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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Report #170

October 5, 2009

Joseph P. Skipper

J. P. Skipper can be contacted at:

All of the evidence images in this report are associated with Saturn's outer "E" ring and its Moon Enceladus in the "E" ring as taken from the Cassini Equinox Mission craft as that craft was leaving the Moon area and all using the same CL1 and CL2 filters facilitating comparison. Note that the first three images below represent context scenes that are very distant from 88,020 to 135,669 km. These context views give us a look at Enceladus as well as the evidence in space around Enceladus. As you scroll down through these first three images, take special note of the evidence pointed out by the yellow arrows and their positioning on the left in each image.

The main evidence in the above three images are the slightly elongated objects around Enceladus all oriented in the same direction in line from the image's lower right to the upper left. Note that most of these evidence objects are visually very dull and faint looking making them harder to see in this distant context view such as those within the blue boxes, so you'll need to look close to see them in these distant context images. On the other hand, note that a few others of the same objects are brighter to much brighter looking and very prominently glowing.

Note that the Cassini camera is moving further and further away from the Moon in sequence from the 1st through to the 3rd image. This means that, although it isn't immediately visually that apparent here, the Moon is visually getting progressively slightly smaller in the 1—3 image sequence.

Starting in the 1st image and scrolling down to the 2nd and then 3rd image in that order, note the position of the glowing elongated objects in space on the left and upper left of the Moon in each successive image relative to the moon pointed out by yellow arrows. Note how they appear to be moving from positions behind the Moon in the 1st image to further and further away from the Moon toward the upper left in the 2nd and 3rd images. At minimum this positioning evidence tells us that these elongated objects are not to be confused with camera or processing artifacts but are actually a number of quite real objects in positions further beyond and behind the Enceladus moon.

In understanding this, one might question whether these objects are moving away relative to the Moon under their own power or is the Moon's apparent shrinking size just revealing them more and more or both? If you will take a simple ruler and take measurements of the Moon's diameter on your monitor screen from the 1st to 3rd images, you will confirm that the Moon is visually diminishing in size in sequence from the 1st to 2nd to 3rd images verifying that the camera is moving away from the Moon. However, if you will measure the distance from the right edge of the Moon to the faint looking elongated evidence to the right in the blue boxes, you will confirm that the evidence there is moving progressively closer to the Moon.

Now imagine yourself sitting in the Cassini space craft looking forward. From that position, if the craft is in a gradual forward slow arc to its right at angle to Enceladus, the camera looking backward would see a diminishing Moon appearing to move away from the left field of evidence and closer to the right field of evidence. This is a possible scenario because Cassini is orbiting around Saturn passing by Enceladus multiple times. So, even though it isn't conclusive, this could theoretically explain the observations made above and negate the concept that the elongated objects are moving under their own power. In fact, they may or may not be, but the visual evidence here can't be conclusive in this regard.

However, these considerations do not negate the observation that these are real large objects in space beyond and behind Enceladus and are not to be confused with imaging artifacts. They may or may not be moving under their own power in relation to Enceladus but they are most definitely real objects the view of which has been partially blocked by Enceladus as evidenced by the fact that they are moving out from behind it and into view. Now let's take a closer look at some of the objects in the above context images within the blue box fields as follows.



Note that all the above evidence objects viewed at 200% and 300% zoom factor are oriented in the same direction. The above upper 4th and 5th images demonstrate what the evidence in the above 1st context image's blue box looks like. The above 6th and 7th images demonstrate what the evidence in the above 2nd context image blue box looks like. Note that here the obviously same evidence is demonstrating some slight difference in shape and that this difference is shared by all apparently in sync with each other. Although I have not included images of it here, you should know that the evidence shape in the 3rd context image has returned back again to the straight smooth look.

These 4th—7th image sets suggest that this evidence may be able to manipulate its shape and fairly quickly since all these images were taken on the same day 11/1/2008. Not only that but this type of evidence can apparently generate a strong glow from mild to intense that appears to come from within and is not associated with sunlight reflectivity. I have not included closer views of the intense light emitting evidence here simply because image space is scarce in this report due to the large number of images, it adds little information, and you can see the light intensity of the evidence distantly in the above 1st, 2nd and 3rd context images.

Now below we are going to look at different image samples of more of this evidence drawn from other raw science data images of Enceladus and its surroundings as the Cassini craft is moving away from this moon but on a different earlier date. In these images the focus will be only on the objects alone and blown up to 200% and 300% respectively with no context imaging. There are others not shown but the ones I've included here are visually the best of the bunch clarity wise. All are strange looking. Note that all of the images of the evidence below were taken on the same day 10/10/2008 some 22 days before the images in the upper part of this report.





