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Nov. 30 - A New Age Look at Intelligent Design

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A New Age Look at Intelligent Design

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By Robert Berringer

It is hard to outgrow our many prejudices. My parents had a strong Christian view of creation which I replaced with a science based view of evolution. On complicated subjects like evolution and cosmology, scientific theories are finely tuned to explain current facts, but they frequently change in order to explain new discoveries. We live in a dynamic information age when genetics and space exploration have exploded the knowledge of life and the solar system, two vital areas to explore if you are really searching for answers to the ultimate questions. Where did we come from and where are we going? Modern philosophy has given up the search for these answers, a void now filled by science and religion. Science in turn has specialized in narrow fields with a very conservative concept called “Peer Review” which stifles new and better scientific theories. Accordingly, Darwin’s now badly outdated Theory of Evolution based on random changes and “Natural Selection” continues to influence many scientists who should know better. It took me 30 years to outgrow most of my religious prejudices and another 30 years to realize that science has more prejudices than religion. Now after finding Wisdom in the New Age movement, I am joining the Intelligent Design (ID) bandwagon.

The Theory of Intelligent Design

If you think that “Intelligent Design” (ID) is only for Bible thumping Protestants, you are wrong. Many scientists, historians, religious liberals and especially New Age authors are joining the growing ID bandwagon. Life slowly evolved on Earth over many ages, but there are many signs of extraterrestrial contributions, including primordial seeds (panspermia) and the many subsequent mass extinction events. Many of the mysteries of the construction of the Earth and its Moon suggest Intelligent Design. There are even more obvious signs of extraterrestrial influences in cultural evolution and the civilization of humans. I think that Intelligent Design is now the preferred half-way house between Creationism and random or Darwinian Evolution.

Intelligent Design

Darwin vs. Intelligent Design

Darwin espoused his theory of evolution by the natural selection of random changes. Wallace, co-inventor of the Theory of Evolution with Darwin, found many signs of purpose in evolution. Many evolutionists today share some of Wallace’s ideas, and most scientists find many unexplained rapid changes in evolution, especially following mass extinctions of life on Earth. We will return to this subject later. The subject of evolution is complex, involving science, religion and history. Our current information explosion is weakening the strength of random evolution as a theory. For example, we now know from inspired science that the demise of the dinosaurs was due to a meteor, a very major extraterrestrial force. Was it an accident that this extraterrestrial event helped the evolution of mammals? The Intelligent Design versus Evolution debate must consider the very improbable creation of most new species following the mass extinction of most old species. The fossil record documents the fact that this has occurred again and again over the last two billion years. .

Are there signs of design or intelligence in evolution? We will start at the beginning and present facts and arguments along the following lines.

  1. The geological formation of the Earth and Moon is a sign of intelligence.
  2. The evolution of all life on Earth without outside help is very improbable.
  3. The evolution of intelligent life on Earth is a miracle and not chance.
  4. Domestication of plants and animals are sure signs of intelligent design.
  5. Most extraterrestrial intervention in evolution is intermittent.
  6. Most extraterrestrial intervention in cultural evolution is periodical.

Creationism originally believed that Yahweh created the heavens and the Earth in several days. Physicists say that the creation of the universe and our galaxy was over ten billion years ago. Intelligent Design usually recognizes One Supreme Creator, but tending to billions of galaxies and trillions of planets over billions of light years is a formidable task well beyond human comprehension. Perhaps Planet Earth is the best place to study the Creator’s handiwork, realizing that the Universe is almost infinite and our viewpoint is very limited, both in space and time.

The Earth is uniquely suited for life as we know it. It is located in a relatively quiet part of a stable galaxy. It is properly located in a stable solar system early in the life of a most benevolent sun. Water temperatures on Earth are usually between their freezing point and their boiling point. Most of the known water in our solar system is on our Earth, although most theories of the Earth’s formation predict that very little water vapor, free hydrogen and free oxygen existed in our atmosphere four billion years ago. The atmosphere has cooled and now contains mostly oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, perfect for life as we know it. It is a mystery where all the water and oxygen came from, but we live on a planet with the perfect amount of water and oxygen at the right temperature. We should consider that this may not be a coincidence.

While researching the origins of the Earth and Moon, I ordered the recent informative New Age book “Who Built the Moon” by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. Based on their earlier book “Civilization One”, the authors knew that the Moon played an important role in the evolution of life and humans. Their research and book now add to my knowledge of the Moon, especially information confirming it’s intelligent design. Around three billion years ago, the Moon was much closer to the Earth, and tides were huge.

The massive tides created by the infant Moon would have caused erosion on a scale beyond our experience today. Millions upon millions of tonnes of land would have been pulverized and swept out to sea, then widely distributed and eventually settled on the seabed. This process liberated vast amounts of minerals into the oceans– minerals that emerging life simply could not be without. (Page 107)

Also, the early Earth rotated significantly faster on its inclined axis, producing more frequent tidal surges, higher winds and more atmospheric erosion. Meteor impacts and volcanoes added to erosion and especially mineral distribution into the many dynamic tidal pools.

Knight and Butler think that the Earth may be hollow. NASA seismic tests discovered that the Earth rings like a bell, very unlike the Earth. The Moon has a low average density like the crust of the Earth, but NASA has also discovered mysterious lumps of unusually high mass scattered inside the Moon. Perhaps they are UFO bases. Science has no better explanation. Knight and many scientists are convinced that the lightweight Moon was made from the 4.5 billion year old Earth crust, based largely on analysis of Moon rocks extracted by astronauts.

The Moon is bigger than it should be, apparently older than it should be and much lighter in mass than it should be. It occupies an unlikely orbit and is so extraordinary that all explanations for its presence are fraught with difficulties…. (Page 57)

Knight and Butler also studied the role of the Moon regarding plate tectonics, noting that Mercury, Mars and Venus show no signs of plate tectonics. They agree with most scientists that removing major portions of the Earth crust to make the Moon drastically carved up the early Earth and seas.

What caused plate tectonics to commence in the first place and what is the engine driving the process? There is a growing body of evidence to show that in both cases the answer is almost certainly the Moon. What is more, it is now being suggested that without plate tectonics the Earth may not have proved to be a suitable haven for life at all (Page 99).

Knight and Butler think that it took most of the crust of the early Earth to build the Moon. There are many scientific theories of how rocks like the ancient Earth crust got to the Moon, mostly involving monstrous collisions from two large planetoids. One collision does not produce the right angular momentum. Knight’s suggestion that extraterrestrials built the Moon is as rational as any scientific theory. Like the origin of life on Earth, the origin of the Moon appears to be too ancient and complicated for a scientific explanation acceptable to the most informed scientists.

Who built the Moon? Was it the same extraterrestrials who coaxed the Earth into exactly the right orbit and filled the seas with water? Was it the same extraterrestrials that tilted the Earth to make four seasons, created a protective magnetic field, controlled the Earth’s interior temperature, shaped the continents using plate tectonics and seeded the Earth with life forming DNA and RNA life? Maybe Christopher Knight will tell us more in his next book, including where the aliens came from. Christopher is good at reading archaeoastronomical signs, especially in England. My book “Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries” suggests they look at Sirius and Orion.

Another recent book goes into even more technical detail about the customization of Earth for DNA and RNA based life. “Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Very Rare in the Universe”, by P.Ward and D.Bromlee. They consider that DNA may be floating around our galaxy, but that advanced life like plants and animals should be very rare indeed, because their requirement are very exceptional. They agree with a growing number of scientists who think the seeds of life were transported to a primitive sea or tidal pool billions of years ago. Francis Crick the co-discoverer of DNA called this Panspermia. The arrival of seeds on Earth may be accidental or it may have been directed by ID. In any case, it was surely a miracle.

The Earth has a molten iron core, although no scientist knows why it is still molten after four billion years. If someone tells you that radioactive decay keeps the mantle molten, ask him which isotopes have a half life over five billion years and how many gigatons of these rare radioactive isotopes would be required to keep our iron core molten? Most scientific theories say that the solar system formed about five billion years ago, and radioactive materials with very long half lives are rare in the solar system. We don’t know of any significant amount of heat producing radioactive materials with a half life of over a billion years that has ever been found in meteors, asteroids or moon rocks. Some scientists calculate that the Earth requires a nuclear reactor to keep our iron core molten. I hope they are wrong!

The Earth has a magnetic field which protects life from cosmic rays, another enigma. Our neighboring planets also have iron cores, but they do not have magnetic fields. Before Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and brought back moon rocks, most theories predicted that the Moon was an accretion of space rocks like meteors and asteroids. This theory works for most planets and moons. However, the Moon has a low density and no signs of an iron core. Our large low density moon is unique in the solar system and its origins are unknown. It now appears to be made out of a 4 billion year old crust of the Earth. Large tides helped the evolution of life. The tilt of the Earth’s axis also helps evolution, as does its 24 hour rotation. The Moon is a major stabilizer of both the tilt of the Earth and its rotation rate, two important evolution aids for plants and animals.

The ocean currents currently provide a rare and stable climate over most of the Earth. Recent studies show that major ocean currents like the Gulf Stream are finely tuned, and sensitive to changes like global warming. The Gulf Stream is getting weaker with melting glaciers, and Europe is getting colder with severe summer heat waves. At one time, there was one large land mass called Pangea. The theory of plate tectonics describes how separate continents and mountains are being formed by a dynamic Earth. If we believe in Intelligent Design, we should look for signs of extraterrestrial influences both above and below the Earth’s crust. Mysterious hot spots of molten lava have been found where a line of volcanoes are formed as the tectonic plates move over the hot spots which stay fixed in the mantle. For example, the many islands of the Hawaiian Island Chain were formed over fifty million years by only one of the dozens of hot spots. These hot spots are a mystery, and may be of extraterrestrial origin. Hot spots may be the missing source of heat energy which is keeping the Earth’s iron core molten. The following Figure from “Exploring Our Living Planet” by Robert Ballard shows the location of 39 hot spots, mostly on the ocean floor.

Intelligent Design

The following Figure from “Earth History and Plate Tectonics” by Carl Seyfert and Leslie Sirkin shows several oceanic mountain ranges caused by hot spots. Note that Easter Island lies at an important geological location, the intersection of a string of volcanoes and two tectonic plate ridges. .

Intelligent Design

The mountain chain formed by the Easter Island hot spot goes east thru the Nazca Tectonic Plate to Peru. Near the coast, the Nazca Plate goes under the South America Plate with enough force to raise the entire 5500 mile long Andes Mountain Range to an elevation over 20,000 feet! This is called subduction, the major cause of earthquakes and tsunamis. The source of the energy that moves the tectonic plates is unknown, but it is very large indeed, creating huge forces that literally move mountains.

The following Figure from ”History of the Earth” by Don Eicher and Lee McAlester shows locations of major sources of copper and molybdenum. New mountain ranges like the Andes are also major sources of tin, nickel, silver, and gold.

Intelligent Design

Is it a coincidence that mysterious tectonic plates form mountain ranges which break open the Earths crust to reveal precious metals? The Sumerians recorded that the extraterrestrial Annunaki were very interested in gold and other metals. History records that they were very interested in copper and tin, teaching the Sumerians how to make bronze and leaving behind bronze clamps and large prehistoric mines. Much copper and tin from ancient mines appears to be missing from the face of the Earth!

Richard Nisbet has a web site where he ties in ancient mysteries between the Andes and Easter Island. He says that Thor Heyerdahl believed that the famous statues or Moai on Easter Island were built by people who came from the east, like from Peru. Also, many of the megalithic stone walls on Easter Island predate the current natives which date to about 700 AD. Nisbet finds many similarities between the ancient walls around Cusco and those on Easter Island. Consider the following impressive photo from Sacsahuaman in the Andes.

Intelligent Design

Now compare this Stone Age workmanship to the following Easter Island wall from www.mysteriousplaces/

Intelligent Design

Nisbet notes that the Earth-shaking catastrophe that occurred around 9600 BC could have lowered the Nazca plate and possibly the lost island of MU while raising the Andes Mountains. We note that Lake Titicaca which is now at 12,500 feet above sea level still has sea horses and other signs of ocean life. Some of the world’s largest and oldest megaliths are at Tiahaunacu, 12 miles south of Lake Titicaca. This huge and deep mountain lake is probably the world’s biggest potential source of hydroelectric power. Water is a key ingredient in most theories of plate tectonic motion..

Posnansky, an archaeo-astronomy scientist dated Tiahaunacu ruins from 15,000 BC to 11,000 BC, when ancient docks were lakeside. Millions of people have seen the more accessible megaliths around Cuzco and Machu Pichu., noting that the old layers of stones are much more impressive that the later Inca additions. Most agree that the old technology would be hard to duplicate today, and unlikely products of stone age tools. Many visitors see signs of a lost civilization and others see signs of Intelligent Design. They may not be mutually exclusive? .

A pioneer in understanding the violent nature of the Earth since the last ice age is Immanuel Velikovsky who wrote “Earth in Upheaval” about 50 years ago. He found the Andes to have many signs of upheaval in the last 20,000 years. He noted that Lake Titicaca has tilted and fluctuated over 300 feet in recent time, including the 10,000 to 15,000 BC dates archaeoastronomers have calculated for Tiahuanacu. Velikovsky also noted many terraces now above 12,000 feet around the altiplano from Tiahuanacu, Bolivia to Machu Pichu, Peru. These many terraces currently do not support agriculture. Velikovsky thinks that the elevation of Lake Titicaca and the altiplano were probably about 5000 feet lower 15,000 years ago. Current scientific analysis says that modern crops like potatoes were not domesticated in the Andes before 8000 BC. The extensive terraces and irrigation canals may be signs of Mu survivors developing plants for future generations, or they may be signs of extraterrestrials domesticating plants over 10,000 years ago. Fortunately, both Bolivia and Peru are enjoying a good tourist trade to this enigmatic region, and are more receptive than Egyptians to unearthing more mysteries.

