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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oct. 6 - More Speculation About Billion Year Old Entities‏

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More Speculation About Billion Year Old Entities

Recently, I’ve been having some fun commenting with Greg Bishop of Ufo Mystic and others - on my Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock blog (I’ll put that link at the bottom) UDCC about `Billion’ - with a B - Billion year old entities. And, despite that post - I want to further expand upon the concept - and perhaps, in the end, even tie it back into anomalous events humans occasionally experience.

Now, in my UDCC post and comments I stated that most probably any entity that we would encounter that was a Billion years old - would most likely be a `machine-hybrid’ that was most likely at one time `put into motion’ by a biological entity like a human or comparable creature on another planet hospitable to life.

Which is really nothing more than classic science fiction that a species creates an `eternal representation’ of themselves that wanders the Universe with a set of purposes by the `beings’ who create such a machine to represent themselves in Long Time. (Long time being that view of time that would try to outlast the species that `began’ the `hybrid-machine’ and perhaps to outlast the very structure of time-space itself.)

Now, I realize that even mankind in our wildest dreams can fantasise about creating a spaceship to into space with a mission to explore the universe. It’s also easy to imagine in this day of advanced genetics mankind being able to create a hybrid being with the physical-mental- and even emotional characteristics to `man’ such a space ship. (Perhaps controlling freewill in such a hybrid so that they do not vary their actions except to save the original mission of exploration.) Some folks on Earth even being in the presence of these `emotionless’ `entities’ that come off of or live on `spaceships’.

So, the first thing to say about BYOE’s is that they may indeed exist upon less than speed of light ships and may indeed be cruising the universe slowly and methodically. But, I must also point out - that in comparison to the huge number of reports of UFO’s that are NOT `hybrid-entities’ on space crafts - interacting with humans - that this `real’ science-fiction type entity - seems VERY limited (but, not non-existent).

Meanwhile, to bring the subject back to Earth, I got to doing a little internet digging on this subject (finding that I was indeed number one on page one of google for `billion year old entities’) - looking for what type of life has been around on Earth for the longest time — and, believe it or not, it was 1 Billion Years — Green Algae

Although the division between a colony with specialized cells and a multicellular organism is not always clear, around 1 billion years ago[48]the first multicellular plants emerged, probably green algae.[49]

From -

And, from this comes this

Various claims have been made about reviving bacterial sporesamber being revived after 40 million years, and spores from salt deposits in New Mexico being revived after 240 million years. These claims have been made by credible researchers, but are not universally accepted.[1] to active metabolism after millions of years. There are claims of spores from

  • A Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) called Prometheus was measured by ring count at 4,862 years old when it was felled in 1964. This is the greatest verified age for any living organism at the time of its killing.[3]

  • The Hydrozoan species Turritopsis nutricula is capable of cycling from a mature adult stage to an immature polyp stage and back again. This means that there may be no natural limit to its life span.[21]However, no single specimen has been observed for any extended period, and it is impossible to estimate the age of a specimen.

  • The Antarctic sponge Cinachyra antarctica has an extremely slow growth rate in the low temperatures of the Antarctic Ocean. One specimen has been estimated to be 1,550 years old[22].

  • As with all long-lived plant and fungal species, no individual part of a clonal colony is alive(in the sense of active metabolism) for more than a very small fraction of the life of the entire clone. Some clonal colonies may be fully connected via their root systems, while most are not actually interconnected, but are genetically identical clones which populated an area through vegetative reproduction. Ages for clonal colonies, often based on current growth rates, are estimates.[3]

    Whew, ………………… so let it be said, that when talking about Billion Year Old Entities - what I am going to be talking about is a `Space’ - an - `Object’ - that has literally been `in existence’ for one Billion years. Like the hybrid-machine I described above.

    Unlike how anything on Earth has ever existed.

    So, perhaps almost obviously - our definition of `living’ - being ascribed to such an object is tentative. But, - could the word EXISTING apply to BYOE’s - absolutely. BYOE’s existing with a purpose - absolutely. With intentionality’s. With actualization. Do we need to investigate another `avenue’ to find BYOE’s?

    But, let’s bring this back to human beings again. As you know, mankind put a kind of `mankind’ message on one of the Voyager crafts that has already, I believe, left our solar system into interstellar space. The `message’ amounted to a `we are/were here’; a genie in a magic lantern - a message put into a bottle and thrown into the ocean.