The above 8th—15th images represent a sampling of more and different objects found in space immediately around the Saturn Moon Enceladus. They may be the same objects in different shape configurations or different objects all together or some of both, but I suspect that many are the same objects in different shapes and configurations.

I also speculate that one of the most telling configurations is their look in the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th images when I suspect they are traveling and adopting the straight, smoother, streamlined look. When they slow or stop in an area, I suspect the above 14th and 15th images segmented look is another telling base configuration. I suspect these segmented lengths attach end on end to form the longer segmented configurations in the 8th and 9th as well as 12th and 13th images perhaps for reproduction, social interaction, and/or taking onboard water in the form of water ice.

The strong prominent glow of some of this evidence may be communication of some kind. Perhaps it is a signal over great distances against dark space backgrounds that I'm a leader follow me and/or its time to slow and/or join? Or, perhaps it is a manifestation of a process of taking onboard water in the form of fine water ice particles that make up the bulk of the "E" ring? Notice that this kind of observation and speculation tends to lean in favor of this evidence being a life form rather than artificial crafts operated by separate intelligent beings within them. I don't profess to know the answer to this but what ever it is, it is certain to be new and strange in our experience.

When entertaining ideas about whether or not these objects are life itself in space or some kind of craft, the concept of size will likely come into consideration. The official stats that I've found so far do not give measurements that could be used as useful reference points in calculating the size of the objects seen here. Although not visually apparent here, Enceladus has an elliptical flattened shape with a average diameter of about 505 km making it visually not a a very useful measurement tool. Let's just say that these objects are quite large.

When considering this evidence, you should most definitely be aware that this moon and the space around it exists within the most dense part of Saturn's outer most and diffuse "E" ring. This ring is not easy to see with respect to its boundaries and consists of very fine particles that are officially referred to as microscopic in size. There is evidence that Enceladus is a water ice covered moon. Further, it appears to be geologically active complete with erupting geysers in its South Polar region. Apparently water ice ejected by the geysers contributes to the fine particles in this "E" ring.

Why is this important? Well because it is very likely that the area of space around Enceladus is part of a greater environment that includes quite a bit of Saturn's outer ring water ice particles with the denser amounts around Enceladus. To find our more about Enceladus in general go this Wikipedia link. Water ice, whether in space or on the ground, is H
2O water and can theoretically be used as a resource as can its components hydrogen and oxygen if life can find a way.

It seems that I can never escape the issue of image tampering and manipulation and it is unfortunately no different with this Cassini material and I'm compelled to report on its presence in these report images. The above 16th image is from the same raw science data strip as the 8th and 9th images but here the primary evidence to be pointed out is not the object on the right so much as it is the manipulation evidence all over this image.

If you start looking at the raw science data images at the above links and look close, you will see that the images are covered with a great many small light color dots. At first a layman's initial reaction may be to think that these are a background of stars while a scientist might assume that they are "E" ring water ice particles. However, most are not either of those. As to the star background concept, a clue to this is that a great many of them exist between the camera and the Enceladus moon making them being stars or planetary bodies impossible. So what are they?

At a 400% zoom factor in the above 16th image you can easily see many rectangular clusters with the single brilliant white dot in one corner of them. This white dot evidence is primarily what we are seeing so plentiful in the raw data context images. In my experience and opinion, this is where something has been removed from the image after it has been initially processed and subsequent .jpeg compression for presentation artifacts are clustering to these intervention spots in the image. The brilliant white dot is a tiny group of empty pixels left behind by the extraction disturbance. Note how numerous these dots are in space in just the above one small section of one of the original images.

However, look closer. Note that there are also other much fainter appearing but obviously the same .jpeg format compression artifact clusters in the image. Note that these brilliant white dot's glow is visually much more suppressed as are their associated .jpeg clusters. In my opinion, this is once again evidence of some information in the original being prior removed from the image. In other words, this type of evidence indicates that this image has been manipulated with information being removed from it on at least one prior occasion and then again on second and subsequent occasion creating two different levels of the same kind of manipulation evidence. The fainter appearing earlier intervention evidence is in a lower level and the brighter more pronounced evidence is in an later upper level.