The authors of “Rare Earth” emphasized plate tectonics as a very rare key to animal life on Earth, but they forgot to mention that tectonics created oil, coal and natural gas. Most coal was formed in the northern hemisphere when all land was in one super continent, called Pangea. Most oil originated during the ancient Cretaceous Age when South America was adjacent to Africa but divide from Eurasia.. Most of the world’s oil was later formed in an old organic rich sea near the current Mediterranean Sea, as shown on the following National Geographic map of major oil reserves. Like other earth mysteries, conditions favorable for large organic sea deposits were just right for making oil, followed by just the right amount of subduction.

Intelligent Design

Modern geneticists and microbiologists have discovered that genes, DNA and RNA, the building blocks of life, are much more complicated than earlier scientists thought. Genes are very complex organisms made out of a few basic chemicals like amino acids. Living organisms replicate themselves, a unique and miraculous function of RNA and DNA. During the second half of the twentieth century, many scientists tried to make life from non-life. Their batting average to date is zero, although all sorts of catalysts like high voltage discharges were tried. Against all odds, some diehards are still trying, hoping for a miracle. Other scientists have long realized that a miracle indeed is required to create life out of non-life. One of the discovers of DNA, Sir Francis Crick, was convinced that life did not evolve out of a primordial non-living soup. He believed that the complicated DNA and RNA sources of life first came to Earth on a meteor or asteroid. This theory which he called “Panspermia” says that life on Earth had an extraterrestrial source, based on seeds from outer space. The miracle of life must have first occurred on another solar system much more than three billion years ago. Was the source of this seed intelligent? Was seeding life on Earth part of a plan? Crick’s Panspermia is very close to Intelligent Design.

Life comes from life, almost by definition. We cannot create life from non-life, but we daily create life from life. Farmers and shepherds have been breeding better plants and animals for millennia. Geneticists have even cloned a few animals. Artificial selection is intelligent design, and not natural selection. Breeding works within a species, but man has yet to develop a new viable species of a mammal. Mating and breeding with viable offspring are key to defining a species. It is important to note that varieties, subspecies, breeds and races are not different species. New varieties of a species are produced almost daily by natural selection by nature and artificial selection by man. Artificial selection is surely intelligent design by humans, and it has been very successful in producing improved cattle and faster horses.

Creation of a new species is very difficult, perhaps miraculous. It is not life from non-life, but it is very rare in the last 100,000 years. The further up the food chain, the rarer is the formation of new species. Man and nature are both good at the destruction of species, but the creation of new species remains a mystery. Paleontologists estimate that 99.9% of all the many species that once lived on Earth are now extinct. Their estimates are based largely on the fossil record. The fossil record indicates that periodical mass extinctions destroyed most species. Miraculously, new species emerged following the major mass extinctions. Many Darwinians still think that new species are formed by random mostly harmful mutations and natural selection, but why are there very long time periods with very few new species? This dilemma is being studied in detail by serious students of both Darwinian Evolution and Intelligent Design. Darwin was wrong about the origin of species being a gradual continuous process. Evolution is not the survival of random variations more fit to survive. Darwin’s Finches adapted to diverse ecological niches, but weren’t they all the same species? Could they interbreed? Biologists very seldom claim to have created or even observed the creation of new species. Some geneticists think that they may have created new species of fruit flies using high levels of radiation and selective breeding over many generations. Their successes are not well known, and that would still be intelligent design and not natural selection.

We now realize that mass extinctions are the major factor influencing the demise of old species and the subsequent creation of new species. The main ways we know about extinctions are by drastic changes in the fossil record following drastic Earth changes, like meteors, volcanoes and earthquakes. Extensive investigations in geology, mineralogy and paleontology confirm that a large meteor hit the Earth and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. This evolutionary mass extinction of all dinosaurs and the subsequent creation of new species of mammals is a major shift in evolution leading to primates and man. There are signs of massive volcanic activity associated with many of the previous mass extinctions, perhaps triggered by extraterrestrial forces.

Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace both found much data to support their theory of evolution in fossils. They also admitted that there were many missing links in the fossil record. Over a hundred years of subsequent extensive research has not solved this major defect in Darwin’s theory, which he often admitted. Indeed, the fossil record today does not support a gradual evolution of new species, but instead indicates major changes in species over short geological periods. One major change in the variety of species is the transition from non-flowering plants to flowering plants. In evolutionary terms, this transition was sudden, expansive, diverse and worldwide. The cause remains unknown, but extraterrestrial influences are likely. The simultaneous arrival of insects like bees and butterflies to pollinate these flowers is another enigma best answered by Intelligent Design. Random mutations which increase survival value in isolated ecological niches are very rare in one species and the prevailing scientific theory that many species of plants and animals evolved rapidly in a codependent manner over the whole Earth is very hard to defend.

Many biologists and physicians believe in Intelligent Design. Human physiology in particular is too complicated and too specialized to be a random walk of largely deleterious mutations. The eye and the brain in particular are very complicated and well designed systems. The large and complex human brain has evolved in the short evolutionary time of several million years. It is much larger than the brains of other primates, and has yet to be used to capacity. Before man learned to read, write and calculate, he already had a large brain. The redundancy of the left and right hemispheres has had little survival value for the human species to date. Again and again, the physiological changes seem to precede the need. The evolution of complex biological systems before they are needed is a good case for ID and a very good indication of a plan.

Biological evolution is slow and difficult to analyze, especially for indoctrinated scientists who have been taught various forms of Darwinian Evolution for many decades. Evolution is a general term which means to evolve. Planned or not, life on Earth has evolved over billions of years. There are many problems in dating billions of years, but radioactive dating methods have improved during my lifetime, especially for organic matter during the important period of human evolution. Scientists still have a hard time dating solid inorganic matter like stone tools, although they can date the age when rocks solidified or crystallized. Homo sapiens have evolved from more primitive humans in the last two million years. Anthropologists have concentrated on the hominid family starting with Homo habilis, but our ancient family history still has many missing links. With many bones less than a million years old, scientists have yet to convincingly relate Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalus, Homo flores and Homo sapiens. We don’t know if any of them could interbreed, but genetic data indicates that Homo sapiens and Neanderthal man are different species. One stark fact is clear. In spite of the important evolutionary trend for genera to diversify into many species, the hominid genus has degenerated into only one species, Homo sapiens in a split fraction of geological time. Was this also planned?

Over one hundred thousand years ago, Neanderthal man and Homo erectus had us vastly outnumbered in Europe and Asia. The Neanderthals were bigger and stronger, had larger brains, were good big game hunters with spears and occupied the best caves. They were well adapted to ice age Europe for 200,000 years when first confronted with modern Homo sapiens in the Levant east of the Mediterranean about 100,000 BC.. Data available to date indicates that Neanderthals survived this confrontation and Homo sapiens disappeared in Asia Minor until another migration out of Africa about 50,000 years ago. Neanderthal man disappeared between twenty and thirty thousand years ago. Most anthropologists attribute this to artificial selection at the hands of smarter humans, but many of us doubt that brains are better than brawn for big game hunting and hand to hand combat. Both used similar weapons. The Earth was friendlier to primates and other large mammals between 100,000 BC and 20,000 BC than it was from 15,000 BC to 5000 BC, but both Homo neanderthalus and Homo erectus mysteriously became extinct. Food supplies were plentiful. By luck or by plan, Homo sapiens were fruitful and multiplied during the last twenty thousand years of the last ice age. The rapid reduction of many species to one species without a major mass extinction is an anomaly for the concept of natural selection. Either Intelligent Design or artificial selection are more likely theories than natural selection. If God created man in his own image, he took his time until the last 20,000 of 3,000,000,000 years. We have much to learn about divine patience.

Towards the end of the last ice age, there was a mysterious mass extinction of large mammals in Europe, Asia and especially America. I have yet to find an anthropologist who suggests an extraterrestrial explanation, although New Age scholars have found evidence of cosmic dust, cosmic radiation and a shift in the Earth’s poles. Most anthropologists now believe that improved Clovis spear points caused the extinction of millions of large mammals in North America, including mammoths, mastodons, rhinoceros, huge bears, horses and the impressive top predator saber-tooth tiger. In America, over 60% of all the land mammals over 100 pounds disappeared between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago! There were not enough hunters or Clovis- point spears in America at this time, and no domesticated dogs or horses. Only one kill site has been found where Clovis spears killed a mammoth! Most of the large animals living in North America before 13,000 BC became extinct, and most of the large animals now existing in North America migrated from Asia with these Clovis big game hunters following this enigmatic mass extinction.

Outside the peer approval domains of anthropology and paleontology, we find two important books finding extraterrestrial influences on this enigmatic extinction of large mammals. “Cataclysm: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C.” by D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair presents physical evidence like craters and frozen mammoths found in Siberia with temperate zone grasses in their stomachs. Their data fits well with the cosmic forces and debris caused by the explosion of the nearby Vela Supernova around 13,000 BC, the Greek myth of Phaeton and the Sumerian myth of Creation. The other impressive book was “Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Apocalypse” by Paul LaViolette. Paul’s theory is that cosmic dust was stirred up by superwaves from the galactic center which periodically influences the Earth’s climate. He corrects the carbon dating data used by Allan and others to date the peak of the mass extinction episode as 10,750 BC and also corrects the stellar orientation of the Giza pyramids to 10,800 BC. That is the date that the three Giza pyramid orientation match the Orion belt stars. Most of the mass extinctions in America are dated to before 10,000 BC, with later dates for Europe and Asia.

New Age readers are probably aware that this is an auspicious time in the history of humans. Plato and Edgar Cayce date the demise of Atlantis to about 10,000 BC. Huge glacier lakes were breaking thru ice dams, and most mammoths burial sites look more like flood disasters than human kill sites. Charles Hapgood in his book “Path of the Poles” describes a slow relocation of the North Pole between 16,000 and 10,000 BC. Like Allan and Delair, he now supports arguments for a sudden shifting of the Earth crust about 10,000 BC. Hapgood also reminds us that a shifting of the Earth crust as a whole is different from plate tectonics. The energy comes from centrifugal forces due to shifting masses of ice, an interesting contrast to volcanic heat. When I read that flow rates in our major rivers were about 50 times current rates, I realized that eastern migration of Clovis big game hunters across the mountains and flooded rivers with their families was unlikely. I have seen the Potomac River at 50 times normal flow after a hurricane, and have a very good mental picture of the Mississippi, Missouri, Colorado and Snake Rivers at extreme flood stages. Clovis Indians went south to New Mexico where they hunted mammoths around springs. Descendents of a small group of American natives from the Bering Straights reached South America about 10,000 years ago. Why do we find more evidence of huge bears, camels, large ground sloths and mammoths in America dating to about 11,000 BC than humans? Humans did not kill the many large mammals to extinction! Extraterrestrial forces and floods probably did. Was this Intelligent Design?

We now have two miracles occurring around 10,000 BC which helped the subsequent cultural evolution of man. In America, Europe and Asia, almost all scientists agree that the mass destruction of large mammals helped the shift from hunting to farming. Not only was there less big game to hunt, but there were fewer predators left to hurt farmers. Mammoths, rhinos, huge bears and Saber-tooth Tigers were not very friendly to farmers. In, Asia, the reduction of big game was accompanied by the domestication of the grey wolf. The dog has been such a divine companion to man, especially shepherds, that I occasionally think that the dog may have domesticated man. Will Hart has found a very important clue to guided cultural evolution in the domestication of the wolf about 11,000 BC. All dogs descended from the grey wolf and some geneticists classify dogs in the wolf species Canis lupus. Dogs are domesticated wolves which can still breed with them, with viable pups. It is extremely difficult to domesticate wild animals, especially wolves. Modern efforts have been unsuccessful. How did Stone Age humans domesticate dogs at a time span when many other large mammals were becoming extinct? Domestication of plants and animals is a long and arduous process and is a very unlikely activity for hunter-gatherers who surely came close to starvation many winters following the last ice age. This was a difficult time for humans. Why didn’t they eat the dogs and seeds?

Three of the most important crops domesticated in the Fertile Crescent were wheat, barley and grapes. Grain is a mystery, because it is not a natural food for primates and it is hard to digest. Wheat and barley were cultivated to make bread and beer. Grapes were cultivated to make wine. Is this more Intelligent Design?

Throughout the world there is mythical and physical evidence of extraterrestrial interventions and catastrophes like floods. From India, ancient poems talk about the gods walking with long strides and leaving huge footprints on the Earth. We note that the Mayans with their accurate calendars identifies Five Ages of Man, all long strides of the gods creating and destroying man. Is it a coincidence that the Mayan Third Age of Man started on 11,131BC and ended on 7121 BC? Science now documents that the three largest floods experienced by Homo sapiens occurred during the Mayan Third Age of Man. Notably, two occurred near the beginning of the Age and one occurred right at the end. Students of Intelligent Design should look at this period as a major sign of divine intervention. I am convinced that rapid changes occurred because of extraterrestrial forces. It was a tough time for all large mammals.

