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The Profound Near-Death Experience of a Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor (+Video)

The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In "Beyond Science" Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide.

Tienke Klein’s health remained poor after she was released from a Nazi concentration camp. After a long recovery from the trauma she’d endured, she finally reached the point of not needing to visit her doctor regularly. Then she was hit by a car while bicycling.

The experience would release her from the prison camp she’d never left in many ways.

Klein described her reaction in a video posted on (a website for near-death experience sharing). She was angry with God, she said. She had finally finished up with the doctor and, bam, in a moment she could have lost her life because of someone’s road rage.

“And suddenly I was ejected from my body and I wasn’t angry anymore,” she said. A blaze of light appeared and she felt an energy pervading everything, including herself. “I was completely that energy,” she said. “It was love, it was wisdom, it was dynamism.”

Tienke Klein. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Tienke Klein. (Screenshot/YouTube)

She received all the answers to her questions at once. “I was so happy, so incredibly happy.”

“In my life I always had a lack of energy because my body suffered so much damage in the concentration camp,” she said. But here she felt wonderful and whole again. “I wasn’t dead, but I wasn’t in my body.”
She received two clear messages. One was, “People love as much as they are able to.” The other was, “You don’t need to go anywhere.”

When she regained consciousness, a resonance of the experience remained. She felt lonely when she realized the things people around her were talking about had no substance in comparison to the profound truth she just experienced. But then she remembered the first message, that people love as much as they are able. She was expecting more of them, which led to disappointment.

The second message made her realize that, whether on the street, at home, or in a prison camp, she can be free. She’d seen her life in a flash during her near-death experience (NDE), a common phenomenon for people who’ve had NDEs.

“I realized that ever since I came out of the prison camp, I was still trying to get out of the prison camp,” she said. She had become fixated with overcoming limitations.

“I don’t need to go anywhere to regain that freedom,” she said. “The ground always lies beneath all the traumas. And no one can take away the ground of the soul.”

One of the most influential NDE researchers, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, was motivated to study death, dying, and NDEs after a trip to a concentration camp in 1945.

She visited Majdanek concentration camp on the outskirts of Lublin, Poland, after the liberation and spoke to a young woman who’d determined she would forgive Hitler before she left the camp. She didn’t want to spread anger and hate by talking about the terrible things she’d seen. This woman told Kübler-Ross that we all have a little of the evil that created those atrocities within us. She said the important thing is to get rid of the “Hitler” inside of us.

The meaning of these words set in during Kübler-Ross’s own brush with death. On her way back to her home in Switzerland, she was very ill and passed out in a forest, only to be found three days later with typhoid. She realized she’d been so hungry without food for that long, she would have stolen food from a child if she’d had the chance. She saw the evil within herself.

She realized that something profound happens near death. Her research brought her to hear many more amazing stories of profound NDEs.
Many NDEers return with emotional and spiritual problems resolved and a greater sense of purpose. For many, NDEs confirm the existence of an afterlife and the compassionate nature of that other realm.

Concentration camp survivor and famed psychiatrist Viktor Frankl is much-cited in papers on NDEs for his focus on the human search for meaningand the realization that love is an integral part of that meaning.

Frankl escaped a trip to a gas chamber by slipping into a different queue.

He wrote of his experience in the prison camps in his 1973 book “The Doctor and the Soul”: “He himself can no longer understand how he was able to survive the imprisonment. Henceforth he enjoys the precious feeling that after all he has experienced and suffered, there is nothing left in the world that he need fear… For a good many men learned in concentration camp, and as a result of concentration camp, to believe in God again.”

“The gas chambers of Auschwitz were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the product of heredity and environment,” he said.

Klein noted that all the ideals she enlightened to during her NDE sometimes fade in her daily life. But, she reminds herself of how she learned to be free and to accept others for however much love they are able to give—and in these moments of clarity, she pops her head back up out of the fog to bask in the light.

