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Oct. 23 - DICLOSE THIS - Part 3

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Part 3: Tall White Aliens in Vegas -- The Charles Hall Experience

The story of airman first class Charles Hall is not only the most detailed story of a human interacting with an alien humanoid species ever told. The account of Charlie Hall also spans about two years, with hundreds of meetings and episodes, so it is easily the alien-human story with the longest duration, the largest variety of events, situations, reactions and implications. Few if any alien encounter narratives come even close to what Charles James Hall tells in his book series "Millenial Hospitality" and the video interviews presented here.

His story is also heavily supported by evidence which confirms several aspects of his account. However, this evidence is more evident to some people than it is for others, just like most things in life.

The Tall Whites at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, who like to put on some disguise and sunglasses to hang out at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas while being heavily protected by their own guards as well as human CIA staff, filling in for Casino employees ... this is certainly the most under-reported story you have never heard of.

And this Part 3 of the series will change that.

All the people, and they are not many, who have researched this case and interviewed Charles Hall, come away with an extremely positive impression as to his sincerity, veracity and general togetherness. He is a likeable person and a gentleman -- old school. A soft-spoken family man and nuclear physicist. There is not one hint of Charles James Hall being a cleverly disguised genius writer-hoaxer who just happens to not have the knack to become a millionaire with his story.

Simply because every alien movie that this author is aware of pales against the Tall Whites in Vegas. Tall Whites have what is called human interest, and it is completely maxed out. Before Disclosure happens, in these times we call right now -- this is the story of all alien stories.

It took Charles a very long time to come to terms with his encounters and write down his story. He started doing this in the 1980's, having told his then to-be wife about his experiences six months after meeting her. He shared the secret, but not with many people. The manuscript was intended to be his biography, leaving behind to his family the documentation of what had been his remarkable encounters with the Tall White aliens while serving as a simple weather observer at Area 51, Nevada. Originally written as a fictional account with changed names and locations to protect himself and those who had served with him in the Air Force, Charles Hall later made clear that his series of four books, "Millenial Hospitality", is as close to a documentary as possible. It took him years to live through the emotions of each encounter again, and to write down every detail as best as he could remember.

"I enlisted in the USAF in July 1964. After completing basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, I was trained as a USAF weather observer at USAF Weather Training School at Chanute AFB, Illinois. My duties were that of a USAF weather observer during my entire service in the USAF. In late March or early April of 1965, I was assigned to the weather squadron stationed at Nellis AFB at Las Vegas, Nevada. I was stationed at Nellis AFB from the early spring of 1965 until May 1967.

While I was permanently stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada, I was assigned to several temporary tours of duty as the duty weather observer to the Nellis gunnery ranges that are located at Indian Springs, Nevada." Elsewhere, one can read about what Charles Hall did after he left the airforce.

"After the service, Charles married and earned a Masters degree in Nuclear Physics at San Diego State University. He also did post graduate work at the University of Maine at Bangor. Raising a family pushed memories of the terror and unprecedented experiences on the Indian Springs gunnery ranges into the background, but they couldn’t be forgotten. Charles began work writing his memoirs for his children and grandchildren in his spare time. Eighteen years later, his wife Marie convinced him to publish what eventually became the Millennial Hospitality series of three books. Because of the nature of the material, it seemed prudent to change the names of friends and places to protect the privacy of others. The Millennial Hospitality series is an account of one man's experiences with extraterrestrials in the Nevada desert while in the service of the government."

Charles Hall Alien encounters

The civillian pilot David Coote has located three of the servicemen who were stationed at Nellis AFB with Charles Hall, and they confirm the basic parameters, though these people did not experience the close encounters that Charlie did. The particular circumstances and characteristics of this story will unfold while you, the reader, become familiar with the story. We have inserted segments from an interview that the Belgian magazine Karmapolis did with Charles Hall around 2005, as both the questions (Karma One) and Mr. Hall's answers are very concise and carry a lot of clarifying detail. In other words, they should help you to wrap your head around this.

It seems that many people tend to think or say something along the following lines: "If this story is true, how come this person can tell it, write a book about it, be in a documentary film like "Fastwalkers", give interviews? How come Charles Hall is not stopped or silenced by some agency who keeps a lid on the alien presence on Earth?"

Karma One : Have you been the victim of threats, pressures or manipulations coming from the Air Force (your ex-employers) or the US government in general?