The Mayan Fourth Age of Man started on 7121 BC, the most probable time for the Deluge. Sea levels were rapidly rising, and man was struggling for survival throughout the world. Yet signs of domestication of plants and animals are found in the highlands of Asia Minor, New Guinea and the Andes. Extensive flooding has been found near the Black and Mediterranean Seas. “Uriel’s Machine” by Christopher Knight and Robert Komas documents evidence of meteor impacts around 7640 BC and 3100 BC, spanning the Mayans Fourth Age of man. Most of the domesticated plants and animals used in the world today were domesticated in this difficult Fourth Age of Man. This is a major sign of Intelligent Design. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

The Fifth Age of Man started at 3114 BC and ends on 2012 AD. As destiny has it, 3114 BC is the dawn of history, the start of writing in Sumer. The Sumerians documented that extraterrestrials civilized man. Originally called Anunnaki or the sons of Anu, they were later called the shining ones or gods. They civilized humans, so I call them the civilizers! Around 3000 BC the Annunaki taught Sumerians writing, mathematics, metallurgy (bronze), the wheel for making pottery and carts, and a theocratic society based on gods and kings. The Annunaki came from the planet Nibiru which has a 3600 year orbit, so Anu visited the Earth every 3600 years. The first domestication of animals dates to about 11,000 BC. The first domestication of plants dates to about 7000 BC. In Egypt, Menes united upper and lower Egypt in 3114 BC. The civilizers appear to come and go, leaving footprints on Earth and the Mayan ages match much of their activity. Look for footprints on the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, India, New Guinea, Malta, Nan Modal, Peru, and England. Note that Stonehenge, Newgrange and the Hypogeum date to 3100 BC.

My search for signs of the civilizers has revealed activity along ley lines. JayAlison has fine tuned a great circle which goes thru Giza, Petra, Ur, Persepolis, Mohenjo Daro, Angkor, New Guinea, Easter Island, Nazca, and Machu Pichu ( Most of our domesticated plants and animals originated near this great circle. The first three scripts and three undeciphered scripts were found near this ley line. The earliest irrigation and plumbing systems were located on this ley line as were the world’s major religions. Note that the above signs of civilization were from isolated and unrelated locations. Egypt and Sumer had different writing, mathematics, myths and calendars which were mysteriously born full-grown at the dawn of their civilizations. There are ancient signs of irrigation systems and domestication of plants in the mountains of New Guinea and Peru. We note that major tectonic plates meet under both the New Guinea highlands, Easter Island and the Andes. Is the Alison great circle an important sign from the civilizers, set up long ago and maintained periodically? Do auspicious mountain top obelisks at Machu Pichu and Petra line up with the Great Pyramids and point to a future celestial event, perhaps with Ceres?

The civilizers left many signs and they deliberately confused our languages and scripts. Every issue of Atlantis Rising shows more and more New Age seekers visiting Egypt, Angkor, Petra, Nazca and Machu Pichu. Enjoy the intuitive majesty of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, but also look for signs of Intelligent Design all around, especially underground. Many megaliths look like machine foundations and not monuments. Look for bronze clamps and right angle cuts which could not be made using stone hammers. StoneAge humans did not build most of the monuments attributed to the Old Kingdom. Similar to the Stone Age Andes ruins, the quality of stone construction in Egypt deteriorated from the oldest megaliths. The golden age of Egypt and the most impressive pyramids preceded the usage of metal tools and the wheel in Egypt. The theory of Intelligent Design may help open our eyes to even more amazing mysteries.

Copyright by Robert Berringer


Robert Berringer is a retired Nuclear Engineer with a Theology Degree from Harvard University. He finds the New Age and Intelligent Design theories to be stimulating and insightful. Learn more about the author and his book “Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries: Will They Return in 2012 AD?” at

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Nov. 28 - US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites‏

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U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More

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US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites
Saturday, November 27, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) As part of a new expansion of government power over information, the Department of Homeland Security has begun seizing and shutting down internet websites (web domains) without due process or a proper trial. DHS simply seizes web domains that it wants to and posts an ominous "Department of Justice" logo on the web site. See an example at

Over 75 websites were seized and shut down last week, and there is no indication that the government will stop such efforts. Right now, their focus is websites that they claim "violate copyrights," yet the website that was seized by DHS contained no copyrighted content whatsoever. It was merely a search engine website that linked to destinations where people could access copyrighted content. Google also links to copyrighted content -- does that mean the feds will soon seize Google, too?

These seizures were conducted on the basis of language in the DMCA law, which is vastly overreaching in its powers (it was passed to appease the music recording industry and the RIAA). Even so, the U.S. Senate is right now considering passing yet another law -- COICA -- the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (, a new law that would give the federal government even more power to shut down websites it opposed.

Read more about COICA here:

And here:

Here's the list of 19 US Senators who voted to censor the internet via the COICA bill:

Government could shut down alternative health websites
Where is all this going? Today the U.S. government is targeting websites focused on copyright violations, but if the public tolerates this government-sponsored censorship of the web, it's only a matter of time before these government powers are expanded to control the content of the internet.

Over the last few years, several U.S. Senators have already attempted to outlaw vitamins and nutritional supplements. One lawmaker even suggested that "alternative health" information should be outlawed on the internet in order to "protect" people from information that isn't aligned with the drugs-and-surgery approach to sick care. It's only a matter of time, it seems, before the U.S. government uses its new power of seizing internet websites as an information warfare weapon to silence anyone who opposes FDA and the Big Pharma agenda.

In fact, under these new laws, there's no limit to what websites the U.S. government could choose to seize and shut down. This is the beginning of the federal takeover of the internet, where all websites that don't fall in line with "official" government-approved information are now potential targets of DHS seizures.

One music website seized by DHS -- -- was seized merely because its users posted comments linking to file-sharing websites ( The site had 150,000 members, but as of today, it is the property of "Homeland Security Investigations." (

See the news report on this important story here:

All websites using the word "Face" could soon be seized
The reach of tyrants knows no limits. As widely reported throughout the popular press last week, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has assigned Facebook a trademark monopoly over the word "Face." ( This means that any website using the word "face" could theoretically be seized by the DHS under the DMCA.

Lest you think this is some impossible exaggeration of the law, keep in mind that governments always misuse laws to go far beyond their original intended purpose. The RICO Act, for example, which was originally passed in 1970 to combat the mafia, is now used nearly every day against individuals and small businesses (

Similarly, the Patriot Act signed into law by President Bush after the 9/11 attacks was originally intended to be applied to international terrorists. But now in the United States, it is routinely used against animal rights activists and environmental protection groups (

These rogue abuses of federal law create a pattern of expanding government powers that increasingly threaten the Constitutional rights of American citizens. To seize a person's website without due process is both a violation of that person's First Amendment rights (Free Speech) as well as their Fifth Amendment rights.

The Fifth Amendment states:

No person shall be... deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

And yet this seizure of websites by the DHS is doing precisely that -- depriving people of property without due process of law.

The U.S. federal government, as we have increasingly seen through the actions of the TSA, DEA and DHS, does not recognize nor honor the Bill of Rights. Nor does it believe the U.S. Constitution has any authority whatsoever. The upshot of this is that all Americans citizens are now living under a system of government tyranny, where government agents may molest you at the airports or seize your website if they don't like what you're saying online.

Take action: Sign the petition
Help stop the government takeover of the internet. Sign this petition:

In order to protect your access to and stay in contact with us in case the DHS ever attempts to seize our web domain, be sure to join our email list by entering your email address at

That way, we will be able to reach you by email with any important updates or announcements.

Nov. 27 - Symphony of Science - A Wave of Reason‏

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Nov. 26 - Our starry, starry days‏

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Our starry, starry days

November 26th, 2010 by admin · 6 Comments

Last week, an article in the British papers concerned the fact that medical scientists, usually so dismissive of anything smacking of astrology, were studying the work of a British astrologer named Nicola Smuts.

Smuts makes the extraordinary claim that she can help those women with fertility problems to conceive – even if they’ve failed at IVF – by divining special astrological times when women are most likely to get pregnant.

Smuts, who is the granddaughter of Jan Smuts, the former South African prime minister, has a string of successes, even among clients who were initially skeptical. For instance, Mandy Parry, a teacher from Bristol, had undergone seven failed attempts at infertility treatment and was 46 besides – when fertility has largely waned.

During a consultation in June, Smuts told Parry that the next good time for her to conceive was just six weeks away in August.

Although Parry didn’t believe her, she followed her advice anyway, as she was trying anything at that point. She was stunned to find that, as Smuts had predicted, the IVF treatment worked that time, and Parry gave birth to her daughter Violet in last May.

Similarly, a hard-nosed chemist and science writer named Catherine Blackledge, also a victim of five failed IVF attempts, got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter Willow after following Smut’s advice.

“I wouldn’t have imagined going anywhere near astrology,” Blackledge said.

Planetary movements
Smuts says that her system has nothing to do with sun signs but the movements of the planets. Astrologers maintain that a woman’s optimum time for conception occurs when certain of the planets — notably Venus and Jupiter — are most closely aligned to their positions at the time she was born – a situation that only occurs two or three times a year.

To date, conventional science only recognizes the effect of the moon on women, in that women’s menstrual cycles generally follow the moon’s 28-day cycle.

Nevertheless, Pat Harris, another British astrologer, recently carried out research showing that when other planetary configurations are taken into account, a woman can boost her chances of becoming pregnant by 14 per cent.

Intrigued by these results, researchers at Shady Grove Fertility, an American chain of IVF clinics, are putting Smut’s system to the test by supplying her with the birth details of hundreds of their clients and asking her to work out the most promising times for them to conceive. The clinic plans to carry out a study next year examining whether the patients indeed get pregnant at the times deemed to be most favorable.

A set pattern
Although an obscure branch of science called chronobiology acknowledges that solar activity has a profound effect on the human body — particularly the heart and brain — increasing evidence has begun to show that the other major planets — Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune — also have an effect on us, both at the time of birth and on a daily basis.

The planetary configurations at birth appear to set a pattern that affects us for the rest of our lives.

Dr Michael Nitsche, of the Institute Z & S in Grosselfingen, Germany, has carried out a body of research showing that the fluctuations of the closest planets to earth — the moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — profoundly influence us at the time of our births in forming the structure of human intelligence and the stability of psychological processes.

Nitsche once examined the positions of these major planets at the time of birth of 186 children. Despite some variations, his results show a correlation: children with a higher intelligence were born during a time when the planets were more in harmony and stabilizing.

During certain word tests with the children, Nitsche also found an association between children unwilling to take risks and birth dates during times when the major planets were especially harmonious.

Those born when the planets were in close accord seemed likewise to prefer accord in their lives.

His model also suggests that psychological instabilities and crises are triggered by these planetary fluctuations.

Accidents and deaths
For a doctoral thesis, American researcher Sara Ridgley chose to examine whether industrial accidents have any relationship to planetary positions by studying 1023 injured employees who’d been disabled for at least three months. She discovered that victims tended to be significantly more accident-prone when the sun was transiting its position at the time of the person’s birth, or on his birthday, or during certain ‘harmonics’ — three, six and nine months after his birthday.

In a survey of the deaths and birthdays of nearly three million people, David Phillips, a sociology professor at the University of California at San Diego, also discovered a connection between a person’s fate and the planetary configurations around birthdays, finding that men tended to die more often at around the time of their birthdays.

A resonance effect
Michael Nitsche theorizes that planets influence us through a resonance effect; the giant wave frequencies created by planets when they orbit cause the weak fluctuations in gravity, which in turn has an effect on human beings, who are, after all, energy systems, too.

In a sense, the rotating planets are all giant oscillators (vibrating entities) that create huge vibrations throughout the cosmos. The vibrations of these gravitational fields lead to higher vibrations in other planets and ‘open’ (fluctuating) biological systems like us.

“A metaphor for this is the formation of waves through movements of the air over the ocean,” says Nitsche. “The powerful masses of water on top of the deep ocean can be compared with the constant gravitational field of the earth. The small waves can be compared to the fluctuation of the planetary gravitational field.”

Nitsche hypothesizes that these planetary fluctuations have a lifelong effect on the structure and stability of the human brain, particularly during the period during birth, when the brain is first developing and synaptic connections are being formed.

Consequently, we develop a lifelong association with the planetary configurations that occur at the time of birth.

Electromagnetic influences
According to Frank McGillion, a member of the Research Colloquium on Astrology from the University of Southampton in the UK, there is a scientific explanation for these findings. The electromagnetic fields and levels of light during the time of our births are thought to affect our pineal gland, affecting our levels of melatonin, which influences many elements of our lives, besides the sleep-wake cycle: for instance, the vascular system of the brain, the endocrine system (which would influence fertility), and also emotions and mood.

Many of these factors, in turn, determine our subjective response to the effects of electromagnetic fields on our body and brain from all sources, including the planets, for the rest of our lives.

“This could also predispose and/or cause an influence on our mood and other states of consciousness on a day-to-day basis,” he says.

“It’s just possible the positions of certain planets at the time of birth could — to a greater or lesser degree through the perinatal actions of melatonin — influence our development and behavior from the time of our birth.”

To me this suggests that we must develop greater appreciation of the fact that we maintain a complex interrelationship with our world as one giant superorganism. Rather than a discrete entity, living things and the earth itself are energetic systems dependent upon other outer forces – gravitational and geomagnetic.

As Franz Halberg once noted, we must be viewed as “a magnet, living on the Earth, a larger magnet, in the atmosphere of the sun.” Even when we’re trying to become pregnant, we must look to the heavens for help.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov. 24 - Cloud confusion vexes global warming predictions‏

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0Cloud confusion vexes global warming predictions
by Kate Melville

Estimates of global warming vary widely in large part due to the difficulty of modeling clouds and their effects in computer simulations. Now, as climatologists race to compile better cloud atlases, new research shows that previous worst case predictions of global temperature rise may be dramatically off-target.