    But, with the development of our Physics from here, 2009 - we can expect to `do’ or actualize a great many things - things that seem magical today. And, we may even be able to actualize things we could only dream about collectively today.

    But, I expect that even over the next thousand or so years that all of our physic’s `magic’ will be `close-up’ magic - that we perform only on Earth - and, not as `magicians’ throughout the Universe. However, that does NOT mean that some humanlike, creaturelike, entity - hasn’t figured out the Physics of `non-local’ intrusion - to even be `precisely’ here on Earth in any given moment. Using a `space’ which is timeless - and which shows `them’ - as kind of a calling card.

    Continuing this mind journey…………….

    So, lets use fantasy and science fiction (one of my favorite reads as a kid) and near-fact to transverse the realm of what might be possible in terms of Billion year entities - and indeed, to see how that `matches up’ with what `some’ humans seem to experience on Earth.

    Ok, so lets say that some Billion Year Old Entity (BYOE) exists and that `they’ have the ability for non-local intrusion (remember, all these BYOE entities were `started’ by sentient species like humans - who know that to have their `imprint’ on the universe - that the `imprint’ will need to be `beyond’ biological, and most likely beyond machine, indeed, the only `imprinting’ over such a magnitude of time - with the hope to `exceed’ the structure of the Universe itself - whether it `ends’ with a big crunch or an endless cooling or bouncing - would be to have a `representation beyond the structure’ but with `an attribute tying to reality’.)

    Are you still with me?

    Ok, so, the BYOE (the thing representing a species) - is a `Space of Information’ outside of the timecone, capable of `an actualization’ (within the timecone) tied to `an attribute’ within the reality structure. (That attribute will be human intentionality - conscious intentionality.)

    And, guess what? With such a set-up — all kinds of `realities’ could be `actualized’ on a, what would seem, `miracle basis’. And, all `set in motion’ by a BYOE `showing it’s calling card’ - by - `living-existing’ outside the timecone of normal consensus.

    The human looks for a Bigfoot - (the human finds) a Bigfoot appears. The human looks for a UFO - a UFO appears. The human hunts for evidence of ghosts - the ghost evidence appears. The human prays for guidance and hears God’s advice.

    So, ANOTHER aspect of what appears to be a BYOE - is some sort of `believe-expectation-actualization’ - non-local space - that `allows’ or indeed `actualizes’ the `stimulation’. AND, by doing so, leaves a non-local representation of themselves/understanding one aspect of the universe structure. Indeed, providing a `space’ OUTSIDE of the timecone unless actualized. A `thing’ that could escape the so-called real realities collapse. The ultimate goal of a BYOE.

    Perhaps other planet level events - also - interact with some sort of non-local space - some sort of `another’ BYOE.

    For example, what if a `BYOE’ set into the Universe a set of data gatherers that reacted in a certain way each time it was determined that a civilization had attained a particular level of intelligence ability. Such as radio - such as atomic weapons — things that indeed could be seen as announcements to the Universe.

    Well, lets say that over the last several Billion years that it is generally known that this period could be a dangerous one for the species in charge. And, one BYOE took it upon themselves - as their `show’ to the Universe of their ‘calling card’ — to interact with certain members of that `advanced speices’ — such as when humans are `taken’ aboard a ship and `shown the end of the world’ and `warned’.

    What if it’s already known that this is what it takes to keep the `species’ under control so to speak (abducting an subjecting greater percentages of people if needed)? Would we NOT EXPECT such a `program’ to be in place in our Universe? I certainly don’t find it too outrageous.

    And, yes, that could even go with death - that the human space - consciousness itself - would be `brought’ to a `program’ with non-local actualization’s. And, that Space - what some would call Heaven (or you know what) - again, initiated by some BYOE — as it’s calling card to the Universe. (The BYOE known as God perhaps.)

    And, finally, yes - even Fortean events that do not have a `cause and effect’ type of actualization. If one reads alot about Fortean events - it seem that `the real’ can be `overlaid’ with `other real’ events - perhaps, by the BYOE known as - the Trickster.

    And, all the above BYOE’s emerging/actualized from the `able-to-not-be’ - `space’ outside the timecone.

    I will be posting more about the Phenomenology of Fortean events soon.

    Here’s that link I mentioned at the beginning - the start of this BYOE stuff. Feel free to comment.

    Much more info on my front page too - visit my blogroll - - thanks.


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    Look up. Be prepared. Report. Share.

    Olhe para cima, Esteja preparado, Relate, Partilhe.



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