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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Dear Friends,

More interesting thoughts from Joseph...Paste the link if you don't receive the images/can't access the links.

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Report 174

December 3, 2009

Joseph P. Skipper

J.P. Skipper can be contacted at:

The above 1st image provides a wide-angle context view of the Dulce military facility located in New Mexico just south of the Colorado Mesa Verde National Park mountainous area. It is also located just southeast of the intersection of the state boundary lines of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado known as the 4-Corners area. The 4-Corners is also infamous in the conspiracy and UFO communities mostly because of its proximity to the Dulce base and the many UFO sightings that have been witnessed in this area. Dulce is suppose to be a super secret place except for the slight problem of course of it being infamous.

Many of you are no doubt aware of the Dulce base and the stories that have circulated for years about it. What is known is that this is an Air Force facility and the great majority of this facility is underground. By underground, I do mean very deep underground. In fact, I suspect we would be shocked at just how deep down and how far laterally it reaches into other states. The considerable north and south mining spoil or tailings on the east side of the site visible in the above 1st image and pointed out by the yellow arrows demonstrates that there is in fact a deep mine here and over it is this surface facility.

For any of you who may not be aware of the Dulce Base story, what makes it so infamous is primarily an event some allege to have occurred there back in the 1970s or 1980s. It seems that when the place was being developed in its lowest region at that time around the 7th level, the human team broke through into an even lower chamber and that chamber had aliens in it. There proceeded to be a fire fight with the result that most of the humans did not survive. Just do the online search engine thing on the Dulce Base and you will find out the details of what is suppose to have happened back then and subsequently as humans and aliens are suppose to have developed partnerships in genetic experiments on human populations in exchange for technology.

Now be forewarned that this is not a pleasant story and is in fact as ugly as they come. Further, it suggests a capitulation of human leadership into a hell of compromises both in that time and on into our time that,
if true, is the legacy of what we are dealing with today on some secrecy issues. It is that alien/extraterrestrial interaction potential that is the reason for this reporting on Dulce. Remember, only in beginning to understand a thing can we begin to come to grips with its possibilities. If you think you're up to it, start with the link below for just some basics and proceed from there as your psychology permits.

Now I have no knowledge on the truth any of this story but Dulce as a secret underground complex is at least real. Further, our American tax dollars are paying for it. So it isn't going to hurt for we in the public to take a look here and try to gain a little more insight into this very secret place that we are paying for.

The above 2nd image demonstrates what the principle part of the facility looks like in a bit closer view from above. The dark rectangular area in the center of the base represents its massive main self contained power generating center. The broad dark area to the right are coal fields just in case the facility in an emergency had to resort to this type of easily storable fuel material. Surface personnel concentration is in the lower part of the surface facility center and just left of center.

Now working up to the left/west side and upper left corner of the facility represents power facilities that are fed into Dulce from an external source. This appears to be from remote massive high tech "Arizona Public Service Power Plant" miles south of and across a east/west highway and waterway from this location and which I'm not showing here. It is on Morgan Lake which is partially artificial in origin, it also shows signs of mining activity with extensive spoil areas, large retention ponds, and it is in New Mexico rather than Arizona even though it is suppose to be an Arizona serving operation.

So the Dulce facility has massive redundant power supply systems both external and internal. That remote power comes into the center left (west) side of Dulce and runs to the right (east) across the center of Dulce and out into the spider network of a huge raised overhead coal conveyor system that you see in the above 2nd image.

The point is that just about everything seen above ground is all about and dedicated to massive power generation and distribution and air handling as a support function for something else underground and not as an end unto itself. In other words, the only thing we can see on the surface is just the support facilities for whatever is below underground. Further, the massive amount of power and air handling utilized here is a direct indicator that whatever is below is really big and really deep.

Above and immediately adjacent to the facility and to the lower left but not shown in the above 2nd image are huge multiple rectangular retention ponds. These are no doubt for toxic wastes associated with the very deep mining operation and perhaps with whatever high tech self-contained power source is being employed here.

