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Oct. 23 - Part One: The Ghost Phenomenon of The UFO‏

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Part One: The Ghost Phenomenon of The UFO

Or, Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Dedicated to My Fellow Agnostics; Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern

Leave Your Comic Books At Home
This post could be called simply, enough is enough. When given the choice of a comic book or a Joesph Conrad novel, I prefer adult tastes. The field of the paranormal is largely the purview of twelve year olds these days, bur having given myself a choice between simply walking away in disgust, or taking a few well aimed shoots across the bow of the paranormal Titanic versus painting deck chairs on her prow,lets put the situation in simple language, shall we?

I have asked myself a question that on the surface seems to be simple enough, but the answers reflect what became the entangled themes of this brief essay. What has caused the paucity of new theoretical considerations, or intellectual approaches toward the UFO phenomenon in the UFO "community" as well as the scientific community, while the interest lodged between the two, in the general subject of the paranormal by the public has "gone through the roof" in comparative terms?

In the end, this central question has a sobering component which is indirectly touched upon later, the eerie similarity in our current cultural climate toward a previous historical peak, that occurred in very similar economic, and psychological circumstances just prior to the arrival of National Socialism in Germany. Of course whether this similarity further extends into a cyclical revisting of the potential marriage of interests between industrial concerns and the government fed by propaganda at the hands of a seemingly benevolent dictator funded by commercial investors is yet to be seen.

At the same time, despite the recent anticipations that the high expectations of the electorate would be met, at the time of this writing, little has fundamentally changed, other than an increasing parallel to the paranormal field in that misinformation, propaganda, circumstantial claims and rancor in the disputes of claims that seems to have simply recycled mythologies presented as a double bind.

Similarly, and increasingly, most material on UFO's should have a disclaimer: This is a bedtime story of anthropology made out of 100% recycled material. The exopolitical crowd is dumping toxic materials outside of a landfill. The Christians are calling lightning the work of the devil. Yawn...anyone as bored with this impasse on both sides of this artificial divide as I am?

In this I see a distinct glimmer of hope in these throes of dissolution, or is it a process of disillusion, with the cautionary rejoinder that this writer as all sees himself as a reflection of a larger context, as to whether it is accurate or not is a subjectivity prone to the tastes of the reader. This hope against hope came by way of no personal insight but the remembrance of G.I Gurdjieff's observation that in the cycles of civilizations, there is an interim period, comparable to a musical notation known as an interval, that when the old beliefs are no longer tenable while new ones have yet to be seen, all things are possible on the cusp of potential.

The Quantum Revolution
One of the greatest tragedies of the traditional sciences,while being an unintentional one, derived from their completely understandable methodology originating in the studies on everything from Newtonian physics to Charles Darwin which is to dissect, or take apart the constituent aspects or "components" of a locus of manifestation and label them, sort them into what perhaps could be called a measurement of "differences" which bleeds into cultural anthropology..this race differs from and competes with that..this economic system differs from that and of course politicians exploit both sides against the middle using Zarathustra's didactic and polar dualities as a exploitative reductionism.

However, we are in the midst of a astonishing revolution that, thanks to our corporate media who is determined to make the United States a National Socialist society based on the lowest possible common denominator through editorial imperialism, creating a pliable propaganda puppetry, this groundswell of a human shift in perception is completely and purposefully overlooked.

The profiting from divisional compartmentalization of the whole as a sleight of hand, makes the money go round. In this environment, is inserted the UFO phenomenon which ranks in the media hierarchy somewhere between coverage of talking dogs and squirrel bites. This is intentional and the fault lies with first impressions, context and back gound in an era where the entire planet's events are covered in less than twenty minutes as a corporate indication of their ranking of priorities in a alleged democracy where information in the public domain is critical for an informed electorate in order for it to function.

But then again, who said it was functioning?

The Conflicted Teenage Years of Human Evolution
This amazing and absolutely world changing advent of quantum physics has implications that could and will inevitably change our world through a dazzling variety of reorientation's as manifested through acquiring a new lens through which we can revisit our self destructive rationalizations.

One of which is that reality is based upon the psychological lie in the control of critical assumptions by which we have been indoctrinated by since birth. Repeat something often enough it becomes true, or further as John Lilly observed, anything in the province of the mind can be viewed as potentially true and the educational indoctrination of repetition and rote learning leaves us as having never learned how to learn.

Perhaps we are facing the difficulties of our teenage years where the process of individuated autonomy meets rigidity based on entropy. However, some who siphon a tidy sum as a dividend, from our compliant ignorance as in the example of Burrough's Nova Police, they would have us continually stirred in a conflicted circle, while they sell us proverbial green plastic bags in order to "save the environment."

A joke without a punchline. However, regardless of it's origin, the UFO phenomenon has intentionally kicked our Achilles's Heel which is certainty, whether these clay feet are found in religion, our origins, the nature of physics, the dominance of our species or simply put, the credibility of our cultural institutions. Consider for moment, the parallel evolution of the UFO phenomenon with that of classical physics. A revisionist view of John Keel's theory of this phenomenon having a tie to human events may suggest, they are twin aspects of a third superimposition arriving in our orientations.

Logical Reinvention: Division Versus Multiplication
Quantum physics has shed an enormous bright light on metaphysics. It's a simple matter of how we measure reality. Is it a universe of disconnected and chaotic forces or is it One? In other words, we are finding that all phenomenon is interdependent, and from this perspective, if we expand this methodology, which of course, is also a philosophy, I began some time ago to view the "popular" paranormal field as living in the Dark Ages. The deevolution of this field is due to the lack of a counter balance of a Hynek or Vallee or McDonald ( to name a few)..and so off it careens like the earth without it's moon, descending into living mythologies that are in effect, a proliferation of nothing more than arbitrary belief systems. Or as Mr Gurdjieff was fond of saying, "pouring from the empty into the void." There is too much yin in our yang.

