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April 19 - Aliens Part 1: Why we should fear them‏

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Aliens Part 1: Why we should fear them
by Lee Irwin Pringle

Arthur C Clarke said any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and magic is what Gods do. Our history is littered with reports of angels or spirits descending down to the Earth from the heavens.
Why is it when we talk to God we look up? It’s because that is where the God’s came from.
Zachariah Sitchin puts forward the theory that the bible speaks not about a loving creator God, but about a group of extraterrestrials discussing what seems to be nothing more than a science project. If this turns out to be true and there is a lot of evidence to suggest it is, what are the implications for humankind? The bible says God demands to be worshipped, he destroys cities and peoples and takes prophets up into heaven in fiery chariots. This is certainly NOT the behaviour or a benevolent creator. The problem with being a creation is there is always a creator. And this usually means the creator is immensely more powerful than his creation. Let’s say for the moment we WERE created by an advanced race of extraterrestrials as Sitchin suggests. This would imply that they had incredibly sophisticated technology before we even existed and would mean they’re at least several thousand of years ahead of us. Just take a look at our own technological progress in the last 100 years. Now multiply that by even just ten and it’s mind boggling to imagine were we’d be. The problem with this comparison of course is that it assumes our creators have the same intellects as we do, and the evidence points to them being far more intelligent than even our greatest minds.
Our species gets its power from its intellectual capability. We possess no physical weaponry or means of defence, so we rely on our technology for self-defence. So far on our own world, there aren’t any competitors technologically hence we’re on top of the food chain. But how would we fare against a species thousands of years ahead of us, how could ever hope to mount a challenge against them?
In the 1940’s, pilots reported seeing strange orbs of light, both sides assuming it was the enemies new wonder-weapon. It seems someone out there began taking a greater interest in what we were doing. The explosion of the first Atom Bomb opened up a whole new can of worms for humankind. It meant we now had the power to destroy the entire planet, and I’m sure our creators never intended us to get that far. Their concern for what we were doing seemed to coincide with a new wave of U.F.O sightings until finally something went wrong and one of them came down at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. This incident has now become U.F.O lore and even people with no interest in this subject have at least a small idea of what supposedly happened.
From what little information we have from eye witnesses etc, we can postulate that a craft came down in Roswell and the U.S government recovered the vehicle itself (although damaged) and several small non-human entities all but one of them dead. This incident is incredibly significant because from this point on, the extraterrestrials had to “come clean” in the sense that we now had their technology and we knew they weren’t omnipotent Gods. What is interesting about this moment in history is why we were left alone, why, if the scientific experiment had now been contaminated were we allowed to survive. I suppose it depends on their motivations for creating us in the first place but there’s a chance they thought us worthy of survival.
It was at this time that a deal was made between the U.S government and them which meant we would have access to their technology in exchange for them having access to the U.S (and probably global) population. This deal should give us hope, because you only make deals with equals. They could have just done whatever they pleased regardless. This could either be because the E.T’s we met with were just a small group of observing scientists and had no military power so they had to negotiate, or maybe they genuinely respected us. I think the real reason is far more insidious however. The evidence from later on in the 20th century suggests it was a ploy, a trick to lull us into a false sense of security. They never intended for us to be partners.
Millions of Americans claim to have been abducted by aliens at some point during their lives. Can you possibly imagine the logistics of taking that many people one at a time and studying them? It is the abduction phenomena most off all that sends tingle up their spine when they think of aliens. One minute you’re fast asleep in your bed, and then there’s a bright white light coming through the curtains. You see a silhouette in front of you. People say it’s the eyes. There’s something mesmerising and hypnotic about the eyes. They then take you aboard their ships and humiliate you with their tests and experiments. People report screaming in pain and these beings just carry on as though nothing is wrong, they seem to lack any kind of empathy. For most people this experience is not a pleasant one. In fact, it’s very rare to come away from these abductions feeling positive. People are left terrified, not really sure of what happened but knowing full well that something isn’t right. They can be left with physical scars, as well as psychological ones. It can ruin someone’s life.
The abduction phenomena demonstrates that the intentions of our creators are not benign, there is no love or respect towards their human captives. We are in fact, being used. It’s as if we’re simply vessels to be abused, and we’re looked upon as one of our scientists looks on rodents or other lower life forms. Any species who is as incredibly advanced as they are yet displays such contempt for Humankind is no friend of ours.
Obviously, not all non-human species are the same and we cannot paint every civilization out there with the same brush, but there appears to one species in particular who has had the greatest influence and involvement in our development, enemy number one, the Grays.
When Neil Armstrong first walked upon the Moon, the entire world watched in amazement as he set his first footprint into the lunar dust. We all imagined moon bases, hotels on the moon. We at the very least expected a permanent presence to established up there. The Apollo project was cancelled in 1975 and we haven’t been back since. Forty years later and nothing .This is despite the fact we have found water up there, you’d think we would be itching to back and study it. President George Bush Jnr promised to send men back to the moon by 2020. Current U.S President Barak Obama has now cancelled Bush’s proposed Moon project. Why would he do this? It’s all part of the same story. The reason we haven’t gone back to the moon isn’t because we didn’t want to, but because we weren’t allowed to!
Supposedly, during the Apollo 11 mission, a transmission between Neil Armstrong and Houston was made that was censored. Only certain people back in Houston heard it. That transmission was intercepted by amateur radio enthusiasts, and has world-shattering implications if it's true. Here is one part of that transmission:
NASA: "Whats there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11..."
Apollo11: "These "Babies" are huge, Sir! Enormous! OH MY GOD! You wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They're on the Moon watching us!"
Neil Armstrong has also stated in the interview below what happened:
Professor: "What REALLY happened out there with Apollo 11?"
Armstrong: "It was incredible, of course we had always known there was a possibility, the fact is, we were warned off! (by the Aliens). There was never any question then of a space station or a moon city."
Professor: "How do you mean "warned off?"
Armstrong: "I can't go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology - Boy, were they big!... and menacing! No, there is no question of a space station."
Why would they warn us to stay away, because they don’t want us interfering with their studies!. They don’t want us to know what they’re doing out there. So, since 1975 we’ve pretty much kept ourselves to ourselves, not venturing out very far. Whatever Neil and the other astronauts saw, the message must have been very clear as we have obeyed them and not gone back.

Coming soon….
Aliens Part 2: Why they should fear us……

© Copyright 2010 by Lee Irwin Pringle

This is Copyrighted Material

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