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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov. 7 - Simpsons False Flag Nuclear Attack 21-06-2012 | Synchronicity or Coded Predictions?

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Simpsons False FlagDid Episodes of The Simpsons Really Predict 9-11 and a Nuclear False Flag Attack?

In the last few days Websites and Blogs all over the internet have been buzzing with the theory that someone had found a warning buried in an episode of the incredibly popular animated show The Simpsons. The first thing many people will think is that this is the height of ridiculous nonsense conspiracy theory madness. Well those people are welcome to stop reading now or they can read on just for a giggle at my expense.

Over the last few years it has become increasingly obvious that Hollywood, Mainstream Television and the music industry have all been used as avenues to disseminate esoteric, occult and manipulative messages to the unsuspecting public. There are dozens of websites dedicated to the revelations coming from this sector of alternative research.

There is however also universal principle commonly called 'synchronicity' which can cause creative people to pick up on things happening in other places or even in other times. This means that when something odd happens, like a television show predicting a real event, it is possible we are witnessing a sub-conscious process rather than an intended message transfer.

Clues to something important on 9-11-2001 cropped up in several shows with relevant themes. For example the conspiracy film 'The Matrix' gave its star Neo a passport which expired on 9-11-2001. In the conspiracy show 'The Lone Gunmen' they had a plot involving planes flying into the world trade centre six months before the real thing occurred. The earliest television reference seems to be a Simpsons episode in which Lisa holds up a magazine which has on its cover New York 9 11. Whether some or all of these happened deliberately or are all purely by synchronicity we should perhaps still take notice of subliminal messages in mass media. Sometime they really do seem to predict major events.

So the question is then whether a meaningful prediction can be interpreted from The Simpsons episode, number 20 of season 21, entitled 'To Surveil With Love' or whether folks were just plain wrong?

The prediction that was floating around the web can be seen in the attached video here. Essentially its pretty simplistic. The authorities detonate an explosive device to destroy a bag which contains nuclear material and thus creating a dirty bomb in an American train station. The only thing which survives the explosion is a large clock which flies through the air to land in Homer Simpsons garden. The clock hands point to the numbers 6 and 11 whilst the clock with its attached fixing seems to be a large number 10. Clear enough then?

On 6-11-10 there would be a dirty bomb or nuclear event, one which would not be all it seemed to be. Taking into account the entire episode and how it progressed the event would likely then lead to police state rules ramping up.

Well first off this event has not happened yet but there is the rest of the day to go. In the farthest West of the USA it is only early morning as I write this. There is plenty of time for some nut job to blow something up. My bet though is that nothing significant happens today. Not because the Simpsons episode lacked potential coded data, but because that data has not been interpreted properly nor linked to any corroborative information sources.

So without further ado let me give another analysis and interpretation of the scene in question and put it into alignment with another message from big media that seems to tie in quite nicely...

Let us first look again at the clock face.

The first and most obvious thing is the position of the hands at the 6 and the 11. One interpretation being that this meant the 6th of November. The second observation is that the clock is still attached to its wall mounting and taken together resemble a large number 10. One interpretation for that is it meant the year 2010.

This superficial analysis ignores a basic convention of time telling equipment. We know that on a clock the short hand always deals with larger blocks of time than the long hand. In this case it is the short hand that points at the 6 and thus if a date is being reference it would be the 11th of June and if the 10 is the year then we have 21-06-10, which has come and gone without event.

Now let us look deeper to see if there is more going on here. Is there anything peculiar about the face of the clock which might suggest a hidden message?
Well actually there is something very peculiar and deliberate in the image. We note that the numbers are surrounded by a black and white check pattern. Such imagery is common with fraternal secret orders as a way of representing balance between dark and light. There are 58 checks in all, 29 of each colour, and for the most part they are all equal. Just two of the black checks have been modified, note that either side of the number 10 these have been literally doubled in length. Clearly the number ten is being singled out for attention, and the double length checks mean the balance between dark and light has been thrown out towards darkness.