Note also the general very vague rectangular forms in the image background. These are the beginnings of normal .jpeg compression artifacts forming but not yet fully formed. If yet more contrast or sharpness or more .jpeg compression had been increased, these faint forms would become more and more prominent. In other words, these are normal .jpeg compression artifacts, not manipulation, and not to be confused with the abnormal artifacts that do represent manipulation.

That's not all. Now look closely at the light color appearing anomalous object on the right side of the image. Note the .jpeg compression artifacts clustering around this object and parallel horizontally along its length. Note the very subtle bumps along the lower longer length of this bright object. I suspect that someone has brushed this object along its length with a light color smudge treatment. This was probably to create a smoother line than turned out to the case as well as hide the fact that this was originally at least two segmented objects joined and this intervention in the original caused the public release image to demonstrate the .jpeg artifacts to cluster around and along this object. The purpose of the continuous line creation was to obfuscate the segmented joints appearance.

Why do this to the object? Think about it a moment. A straight line or a series of straight lines are indicative of what? Most would regard it as just some sort of imaging artifact or debris and move on because alternative considerations are just a little too strange in their implications for most to contemplate. On the other hand, a well viewed and segmented long strung out lines that change angles sharply? That is really even more strange and, further, it would not remotely be consistent with imaging artifacts or "E" ring particulate and especially if the evidence is repeated in this and other raw science data images.

It would stop most science researchers dead in their tracks and there is an excellent chance of some serious reevaluation going on. Of course the secrecy types can't have that now can they, so the segmented appearance where it can be well seen and especially where any shorter lengths are linked together forming a larger object must go. The problem is that the process of eliminating this kind of information is not always that good and/or that effective.

However, now let's get back to the .jpeg clusters and their implications. Most looking at the Saturn Moon Enceladus in images that include the context space around it would anticipate seeing tiny points of light in the space background around the Moon. They would anticipate that they are the distant "stars" we often see in the night sky from here on Earth or in this case perhaps small water ice particles reflecting sunlight. However, most of this that we see in the Enceladus imaging are actually these tiny empty pixels with their accompanying .jpeg compression artifacts in the hundreds in each image. Further, many are between the camera source and Enceladus and that is the clue for us to examine closer.

If I am right and the tiny empty pixel groups represent subsequent intervention and removal of information from the original image and they number in the many thousands accumulative in the Enceladus flyby imaging, that's a massive amount of information being withheld from not only you and I here in the public that paid for it but also from the too often clueless and blindly following scientists and academics as well. Do any of you have any doubt as to the critical nature and importance of that withheld information? Do any of you doubt what that information may be? It of course almost certainly represents life of some kind. Only that would be worth this much effort to obscure it.

If one can eventually accept that this obfuscation is being done by someone, then the next step is to consider the scale involved and its implications. The general consensus here on Earth is that space is empty of life because space is......well space. In order for life as we believe it to exist in space, it can only travel from point "A" life supporting place to point "B" life supporting place inside a protective cocoon environment like a sealed craft of some kind. However, that is our own we don't know squat situation extrapolated into space and may have nothing to do with space and space life reality at all.

Do you remember those objects moving around that 1996 STS-75 broken tether incident here on video? It can be argued that the evidence viewed there suggests very large active life rather than space craft as existing in SPACE where there is no air to breathe as we know it. We already have long known that life exists in this planet's atmosphere and within its waters. We've even discovered that, contrary to our past historical belief systems, life can exist in the great ocean depths in pressures where we previously thought it impossible as well as in extreme darkness as well as cold and heat environments where we previously thought it impossible.

It seems that we keep finding that life often finds a way and that we've been consistently historically wrong in our assumptions. Why then would it logically be any different with respect to the space environment?

Remember those empty pixels in each image of the Cassini flyby of the Saturn Moon Enceladus. What kind of evidence could be so numerous? Sounds like just too many for it to be a bunch of space ships. Could it be that a large portion of this removed evidence is space life of some kind? If so, why would it be around Enceladus or more specifically in Saturn's "E" ring?

One answer to that may be the presence of an extensive water resource not only on Enceladus but erupting in geysers from its surface into its surrounding space that forms a water resource of sorts around the Moon and/or in Saturn's "E" ring. Although not shown here, a few of the Enceladus images show objects passing near Enceladus and within the "E" ring throwing out a long visible tail behind them as meteors do encountering Earth's atmosphere. This very well could be because they are passing through and meeting resistance in a thin Enceladus and/or "E" ring fine water ice rich atmosphere.