Clouds are the least-understood variable in the sky, according to Texas A&M University geoscientist Shaima Nasiri, who notes that scientists do not even have a common naming system for mid-level clouds. "We do not have a unified definition, so the scientific community can't look at the statistics with a shared level of understanding," she explained.

Nasiri gives new NASA satellite technology the credit for helping accurately define and measure middle layers of cloud. "NASA satellites launched over the last few years have helped us identify height and base, and temperature and pressure of mid-level clouds. This has revolutionized atmospheric studies," she says. But the amount of data received from the satellites is so enormous that a great deal of her work to date has simply been number crunching and developing algorithms just so she and other scientists could process the information.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Hawaii Manoa have been assessing the performance of current models in simulating clouds. Some existing models predict that global mean cloud cover will increase in a warmer climate and the increased reflection of solar radiation will limit the predicted global warming. Other models predict reduced cloudiness and magnified warming. Writing in the Journal of Climate, the researchers present a new - and apparently much more accurate - approach to determining the expected cloud feedbacks in a warmer climate.

"All the global climate models we analyzed have serious deficiencies in simulating the properties of clouds in present-day climate. It is unfortunate that the global models' greatest weakness may be in the one aspect that is most critical for predicting the magnitude of global warming," said lead author Axel Lauer.

Lauer and his co-researchers applied a model representing only a limited region of the atmosphere over the eastern Pacific Ocean and adjacent land areas. The clouds in this region are known to greatly influence present climate yet current global models do poorly in representing them. The new regional model, however, successfully simulates key features of the region's present-day cloud fields - including the observed response of clouds to El Nino.

Applying their model a century in the future, the researchers found a tendency for clouds to thin and cloud cover to reduce - dramatically more so than in any of the current global models. "If our model results prove to be representative of the real global climate, then climate is actually more sensitive to perturbations by greenhouse gases than current global models predict, and even the highest warming predictions would underestimate the real change we could see," warned co-researcher Kevin Hamilton.

New Arctic shipping routes will accelerate warming
Is irrigation masking our warming climate?
Ozone hole closure not so cool
Global warming unstoppable?

Source: University of Hawaii at Manoa, Texas A&M University


Nov. 24 - A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway? Part III‏

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More from RCH. Click the link to view the images/access the links.

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A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?

Part III


By Richard C. Hoagland
© 2010 The Enterprise Mission

In the extended pre-dawn darkeness over Norway last December, as we have recounted in Parts I and II of this Report ... "something" truly amazing happened--

And reaction immediately divided into two totally opposing views:

Those who "bought" the official media story ... that "it was only another failed Russian missile test ..."--

And then ... those who thought "it just might be something else this time ...."

As we have shown previously, there can be little doubt at this point that a Russian rocket was involved.


The conclusion that everyone has jumped to -- with the striking exception of the Russians themselves -- that, somehow, the Russians caused The Spiral--

Well, that's a "leap too far" ....

We can now report, based on analysis of the extensive imaging evidence reported via the Norwegian press, that The Norway Spiral was NOT primarily caused by "a failed Russian missile test ...."


The failed Russian rocket could, in fact, have been caused by whatever forces "created the Norway Spiral ...."

This section of our on-going analysis will describe precisely "how."

* * *

The scientific evidence behind this growing set of suspicions -- that the Spiral somehow caused the Russian missile to fail -- lies in the extraordinary geometric structure that Enterprise has discovered within the too-perfect, too-concentric "shell-like rings" ... making up the Spiral (below)--

A key part of this "impossible" geometry consisted of four, exactly 90-degree darkened "reticle-like" divisions of the Spiral ... precisely separating it into four radiating quadrants (above - right) ....

Geometric behavior simply inconceivable for any "randomly rotating ... fuel-spewing third-stage rocket ...."

* * *

This "too-too-regular-geometry ..." can only be explained by the presence of--

Some kind of energy-induced, standing-wave-pattern in the Spiral ....


Narrow, uniform-width concentric striations ... ordered in an underlying medium (the leaking third-stage fuel?) by an external "forcing 3-D energy pattern"--

Then, it hit me:

"Chladni Figures!"

Chladni Figures (or the more modern term "Cymatic Patterns" - above) are two-dimensional geometric shapes, produced (in a laboratory setting) by acoustic vibration of "fine material spread on a thin substrate" (the violin bow "drawn across the edge of the metal plate with sand on it ..." - above left); the figures appear initially as highly-ordered, basic symmetry patterns ... starting with circular, concentric structures (below) ....

The shapes then ascend into a "virtual infinity of much more complex, higher-order geometric patterns ..." as the frequency of the sound is increased, and the "overtones" (created by the mixing of multiple frequencies) increase as well (below) ....


"Chladni Figures" are not limited to sound ....

These fantastic, vibrational, geometric symmetries can ALSO be produced by electromagnetic excitation of "a standing-wave pattern in an electrified medium -- i.e. a plasma" ... like the Earth's ionosphere ... some ~50 miles up.

Or ... like a standing-wave pattern externally imposed upon a cloud of dispersed aerosols ... just like those that would be vented into space--

From "a spinning, failing rocket!"

* * *

In all the Norway Spiral images and eyewitness accounts, all the observers seem to have been universally awed by the Spiral itself ... yet, most completely ignored the blatantly visible "scattering envelope" (below) surrounding this precision geometric figure ... in which the Spiral geometry itself actually "appeared" ....

It is this obvious "surrounding medium" in which TWO "fluid spiral-wave patterns" were created--

The first:

By the simple hydrodynamic process of "a rapidly spinning, jetting fluid container ..." -- spraying its contents in an expanding circle ... into the hard vacuum existing above ~50 miles ....

Our "... leaking third-stage Russian missile 'bus!'"

Producing this amazing Norway image:

This face-on "spiral geometry" has, in fact (as the sceptics correctly insist ...), been seen before--

In the failures of other upper rocket stages, during some of their launches (below). Our first example (below - left) shows a 1989 Chinese missile fiasco "at altitude" -- that immediately created a dramatic "spinning pinwheel ...."

In the second example (above - right), the 2009 Norway Spiral itself appears in its "initial moments ..." -- looking, and acting, EXACTLY like its Chinese rocket counterpart from '89.

Reinforcing our analysis in Part II -- that, at this early phase in "the unfolding Norway phenomenon," the normal fluid disintegration of "a failing rocket" would create EXACTLY what was seen.


It abruptly turned to this (below)--

And, no, the dramatic difference is NOT caused by "differing photographic time-exposures" (as William C. Treurniet elegantly has comfirmed in his independent video analysis ... kindly called to my attention by Peter Gersten).

These two very different vibrational "modes," strikingly demonstrated in two comparison images (below) ... are due directly to "two distinct Spiral energy sources" ... arriving separately ... abruptly changing the original Archimedean spiral pattern of leaking fuel (below - left)--

To a stunningly resonant Chladni Pattern (above - right).

Again, this dramatic "transition mode" is actually visible in these "early" (above - left) and "late" ( above - right) Norway images, taken by different witnesses hundreds of miles apart ....

To be specific:

In the Spiral image on the left (above) -- taken within the first few rotations (count them ...) of its initial appearance -- the spiral pattern is "irregular ... of varying width ... and has a peculiar corkscrewing blue beam aimed airectly at its face-on Center ...."

However, in the image on the right (above and below) -- taken only a minute or so later -- the "blue spiral beam" has developed a remarkable, elongated, "two-forked trunnion" ... which begins precisely where the last "right-angle blue corkscrew segment" ends.

A close examination of this exotic "spiraling beam" (left - below) -- compared to the later image (below - right) -- reveals that the outer blue "corkskrews" (those well away from the core of the big, face-on Spiral ...), starting at this "trunnion," are "leaning" progressively further away from the Spiral's Center ... the farther away they are from that Center ....

An obvious result of "an expanding fluid cloud "... blowing outward ... past the material making up the "blue corkscrew," thus causing the increasing "tilt" of the more distant spiral corkscrew turns (below - right) ....


At the point where the first "blue vertical turn" and "trunnion" meet--

The underlying "Big Spiral Pattern" abruptly transforms (above - right)--

From, "a varying-width, fluid-like pattern ..."--


"A precise, mathematically perfect--

'Chladni Figure Pattern' (negative image - below right) ...!"

* * *

Obviously, such a dramatic geometric change --- within a single fluid medium (the "hazy envelope" surrounding the entire spiral and its peculiar "rotating blue beam" ...) -- is only possible if some kind of "outside force" was suddenly being applied ... some external resonant energy ... to interfere with the original fluid-dynamics established internally, at the beginning of this sequence ....

In other words:

Some kind of "extremely advanced, electromagnetic (EM) technology"--

Such as HAARP!

Generating forces that could geometrically imprint (via the inevitable plasma-generated torsion fields ...) the electrified plasma/aerosol mixture that had been previously released at the edge of space ... flung out in all directions by the violently spinning, out-of-control Russian Bulava third-stage ....

Paul Murad, a mechanical and aeronautical engineer, and high-ranking Pentagon official under several past administrations in Washington, published an excellent popular review of Torsion Field Physics a few years ago, titled:

"Torsion Physics: A View from the Trenches."

In the course of this Review, Murad describes working with several Russian physicists who have been methodically seeking to turn the original, theoretical "Einstein-Cartan Torsion Tensor" into a workable, engineering technology for "torsion-field generation and manipulation ...." As part of this major engineering effort, at one key point Murad explicitly states:

" ... torsion [can be] right-handed or left-handed and is based upon a cylindrical field ... and can be created by large accumulations of electricity [plasma] and rotation of a body that if above a certain speed, would enhance the torsion field [below] ...."

And, the Norway Spiral was definitely rotating ... at a rate of about "one complete revolution per second!" And, undoubtedly, it was also highly "electrified" ... as a dense plasma "bubble" created at the electrified boundary between the upper atmosphere and space itself .....

Creation of highly-ordered, resonating "torsion fields" within that electrified plasma would have been inevitable, then ... even if such fields were not the original, primary objective of this vast "HAARP-like" event ....

A HAARP-induced torsion-field looking eerily like--

Our own Enterprise visualizations of much vaster torsion fields generated by the spinning Sun and orbiting planets ... across the entire solar system (below).

* * *

This, of course, is one of the scenarios we directly outlined in Part I -- that, somehow, the Norwegian HAARP facility near Tromso called EISCAT (European Incoherent SCATter Facility ...) was, indeed, "involved" in the creation of The Spiral ....

Now we had direct evidence from within the Spiral itself, strongly indicating that some kind of "external energy-field" had, indeed, been exerted on the Russian's "bus'" escaping fuel; that, this "field-imprinting" had then immediately created a radically different, concentric, highly-ordered radial pattern ... compared to the previous fluid spiral--

An obvious, "resonant EM standing-wave ... strongly interacting with the fuel/plasma being released from the runaway Russian rocket ... creating a striking Chladni geometric pattern."

But, is there any direct evidence -- from the Norwegian HAARP itself -- that it could have been, indeed, involved in the generation of The Spiral ...?


A couple days after Part I was posted, I received an e-mail from David Wilcock; David had been working independently on his own extensive analysis of the Spiral (which eventually turned into an E-book -- which I have deliberately not read, so that our efforts and our conclusions are truly independent ...).

In the e-mail, David shared the fact that one of his "informants" had just located the daily "power-level logs" of the Tromso EISCAT facility (below).

Could I use the info?

Was he kidding?!

And, indeed, according to the published logs (above), the EISCAT facility was, indeed, radiating both VHF and UHF EM radiation ... THROUGHOUT this critical 7:45 AM Spiral "window" on December 9th ....

In fact, EISCAT was specifically scheduled to carry out a high-power ionosphere dual-frequency experiment ... at dawn ....

An experiment called, provocatively, "Tequila Sunrise."

Dr. Anito Kero is one of the EISCAT scientists directly involved in the "Tequila Sunrise" Experiment. His 2008 University of OULU (Finland) Thesis Prologue describes the history and theoretical physics behind the T S Project:

"... after the Second World War, scientists started to explore radio wave heating techniques for modifying ionospheric conditions. The first megawatt-range heating facilities were built in the 1970s (Platteville, Colorado, USA and SURA, Novgorod, USSR). Especially the usage of a periodically heated ionosphere as a large-scale an tenna for electromagnetic wave generation at low frequencies was studied extensively. In the USA as well as the former USSR, this research was motivated by the military requirement to communicate with deeply submerged submarines, although in practise, the capability of heating facilities for this purpose turned out to be insufficient [Barr, 1998]. However, scientific usage of active heating techniques expanded to various fields, some of them introduced in Section 1.2. New facilities were built for these purposes in the 1980s (Arecibo, Puerto Rico, USA; Troms¿, Norway; HIPAS, Alaska, USA) and most recently HAARP in Alaska, USA (1995) and SPEAR in Svalbard (2003) ...."

A bit further on, there is a section devoted to "Heating experiments today," which describes--

"... artificial optical emissions Heater-induced plasma turbulence ... responsible for artificial optical emissions similar to natural aurora [e.g. BrÄandstrÄom et al., 1999]. These emissions originate typically slightly below the reflection altitude and their intensity maximises sharply near the magnetic zenith direction. The brightest emissions are O(1D) 630 nm [red] in the F region and O(1S) 557.7 nm [blue] in the E region. [Kosch et al., 2007] [emphasis added] ...."

Which, of course, is obviously why someone couldn't resist calling at least one of those "heating experiments"--

"Tequila Sunrise."

