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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb. 22 - Are UFOs An Incipient Species?‏

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Are UFOs An Incipient Species?

The Metaphysic In The Physic
As most often it occurs to me to step off the edge of the known world, as the known world has a certain artifice about it that intuition originally detected, but as old age intervenes in these streams of rumination, the known world from a certain perspective is an antiquarian one from a certain position that is remote from our own.

If there are future generations of our species, they will look at us, hopefully, with a certain empathy. However that empathy will be constrained by a new line of valuation. Unlike previous generations, who toiled as best they could with a minimum of knowledge concerning reality and it's apparent functioning, we know more... but act less on what we have in our common pocket.

This naturally has led me to co-join either rightfully or wrongfully, my own aging intuition against a perhaps inevitable conclusion, that should our species perish, another will arise and ponder us as we ponder the Neanderthal.

That being said, I have looked at the portents and signets of the natural world as nothing but from our own fear of it..nothing is unnatural to it, except our waking dream of transcending it in a silicon based synthetic denial of responsibility.

I feel a certain kinship and empathy for Mr Twain, in the loss of his beloved daughter who perished, after breaking into her own home, while he was off on a tour of Europe, led to the darker strain of The Letters From Earth. Perhaps I am as contaminated as my childhood avatar, on the bank of the Mississippi, watching the steamboat churning it's way to far away lands, close to home. A longing for simplicity while wading neck deep in complexities.

From the molecular, to the bacterial to the human,mythologies, to the cellular as well as the life cycles of the stars, of civilizations, of your own correspondent,as well as yourself, all have common characteristics of potential variations of replication and differentiation, as well as a birth, a youth, young adulthood, leveling maturity, the crystallization of old age and infirmaries to dissipation.

However, the continuum of forms of all previous and even perhaps future generations of all the temporal manifestations constitute a weaving thread, a genetics of the combinatorial in relation to their interdependence upon the evolution of species in their environment, perhaps can be seen, through the mind's eye, as a singular, complex system from afar, that is more of a matter of perhaps for our finite grasp of the possible, is in actuality, infinitely superimposed, mirrored and as fractal as infinity itself.

Life itself could be termed a perpetual motion of reinvention, nothing wasted, nothing, lost, nothing that cannot be potentially encompassed by all the superseding forms that encompass this admixture of the past present and future being as one creature.

A Fundamental Disparity

From time to time I am going to institute a new aspect of this blog by including links to various sources that contain challenging and minority conceptual theories of reality that I believe are fundamental to understanding the paranormality of existence. For those of you who are long time readers of this blog, you will recognize one of the scientists whose work I admire is Nobel Scientist Brian Josephson, whose web page is linked in the sidebar. This title is the title of a fairly recent lecture he gave at Cambridge University. Food for thought. I have never pandered my own views to popular tastes and neither does he. A helpful suggestion is to expand the screen on the page as otherwise his slides are indecipherable. At least to my aged eyes, they appear as ant tracks. One of the interesting themes is the disparity between the models of physics and that of biology. However at the same time, quantum physics seems to be gaining eminence in the field of consciousness studies, while Josephson points out, that the cart of quantum "laws" may be prematurely attached before these two horses and that the laws of material physics and that of biology, to which consciousness is embedded, are not a match. Far from it. From the formal summary of the lecture. I had italized the connection to intermediary phenomenon particular that of UFO's which struck me as being not only self evident, but also, as well, as being descriptive of a potential sentient life-form that is neither flesh, nor fish nor fowl.

"On the basis of this concept, Prof. Brian D. Josephson offered in his lecture a different "non-orthodox" biological prospective for understanding the laws of nature. His approach is based on the concept that life is a new fundamental aspect of reality. Unitary elements behave in several complex ways such as reforming, reshaping, dissolving etc. All these elements represent the basic bricks of a new—although yet unshaped—approach that could lead our knowledge beyond the 'standard model'. "

The Irony of The Finite List Of The Possible

When we examine the preliminary list of theories regarding the UFO,running an end game around corralled issues based on mythology and theological connections, they are;