Just like with the broken tether incident and the discharge of energy from it likely attracting life, maybe Enceladus' water presence both on the moon and in the Saturn "E" ring attracts life. Some may exist in this environment and/or maybe it is a known and popular stopping place as a water and/or breathable air resource. These are issues and considerations worth contemplating with an open mind to see if they have any merit. One thing is for sure, the official data can not be trusted to reveal the truth to us in this regard.

Does anyone have an inclination to point out that these objects may be inanimate material in the Saturn "E" ring and that this explains why they are all oriented in the same direction due to Saturn gravity? Sound kind of plausible? Answer then why are the objects under consideration here all the same size and so large in a ring that is suppose to have only microscopic material in it? Also, why do these objects change shape in sync with each other within such a short 24 hour time period or some generate such a strong glow light source?

Further, if you will examine the evidence in any of the raw official science data imaging at the links for each as above and look closely, you'll find that there is never one of these objects between the Cassini camera and the moon even over distances of 88,020 to 135, 669 km. They are out to the side and behind this moon at great distance but never closer in front between the camera and the moon. That obviously would be inconsistent with the presence of inanimate "E" ring material. On the other hand, there are a great many of the bright empty pixels with the .jpeg artifacts clustering around them between the camera and the moon.

Could it be that there were actually many of these evidence objects between Cassini and the moon but they were removed because the closer views would have revealed too much of their anomalous details. The FBI might call it a clue.

Remember too that on these two flybys in October and November, 2008 the Cassini craft approached, passed by, and continued on well past Enceladus. The images released and shown here are taken at great distances from 88,020 to 135,669 km as the craft is going away from the moon. Yet note the mission's planned multiple encounters with Enceladus and multiple opportunities to take closer images of these objects as appears in the data below as Cassini orbits Saturn.

Planned Cassini encounters with Enceladus
........ Date ................... Distances (in km)

February 17, 2005 .......... 1,264
March 9, 2005 ................... 500
March 29, 2005 ............. 64 000
May 21, 2005 ................ 93 000
July 14, 2005 .................... 175
October 12, 2005 .......... 49 000
December 24, 2005 ...... 94 000
January 17, 2006 ........ 146 000
September 9, 2006 ....... 40 000
November 9, 2006 ........ 95 000
June 28, 2007 ............... 90 000
September 30, 2007 ..... 98 000
March 12, 2008 ................... 52
June 30, 2008 ............... 84 000
August 11, 2008 .................. 54
October 9, 2008 .................. 25
October 31, 2008 ............... 200
November 8, 2008 ......... 52 804
November 2, 2009 ............. 103
November 21, 2009 ......... 1 607
April 28, 2010 .................... 103
May 18, 2010 ..................... 201

Note the distances both close and long exhibited in the above data taken from this Wikipedia article on Enceladus. As you can see, according to that schedule, Cassini passed as close as 25—500 km to Enceladus on nine different occasions. That's a lot of close approaches and flybys. So why aren't there any images closer than 88,020 km of any of these objects in space around Enceladus that orient in sync and change shape in sync with some glowing and some not within a 24 hour period? No one would be interested you say? Do you really believe that?

Likewise, even though the "E" ring is suppose to consist of only microscopic water ice material, if these objects are argued to be "E" ring inanimate material, then they are certainly of a very large and massive size. You can clearly see this in the first three report images here as some of this evidence comes out from behind Enceladus as seen at least 88,020 km away. As such, inanimate material of this size, as opposed to life that could get out of the way, would be very dangerous to the Cassini craft as it does the multiple Enceladus flyby thing. So why, if it is inanimate "E" ring material, is there never any of this evidence visually closer between the Cassini camera and Enceladus?

Could it be more likely that someone was much more interested in no one but themselves seeing anything of this evidence close enough to reveal any real details of it? Again the FBI might call it a clue.

I hate to ramp up the rhetoric here as it is not my way but the situation just begs the issue that can't be ignored. This is what our tax dollars in the billions and billions go for. It equates to truth going to someone else's exclusive and secret knowledge and crap is going to those who pay for it. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Is this what you want in a democracy, critical knowledge potentially affecting all Earth humankind being illegally hijacked into secrecy by the self interest and elitism of a few?

Some may assume such secrecy behavior is harmless in propaganda TV fiction series like Stargate SG1, etc. where the black opts crowd is portrayed as your friend and implied benefactor. However, this isn't fiction we're dealing with here. This is the real thing with real potential consequences that can effect us all whether one sticks one's head in the ground or not. You must decide.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

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Joseph P. Skipper

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