If this is a base run by the Air Force as has been indicated by others, it should be noted that there is no air-strip nearby serving just this facility. However, there is one some miles to the southeast in a civilian center. Likely this site connects underground with other distant military facilities as needed. The one thing that is abundantly clear though is that there is a massive facility here and it is underground and the only entity that could afford this kind of massive operation is the government and/or military.

The above 3rd and 4th images demonstrate the considerable presence of air handling fans at the facility. The massive numbers of them along with the mining spoil/tailings clearly confirm the extensiveness of the underground facility. It must be remembered that facility personnel underground must be able to breath quality air and deep mining will almost certainly produce both substances and gases toxic to humans as well as limit the amount of oxygen available.

These air handling fans are obviously here to exhaust toxic gases and to introduce and maintain quality breathable air below. Their numbers and size and the need to move so much air volume tells us that the facility is indeed very deep as well as massive and that a lot of people needing to breath decent air to function properly are present here.

Note the three large retention ponds partially cut off at the top of the image. Take special note of the glowing orange material in the pond on the right looking a bit like lightening bolts or fire. Toxic substances produced by deep mining must be dealt with as well as possibly what ever toxic byproduct is produced by the underground facilities and main power source. Let's face it, you don't want to go for a swim in this pond unless you want your body to be quickly corroded away into goo. In fact, dipping your big toe in there could result in pulling back a nub.

The above 5th image is of the dark rectangular area in the center of the surface facility showing four massive units, two larger and two smaller. These almost certainly are boilers representing the facility's above ground self contained power source. The light color straight lateral dual lines you see in the lower part of the image are elevated conveyor systems originally designed to deliver coal from the dark coal fields on the east side of the facility.

Note that they go off to the right and wind up in a spider hub there. However, it should also be noted that power transmission lines come straight in from the outside power source on the left, across the facility, and matching the direction of the larger conveyor systems perfectly. So these coal conveyor ducts by design likely carry outside power lines elevated across the facility just above the other facility surface components to the conveyor spider hub and then go down into the underground.

The above 6th image demonstrates the network of large coal conveyor duct lines in the main coal field. Such enclosed conveyor systems start out low in the exterior coal bed and transport the coal up an incline to near the top of tall block houses along the line filling them. Then another conveyor starts the process again from the bottom of the block house to the top of the next block house and so on until it reaches its destination for consumption by the giant boilers. Some refining may or may not occur in any intermediate block houses depending on the internal design.

This provides a brief look at what we can visibly see of the Dulce facility proper on the surface. It confirms that Dulce is quite real and that there is some kind of huge facility underground that the large above surface facility supports. This facility was for a long time a secret likely dating back into the 1960s and 1970s until stories about some very bad sounding events happening here started circulating by so called whistle-blowers. So the question becomes, is it now obsolete and now only a product of decades long past?

The above 7th and 8th images shifts the scene to a site roughly 30 km or 18 miles northeast of Dulce. The 7th image is an older one I took many months ago and the 8th is of the same exact location taken for this report a short time ago. As you can see there have been significant changes not only to the site itself but also in the image resolution in being able to view it.

To reach this site one exits from the east side of the Dulce facility mining area traveling northeast via a big wide paved road visible in the upper right corner of the 2nd image and one comes to the above site via the paved road you see in the above 7th and 8th images. The 18 mile stretch of road is named the La Placa Mine Road. It essentially terminates at both sites and is obviously not meant as a public road. It in fact clearly appears to be an extension of the Dulce facility to this more distant surface location.

What brought my attention to this site initially was following the road and discovering the strange zig-zag patterns in the terrain as you see them in the 7th image. This is clearly another mining spoil/tailings site and the pronounced sharp zig-zag patterns are very strange and note that they are confined only to the spoil/tailings dump material. They seem to be a little too organized and strange to be simple weather erosion patterns forming ridges in the relatively soft dump material.