At the conclusion of his 2008 Thesis prologue, Kero notes--

" ... in near future, the current EISCAT IS radars will be replaced by a new radar system consisting of multiple phased array antennas in northern Scandinavia and therefore providing a 3D view of the ionosphere at high latitudes. The EISCAT Heating will also be upgraded making it possible to design new heating experiments [emphasis added] ...."

In other words, with these upgrades the EISCAT facility -- in cooperation with other parts of "the northern Scandinavian HAARP antenna network" (below) -- could combine its beams ... and also project them (via their "phased array" technoloogy) considerably off-axis ... towards the horizon.

* * *

Which, of course, is exactly the direction from which the Norway Spiral initially appeared ... southeast of EISCAT, just over that pre-dawn horizon ... as viewed from the geometric center of this (now operational) "northern Scandinavian HAARP Interferometer (above) ...."

The same direction that our own analysis has strongly indicated an EISCAT experiment could, indeed, have caused such a spectacular phenomenon -- that another, totally independent geographic analysis has also now confirmed.

Tony Spell, a professional marine engineer, has carried out an exemplary study of the Spiral's origins ... flight path ... and ultimate disappearance -- seeking trigonometrically to learn exactly "where" the Spiral originated ... and where it was actually located as it evolved.

Spell's methodology (like ours in Part II) was to take Spiral images from known (or knowable) locations, orient the image with respect to recognizable surface landmarks in Google Maps (below), and then measure those now-known angular alignments with respect to key geometric features of The Spiral ....

From multiple sets of images, taken from multiple locations in northern Norway (below), Spell ultimately calculated his "best convergence estimate" of the Spiral's geographic location when it first appeared--

Over the eastern end of Russia's Kola Peninsula -- just north of the White Sea (below)--

Reassuringly, just about where our own initial analysis positioned it (below).

As a cross check, repeated, independent sets of "location measurements" have been carried out over the past several weeks by Enterprise Associate, Greg Ahrens (with the invaluable assistence of Mike Blackburn, who supplied some of the key images and crucial information direct from Norway); again, within the errors inherent in these images, Ahrens' alignments nicely converge on the same Spiral locations (plus or minus ...) as Spell's measurements (below).

When perspective is rotated ~90 degrees, and these "best-estimate" locations over the Peninsula are plotted against time--

Another "impossible" fact about this entire baffling phenomenon is resoundingly confirmed:

Eyewitness reports that--

"The Spiral stood still!"

At the height of the events -- between 06:45 UTC and 06:50 UTC (below) -- according to these combined, independent measurements, the Spiral only moved laterally north (right to left) by ~20 miles!--

Essentially motionless ... exactly as reported by the witnesses!

Which, of course, is impossible--

For "a simple, malfunctioning third-stage rocket ... supposedly traveling ~9,000 miles per hour" at that point in its projected flight!

Our most dramatic evidence yet that "something," indeed -- a bona fide torsion weapons technology -- somehow"reached out" and literally grabbed the Russian rocket test that morning ... brought it (in seconds!) to a virtual halt ... in mid-flight ... and then forced it to literally "turn cartwheels in the sky, as seen from northern Norway ...."

Similar sets of quantative image measurements were what allowed Spell -- again, independently -- to carefully calculate just "how large" various elements of the Spiral were, as this amazing phenomenon unfolded ....

In Spell's own words:

"... we now account for the effects of the Earth's curvature, which becomes very significant over these large distances of sight. Projecting the line-of-site values downrange over an imaginary flat 2D surface, as was described above, the altitudes are taken perpendicular to the Earth's surface resulting in values A through E of 79, 107, 146, 160, and 166 miles (127, 172, 235, 257, and 267 km). Note that the typical orbit for the Space Shuttles is generally in the range from 186 to 242 miles (300 to 390 km) above the Earth, with the top of the dissipating spiral and void clearly into this range. These results [below] combined with the 2D path [above], thus defines the 3D trajectory of the center of the spiral ...."

According to Spell's straightforward calculations, the Norway Spiral was somewhat less than 100 miles across ... when it first appeared (above). As it "died," it expanded rapidly to almost 400 miles across (above) ... the size of several major States!

Spell's own comparison is perhaps even more appropriatet:

" ... so in a sense this spiral can be likened to a hurricane ... projected vertically on its side [emphasis added] ...."

A vast, spiraling "hurricane" of--

Propagating torsion ....

On the official United States Naval Research Laboratory "HAARP site," computer simulations are presented for the electrical and magnetic interactions that HAARP's ionospheric heating pattern creates above Alaska -- in the electrified, ionospheric "plasma" above ~50 miles -- heating powered by the "megawatts of interfering RF beams" being radiated skyward from this type of HAARP antenna array (below)--

The result:

An expanding, spiraling pattern ... ultimately as big across as Alaska itself ... and, looking eerily like--

The Norway Spiral turned horizontal!

Which, if you examine it carefully (above - right) is also -- in direct contradiction to the widely-publicized "expert" opinion, that the Spiral was visible only because of pre-dawn sunlight -- in fact, this astonishing ~100-mile-wide apparition was obviously NOT being solely illuminated by the Sun!

The Spiral was also self-illuminated ... from the center outward (note the decreasing brightness ... and outwardly-facing shadows of successive "rings" ...): another confirmation of the high-energy "artificial optical emissions" created specifically by HAARP ... interacting with the escaping, sunlit fuel-turned-to-plasma from the disintegrating Russian missile ....

* * *

In a sense, then, BOTH "instant audience viewpoints" on this astonishing phenomenon -- that "it was only a Russian missile"; and that "it was a top-secret energy weapons test of HAARP" -- would seem to have been simultaneously correct!

It WAS the Russian missile, after all ...


With some "extraordinary help" from the Scandinavian "High Altitude Auroral Reseach Project" ....

Once you know what to look for, the evidence that HAARP -- for some reason ... and somehow (more on this below ...) -- "took control" of this Russian missile-test that December 9th pre-dawn ... is everywhere--

Like ... in the divergence angles of the puzzling "blue corkscrew" that emmenated from the face-on Spiral's Center; as can be measured in this Spiral image (below), the angular-increase-with-distance of this blue "corkscrew" corresponds exactly with the famed "inverse square law" of standard 3-space EM radiation -- providing additional support that "some kind of beaming technology" was, indeed, being applied to the "leaking and rotating Bulava third-stage fuel residue"--

Thus -- creating the precise, resonant Chaldni Pattern seen in the final phases of this spectacular "Event" (below) ....

Further indications of this "outside force" comes from an abrupt, measureable change in the Spiral's flight trajectory ... exactly coincident with the "Chladni Pattern" being externally established (below)!

This direct measurement -- of "an abrupt ~11-degree-angle-course change" in the Spiral's path, once the HAARP RF excitation is "turned on" -- is confirmed by overlays of successive Spiral images (below)--

These simple measurements all confirm a dramatic, sudden application of external energy to the leaking fuel from the initial missile failure ... transforming it into the resonant, vividly geometric Chladni figure that suddenly spread out across the Norwegian skies ....

Strong evidence that HAARP, indeed, "took over" this Russian Bulava missile ... in mid-flight--

Via a torsion force -- created by the intense interaction of the HAARP EM radiation and the plasma gyrations created in the ionosphere as a direct result of that intense, beamed RF radiation--

Conditions ideal, as published in the open scientific literature, for creating highly-energetic, resonant torsion-field effects (below) ....

* * *

Further proof of this "applied external Torsion Force" is also blatantly evident in "how the Spiral died" (below) ....

With the sudden disappearance of its previous, amazingly coherent geometric spiral pattern -- at the precise moment--

It was abruptly replaced--

By what many astonished witnesses described as "... an expanding black hole" (above)!


All consistent with a scenario where "the third-stage Russian bus suddenly just ran out of leaking fuel" ... and the exterior "energizing field" -- the external HAARP beams creating the intense Chladni pattern seen resonating that diffuse fuel-cloud -- also, simultaneously, was killed--

Leaving only an expanding (and rapidly disappearing) "aerosol fuel ring ..." (below) -- looking just like a classic "black hole"--

Still speared by that "baffling blue corkscrew beam" ... hanging in the air.

Remarkably, as noted above, many of the conclusions reached in this Report have been independentally reached by other investigators, via several other routes; one investigation -- carried out by Dan Elder -- provides compelling independent evidence that the Spiral, indeed, was most likely "a direct consequence of HAARP."

Elder reprints portions of an e-mail he received from "a known Naval source," someone intimately familiar with the Alaskan HAARP Project -- both the visible site ... and another one, that's "hidden!"

The source observes--

"... when I saw those photographs and movies of the spiral in the sky over Norway I knew right away what it was. Especially when I saw the blue spiral going up towards the huge white one. We saw that when they 'tested' the heater [in Alaska] on the flats.

"You [sic] got to understand how this thing works. It's kind of a two stage thing. The first stage is where they send increasing power through the antennae farm which is really a phased array. The antennae are all sending out a powerful signal on the same frequency but they are all slightly at a different phase ...

"Anyway the next phase is when they send up the very low frequency transmission. This is the blue spiral. You can actually see the individual waves, or spirals, because it is what is called an "extremely low frequency" bandwidth. A complete cycle at this low a frequency can be miles long. That's what you see. It makes the atmosphere glow blue. You can see it at night [emphasis added] ...."

A post-script:

One of the many e-mails Enterprise has received over the last few weeks, in reaction to our early reporting on The Spiral, describes an amazing first-person account of something eerily similar, seen over the nighttime deserts of the Southwestern United States many years ago--

"... I have my own version of the Norway spiral missile story that took place 10-12 years ago, though what I saw was not a spiral but a square pyramid of light [see drawn illustration - below].

"I was in my mid- to late-teenage years driving with some friends to San Diego from Phoenix in the middle of the night over the desert. The night and the hour escape me as I write this, though I know it was in the year 2000. On the way to San Diego on interstate 8, I suddenly saw a blue/turquoise beam appear in the sky and a growing light start to emit from the head (not the tail). Rather than see a spiral, as depicted in many of the photos from the Norway incident on, this was a square 'pyramid' of light that slowly grew and grew until it was so large that it could no longer be seen. The square was divided by lines reaching from corner to corner, as though looking at a pyramid from the air straight above its peak.

"The odd thing was, even after the pyramid had grown/faded to the point of invisibility/indistinguishability, the blue beam remained in the sky and eventually faded away. I remember the whole incident taking about 30 minutes with the beam appearing first for a couple of minutes, the pyramid appearing and growing for another 15 or so, and then the beam fading away (it seemed to be affected by the wind, like images of missile con trails I've seen before) for the next 15 or 20 minutes. I don't know anything about the Norway "missile" or how long it lasted, but I can't describe to you how similar the images are to what I saw, with the exception of the spiral effect [emphasis added] ...."

The witness submitted his remarkable sketch of what he saw (below) ....

Which was--

Another obvious "Chladni Figure"--

Eerily mirroring NASA images of a dying star's powering of its own "Chladni torsion plasma geometry"--

5000 light years away.

* * *

At this point then, we have six main lines of evidence that the Norway Spiral was NOT -- contrary to the major efforts of the mainstream media to "sell" it--

"Just another Russian missile test ...."

That it was, in fact, that--

Plus -- "a LOT, LOT more" ....

Because of--

1) The startlingly artificial internal geometry that appeared, simultaneous with the obvious "Chladni-like standing-wave-pattern" the Spiral suddenly assumed ...

2) The sudden, confirmed (from two separate studies) "directional change" the Spiral's Center underwent ... just as this standing-wave-pattern "took physical control" ....

3) The fact that "something" -- measureably -- brought the Russian missile almost to a dead stop ... and then MADE it "spiral" ....

4) The instantaneous disappearance of this internal Spiral resonant geometry -- when, whatever external energy source was powering its striking vibrating interference pattern (being conveyed via whatever was also creating the "spiral blue beam ...?") ... was abruptly "killed."

5) Discovery that power-logs for EISCAT the morning of December 9, 2009 reflect an on-going, active experiment in progress ... covering the time when the Spiral first appears.

6) Discovery of a specific "pre-dawn HAARP experiment" -- previously scheduled for December 9th, termed ironically "Tequila Sunrise."

* * *

Was this, then, why the Russian Navy ... and then the Russian Defense Ministry itself ... initially denied there had "even been a missile launch"... only to then grudgingly admit "da, it was ours ...." [though, they still firmly (if curiously) deny that "the missile was responsible for the Spiral ..."]?

Was Premiere Putin, in fact, belatedly covering (after he looked at the telemetry ...) for what really happened with his carefully-timed "pre-Obama Peace Prize" missile test ... December 9th?


The embarrassing fact that "something" (or "someone" ...) took physical control of Russia's most advanced weapons system that fateful dawn ....

And then--

Turned it into an all-too-visible global humilation!?

Our own geometric measurements of the Spiral's "anomalously changing position" in several sets of images, had convinced us that "something" had, indeed, physically intervened in the Russian missile's previous trajectory ... resulting in a sharply-changing flight-path angle across the Norwegian skies (below).

Tony Spell's meticulous and completely independent analysis once again confirmed our own preliminary measurements--

By deriving trigonometrically the "moment-to-moment ground track" positions of the Spiral on a Google Maps vertical projection (below) -- from when it first appeared over the Kola Peninsula--

To when it died ... out over the Barents Sea.

Blatantly demonstrating that "something," indeed, not only physically almost stopped the Russian Bulava in mid-flight ... but had then physically MOVED the "generating center" of the Spiral ... over 50 miles east (from its previous Newtonian missile trajectory, northeast) ... something operating in a definitely "non-Newtonian" fashion!