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Ancient Martian Civilization Was Destroyed By A Nuclear Attack From Another Extraterrestrial Race - Physicist Says

21 November, 2014

Follow us: - A new controversial and very interesting theory has been put forward by a physicist who suggests that Mars was once inhabited by two ancient humanoid civilizations, called Cydonia and Utopia.
These beings had a level of technology similar to that of the ancient Egyptians and they were wiped out as a result of nuclear bombing planned and conducted by an intelligent extraterrestrial race.

Dr John Brandenburg, who has a PhD in Theoretical Plasma Physics from the University of California at Davis, currently works as a plasma physicist at Orbital Technologies in Madison Wisconsin.

He has worked on a variety of propulsion technologies and previously was an independent consultant on Space Missile Defense and Directed Energy Weapons.

New proof of a nuclear catastrophe on Mars!

In an epic story of discovery, strong evidence is presented for a dead civilization on Mars and the shocking reason for its demise: an ancient planetary-scale nuclear massacre leaving isotopic traces of vast explosions that endure to our present age.

The story told by a wide range of Mars data is now clear. Mars was once Earth-like in climate, with an ocean and rivers, and for a long period became home to both plant and animal life, including a humanoid civilization. Then, for unfathomable reasons, a massive thermo-nuclear explosion ravaged the centers of the Martian civilization and destroyed the biosphere of the planet. But the story does not end there. This tragedy may explain Fermi's Paradox, the fact that the cosmos, seemingly so fertile and with so many planets suitable for life, is as silent as a graveyard. We must immediately send astronauts to Mars to maximize our knowledge of what happened there, and learn how to avoid Mars’ fate. Includes an 8-page color section. Read more

According to Dr. Brandenburg, evidence of the genocide that wiped out the Martian civilization can still be seen today.

In a fascinating article written by Daily Mail, back in 2011 the scientist first postulated that the red colour on Mars could have been due to a naturally occurring thermonuclear explosion.

"The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium - and this pattern radiates from a hot spot on Mars,' he told Fox News at the time.

A nuclear explosion could have sent debris all around the planet."

But since then he has advanced his theory to the level that he now no longer thinks it was a naturally occurring explosion - but rather one planned by an intelligent alien race.

According to Vice, the conclusion of his latest paper says that nuclear isotopes in the atmosphere resembling hydrogen bomb tests 'may present an example of civilisation wiped out by a nuclear attack from space.'

His research centres around the 'high concentration' of Xenon-129 in the Martian atmosphere, and uranium and thorium on the surface, spotted by Nasa's Mars Odyssey spacecraft.

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The Formation of Our Solar System -- video

Publicado a 18/11/2014

Asteroid Bennu's Journey

Bennu's Journey is a 6-minute animated movie about NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission, Asteroid Bennu, and the formation of our solar system. Born from the rubble of a violent collision, hurled through space for millions of years, Asteroid Bennu has had a tough life in a rough neighborhood - the early solar system. Bennu's Journey shows what is known and what remains mysterious about the evolution of Bennu and the planets. By retrieving a sample of Bennu, OSIRIS-REx will teach us more about the raw ingredients of the solar system and our own origins. Learn more about NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission and the making of Bennu’s Journey: 

Read more here: 

More information on the OSIRIS-REx mission is available at:

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Ron Radhoff
Writer/author, artist, lecturer, and Certified Hypnotherapist


In the process of evolving the human mind, our consciousness and our spirituality, we will unconsciously begin to reprogram our entire physical body.  This will happen inevitably because the body is a product of the mind, of one’s belief system.  If we evolve into a higher level of consciousness, becoming more spiritual, more loving and more forgiving, the body will change and evolve as well.  Initially, these changes, which may be physical, mental, or both, may not be perceived by our consciousness in a positive manner. 

Through the attainment of higher consciousness we learn how powerful our minds are and realize that our thoughts create our reality, i.e., our future, our limitations or openness to new possibilities, and our health, whether it is characterized by well-being or shortcomings.  And in regard to our health, when we have physical and/or mental problems but do not experience healing through changing our thoughts and through prayerful efforts, even with professional assistance, we may think we have failed or lost our ability to create the healing we want.  This is not necessarily true. 