However, that isn't all. The above 9th and 10th images are of another spot in this same remote spoil/tailings site. Note the many very pronounced uniform size and shape individual objects in the 9th image. The 9th image was taken of this site many months ago and the 10th images taken only a short time ago for this report. As you can see, the changes are once again significant. This type of many individual same size and shape uniform objects evidence is scattered all around this site and the spots imaged here are just representative samples of it.

Once again the resolution in the current views of these individual objects has been fairly severely visually compromised. If this image compromising is intentional, the question quickly becomes why? What is so important about this strange looking zig-zag pattern and many individual objects evidence that someone felt it needed to be obscured at this remote dump site?

What ever the reason might be, despite the image obfuscation, one thing that we can still clearly see is that there has been a lot of work in and additions to this dump site since the prior images were taken. That means that there is active mining producing additional dump material resulting in these ongoing changes. What is also significant is that there is just a dump site going on here function wise and no other kind of mining activity. If this is suppose to be the La Placa Mine site, it obviously isn't that. It is only a dump site and Dulce base at the other end of that dedicated road is by far the most likely candidate as the source of the dump material.

That brings us back to that big dedicated paved road connecting this site with the Dulce site. Is the Dulce excavation material being transported to this distant site over this road to try and fool eyes in the sky about the degree of excavation activity at the Dulce site? Or, could it be that the Dulce underground site extends 18 miles underground to near this remote site and the dump material is now being fed to this site via underground passages?

What ever the answer is, it is clear that the Dulce underground facility is likely an ongoing monster in size as well as the scope of its activity and that is something that this surface evidence does tend to verify. Some speculate that the Dulce site now extends far out underground to other military sites in other states. I have no idea of the truth of this but one can clearly see from what is on the surface that massive underground excavations are still going on here.

Here's another thought. Remember those many individual same size and shape objects grouped in large areas all around the remote site? Some of them are also at the main Dulce site. Could these be compacted excavation material cartridges that is a characteristic of a some kind of deep tunnel boring machines (TBMs) used to develop the underground complex? Such cartridges would be an excellent candidate for transportation from the Dulce facility to the remote site over the paved road and explain the uniformity of the objects. Yes it is speculation but not without its logic. Boring machines you say? What need does the Air Force have for such expensive monster underground machines?

TBM's at WikipediA

The above 11th image is a photograph by the U.S. Department of Energy, Nevada Operations Office, photo number MX-027-30 dated December 14, 1982. Note the Air Force insignia on this Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and remember that this picture is about 27 years old meaning that we're looking at 27 year old technology here. Can you imagine a giant machine like this underground on a railroad track hauling behind it a giant compactor forming huge cylinders of excavated and compacted material fitted to the tunnel sizes that are then transported to the surface and hauled originally via highway to the remote dump site forming the individual objects seen in the 9th image. Could it be a clue?

Obviously the Dulce base is very real as is the very deep subterranean aspect of it. The complex is obviously huge and development there underground is clearly ongoing and current. However, whether this involves aliens or not is not something that this visual evidence cannot answer. The problem with the revelations/stories that circulate about Dulce is that the most successful secrecy counter measure is to spread so many different stories, including even those uncomfortable for secrecy, so that one can never get an objective bead with confidence on what is true and what isn't.

Like a dose of medicine that one should take for one's own good, you need to know something about this real world secret place in so far as visual surface evidence can reveal it. That way, should the issues of alien presence and partnerships and/or Nibiru is coming preparation arise again in the future, maybe it will not be so easy to deflect innocent naive public thoughts away from determining the merit of such issues and onto pointless questions of whether such a place exists at all or not or whether something is actively happening there or not.

Understand that my purpose in examining places like this is not to reveal secrets to America's adversaries. In these modern times, such adversaries have their own unobfuscated satellite views and their own professional experts that examine surface places like this in much greater detail than we can here through this often obfuscated Google Earth imaging. They know far more about this place and others in minute detail than we do here in the Google Earth imaging.

Just remember that some truths, like medicine that is ultimately good for you, is rarely pleasant. Secrecy types need to relax and understand that this knowledge is part of the growth process and necessary in ramping up to face the real world issues coming. In other words, no one is criticizing or threatening you here, it's just growth.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

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