As we asked in Part I, was someone also sending an unmistakable "message" to the Russian government that morning--

With a blatant demonstration of Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics Technology ...?

And if so--

"Who" ... to "whom" ... and "why?"

And, most important--

Why now?

* * *


OK, this is the part where we try to make technical and political sense of some very conflicting information ....

The political questions our preceding analysis of the Norway Spiral raises are non-trivial -- ranging from "why were Putin and Medvedev brandishing their most advanced strategic weapon on the literal eve of Obama's visit to Oslo for his Nobel Peace Prize ...?; to, "was the obvious (now) 'HAARP interaction' with the Russian missile" the result of just "bad timing" (the HAARP experiment "just happened" to coincide with the previously-scheduled Russian test?); or was the use of HAARP to (somehow ...) physically divert and take total control of the Russian Bulava--


And, if the latter, then--

Who was directly "taking on Russia" ... with such a blatant, public demonstration of a stunning "torsion-physics weapons technology?"--

While, at the same time, sending an equally pointed message directly to Obama -- again ... on the literal eve of his high-profile acceptance of a Nobel Prize, for--

World Peace!

What the hell REALLY happened over Norway, that pre-dawn, December 9th!?

This, of course, is where the second "December 9, 2009 Russian sky anomaly" comes in (with gratitude to another Enterprise Associate, Boris Yaroslavtsev, for locating crucial Russian analyses of this amazing appartition ...)--

The "impossible" Moscow Pyramid (below) ....

For, as you may remember from Part II, the same night all this was going down over Norway ... an astonishing video anonymously showed up on "RU" -- the Russian equivalent of YouTube--

December 9th ....

The enhanced screen-grab (above) reveals a stunningly specific geometric structure -- for readers even passingly familiar with the research of the Enterprise Mission -- apparently, brazenly, just "hanging out over the Kremlin" that same December night--

A gigantic ... floating ... Tetrahedron!

Ostensibly -- captured by "two Moscow 20-somethings ... conveniently driving around Red Square late one night, with a video camera ...."

The amazing clip soon moved to YouTube, where it caused additional sensation ... and by then was also being aired, repeatedly, on Russian television ....

Within days, a "daylight" version of "the Moscow Pyramid" suddenly appeared ... and again, was anonymously posted on RU, then on "YouTube" ... and again, was picked up and heavily promoted by Russian TV (below).

As with the Norway Spiral, heated discussions erupted all over the Web re "the Moscow Pyramid" ... unfortunately, revealing the same stark polarities as the other "conversation":

On the offensive:

Those who immediately dismissed "the Pyramid" as "an obvious Photoshop manipulation" ....


Those asking "could it, in fact, be Real ...."

Yet, in all the subsequent (and still on-going ...) arguments over these two main viewpoints, the overwhelming scientific and political significance of that specific geometric figure ... "floating over the Kremlin" -- a lazily rotating tetrahedron -- is, to my knowledge, not being discussed anywhere--

I mean, come-on -- it's supposed to be a gigantic ... zero-gravity--



TWO blatant representations of "the Physics" (below) suddenly, publicly appear -- within hours of each other -- both over the same former superpower ....

And this is "just coincidence?"

NOT likely ....

As is the fact that the inscribed "tetrahedral angle" -- for a "tetrahedron-inside-a-sphere," which is the representation of the Physics operating inside a rotating sphere ... such as the Earth (above) -- is the canonical--

19.5 degrees.

Precisely the latitude of the Norway Spiral ... minus 90 degrees -- in terms of the angular separation of the Spiral's own latitude (70.5 degrees North) ... relative to the rotational axis of the Earth itself (below)!

While its longitude was--

39 degrees East ... TWICE "19.5" ....

What better, more redundant way to say "this phenomenon represents the Hyperdimensional/Torsion Physics--

"Of the Earth!"

As did -- just a few hours later -- the stunning, redundant appearance of an actual tetrahedron ... floating ... rotating ... directly over the heart of the Capital of the same Nation over which "an intimately connected symbol" of that same "Tetrahedral Physics" -- the Spiral -- had just appeared ... over redundant "tetrahedral" coordinates to boot!

* * *

In terms of "deep connections," there was another inexplicable detail that both the "Norway Spiral" and the "Kremlin Tetrahedron" shared -- despite each phenonenon's great size and distinctive, astonishing geometry: how few eyewitnesses ... out of a potential audience of millions ... there truly were to either ....

In Moscow, for instance:

Out of the literally millions of Moscovites who could have just looked up and seen this amazing "tetrahedral object" with their own eyes ... floating serenely there for "an entire day and night" (according to the Russian reports) ... and even captured amazing images of the amazing figure on their own cell phones ... and then ... flooded RU or Youtube with hundreds of independent videos of this astonishing phenomenon--

In fact, after weeks ... only two anonymous videos of this astonishing "demonstration" over downtown Moscow have appeared--

Which, of course, only reinforces the sceptics' insistence from the beginning that "this was an obvious YouTube hoax ...."

"Ah ... you mean -- just like 'the Norway Spiral' was ONLY 'an obvious Russian missile launch' ...?"

In fact, the situation over Moscow is far more interesting and complex ... going back again to the critical timing of the "Kremlin Tetrahedron" video:

December 9th ....

From one detailed Russian analysis of the sensational "night pyramid video," it is obvious that such a complicated (and expensive!) "special effects production" (if it was, in fact, just that ...) simply precludes "two Moscow amateurs ... faking it in their home computer!"


And the total lack of time for even professionals to "produce" anything of such amazing optical sophistication (below) ... appearing only hours after the Norway Spiral itself had suddeny appeared ....

Here (above) we see another frame-grab from the "Moscow Pyramid video" -- with the "floating tetrahedron" hovering just southwest of St. Basil's Cathedral ... as seen between multiple, moving reflections on the car windows (from the street lights on both sides of the BS Zamoskvoretsky Bridge) ... against the added reflection of the video camera itself (the "ring" seen direstly over Red Square in the closed car window ) ... with the brightly lit Square looming up ahead--

All directly under the huge, floating "Tetrahedron in the Kremlin Sky" ....

To get ALL that right -- and, in some home computer system -- and ... within only hours of the appearance of the Spiral--

Would have been simply impossible--

Thus, the simpler hypothesis -- unbelievable content notwithstanding -- was that this was, in fact, a REAL Moscow video--

Of an unbelievably "Real Event"--

Deeply connected to that other, equally "unbelievable event" -- appearing over a thousand miles away ... and just hours earlier--

The Spiral itself.

Which, according to the evidence we have uncovered and presented here, was more than likely now caused by HAARP ... deliberately (for some reason ...) applying "Hyperdsimensional/Torsion Field Physics" to a Russian missile ....

A Physics whose central icon , representing the underlying mathematics of THAT "multi-dimensional Physics," is a unique geometric figure termed--

The "Schalfli Double-Six"--

Appearing in our three dimensions as "a rotating ... four-dimensional ... Hyperdimensional Tetrahedron" ....

Exactly like what was "videoed" calmly floating over Red Square ... that same night.

* * *

So, if the Moscow videos were not "fakes" ... then axiomatically, they had to be real--

Real videos ... of "an equally real, immense Tetrahedron" -- floating with impunity over one of the most heavily-guarded (by the Russian's recent public reaffirmation - see below) air-spaces on the planet!

If that was a Reality, then how come -- as we asked earlier -- only two videographers, of the literally millions of inhabitants of Moscow carrying cell phone cameras these days, even seemed to notice ... let alone capture this extraordinary spectacle on video!?

In other words, if the nighttime Moscow video was real -- and this is critical -- then "millions of Muscovites NOT seeing it ... as it hung brazenly over downtown Moscow ..." strongly implied that "the Tetrahedron"--

Simply WASN'T visible--

To just "anyone" ....

That, in fact, it was employing some kind of "cloaking device" ... some kind of "ultra-stealth technology"--

And thus would only be visible to someone equipped with suitable "stealth-piercing camera technology" (such as certain official Russian agencies ...?).


Non-Russian "agents," whose presence was carefully timed to be in Moscow that night ... equipped with that same "stealth-piercing video technology"--

Who (for some urgent reason ... right after the appearance of the Spiral) wanted the world to know "what was hanging over Downtown Moscow ...."

If not ... how long it had actually been hanging there!

Because among the many, growing questions around this whole affair, is this one:

"Did this Kremlin 'pyramid event' first occur the night of December 9th ... or earlier?"; for, from another important Russian analysis that Yaroslavtsev forwarded, there is serious reason now to believe that the date of the original RU posting was NOT "December 9th"--

But, perhaps ... as early as "December 1st!"

And, from other Russian identification of the apparent presence of the old "Rossiya Hotel" on the daytime video, it is further possible that that video footage was shot, not in December, 2009 ... but sometime in 2006--

The last year it could have been ... before the Rossiya Hotel was torn down!

It doesn't matter ....

Let me repeat that:

It doesn't matter whether the "Moscow videos" are real ... or fake ... or whether they were shot "live" December 9th ... or re-posted from December 1.

The "message" is in the posting of ANY "tetrahedral Kremlin video" at all ... and the constant running of the "Moscow Pyramid story" on official Russian television--

Right after the appearance of the baffling "Spiral"--

December 9th--

An astonishing aerial phoenomenon whose torsion-based Physics was obviously being symbolically reinforced by "the Floating Anti-Gravity Tetrahedron over the Kremlin"--

Regardless of its "reality" ... or not!

But, why officially fake such an obvious and overwhelmingly negative (for Russians ...) political and military message?!

Unless ....

It was the truth?!

Isn't it fascinating then, that the following news item appeared on the official Russian news agency website, RIA Novosti ... just three days AFTER the December 9th posting of the ambiguous video of "the Kremlin Pyramid," boasting that--

"... Moscow is the best protected Russian city, with the sky above the Russian capital guarded by state of the art radars and air defense systems, a top air defense official said Saturday [emphasis added] ...."

* * *

The geopolitical and technical implications of this joint "torsion weapons/power demonstration" -- if that was what the Spiral and the Tetrahedron really were -- are obviously profound ....

Whoever was ultimately responsible for this "tchnologically dazzling demonstration," not only had apparently used this same torsion technology to physically intervene in the Russian testing of its most advanced ballistic weapons system ... it apparently had also, at some point, defiantly poised the uniquely-redundant geometric symbol of that "torsion weapons superiority"--

Directly over the most guarded air-space in all of Russia--

The Kremlin.

And "someone" -- pretty conclusively the Russians themselves (or, how and why did the Pyramid Video get broadcast again and again on Russian Television!?) -- obviously wanted video of "the Kremlin Tetrahedron" out to the wider world ....

And chose RU, YouTube and Russian Television -- and the guise of "two amateur Moscow videographers ..." -- as their medium for "making sure the tetrahedron video got out to ... someone."

An object whose sheer presence, floating calmly over Red Square -- despite the belated assurances of Maj. Gen. Pavel Kurachenko, of the Russian Air Force's air defense on RIA Novosti -- was an obvious "military message"--

Not only to Russia ... but the world.

"We are in control!"

Whoever "we" was ... is ....

* * *

Which brings us to the complex Present ....

Given the extraordinary, now proven "Tetrahedral Messages" of both the Norway Spiral and the Kremlin Tetrahedron -- through the obvious importance placed on "19.5" in both -- it is now unmistakable that these were, indeed, nothing less than blatant--

Torsion Physics Demonstrations ....

Specifically linked -- by that "19.5" (surprise ... surprise)--

To the entire, carefully-hidden field ... for the past ~60 years ... of "HD/Torsion Physics."

Further -- this unmistakable connection specifically underscored "a weapons application" for such super-advanced technologies -- i.e. by hanging a startling, anti-gravity, tetrahedron-shaped space vehicle ... right over the Kremlin [and, who's to say what's hanging over the White House in downtown Washington DC, even as I write -- that (because we lack the special technology the Russians seem to have ...) we just can't see ...]!

An obvious spaceship of--

"The Secret Space Program!"

Two overwhelming ... torsion-based ... weapons/space technology demonstrations--

Completely confirming what we could only speculate about in Part I.


To what end?

Given the obvious proximity of Norway to this "Torsion Weapons Message" -- both in terms of location and in time -- and thus to President Obama's controversial, imminent Nobel Peace Prize acceptance appearance in Oslo -- one of our earliest suspicions was that "the Message" was aimed squarely at--

The President of the United States ... and, thereby, at some policy position(s) of this President ....

Now, of course, we know that Medvedev and Putin were ALSO targeted (it was a Russian missile, after all, that was so dramatically "grabbed" ...) -- which immediately poses the really crucial question--


What could be the ultimate purpose of such a "double-whammy, highly public torsion demonstration" ... and to the leaders of the two militarily most powerful nations on the planet ..!?

The answer to that question, unfortunately, depends totally on the answer to this question:


Who -- ultimately -- would benefit, from deterring some joint (either current or planned ...) US/Russian action?

Who have now -- in these astonishing apparitions -- publicly taken on BOTH reigning "superpowers" ... here on Planet Earth!?

Again, for those even slightly familiar with the "arc" of our Enterprise investigations over the past 20 or so years, and especially, for those who have read our "magnum opus" on the "radically distorted origins and inside politics" of NASA -- Dark Mission -- it should come as no surprise that our own first thoughts regarding the ultimate "creators" of this obviously "Tetrahedral Warning" was--

The Secret Space Program!

