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Report 230

September 21, 2013

Joseph P. Skipper

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In my opinion, what we are looking at in the 1st and 2nd Apollo 16 AS16-P-4095 image above is a flattened plasma field generated and outlined in the dark Moon terrain shadows. This evidence was brought to my attention by Stephn Hannard of the UK. He has since put up a very good video of this evidence on YouTube at the link below.

The thing about it is that, although some will find a camera or film artifact explanation as more comfortable, this isn't that. Yet the Moon is supposed to be a dead body in space without ever having experienced living civilizations. It is suppose to be caught and held in orbit around the Earth mainly by Earth's gravity well and should not be generating such a plasma energy field.

Plasma is considered one of the fundamental states of matter with the others being solid, liquid, and gas. When one sees plasma in the open unconfined and a lot of it as appears here, one is looking at energy and POWER being displayed likely on level with nuclear fusion or greater. In fact, plasma physics is essential to the understanding and development of nuclear fusion.

In the above image note the many fingers of plasma energy that arc up to meet and terminate in some surface overhead that we cannot see the details of here. The question becomes is this being generated by some separate object like a UFO at the Moon's surface not native to the environment or by some structure as part of the surface or perhaps something exiting or entering the surface at this location?

Note how flattened the plasma field appears to be. Is it being generated by some sort of disc shaped object like a UFO? Is there a craft of some kind hidden within the plasma field taking off or landing at this point? Could this be generating an electromagnetic field that the Moon topography is responding to? Could this be a refueling station? Note that the underside of the plasma field suggests this with a solid dark flat rounded appearance as seen mostly on edge that does not exhibit any plasma discharges at all.


The Apollo 16 AS-P-4095 image at the link above allows one to increasingly zoom in and out from a small thumbnail size and so the above 3rd and 4th images provide increasingly wider context views of the evidence site. The hope was that something else informative might be revealed but there really isn't anything. So do we believe just what we see considering it anomalous and move on ignoring it or do we speculate based on what little we have? I'm inclined to speculate because reactive plasma fields do not appear based on nothing. They are associated with something real producing charged particles. Something here we are not able to see is causing this. That of course suggests there is more here than meets the eye.
Although we can't be certain, the most likely scenario is that this plasma field is responding to the presence of an electromagnetic source such as it is suspected alien space ships may employ for propulsion. The point being that what we are seeing here may be the interaction of a craft inside this plasma field that is going or coming just a little too close to the Moon's surface.

Alternatively, we may be looking at something that is really part of the Moon itself and just can't be easily hidden. If someone with very advanced technology is on or in the Moon and has been there for a very long time but yet wished to still remain hidden as long as possible from Earth's view, they might start out by disguising their presence from Earth through visual distortions of the Moon's surface. After all, some of our scientist are already experimenting successfully with this kind of technology. If employed, the visual distortions might work better from a distance than in closer views.

In other words, an obscuring technology that might have worked well for them during older times when only telescopes provided distant lesser quality feedback images to Earth populations of the Moon might not work nearly as well coming from satellites taking much closer images while orbiting the Moon. If secrecy is to be maintained, the latter would require the application of fake graphics in the resulting images to correct and hide from Earth's populations what ever is really on the Moon. It is noted that fake graphics technology with problems in it would take time to develop to achieve really successful levels of performance.


When we are thinking along these lines about the Moon, I think back on the Clementine Moon mission and the discoveries I made there and reported on here at this website in 2004 from the original data before the Navy and DOD managed to get it "cleaned up" and such embarrassing anomaly evidence removed. Links to some Moon Clementine evidence samples appear above. If you will remember some of that anomaly evidence in the form of structures was very large and very likely the type that would produce large electromagnetic fields.


Now it is well known that plasma is reactive to electromagnetic fields. I suspect that many of you have seen the harmless plasma ball lights whereby an object is suspended in the center of a clear sphere. The above 5th image depicts this. When turned on, bright plasma fingers extend out from the center object and terminate repeatively against the inside wall of the clear outer sphere providing a display of shifting plasma light patterns readily visible in a darkened environment.
It can be mistaken for controlled lightening but is not that. If a person places a hand or fingers against the sphere's outside surface as you see above, more plasma discharges will appear and usually with greater intensity. The human appendage above represents an electromagnetic source. The above is the least extreme example of a plasma field.


The above 6th image depicts a most extreme and dangerous example of a plasma field. It is a still image taken from a NASA video of the surface of the Sun made on 7/18/2012. It shows a tremendous nuclear eruption on the Sun's surface in the form of giant plasma streams many times larger than our planet Earth. They're falling back to the Sun's surface and called corona rain. Believe me, you wouldn't want to dip your big toe in it as bad things would happen. That discharge on the Sun, considered by NASA to be relatively mild, would devoir entire worlds if touched directly by it.
The point being that visible plasma fields most often equate to the presence of energy and POWER and are not to be ignored or dismissed as nothing or just some sort of inexplicable anomaly. Seeing the plasma field evidence outlined against the Moon's surface as background is not a camera or film artifact, it is the presence of something generating a lot of power, something that we would be very interested in. So what is it? Is it some craft or some structure on the Moon or is it an entry/exit point temporarily and briefly exposed?

Sadly, as is so often the case with the older incomplete Moon imaging posted online for Earth public's consumption, the context information has been messed with and is not providing the information detail that we need here. None the less, it demonstrates that all is not what it appears to be in the Moon exploration data and one dismisses evidence at one's peril.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

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