Charles Hall : No. Remember, as I describe in "Millennial Hospitality" in the chapter entitled "The Happy Charade" the decision to send me, and no one else, out to the ranges, was made by a committee of individuals that included the Tall Whites as well as high ranking USAF Generals and other high ranking members of the U.S. Government. The Tall Whites are very meticulous about keeping their agreements and expect the U.S. Government to be equally meticulous about keeping its agreements as well. If I were victimized or threatened by anyone, The Tall Whites would interpret that to mean that the U.S. Government could not be trusted to keep its agreements. The consequences would be enormous. Remember also that I was a weather observer. I was an enlisted man. I was never shown any classified documents. I was never given any classified briefings. I was never a part of any classified program such as building secret aircraft. I never took any photographs. I did not bring any government property, anything material, any diary, or log book with me when I came off the ranges.

I came off the ranges (of the military base) with only my memories.

To really absorb the enormous impact of Charles Hall's accounts with the Tall White aliens, you must give yourself the time to watch his interviews. This is not something you want to just rush over. He is great to listen to, he sticks to his immediate personal experiences though he is willing to expand beyond, readily admitting that he does not know many answers, and that he was not in a position to know. What is left still knocks off your socks if you are halfway aware of what you hearing.

He was simply the "Teacher's Pet", one of the Tall White alien females (all TW on Nellis AFB have these code names), and not a high-ranking military bigwig with stars, inside knowledge, and a high security clearance.

At the bottom of this article you will find the full-length videos. Here is a ten-minute excerpt, straight into the juicy details of the experience of being around Tall White aliens:

Tall Whites: ET Experiences in the Nevada Desert pt. 3

The Tall Whites very much resemble humans in that they are nice to superiors or equals in rank, but have little respect for common foot soldiers. Charles Hall seems to have been part of an experiment where his relative (hard-earned) equanimity in the presence of these aliens allowed them to introduce their alien newcomers to Earth. To have a first close look at one of those strange humans, one without much rank, but one who would not freak out or panic or do threatening or unexpected things. Such events, in their view, obliged them or justified to kill the human. This happened with the consent of the high-ranking US military, who would never let such an incident get in the way of the alien-human exchange of goods and services. The Tall whites are highly individualistic, so the can not be one characterization of their attitude which would do justice to their personality spectrum.

Tall White male

Hall had to overcome his intense fear during the first six months that he was stationed at Indian Springs gunnery ranges before he was able to simply stand the experiences, which he thought to be waking dreams at first. Multi-star generals came walking through his lonely barracks with Tall White aliens in the middle of the night, talking about this and that, so one can imagine that airman first class Hall, who had to get up at 3 am, was slighly unsure about reality as such.

High-ranking TW generals do speak English. Their natural language is entirely non-human, including ultrasound pitches so that they seem to not be communicating. When they wear their electronic communication devices, they can directly implant language into the human, and read the human's mind. They are not capable of mind-reading, their technology is.

Tall White adult and child. Artwork by Teresa Barbatelli

Karma One : As far as you know, the organization of their society could be compared to what kind of structure? A militaristic society, centralized? A kind of democracy? Or a society oriented on science and trade?

Charles Hall : It was my personal observation that their society has an organization very similar to our own American society or to the societies in western Europe.

Karma One : When we read your account, you show that you feel a deep feeling of amazement and fear toward the Tall Whites. They look humanoid but they don't look like we do. Can you describe what were the first kind of emotions (in the amazement range feelings) when you saw them for the first time? What precisely attracted your attention? The glowing light? The size?

Charles Hall : For those who have not read my first book, and to answer your question, it is important to remember that I simply had no point of reference for the experience of meeting creatures not of this planet. I had no briefing. It was night. It was pitch dark. It was in the large empty barracks on the Indian Springs base where I had my bunk. I was completely alone in the barracks. The reality is much different than one might suppose. I lived with them for two years and even toward the end of that time, the experience was never relaxing. For those old enough to remember what innocent times the early to mid-sixties were, I think they might have less difficulty understanding how unprecedented my introduction was.

Below, a reconstructed rendering of the view towards the peak with one of the Tall White underground bases.

Prior to being deployed as a weather observer on Nellis AFB, Charles had completed tests in convergent and divergent reasoning, scoring high marks. Later in his life he earned a masters degree in nuclear physics and eventually developed the Hall Photon Theory, which explains the fundamentals of the alien propulsion technology to reach multiples of the speed of light. Actually, about 25 times the speed of Albert Einstein in his shitty underwear (a true story, but not now).

The close interaction from 1965 to 1967 was limited to situations where the Tall White aliens either observed Charlie's chores like launching weather balloons and taking wind speed readings, or when they brought along their children, who were intensely curious. Like, on their frequent outings to the playgrounds around the bases.

I know, it sounds insane. But that's just because you are hearing it wrong.

There were instances where Charlie could pose questions to the Tall Whites. In most if not all cases, the alien Tall White females were much more prone to conversation than their male counterparts.