We have simply not yet evolved to a point where we have full command over the body through the mind.  The spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of our being require that we first release and clear out the old—the thoughts, beliefs, and potential physical imperfections brought in from our ancestors through the DNA structure or from past lives.  The releasing and clearing out of all this “stuff” is often an uncomfortable or painful experience, and we tend to think “I’m falling apart.”

In the following I will explore in detail the many idiosyncrasies that the evolving human entity is experiencing on their evolutionary path-physically, mentally, emotionally, as well as why they are occurring and how to ease these problems.

Several years ago I observed that many individuals who, having chosen a path of raising their consciousness and evolving spiritually, were having many problems physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  The emotional problems were often the result of their perceptions of how their physical and mental worlds were falling apart.  My curiosity as to why this was happening was answered through my meditations in which I received information from higher dimensions.  The answers I received from those sources were later confirmed by other individuals who also received similar information through the same sources.

What has been and is occurring to so many over the last few years is what spirit terms “an opening of starseed”.  The definition of a starseed would constitute a long discourse in itself.  For the purposes of this message, suffice it to say that anyone who is seeking a greater awareness of spiritual truth, metaphysical understandings, or has an avid interest in UFOs and benevolent starbrothers is, in all likelihood, a starseed possessing great knowledge, sometime dormant, from deep within.  The following discusses then why so many of us are experiencing discomforts and apparent disharmony in our lives.

The Physical Problems

In the process of our evolution, of getting there, we are completely restructuring everything about ourselves, including our body’s entire cellular make-up. It is of significance this happens gradually or current beingness could not handle it. As we begin sensing these changes, we expand our entire electromagnetic field, which goes into the construction of our form.  This causes us to release past data, the genetic memory that we have been holding in our cellular structure for so long.  Every time we bring in positive feelings, i.e. light, this occurs.  Conversely, there is usually a negative physical reaction to this process. Often occurring days later, so we don’t tie them together as a cause and effect event, and we think something is amiss with our health.

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From David -- Time and Torsion in a Conscious, Holographic Universe

Time and Torsion in a Conscious, Holographic Universe


Quantum Holograhic Time
Brendan D. Murphy, Guest

Some 2,500 years ago the Buddhist Avatamsaka Sutra described the cosmos allegorically through the imagery of Indra’s net. In the heavenly abode of the deity Indra, there was cast an infinite net reaching in all directions, and at each node point in the net there was a jewel, each reflecting the light of all the others—infinitely. Should any jewel be touched, each of the infinite other jewels would instantly be affected, presaging physicist John Bell’s theorem that everything is interconnected in this interdependent universe. In particular, the Buddhist vision illustrates the concepts of dependent origination and interpenetration (all phenomena arise together and are intimately connected “in a mutually interdependent web of cause and effect”[1]). “For the Huayan school, Indra’s net symbolizes a universe where infinitely repeated mutual relations exist between all members of the universe.”[2]
This essentially describes a holographic universe which organises its emergent phenomena fractally—our holographic universe. In The Tao of Physics, Capra explains the relevance of Indra’s net to particle physics, stating that “particles are dynamically composed of one another in a self-consistent way, and in that sense can be said to ‘contain’ one another.” This is a principle of the hologram: that each part contains within it the information that codes for the whole. In other words, all information fundamentally exists nonlocally, infinitely reflected in all the facets of existence.
So, what is a hologram? A hologram is a 3D image you can observe from different angles — produced when a single laser light is split into two separate beams. The first beam is bounced off the object to be photographed. Then the second beam is allowed to collide with the reflected light of the first on photographic emulsion (film). When this happens they create an interference pattern that is recorded on the film — an image that looks nothing at all like the object photographed, and somewhat resembling the concentric rings that form when a handful of pebbles is tossed into a pond.