An "over a half-century-long Program" ... completely hidden from all public view ... the REAL Space Program ... based not on "primitive and dangerous space technologies, like rockets ..." -- but on deep-black, cutting-edge, Nazi-WWII-developed HD/torsion technologies--

The development of which has been well-documented in Dark Mission ... and by another Enterprise Associate -- Oxford's Dr. Joseph Farrell.

Apart from being highly relevant to the "Norway situation" (see below), Joseph's unique historical research, serendipitously, now also sheds stunning new light on the real explanation for the long-reigning "UFO distraction" of our time--


Farrell's paradigm-busting research -- based on both newly-declassified WWII Nazi documents, as well as a crucial new perspective on the evidence contained in the various Roswell "eyewitness testimonies," chronicled by other researchers over the years -- is that "Roswell" now, in all probability, represents the deliberate PR distorsion of a much more amazing reality--

An entire, hidden, herculian, top-secret, post-WWII torsion research and development program ..."--

Deliberately "smuggled" into the United States at the end of the War.

A program to initially "back-engineer early Nazi-developed WWII torsion technologies and weapons systems ..." -- and then make them operational.

That this -- not "little grey aliens" -- is the Ultra-Top-Secret Reality behind "the sixty-year-old, heavily manipulated, Roswell Legend ..." (below).

An even more startling reality ... artfully hidden behind "the crashed alien UFO cover-story," in all its on-going soap-opera ... for more than 60 years.

The fact is that "Roswell," in Farrell's analysis, is nothing less than a human anti-gravity "torsion" space vehicle ... derived from Nazi-derived technology, brought to the United States at the end of WWII--

Which crashed in a post-WWII "flight test."


Torsion technologies which, six decades later -- at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century -- could easily place "whoever has secretly mastered this real Physics" here on Earth ... and for over ~60 years ... as far ahead of the current US and Russian "space programs" ... as those programs are currently beyond--

The Stone Age!

A fact that somone -- that fateful December 9, 2009 -- wanted both the United States and Russia to vividly remember ....

So ... who?!

* * *

Richard Dolan is a Cold War historian with a deep interest in the post-WWII period. In the course of his staggering effort at original source archives research, Dolan began noting increasingly astonishing "UFO" cases -- occurring repeatedly and worldwide -- throughout this same, early Cold War time period ... appearing in mainstream source materials.

Dolan's eventual critically-acclaimed history of those initial years of "the modern UFO Phenomenon" is titled, appropriately:

UFOs and the National Security State: An Unclassified History, 1941-1973

Volume II of Dolan's research -- UFOs and the National Security State (Vol II): The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991-- contains this perceptive observation (below), relevant to our current Norway/Kremlin problem--

Writes Dolan (with a few editorial "annotations" by Enterprise ...):

"... another thing that had happened was that someone [on Earth] seemed to be developing and flying, if not actual flying saucers, then something very much along those lines. By the late 1980s the signs were becoming clear. Perhaps the Hudson Valley objects were not terrestrial objects, perhaps they were. By the end of the 1980s, however, sightings in California’s Antelope Valley and Nevada’s Area 51 were of objects that were surely made by the U.S. defense industry. In the judgment not merely of UFO-watchers but aviation and aerospace experts, it looked as if these objects were utilizing a form of field propulsion ...

"That is, anti-gravity.

"'Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ...'

We can assume that the original lie of the 1940s [that UFOs do not exist] was intended to stall for time; meanwhile, policymakers would frantically try to figure out what was going on. But this lie developed into immense, complex, and ultimately separate [parallel governmental] infrastructure. The longer it continued, the more entrenched the established parties became; the more removed they became from officially established [Constitutional] truths; the less they were able to explain to the rest of the world what was actually going on. It was one thing to explain to the public that one or more extraterrestrial intelligences were freely operating on Planet Earth for purposes which they kept to themselves. It was entirely something else to explain that a massive black infrastructure [of separate, extraterrestrial, human government] had evolved, siphoning off public money, operating in total secrecy for years, developing [and NOT sharing stunning] new technologies, and making profits based on monopolistic exploitation of acquired ET technology. Another still to explain that the U.S. President, or other national leaders for that matter, were not necessarily the key decision-makers when it came to such matters [emphasis added] ...."

Dolan's research provides compelling, independent back-up, then, for our own developing hypothesis -- expressed publicly many, many times ... over many, many years -- that one of these two main types of "ET civilizations," currently interacting with the Earth--

What Dolan calls "a breakthrough civilization"--

Could, in fact, be--

A terrestrially-derived, post-World War II Nazi colony civilization ... attempting to "go home" to the Original--

As extensively detailed in Dark Mission.

Grown outward from Earth ... into the solar system ... inevitably, secretly, building on the Nazi's own early WWII HD/Torsion Physics "anti-gravity" technology ... the same technology also brought to the US as part of Paperclip ... over these past ~60 years.

To become another major component of--

THE Secret Space Program!

What was/is supremely ironic about all this, is the fact that in November, 2009 -- at the Annual "Secrets" Conference, in Tempe, Arizona -- only days before the Norway Spiral and the Kremlin Tetrahedron dramatically appeared ... I presented new results from our on-going Enterprise research into "the origins and political/technical evolution" of such a possible "post-WWII, secret space program" ....

Most critical to this assessment: "who" -- in the "mainstream" -- also has to have politically known about this "hidden reality" ... for those same ~60 years--

The deep, documentable connections now between "Truman" ... "Eisenhower" ... "JFK" ... and yes, "Obama"--

And, shockingly:


As documented, via official Pentagon documents, in the recent NBC-SyFy 2012 Special that we co-produced, airing just last Fall.

Which brings us to--

The current, increasingly provocative manifestations of "some kind of HD/torsion war... currently going on upstairs!"--

A war strongly supporting the idea that there are (now ... after some ~60 years) probably increasing, warring, factions among these Nazi-derived off-world colonies --

As we count down to "2012" ....

And one of those (apparently ...) has now chosen to confront the two largest "conventional" military powers on Earth --

Via "the Norway Spiral" ... and "the Moscow Tetrahedron."

Joseph Farrell's own thoughts on all of this are especially relevant here--

"... so we are left with ... some version of my Nazi International extra-territorial state, with, in my mind, an all but proven track record of the postwar investigation of precisely the technologies to bring down the Towers. Radical and wild and woolly as I think this scenario sounds, it does in my mind rationalize the rather odd signs of 'panic' that 'our' elite has shown since 9/11, for consider the almost frenzied rush into Afghanistan and Iraq (whose true and ultimate purpose, I think, involved much more than oil, and I hint about that ultimate purpose in my books repeatedly). Realizing that they were faced with an extra-territorial state with possession of extraordinarily sophisticated scalar-torsion technology that had been successfully weaponized, they launched a 'war on terror' with radical Islam as the fall guy, when in fact, the real target is something completely different and much more frightening. The behavior of the financial elite during the bailout crisis is another signal, at least to me, that someone has the gun to their heads, they acted like people being blackmailed by some hidden 'protection racket' by insisting on 'no oversight' back in 2008. The only people in the historical record that wielded such financial and technological clout that I can think of were, in fact, the postwar Nazis.

"There is a final, even weirder, consideration, and that's Ian Fleming and his James Bond novels/films. Many people have always considered that he was 'leaking information in the guise of fiction.' Well, consider the movie 'You Only Live Twice,' where you have the following elements clearly displayed:

1) An international conspiracy that is extra-territorial, called SPECTRE (Society for the Promotion of Extortion, Criminality, Terrorism, Revenge...);

2) That society has a secret space program and is using it to interfere with Russian and American space launches (shades of the recent collision of an American and Russian satellite in orbit above the earth), and to bring the two nations to the brink of war;

3) That society has a heavy presence of Japanese criminal underground; and finally,

4) It is headed by an obviously German fellow named Ernst Stavro Blohfeld (played by Donald Pleasance, and thus, plump, middle aged, and almost Bormann-esque in appearance)

"So if one grants the proposition that Fleming is 'leaking information', then the conclusion is obvious as to what he's trying to say. And I believe this to be the case because in effect this is what my own research has been able to verify, in that, I have been able to argue points 1,2, and 4 are most likely true, and that would seem to indicate that point 3 is as well.

"So my 'op within an op within an op' scenario is basically that someone, with probable access to hidden space technologies, and with all but certain access to weaponized versions of scalar-torsion technologies, brought the Twin Towers down. That 'someone' is some sort of rogue extra-territorial organization, with deep and historical connections to the radical Islamic underworld, and that leaves me with, guess who, the Nazis. Thus, I believe the second level of that 9/11 conspiracy, our own home-grown elitists, were once again played the fools by the outer and innermost rings of it, in a sort of "squeeze from below squeeze from above" methodology, a methodology that elite has used itself numerous times.

"By using that specific methodology against the very people that use it themselves, the message was sent: we know your game, and lookie-lookie what we can do, what we have possession of. We can literally turn your centers and instrumentalities of power to dust before your very eyes. We are deeply penetrated into your own covert agencies and plans, and the game is now afoot.

"Consider also the Masonic symbolism of what was struck in that way: the Twin Towers, the twin masonic pillars of Jachin and Boaz, sitting in the heart of the Anglo-American elite's financial district. Richard's analysis of the esoteric symbolism {"Who's the Enemy, Really?" at] is as far as I'm concerned right on target, as is his analysis of why radical Islam would be involved. I think, too, he might be willing to entertain my particular "twist" on his scenario, in that one has not only radical Muslims, but worse, unreconstructed Nazis involved with it, after all, the historical connections between the two run very deep. The Muslims do not have access to such technologies, whereas the Nazis were investigating them with a vengeance since at least 1933!

"So, that's it in a nutshell [emphasis added] ...."

Summarizing Farrell's critically important points:

"... so my "op within an op within an op" scenario is basically that someone [human], with probable access to hidden space technologies, and with all but certain access to weaponized versions of scalar-torsion technologies, brought the Twin Towers down. That "someone" is some sort of rogue extra-territorial organization [read -- "off planet Earth" human organization/state], with deep and historical connections to the radical Islamic underworld ...

"And that leaves me with, guess who -- the Nazis [emphasis added] ...."

This -- if in anyway "real" -- changes EVERYTHING--

The "War on Terror" ... "Islamofacism" ... "our invasion of Iraq" ... "the build-up in Afghanistan" ....

And most of all--


* * *

One of the stunning "data points" we discovered about half-way through our Spiral investigation totally locks in now with Farrell's "out of the box" Bond comparison--

"... that [movie, extraterrestrial] society has a secret space program and is using it to interfere with Russian and American space launches (shades of the recent collision of an American and Russian satellite in orbit above the earth), and to bring the two nations to the brink of war ...."

It turns out that the EISCAT HAARP facility in northern Norway -- which, as we have now established, was likely involved, somehow, in the generation of the Spiral -- also has a direct, provable connection to this proposed "larger war"; after the mysterious "accidental" satellite collision in early 2009, between the Iridium 33 spacecraft and the old Soviet Union's Cosmos 2251 that Farrell alludes to (above), it turns out that EISCAT was the central HAARP facility used in the subsequent radar detection and cataloguing of the orbital debris from that collision (below)!

An incident which, to me -- as I immediately said on "Coast" when it occurred (to the considerable skepticism of George Noory ...) -- was obviously NOT an accident at all ..."--

Exactly as we can now interpret the dramatic, "simultaneous" appearances of both "the Spiral ... and the Tetrahedron"--


The war is escalating ....

About a month after the 2009 US/Russian satellite "accident," Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Leonid Shershnev -- a former head of Russia's military space intelligence -- directly accused the United States of having "deliberately destroyed our Cosmos satellite ...."

I immediately reported this on "Coast."

Said Shershnev, in an interview with the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper (the same newspaper which has carried detailed coverage of our Enterprise research)--

This incident (and many more ...) form an unmistakable pattern now, allowing us to trace the potential origins and escalation of this War -- from the Truman Administration ... forward--

Information that, fortunately, is now on DVD ... the remarkably prescient model I was able to present at the Secrets Conference, in November -- which includes uniquely-verifiable, official evidence of exactly "who" murdered President Kennedy ... in light of this new evidence, in part, because he threatened this 'Secret Space Program.'"

Information that will become a much-needed "backgrounder" (if we are right ...) on what is looking to become a heck of a 2010--

"The Year We Make Contact."

With memories of my now-departed friend, Sir Arthur C. Clarke ....

* * *

In the model that Farrel and I are right -- that "there is, indeed, some kind of 'unseen, interplanetary war going on above us at this very moment' ..."--

It's but a small additional step to also ask--

"What other 'signature events' -- besides 911 -- could actually be the result of such a "hidden war" ... with the prodigous and repeated expenditure of "scalar/torsion-field directed energy weapons ... sometimes directed at the Earth ...?"--

One potential answer is a phenomenon called "radar rings" ....

Beginning in about the mid-1990's, two important US technological advances took place:

The Department of Defense "turned on" the first versions of its Alaskan "HAARP" Project ... and the National Weather Service activated the first new "NEXRAD" weather radar systems across the nation.

And thus--

Enabled a nation-wide civilian radar network -- coast to coast -- capable of actually seeing, for the first time, the upper atmosphere/iononsphere "electronic plasma fingerprints" of HAARP experiments (below) ....

And then, on these accumulating NEXRAD radar images of the continental United States ... mysterious, anomalous "radar rings" suddenly began appearing (above)--

And -- have been appearing with increasing frequency ... worldwide ... ever since (below).

This (above) is a NEXRAD radar image mosaic from January 22, 2010 ... overlayed on a same-day GEOS weather satellite image. It shows two extraordinarily geometric "radar "rings," appearing at opposite ends of the continent of Australia--

Each within 30 seconds of the other!