1. Representative of an extraterrestrial species who are interacting within very finite limitations that they themselves have imposed for unknown reasons.
2. Representative of a parallel life-form that is advanced in their evolutionary complexity that interacts with our species in covert and indirect behaviors.
3. Representative of "extra-dimensional" sentient lifeforms that may represent the parallel worlds or parallel minds theories of contemporary quantum physics, wherein the anticipation of biology and behavior as being geared to future events could be circumvented by information traveling either backward or in advance of the physical laws our systems operate within.
4. My own previous personal theory that this phenomenon is representative of anthropomorphic bias in relation to quantum laws of consciousness and their embedding in material systems, creating a "third state of matter" dependent upon local, environmental conditions as a field of force.

Variation Number Five

However, there may be a fifth theory that has been peculating within me that the aforementioned lecture stirred in my intuitive juices. That is to say, that we may be witnessing the birth of a new species among us and while that immediately disparages our anthropomorphic orientations as to our own status in this regard as having a self legislated preeminence of position on a rung just below heaven itself, what if we are wrong, what if we have an infant on our hands, an infant that:

1.In terms of behavioral characteristics, this semi-sentient self organizing phenomenon,plays a learning curve that has built itself a non self referential language borrowed from our conceptual equations and material constructions as well as our incoherent behavioral patterns, whose vocabulary it has "borrowed" as much as our own infants do not fully understand the context of their "self" in relation to being distinct from it, as any child development specialist will tell you.

2. In terms of the differentiation of evolution, whereas, we are inter-dependent on the ingestion of the stored energy contained within the cellular, crystalline, chemical, mineral, etc, we are also very reliant upon radiant energy in embedded and cyclical manners that are too numerous to mention, when it is the regenerative processes of our nearest star, in the form of sleep cycles, life cycles, organic systems, etc. As a transceiver locus of all of these embedded and complex interactions within the solar and planetary realm, could we in, turn, be the provider, as other life provides for us, as one of the progenitors of a new form of life that rather than being carbon based, is based upon the energetic, complex organizing systems of human sentience? Is there an umbilical cord that we cannot in any direct sensate manner discern, or for that matter, measure, except by it's effects on our physical and sensory environment?

3. This "piggyback" approach of nature of differentiation in terms of environmental adaptations, is not "allowable", at least in our current models of evolution, unless it is constrained by biological processes, but if our models of both biological and physics laws are incompatible, as Josephson suggest, could it be that what constitutes the locus of manifestation of sentient life or life as an organizing principle that operates on a "immaterial" as well as "material basis" then have to be revised? I think so, as a matter of not so much of an anticipation, but as a logical further differentiation and increased complexity of our conceptual models of how life originates, as well as functions.

The Unacceptable

It is an irony for some that some of the most indigestible meals we have ever been forced to feed upon while maintaining a public impression of being able to maintain a cheerful disposition, while one's sense of taste is attempting to flee the scene of the crime is a situation that life itself challenges to comprehend only in hindsight. So it is with any new theory especially one that is eaten by the cook who prepared it with the best intentions, only to find himself gagging at the thought of another bite. This form of public exorcism by this author of unpalatable dishes is presented as a public service for those with a strong disposition. Or so your author has been told many times. Whether it is the presentation, the combination of innovated ingredients..who knows and for all it matters for the present in any sense, I leave to you, what suits your taste. As for myself, I have a cane fishing pole well within my grasp as I make my way down to the riverbank to dwell on the infinitely inconsequential as a latent cure for these unacceptable premises that I have artfully prepared as a more efficient form of headache for myself. I can close my eyes, pacified.

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Como registar digitalmente ou gravar um vídeo de um avistamento de um UFO:

Stabilize the camera on a tripod. If there is no tripod, then set it on top of a stable, flat surface. If that is not possible lean against a wall to stabilize your body and prevent the camera from filming in a shaky, unsteady manner.

Estabilize a camera com um tripé. Se não tiver um tripé, então coloque-a em cima de uma superfície estável. Se não for possível, então encoste-se a uma parede para estabilizar o corpo e evitar que a camera registe de maneira tremida e instável.