From David -- We Are From the Future — Next Stage is the Revolution of Love

We are from the future.
Everything is going to be alright.
Humanity is about to undergo an astonishing revolution.

Many have called for this revolution, but few understand what it truly means.
This coming revolution is part of a great progression towards an awakening of staggering proportions.
Life force is the creative self-organizing intelligence orchestrating all of this behind the scenes.

Life force is experienced by you as the feeling of Love - for Life and Love are the same.
What humanity is about to become is quite inconceivable to you right now,
But we are here to help make this transition a little easier.

Like gyroscopic force stabilizes a motorcycle - Life force [Love] stabilizes all living systems.

Populations full of love, cultivate honesty, courage and generosity, self-organizing and self -regulating without the need for coercive control.

Populations with deficits in love succumb to fear, violence and corruption, inviting coercive governments to combat the chaos and entropy that arises in the absence of love’s organizing intelligence.

Just as Life force is experienced as love, entropy is experienced as ego, hatred and fear.
The corrupt and power hungry feed on this fear.

Without enough gyroscopic force to keep it upright a motorcycle falls, likewise without enough love to keep them upright free and idealistic governments fall.

Populations too fearful, selfish and chaotic to stand on their own, invite despotic governments to forcefully rule and stabilize them like a kickstand for those who've lost their minds.

As long as a population has more fear than love, what appears to be democracy is often little more than a spectacle to mesmerize the masses. Autocratic power still operates behind the scenes. Its media directs people’s unconscious fears and aggression towards invented enemies, insane competitiveness, rabid consumerism and addiction.


This system glorifies the ego, the embodiment of entropy, which convinces you that you are alone against the world, causing alienation, fear and aggression.
The core values of your culture have been hijacked, forging a pathologically antisocial anti-ecological system obsessed with profit, power and control.


Real change must now come from outside this system.
Real change must now come from you.

Just as free and idealistic governments can’t survive the entropy of populations filled with fear Egoic coercive governments can’t survive the creative self-organizing power of people filled with love.

Gandhi called this power soul force, life force, love force. It is the fundamental force behind all nonviolent revolution and the unassailable creative intelligence of Life.

True freedom and equality requires a population alive with this self-organizing intelligence.

The coming awakening happens in stages.
And the next stage... is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.

Love is the organizing force behind all that is beautiful, joyful and creative in this world.
Power structures are merely the reflection of a population’s levels of love or fear.
But true love casts out all fear making graceful revolution not only possible but inevitable.

So the next stage... is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.
When you unleash the sentient energies of love, then, for the second time in history the world, humanity will have discovered fire.

The fires of love will spread through all people, thus all systems shaping the world in its own image.
Love is a force of nature. And so are you.

The coming singularity happens in stages.
And the next stage... is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.
The love that fuels this revolution starts with you.
You can become an agent of love, allowing it to guide you and govern your actions.

Love is increased through communion, song, mindfulness, prayer, humor, forgiveness and connection.
(We will reveal more in future transmissions.)

For now, communicate to every sentient being you encounter:

I see you.
You are not alone.
We are in this together.
You are loved.
The revolution of love is here - and all is well.
So... Let there be Light!



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How to Digitally Record/Video a UFO sighting:

Como registar digitalmente ou gravar um vídeo de um avistamento de um UFO:

Stabilize the camera on a tripod. If there is no tripod, then set it on top of a stable, flat surface. If that is not possible lean against a wall to stabilize your body and prevent the camera from filming in a shaky, unsteady manner.

Estabilize a camera com um tripé. Se não tiver um tripé, então coloque-a em cima de uma superfície estável. Se não for possível, então encoste-se a uma parede para estabilizar o corpo e evitar que a camera registe de maneira tremida e instável.

Provide visual reference points for comparison. This includes the horizon, treetops, lampposts, houses, and geographical landmarks (i.e., Horsetooth Reservoir, Mt. Adams, etc.) Provide this in the video whenever is appropriate and doesn’t detract from what your focus is, the UFO.