Even more bizarre, the southeast "ring" (below - right)--

Appeared first -- mirrioring to an amazing degree the "torsion-radial-geometry" of the Norway Spiral 44 days earlier ... but in the opposite hemisphere.

Then, 30 seconds later ... the northwest "ring" appeared (below - left)--

Mirroring the final ... "black hole phase" ... of the Spiral's dramatic disappearance ....

The full story of the discovery and evolution of this fascinating southern hemisphere "Spiral-like" radar apparition is chronicled at Colin Andrews' website. Suffice to say, the physics of this phenomenon -- a radar signal being reflected from a highly structured, geometric "target," the geometrically electrified ionosphere overhead -- makes it obvious that if this had occured at night--

This phenomenon would have "lit up" the Australian skies exactly like those over Norway!

Posing the crucial question:

"How often is this happening now around the world ... and, unlike Norway--

"No one sees it ... because the sun is up!?"

Here's another baffling "spiral" radar example, this one from Switzerland (below) ... from April, 2009:

And here's two "anomalous atmospheric interference patterns," from another weather satellite image, also taken off Australia (below) ....

Joseph Farrel's earlier summation of our conversations -- regarding the increasingly obvious "torsion signatures" we are seeing all around us now including, most pointedly, in the otherwise physically inexplicable, TOTAL destruction of the World Trade Center -- are based in part on the continuing excellent field research conducted into "the physics of 911" by Dr. Judy Wood; Dr. Wood, a former professor of mechanical engineering at Clemson University, South Carolina, has been meticulously sifting the physical and photographic evidence around "911" ever since the attack, attempting to explain the "highly anomalous ways" (below) in which the Towers were actually destroyed.

Based on "impossible" electrical, mechanical and thermal effects experienced by cars and structures miles from Ground Zero (below), Wood's exhaustive research into 911 leaves little doubt now that, indeed, some kind of exotic "directed-energy technology -- NOT "planes" or "high explosives" -- was responsible for the catastrophic, literal "dustification" (above) of the World Trade Towers on 911 ... and the bizarre collateral damage that "toasted" steel ... but not paper ... literally miles away (below) ....

Based on Wood's remarkable evidence pattern -- for the deployment and use of some kind of advanced "interferometer torsion-field weapon" (our term) in the destruction of the Towers "from afar" -- Farrell has incorporated this astonishing data (with a little kibitzing from Enterprise ...) into his larger "interplanetary war scenario" (above)--

A War obviously "continuing to escalate" ... occurring, perhaps, between some "rebellious faction" of the (in our model) "Nazi-derived Secret Space Program" ... and the "real world" political and economic infrastructure of the rest of this entire Planet ....

An escalation which could now even account for "the tragic catastrophe of Haiti" ....

* * *

In what can only be considered a "reinforcing development" for our far-out "secret space war theory," none other than Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, publicly accused the government of the United States, within hours of the Haiti earthquake on January 12th, of using "a HAARP-like energy weapon against the people of Haiti ... deliberately causing Haiti's devastating loss of life ...!"

Even more bizarre ... the original Chavez story (from Spain ...) also ran repeatedly -- precisely like the video of "the Moscow Tetrahedron"--

On Russian television!

Other analysts picked up the narrative, discovering that, ultimately, this could only be viewed as--

The Russians ... publicly attacking Obama ... over "torsion weapons"--

What the hell is really going on!?

Such a "mainstream" political suggestion -- that earthquakes can be used as actual "weapons of mass destruction" -- inevitably brings up the prophetic words of US Secretary of Defense, William Cohen--

And his 1997 public testimony before a US Congressional Committee, where he officially warned that such a devastating technology really does exist ... “whereby they [terrorists] can alter the climate ... set off earthquakes [and] volcanoes remotely ... through the use of electromagnetic waves [emphasis added] ...."

Cohen was describing nothing less than the extreme, weaponized "torsion effects" of ... HAARP!

Is the Russian running of video clips on YouTube, of Hugo Chavez making such outrageous accusations, actually ... another "public message"--

That -- from the Russian's own data (of what actually occurred with their destroyed Bulava?) -- Haiti was also the deliberate victim of such an overwshelming torsion weapon!?

Raising the overriding question--

Who could be next!?

* * *

Is this why Obama's current Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, on a flight back to Washington from meetings with the government of Pakistan a couple weeks ago, was reported by the New York Times--

"... his final message delivered, he relaxed on the 14-hour trip home by watching “Seven Days in May,” the cold war-era film about an attempted military coup in the United States [emphasis added] ...."

"His final message ...?"

More "code" about what might be really going on ...?

And then, what about this--

NASA Administrator, former Marine General, Charlie Bolden, saying just a couple days ago on Israeli Television--

"... one of my jobs as NASA Administrator is to work in coordination with the Secretary of Defense in protection of the planet … one image that changed everyone’s attitude toward that -- I don’t know how many of you saw the Hubble image of the asteroid that impacted the planet Jupiter? … and left a big black spot -- and the spot represented several Earths in diameter. That got everyone’s attention all the way up to President Obama. … understanding Near Earth Objects and things that threaten the planet from outside [emphasis added] ....”

"Things that threaten this planet ...?"

And if this "high political strangeness" was not enough, on January 18th, NASA's latest solar mission, called "STEREO" -- two identical spacecraft, one positioned ahead of the Earth in its annual orbit of the Sun, the other lagging behind -- began streaming some amazing solar images across the Internet (below)--

Images showing strange, identically-sized spherical "objects" -- randomly moving around the constantly updated false-color STEREO images -- in both the "ahead" and "behind" spacecraft cameras.

These sudden appearances caused a flurry of excitement (and apprehension ...) across the "UFO community" on-line ... as some imprudently projected that these "ships" -- compared with the obvious diameter of the near-by Sun itself -- must be--

The size of planets!

In fact, of course -- if real -- they could be much, much smaller ... and simply LOOK "large"--

When projected beside the solar image ... but actually being somewhere much closer to the STEREO spacecraft.

After about 10 days, NASA officially responded--

" ...what you're seeing are compression artifacts, highly magnified. We have to compress the images digitally in order to keep a good rate of taking them and still be able to telemeter them back (across an increasing distance, which weakens the signal and limits how much data we can send per unit time) to earth. The images you are looking at in the video are 'space weather beacon mode' images that are
telemetered down nearly continuously ....


Joe Gurman

(Dr.) Joseph B. Gurman
STEREO Project Scientist"

Not unexpectedly, the dominent web reaction to NASA's belated "explanation" was wide skepticism ....

Which seems to have soon prompted another NASA strategy--

The sudden appearance of STEREO images filled with (obvious!) "electronic artifacts" (below) ...,

Completely concealing any actual "anomalies" ....

Are these, in fact, "massive interplanetary spaceships" ... staging an obvious display for NASA's cameras (note, the wavelength of the cameras ... "195")?

And, is such a display designed to reinforce "the Nobel Message to Obama"--

Of "Norway" and "Moscow?"

By presenting an overwhelming "show of Force ... in Space?"

If the December 9th "Nobel torsion message" was actually a thinly-veiled "torsion intimidation" -- directed at Russia and the United States, but pointedly, on the eve of the US President's Nobel Peace Prize visit ....

Again ... what "Obama policies" could such a repeated "warning" be directed toward?

Could this headline--

"Obama Budget Ends Return-to-Moon Plan!"

--have anything to do with the President of the United States being blackmailed -- by the implicit "warning" behind the Norway Spiral ... and all that has come after--

Into "imprisoning" Humanity on Earth ....

* * *


Developments are proceeding at "Warp Nine" on this continuing investigation ....

Just in:

New video from China--

Which shows another, remarkable, "tetrahedron-shaped spacecraft"--

Just hanging in mid-air ....

According to "People Magazine Daily":

"... In addition to the latest UFO sightings, a pyramid-shaped UFO flying over an unknown part of China was captured on video in December [below] and appears to be the same design as the pyramid UFO that hovered over the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia on Dec. 9, 2009 [emphasis added] ...."

The same "Obama/Kremlin Torsion Message" ... delivered simultaneously to the Chinese leadership!?

This is NOT looking good ....

* * *

Meanwhile, on the NASA front ....

Between January 25th and 29th, Dr. David Jewett (UCLA) -- using the Hubble Space Telescope -- imaged a remarkable solar system anomaly, roughly one Astronomical Unit (~93 million miles) away from Earth ....

An object that, at least to some, eerily resembles a "Klingon Bird of Prey" (below)!

NASA's official explanation is, of course, a bit different ....

"... two small and previously unknown asteroids recently collided, creating a shower of debris that is being swept back into a tail from the collision site by the pressure of sunlight," says Jewitt ....

The timing of this latest NASA "anomaly" -- coming on the heels of all the other anomalies ... Norway ... Moscow ... now China ... the weird stuff near the Sun ... and NASA Administrator Bolden's remarkably prescient comment re asteroids--

"... I don’t know how many of you saw the Hubble image of the asteroid that impacted the planet Jupiter [in July, 2009]? … and left a big black spot -- and the spot represented several Earths in diameter. That got everyone’s attention all the way up to President Obama [emphasis added]"--

All lead us to believe that this, too, could be part of the larger "we know where you live" message, which has obviously been resoundingly delivered via several "channels," over the past several weeks ... as we have analyzed above.

Someone really ratcheting up the stakes ...?

Stay tuned.


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Estabilize a camera com um tripé. Se não tiver um tripé, então coloque-a em cima de uma superfície estável. Se não for possível, então encoste-se a uma parede para estabilizar o corpo e evitar que a camera registe de maneira tremida e instável.

Provide visual reference points for comparison. This includes the horizon, treetops, lampposts, houses, and geographical landmarks (i.e., Horsetooth Reservoir, Mt. Adams, etc.) Provide this in the video whenever is appropriate and doesn’t detract from what your focus is, the UFO.

Forneça pontos visuais de referência para comparação. Isso inclui o horizonte, cimo das árvores, postes de iluminação, pontos de referência geográficos (como o Reservatório de Horsetooth, Mone Adams, etc) Forneça esses pontos no vídeo sempre que for apropriado e não se distraia do que é o seu foco, o UFO/a Nave.

Narrate your videotape. Provide details of the date, time, location, and direction (N,S,E,W) you are looking in. Provide your observations on the weather, including approximate temperature, windspeed, any visible cloud cover or noticeable weather anomalies or events. Narrate on the shape, size, color, movements, approximate altitude of the UFO, etc and what it appears to be doing. Also include any unusual physical, psychological or emotional sensations you might have. Narrate any visual reference points on camera so they correlate with what the viewer will see, and thereby will be better able to understand.

Faça a narração do vídeo. Forneça pormenores sobre a data, hora, local e direcção (Norte, Sul, Este, Oeste) que está a observar. Faça observações sobre as condições atmosféricas, incluindo a temperatura aproximada, velocidade do vento, quantidade de nuvens, anomalias ou acontecimentos meteorológicos evidentes. Descreva a forma, o tamanho, a cor, os movimentos, a altitude aproximada onde se encontra o UFO/nave, etc e o que aparenta estar a fazer. Inclua também quaisquer aspectos pouco habituais de sensações físicas, psicológicas ou emocionais que possa ter. Faça a narração de todos os pontos de referência visual que o espectador irá ver e que, deste modo, será capaz de compreender melhor.

Be persistent and consistent. Return to the scene to videotape and record at this same location. If you have been successful once, the UFO sightings may be occurring in this region regularly, perhaps for specific reasons unknown, and you may be successful again. You may also wish to return to the same location at a different time of day (daylight hours) for better orientation and reference. Film just a minute or two under “normal” circumstances for comparison. Write down what you remember immediately after. As soon as you are done recording the experience/event, immediately write down your impressions, memories, thoughts, emotions, etc. so it is on the record in writing. If there were other witnesses, have them independently record their own impressions, thoughts, etc. Include in this exercise any drawings, sketches, or diagrams. Make sure you date and sign your documentation.

Seja persistente e não contraditório. Volte ao local da cena e registe o mesmo local. Se foi bem sucedido uma vez, pode ser que nessa região ocorram avistamentos de UFOs/naves com regularidade, talvez por razões específicas desconhecidas, e talvez possa ser novamente bem sucedido. Pode também desejar voltar ao mesmo lugar a horas diferentes do dia (durante as horas de luz)para ter uma orientação e referência melhor. Filme apenas um ,inuto ou dois em circunstâncias “normais” para ter um termo de comparação. Escreva tudo o que viu imediatamente após o acontecimento. Logo após ter feito o registo da experiência/acontecimento, escreva imediatamente as impressões, memórias, pensamentos, emoções, etc para que fiquem registadas por escrito. Se houver outras testemunhas, peça-lhes para registar independentemente as suas próprias impressões, pensamentos, etc. Inclua quaisquer desenhos, esbolos, diagramas. Certifique-se que data e assina o seu documento/testemunho.

Always be prepared. Have a digital camera or better yet a video camera with you, charged and ready to go, at all times. Make sure you know how to use your camera (and your cell phone video/photo camera) quickly and properly. These events can occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and often quite randomly, so you will need to be prepared.

Esteja sempre preparado, Tenha sempre uma camera digital, melhor ainda, uma camera vídeo consigo, carregada e pronta a usar sempre que necessário. Certifique-se que sabe como lidar com a sua camera (ou com o seu celular/camera fotográfica) rápida e adequadamente. Esses acontecimentos podem acontecer súbita e inesperadamente e, por vezes, acidentalmente, por isso, necessita estar preparado.

Look up. Be prepared. Report. Share.

Olhe para cima, Esteja preparado, Relate, Partilhe.



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