This deeper revelation could of course give us the dates 10th and 11th of June. Next we remember that the clock is itself a giant ten. Personally I believe we are meant to either add the two initial numbers together and get 21 or we are meant to add both of the hour numbers with 10 to give 20 and 21. For the purpose of my further analysis it does matter which you feel more drawn towards. The important thing is that either way we are presented with the number 21. The number 21 is the key clue to how this links in with another warning from the mass media.

At this point we have then the possibility that two dates have been suggested, being 21-06 and 20-06. As I have used the 10 for addition already it would be unfair to use it as the year also, surely the year would have to be encoded into the picture elsewhere right?

Now we look a bit deeper and find another subliminal. In the rear of the image is a row of fence posts broken up by the tree and the clock. Behind homer are visible exactly 12 fence posts whilst to the left just prior to the clock we see just 2 fence posts. Between the posts is the clock face which is easily seen as a suitably sized 0. Reading from left to right that then gives us 2 0 12, which I suggest is the year we are dealing with.

False flag terror event involving dirty bombs in the US during the period 20-06-2012 and 21-06-2012.

Now where else have we had a related warning hidden in a mass media source?

In 2008 the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, ran a story called Operation Blackjack. The story was about MI5 receiving information on 20-06 that a home-grown terrorist group made up of radicals from Islam and Christianity were seeking to bring about an apocalypse. On the 21st a full terror alert is given in the UK that an attack is imminent. On the 22nd dirty bombs are then detonated in seven cities, being London, New York, Washington, Toronto, Mexico City, Portland and Los Angeles. The name Black Jack refers to the card game in which 21 is the ideal number, and hence the attack is centred on the 21st.

Operation Black JackSome very smart people decoded a hidden message

"This is not simply entertainment."
"This is is the final warning on this site - all further warnings will be given on Beware Ardent Sentry. Be alert for Semis bearing the sun icon. Not all federal authorities are involved."

The events transpire to be a false flag used by a secret group to bring in totalitarian control and a new world order.

Though in fairness some people had been convinced this message was pointing to an event either in 2009 or 2010 that is by no means definite. The actual story does not give a year.

It is then extremely interesting to see that the two dates building up to the terror event in Operation Blackjack (20-06 & 21-06) can be found in the Simpsons episode which also involves a dirty bomb. That show being of course number 20 of season 21.

One thing we know about the NWO mob is they have a love of symbolic dates for any of their rituals that involve mass death. Unlike 06-11-2010 we find begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 20/21-06-2012 end_of_the_skype_highlighting fits that bill very nicely. It is of course the time of the pagan celebration of Summer Solstice, and also exactly six months before the Maya Calendar flips over on 21-12-2012. Indeed it just happens to be two weeks after the rare astrological event which is the Venus Conjunction of 06-06-2012.

For those of us in the UK it is worth noting that the full moon of 4th June (partial lunar eclipse in Americas) is being made into a special bank holiday to celebrate Elizabeth the lizard queen. She will also be claiming Greenwich, the centre of Gregorian temporal control, for her self. Perhaps she is gathering energy from us for some occult ritual activity planned later that month?

From the BBC website: "New bank holiday for Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012

A "nationwide celebration" will be held to mark The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the government has announced. Events to mark The Queen's 60 years on the throne will take place in the first weekend of June 2012, with an extra bank holiday being created. Lord Mandelson said it would be a "truly historic occasion" which would allow the British people to show their "pride and affection" for The Queen. He also announced that Greenwich would become a royal borough."

At the same time as all this, runners will be carrying the eternal flame (of the illuminati) all around the UK in preparation for the London (new Zion) Olympics.

Of course everyone has to make up their own minds about this. I am just a messenger, feel free to shoot me if you would like. It is all very odd and I am not sure what to make of it, if anything at all.
from this story. An ID card number in one of the pictures was broken down using a hexadecimal to string converter. Messages were then read as:20/21-06-2012

By Bruce

Shift of the Ages Film

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