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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct. 7 - Solar eclipse leads to new destination of mankind‏

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Solar eclipse leads to new destination of mankind

This formation has a relationship with 2 formations that have been created in the year 2007:

On the 25th July 2007 a Venus-symbol appeared in the crop. It’s interesting to note that the central circle contained the 8-years-cycle of Venus. Although during these 8 years the movement of Venus relative to the sun is passed 5 times, the same relative position of Venus to the sun occurs on 5 different positions in the zodiac. These 5 positions form the pentagram as shown by the formation. The cycle of Venus relative to the sun lasts 584 days on an average (“synodic cycle”). Above Venus an annular eclipse has been depicted.

Four days later, on the 29th July, a formation appeared that turns out to have a relationship with this cycle. The 3-fold symmetry forms a counterclockwise movement towards the centre. This refers to the end of the spiral of time and it turns out that 3 Venus-cycles after the 29th July 2007 falls on the 17th May 2012. This is just before an annular eclipse that will take place on the date-border of the 20th / 21st May 2012. The 3 (half) yin-yang-symbols that form this “spiral” have been embedded in a ring, which refers to this annular eclipse again.

The new formation of the 14th July has similarities with the one of 2007, but there are essential differences. The most notable difference is that the direction of the “spiral-movent” towards the centre is clockwise instead of counterclockwise. A counterclockwise movement refers to the movement of all celestial bodies and the movement of the planets around the sun. However the so called lunar nodes move in a clockwise direction (against the direction of the zodiac). The lunar nodes are the imaginary points of the moons orbit where the moon crosses the path of the sun. These are the 2 opposite locations in the zodiac where eclipses can take place. In this respect the cyclic movement of the sun relative to the lunar nodes (the “ecliptic year”) is important, also from an astrological point of view. This is of course even more the case for eclipses. The importance of this cycle is demonstrated by the fact that this cycle has an almost perfect 3 to 4 relationship with the Tzolkin, the 260-days sacred galactic Mayan calendar:

Classical Tzolkin: 4 x 260 = 1040 days

Ecliptic year: 3 x 346.62 days = 1039.86 days

Through this effect the Maya where very well able to predict solar eclipses. Now it becomes clear why the 14th July is such an important date: The period from the 14th July 2009 until the solar eclipse exactly equals 4 Tzolkin-cycles. These 4 Tzolkincycles are depicted in the formation by means of 4 circles, interrupted by the “spirals” of the 3 (half) yin-yang-symbols (expressing the 3 ecliptic years). For reasons that go beyond the scope of this article, at present the leap-days (the 29th February) don’t count (see backgrounds ). This in practice means that the period from the 14th July 2009 until the 20th May 2012 equals 1041 days.

Unfortunately through this effect of the leap days the earlier mentioned 3 to 4 relationship of the Tzolkin with the ecliptic year actually has been disturbed: this at least is true on the long run. As the lunar nodes have a close relationship with the connection with our origin (south node) as well as our destination (north node) people nowadays have a lot of trouble to keep in contact with there through origin and destination: this actually is replaced by the ego-mind when people grow up. This is exactly the reason why this eclipse and the 14th July 2009 in connection with this eclipse are very important: The effect of the leap-days will be abolished in near future and people will get a new destination by this extremely powerful eclipse which will occur in a very close conjunction with the Pleiades, Jupiter, Mercury, the black moon and Nibiru. The solar eclipse of the 20th - 21st May 2012 actually started to have its effect from the 14th July 2009 onwards, the 220th anniversary of the French Revolution. As the 29th February 2012 actually is the last leap day, astrologically the just 1 day difference in this case doesn’t matter.

All this clarifies why we find a yin-yang-symbol in a double sense in this formation. The spirals form the half of a yin-yang-symbol, while at the same time the dots of every yin yang symbol are a yin-yang-symbol in itself. These symbols also clearly show a ring, which refers to the annular eclipse. These yin-yang-symbols refer to the restore of balance, which requires that the ego and polarizations dissolve. This annular eclipse causes the unification of the sun, the moon and the Pleiades (the stars), through which this balance will be restored.

If the formations of the 25th and 29th July 2007 have a relationship with each other referring Venus, then it makes sense to believe there must be something that connects both dates. This is the case and the connection is found by the fact that on both dates Venus was visible as an evening star and set at exactly the same point at the horizon. This is due to the fact that the direction of the movement of Venus turned in the zodiac on the 27th July to a retrograde direction. As a result during the set of Venus on the 29th July the position in the zodiac was again the same as on the 25th July. This clarifies that the direction of wind of sun set has a special meaning for both the formations of the 29th July 2007 as the 14th July 2009. The 2007-formation had been orientated North-wards. This is interesting, while Wiltshire has been located on roughly the same latitude as where this eclipse will take place in the Pacific Ocean on precisely the other side of the globe. So in Wiltshire, the North precisely points to the place where this eclipse will take place. Moreover the formation of the 14th July 2009 went together with another formation: a correctly orientated compass (see hinton2009 ). This compass was found on the same date in the very south of England in Hampshire and I found out this location is on exactly the same latitude as the highest latitude (50.7° North) on the date border at the other side of the globe where the annular eclipse in 2012 will still be visible as an annular eclipse (and not partial). On the latitude of Wiltshire (approximately 51.5° North) this is not the case. This compass also clearly points towards this eclipse. This also gives us a new insight why most crop circle formations are found in Wiltshire. In Wiltshire the North precisely points to the point at the other side of the globe where this eclipse will occur on 12:00 o’clock in Midheaven (very near to the date-border) on the one hand and will reach its maximum duration (just 3.7 degrees more Westward) on the other hand. The East however precisely points to London or Greenwich:

Both form a cross. On the date-border the eclipse will occur on 12:00 o’clock in Midheaven in the North Pacific, but the most nearby Aleutian Islands are on precisely the same altitude as Greenwich and London at the opposite location of the globe. In Wiltshire, London in the East and the eclipse in the North form a perfect cross. London is a symbolic 0-point on Earth by the presence of the 0-meridian. London is also the place where the Olympic Games of the year 2012 have been planned. However as earlier crop circle formations clearly pointed out: these will be cancelled (see milkhill )! The cross of Wiltshire can also be read as a clock. This clock points to 3:00 o’clock and 3:00 o’clock P.M. Britisch Summer Time is the time for which a horoscope of the true end-date of the Mayan Long Count on the 1st June 2012 applies. So I expected that one of the 3 arms of the new 3-fold eclipse formation also would point towards the North. However with the help of Google Map I found the location of the formation and found out this is not the case: one arm deviates about 19 degrees from the North (it may be a good idea to verify this in the field). The compass however tells us that it also makes sense to interpret this formation as if it were orientated to the North. Both cases have been summarized in the following picture:

When we turn the formation towards the North (left), we find that sunrise and sunset coincide with the 14th or 15th November (or the 26th January, not shown; see alt-az-world ). The opposite directions are near to the directions where sunrise and sunset occur on the 20th May, the day of the annular eclipse. The same directions are found for the 22nd July. This makes sense as this is precise in the middle between the 2 dates of the formations (29th and 14th July). Moreover on the 22nd July 2009 also a solar eclipse will take place (see also eastfield2009 )!

But what about the 14th November? This certainly refers to the year 2012 as also in the night from the 13th to the 14th November 2012 a solar eclipse will occur! This eclipse has a very special meaning, as the 14th November is the last day of the year 1433 AH of the Islamic calendar. The year 2012 (/ 1433) relates to the end and at the same time the unification of all cultures, resulting in mankind living in connection with its true origin. In this respect this solar eclipse indicates the end of this calendar and the renewed destination of mankind (the meaning of the lunar nodes that cause eclipses).

What happens when we take the true orientations of the formation has been depicted right. Then we see that one of the arms points to sunrise on the 1st March as well as the 15th October. What does that mean? In former times - in the Roman calendar - March was the first month of the year. We can still notice this by the shortened “restmonth” February to which so now and then a leap day is added. Also the names of the months refer to this (Septem = 7, Octo = 8, Novem = 9, Decem = 10). So the 1st March is a symbolic reference to the start of the Roman/Julian calendar. Apart from that it’s very surprising that the 15th October is the same referring the Gregorian calendar. This calendar started on the 15th October 1582. This was done by skipping 10 days in the night from the 4th to the 15th October 1582 through which the beginning of spring again started on the 21st March. This was important for the Catholics as the beginning of spring / the 21st March determines the dates for Easter.

So here also we find a relationship with a cultural calendar, the one that’s most wide spread: the Gregorian calendar. Will this also come to an end? I’m sure this is the case and this is also necessary to restore the balance referring the relationship with the Tzolkin: as I already mentioned, for this the leap days have to be abolished. In this respect also the 3rd arm of the formation provides us with additional information. The sun will never set in this direction, but in this direction the sun yearly reaches its lowest point during winter solstice, less than an hour before sun set: this points towards the 21st December 2012: this is the date on which a lot of (cultural) cycles are completed and at the same time is the completion of the erection of new world age, which started on the 2nd June. The Julian calendar unofficially started on the 1st March 46 BC, which means that the period from the 1st March 46 BC until the 1st January 45 BC was exactly equal to 365 days (through the insertion of leap months, before that the Roman calendar was a lunar calendar only). I was surprised when I found out that the period from the 1st March 46 BC until the 21st December 2012 exactly equals 7 x 7 x 59 classical Tzolkin-cycles. As the 21st December 2012 is (almost) the end of the year, this also coincides with 7 x 7 x 7 x 6 (2058) years! There are more connections and most notably is that these 2058 years almost precise coincide with 2088 (29 x 72) Tun (the Mayan year of 360 days). The true end-date of the Gregorian calendar will be the 16th February 2013. This is one Tzolkin-cycle (260 days) after the beginning of new age and precise 12 lunar months after … the 1st March 2012! These period of 12 lunar months coincides with a creation cycle of 13 so called draconic months, the cycle of the moon referring the lunar nodes: this period starts with a conjunction of the moon with the southern node on the 1st March and also ends in this way on the 16th February 2013. Precise 3 draconic months after the start of this creation-cycle, the annular eclipse of the 20th May will take place and then we are back to where we started: the meaning of the lunar nodes and the renewed destination of mankind, in which mankind is ushered by the annular eclipse. So now we discover that in this formation not only 3 ecliptic (= draconic) years have a meaning, but the same is the case for 3 draconic months!

In this respect still one aspect of the formation has to be explained, namely the spiral of the central part of the formation. When we assume that – like the outer part – this spiral is connected with the lunar nodes, the spiral is flowing clockwise, which means that this has an outward direction. At a closer look we notice that this are actually 2 spirals. However there are gaps in the formation and both spirals end up in the outer circle:

The inward direction of the outer part of the formation refers to the end of the spiral of time, ending in the centre: the 0-point of the end of time. However the outward direction of this inner spiral refers to the beginning of new age, which starts from this 0-point. The convergence of both outward spirals in the unifying circle symbolizes the end of all cultures and the unification of mankind in the very beginning of new age. This is actually the true meaning of the often mentioned 21st December 2012. Note however this is really the completion of a transformation process that already started earlier!

Marc Smulders


Author: Marc Smulders

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