Charles Hall never took photos. The military areas where the described events took place are, rather obviously, secret. But here is how we still have some fantastic visual cues to where the greatest alien stories (so far) happened. Below excerpt from Gerry Zeitlin's site describes the situation. Visit his site for much more great visual material. A selection of the Tall Whites surroundings, shown as renderings with Gerry’s original captions, follows his introduction.

"The story cries out for visuals of these elements. Yet it was not possible for Hall to provide us with anything other than his memories.

Visuals would have had value beyond the esthetic: they also would have demonstrated the feasibility of some of the things Hall describes. For example, he writes that he was able to view the Tall Whites' main hangar entrance high in the mountains 30 miles north of his Range 3 theodolite position on the desert floor. A photograph of that unlikely view would have helped to support the story.

Twenty years after his discharge from the Air Force, Hall began writing down his experiences, and after another twenty years, published them, at first presenting his books as works of fiction. Had he never reversed himself and begun claiming them to be true stories albeit slightly modified to protect the identities of some of the characters, there would have been no point in going back and trying to reconstruct the events as they took place on the ground.

When he was writing his stories, he did not know that it might be possible to reconstruct how they fitted into the landscape and in that way test the possibility of what he claimed to have viewed.

He did not know that high resolution elevation data and satellite imagery of the Nellis ranges would ever be made available to the public, or that software capable of rendering photorealistic images from the raw data would be widely available.

And yet, these things have come to pass, and this makes it possible to create realistic illustrations and even a video animation of at least one element of his story: the landscape in which it takes place."

Nellis Air Force Base with its associated "restricted ranges" occupies more than 5000 square miles of southern and central Nevada desert. Nellis is a vast military reservation, home of "top gun" flight training, exotic and leading-edge R&D projects. To the civilian airman, Nellis lies under restricted airspace, which makes it in effect a "no-fly zone". To the rest of us, it is a no-man's land, a blank spot on the map, a black hole out of which no information may come.

The peak containing the hangar, viewed along the line of sight from the Range 3 theodolite (which was Hall's usual viewing position), but only 4.2 km from the peak. The time is just before sunset. The blue/white star marks the position of the hangar entrance. The red/white star designates the location of a picnic area (!) which is what first caught Hall's attention.

The hangar door was hidden among the trees and was hard to spot (through the theodolite from 30 miles away) when closed.

Note: the landscape renderings on this page do not actually depict trees.

Ground-level (elevation 2 m) view from the theodolite position toward the high ground at the north end of Indian Spring Valley. The peak containing the main hangar and housing is faintly seen on the distant skyline to the right of center.

Looking west into the Tall Whites' favorite rest and play area. A scout craft hangar was built into the south (left) wall of this canyon area. "Another shockingly good rendition. It sure brings back the memories. However, there is an additional arroyo that [this figure] does not show because of the resolution. It runs through the center of the valley. This image was prepared from 1/3 arcsecond-resolution elevation data.

Karma One : Did the Teacher ever tell you if other human beings like us exist in other region of the universe, or are we quite unique?

Charles Hall : Yes. As I stated in my answer to question #4, I quote from "Millennial Hospitality II The World We Knew" in the chapter entitled "Landing Lights."

"Are there many planets like the Earth out in space?" I asked.

"Yes," she (The Teacher) responded. "There are quite a few. However, humans are the only people that we have seen who live so closely with their animals. For example, you feel comfortable milking cows, riding horses, and playing with dogs. Every one of those animals could kill you, but you naturally use your intelligence to determine how each of those animals is thinking. Then you naturally take control of them. Only humans do that. On most planets, once people become intelligent, they don't want to have anything to do with the animals that are much less intelligent then they are, so they kill them off.

"Also, humans will eat almost anything. On all of the other planets, the intelligent people will only eat plants. We, for example, only eat plants."

Here are two long videos that will shed a lot more light on the pale, blueeyed Tall White Aliens.

Long video clips and interviews with Charles Hall

You need to jump to the 5:10 mark in the following video. The microphone is turned off as Charles Hall is introduced, but as soon as he starts, the audio is perfect.

XCon 2005 -- Charles Hall -- The Tall Whites -- ET Experiences in the Nevada Desert

Tall White Aliens I Lived With in Area 51

So, now what? Wait for the movie to be made? Read the four books that Charlie wrote about those two years in the mid-60's, when he was pretty much surrounded while manning his lonely post by Tall White alien generals, guards, medics, women, and particularly children?

You must decide for yourself whether this story is what it appears to be, a highly complex and detailed description of actual events -- or a totally brilliant invention.

Stay tuned for part 4, which will present a large variety of alien species.


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