?" and many, many more.

Now to answer why you should care. This cataclysmic event has happened many times in the past and in Ryan's book we can easily see that the event will again occur. The exact date is not foretold and probably can not be. However, with climate changes happening and processes that Ryan described becoming true, can we not assume that the next crust shift will happen sometime in the near future. That is a bet that should not placed on the losing side. Especially given the fact that Ryan goes so far to offer a possible preventive measure that is well within our power to execute.
Copyright by Art Ryan

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