Provide visual reference points for comparison. This includes the horizon, treetops, lampposts, houses, and geographical landmarks (i.e., Horsetooth Reservoir, Mt. Adams, etc.) Provide this in the video whenever is appropriate and doesn’t detract from what your focus is, the UFO.

Forneça pontos visuais de referência para comparação. Isso inclui o horizonte, cimo das árvores, postes de iluminação, pontos de referência geográficos (como o Reservatório de Horsetooth, Mone Adams, etc) Forneça esses pontos no vídeo sempre que for apropriado e não se distraia do que é o seu foco, o UFO/a Nave.

Narrate your videotape. Provide details of the date, time, location, and direction (N,S,E,W) you are looking in. Provide your observations on the weather, including approximate temperature, windspeed, any visible cloud cover or noticeable weather anomalies or events. Narrate on the shape, size, color, movements, approximate altitude of the UFO, etc and what it appears to be doing. Also include any unusual physical, psychological or emotional sensations you might have. Narrate any visual reference points on camera so they correlate with what the viewer will see, and thereby will be better able to understand.

Faça a narração do vídeo. Forneça pormenores sobre a data, hora, local e direcção (Norte, Sul, Este, Oeste) que está a observar. Faça observações sobre as condições atmosféricas, incluindo a temperatura aproximada, velocidade do vento, quantidade de nuvens, anomalias ou acontecimentos meteorológicos evidentes. Descreva a forma, o tamanho, a cor, os movimentos, a altitude aproximada onde se encontra o UFO/nave, etc e o que aparenta estar a fazer. Inclua também quaisquer aspectos pouco habituais de sensações físicas, psicológicas ou emocionais que possa ter. Faça a narração de todos os pontos de referência visual que o espectador irá ver e que, deste modo, será capaz de compreender melhor.

Be persistent and consistent. Return to the scene to videotape and record at this same location. If you have been successful once, the UFO sightings may be occurring in this region regularly, perhaps for specific reasons unknown, and you may be successful again. You may also wish to return to the same location at a different time of day (daylight hours) for better orientation and reference. Film just a minute or two under “normal” circumstances for comparison. Write down what you remember immediately after. As soon as you are done recording the experience/event, immediately write down your impressions, memories, thoughts, emotions, etc. so it is on the record in writing. If there were other witnesses, have them independently record their own impressions, thoughts, etc. Include in this exercise any drawings, sketches, or diagrams. Make sure you date and sign your documentation.

Seja persistente e não contraditório. Volte ao local da cena e registe o mesmo local. Se foi bem sucedido uma vez, pode ser que nessa região ocorram avistamentos de UFOs/naves com regularidade, talvez por razões específicas desconhecidas, e talvez possa ser novamente bem sucedido. Pode também desejar voltar ao mesmo lugar a horas diferentes do dia (durante as horas de luz)para ter uma orientação e referência melhor. Filme apenas um ,inuto ou dois em circunstâncias “normais” para ter um termo de comparação. Escreva tudo o que viu imediatamente após o acontecimento. Logo após ter feito o registo da experiência/acontecimento, escreva imediatamente as impressões, memórias, pensamentos, emoções, etc para que fiquem registadas por escrito. Se houver outras testemunhas, peça-lhes para registar independentemente as suas próprias impressões, pensamentos, etc. Inclua quaisquer desenhos, esbolos, diagramas. Certifique-se que data e assina o seu documento/testemunho.

Always be prepared. Have a digital camera or better yet a video camera with you, charged and ready to go, at all times. Make sure you know how to use your camera (and your cell phone video/photo camera) quickly and properly. These events can occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and often quite randomly, so you will need to be prepared.

Esteja sempre preparado, Tenha sempre uma camera digital, melhor ainda, uma camera vídeo consigo, carregada e pronta a usar sempre que necessário. Certifique-se que sabe como lidar com a sua camera (ou com o seu celular/camera fotográfica) rápida e adequadamente. Esses acontecimentos podem acontecer súbita e inesperadamente e, por vezes, acidentalmente, por isso, necessita estar preparado.

Look up. Be prepared. Report. Share.

Olhe para cima, Esteja preparado, Relate, Partilhe.



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