Forneça pontos visuais de referência para comparação. Isso inclui o horizonte, cimo das árvores, postes de iluminação, pontos de referência geográficos (como o Reservatório de Horsetooth, Mone Adams, etc) Forneça esses pontos no vídeo sempre que for apropriado e não se distraia do que é o seu foco, o UFO/a Nave.

Narrate your videotape. Provide details of the date, time, location, and direction (N,S,E,W) you are looking in. Provide your observations on the weather, including approximate temperature, windspeed, any visible cloud cover or noticeable weather anomalies or events. Narrate on the shape, size, color, movements, approximate altitude of the UFO, etc and what it appears to be doing. Also include any unusual physical, psychological or emotional sensations you might have. Narrate any visual reference points on camera so they correlate with what the viewer will see, and thereby will be better able to understand.

Faça a narração do vídeo. Forneça pormenores sobre a data, hora, local e direcção (Norte, Sul, Este, Oeste) que está a observar. Faça observações sobre as condições atmosféricas, incluindo a temperatura aproximada, velocidade do vento, quantidade de nuvens, anomalias ou acontecimentos meteorológicos evidentes. Descreva a forma, o tamanho, a cor, os movimentos, a altitude aproximada onde se encontra o UFO/nave, etc e o que aparenta estar a fazer. Inclua também quaisquer aspectos pouco habituais de sensações físicas, psicológicas ou emocionais que possa ter. Faça a narração de todos os pontos de referência visual que o espectador irá ver e que, deste modo, será capaz de compreender melhor.

Be persistent and consistent. Return to the scene to videotape and record at this same location. If you have been successful once, the UFO sightings may be occurring in this region regularly, perhaps for specific reasons unknown, and you may be successful again. You may also wish to return to the same location at a different time of day (daylight hours) for better orientation and reference. Film just a minute or two under “normal” circumstances for comparison. Write down what you remember immediately after. As soon as you are done recording the experience/event, immediately write down your impressions, memories, thoughts, emotions, etc. so it is on the record in writing. If there were other witnesses, have them independently record their own impressions, thoughts, etc. Include in this exercise any drawings, sketches, or diagrams. Make sure you date and sign your documentation.

Seja persistente e não contraditório. Volte ao local da cena e registe o mesmo local. Se foi bem sucedido uma vez, pode ser que nessa região ocorram avistamentos de UFOs/naves com regularidade, talvez por razões específicas desconhecidas, e talvez possa ser novamente bem sucedido. Pode também desejar voltar ao mesmo lugar a horas diferentes do dia (durante as horas de luz)para ter uma orientação e referência melhor. Filme apenas um ,inuto ou dois em circunstâncias “normais” para ter um termo de comparação. Escreva tudo o que viu imediatamente após o acontecimento. Logo após ter feito o registo da experiência/acontecimento, escreva imediatamente as impressões, memórias, pensamentos, emoções, etc para que fiquem registadas por escrito. Se houver outras testemunhas, peça-lhes para registar independentemente as suas próprias impressões, pensamentos, etc. Inclua quaisquer desenhos, esbolos, diagramas. Certifique-se que data e assina o seu documento/testemunho.

Always be prepared. Have a digital camera or better yet a video camera with you, charged and ready to go, at all times. Make sure you know how to use your camera (and your cell phone video/photo camera) quickly and properly. These events can occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and often quite randomly, so you will need to be prepared.

Esteja sempre preparado, Tenha sempre uma camera digital, melhor ainda, uma camera vídeo consigo, carregada e pronta a usar sempre que necessário. Certifique-se que sabe como lidar com a sua camera (ou com o seu celular/camera fotográfica) rápida e adequadamente. Esses acontecimentos podem acontecer súbita e inesperadamente e, por vezes, acidentalmente, por isso, necessita estar preparado.

Look up. Be prepared. Report. Share.

Olhe para cima, Esteja preparado, Relate, Partilhe.



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NGC - UFO's in EUROPE (Porugal included)

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