The living death throes of the UFO community are like a dry leaf fallen from the tree, blown this way and that by the same dynamics of the societal anthropology it is embedded within. Although it distinguishes itself by inference that it is open to thinking "outside of the box", it is so hermetically sealed in it's divisive and untenable set theories, it is so "boxed in" that it can only feed upon itself. And in this situation, it only portends a continuing descent into various cargo cults.

Consider the parallel in political discourse among the electorate.One reflects the other. The other reduction in this enfolded situation seems to be arranged where the vast majority of the hapless public are positioned to be only capable of asking which "hand out" is being handed to whom, which in turn, revolves around a certain codependency in our anticipations as voyeurs in regard to our autonomy, whether it is those devious proxies, the aliens,or our more prosaic conceptual models of how the universe behaves, evidenced by our relationships with the government or religious authority, we anticipate to be rationed fate as either as a reward or punishment, in some bizarre Pavlovian universe that operates like monarchical organization that is wholly dependent, in turn, on the unchanging rigidity of law enforcement.

We project these intents on the paranormal because it has been embedded and reinforced in us since our infancy.

Stating The Obvious
One of the provocative correspondences between our relatively arbitrary classifications of paranormal phenomenon is where their locus of manifestation is oriented in space time or to put it another way, we don't see "ghosts" manifesting in the atmosphere flying over heads, and we don't find "UFO's" in the dusty attic of a haunted residence, or do we? I place this theoretical consideration before you simply to demonstrate "other possibilities."

Gravitational Effects
Consider that one of the most common correspondences between ghost activity and UFO activity is that any synthetic device, or mechanism that provides for the storage of electromagnetic energy, whether it is an automobile battery in the case of a UFO or that of a video camera, a flashlight, various detectors and so forth utilized in detecting human ghosts, they are all prone, more often than not to be drained as effectively as if electricity were water contained in a bucket with a large hole within it.

2.Equidistant Fields
Going further, consider the sensory cognition of irradiation or light. A vast majority of UFO's are seen in the absence of sunlight, in certain phases of their manifestation to be proverbial spherical torches of pulsating energy contained within a membrane, that is to say, a boundary as if the gravitational forces of the energy irradiating from it's source where equalized by the pull of it's axis, much like a balloon, or on a vast scale, the spherical shape of a planet. When we look at the same effect again on a smaller scale in comparison to the "UFO", in ghost phenomenon, we have what are commonly called orbs, which are actually spheres.

Phase Shifting
Another correspondence is that both phenomenon have shifting phases of manifestation, that is to say they both exhibit the characteristics of of not being an object inasmuch they are prone to be observed as having the capability to be perceived by our senses in a variety of forms or shapes, shall we say, shape shifting is a common characteristic?

Range of Experiential Observer Effects
Ghost are sometimes experienced as "full body" forms, that is to say these phenomenon
resemble very accurately, the human form, complete with clothing, a wide ranging wardrobe, much in the same way UFO's can be categorized as having an equally astonishing range of "wardrobe". However, the shift of phase they both can exhibit allow both to be viewed as spheres, strings of light, dark dense shadow like "objects" etc. A mere coincidence?

Environmental PreQualifiers
Another notorious correspondence arrives to join our little informal gathering and I invite him to take a chair as "Mr Grey Alien" walks toward me through a wall just as our lowly garden variety ghost would. Interestingly, Mr Grey only appears at night, which Mr Ghost also does...

Fluidity of Spacetime Orientation
Of course ghosts are notoriously finicky and irresponsible, that is to say, a determined ghost hunter dodges through the debris of a haunted house in the chase of a phantom only to have it completely "vanish". Radar returns tracking our atmospheric ghosts seem to have the same problem.

Density of Gravitational Mediums
Simply put, the apparent density of the medium utilized for the opportunistic manifestation of organized energy to be sensed appears to have a direct impact on the yield or size of the objectified field.

Variation 101.2 of All possible Worlds
One possibility is that this energy field is experienced as semiotic correspondences as an organizing bias that acts as a feedback loop when in a non local intersection. Approximations of spacial orientation to referents are created as intermediary sensory categories, that are created in the observer by a logical fugue state or internal dissociation when round pegs of the environment meet the square holes of the mind.. Airships are in the atmosphere. Humans are in houses. An enfolded dynamic. This acts perhaps s an attenuation of the mind's conceptual modeling ( which also has a non local aspect) that acts as an open rather than closed system, in another words as a transceiver creating an intermediary state of reconciled (albeit temporal) matter from a waveform.

An ocular transcription of a simulation acts as a feedback loop. The field of the mind interacts with the energetic field of the environment which has been superimposed upon by a localized effect. So, perhaps the field of the environment, the field of the effect and the field of the observer become entangled. What I am suggesting is a variation of a quantum effect that is dependent on three potential factors aligning in is probabilistic but not predictable.

Or, then again we have the stereotyped anthropological projections of our own species as what Bateson would call a closed self referential system. In other words, by our own imaginal conceptual projections we create a heretofore unrecognized form of meme that acts as a pre-formed organizing mold of anticipation that is also variated by the insertion of individuated bias of projected intent in the place of none. In another words, the UFO community has successfully to some extent biased or polluted the organizing principle of an intermediate state. This socially environmental form of creating intent and anticipation as a conceptual model that is replicated in varying degrees in the observer seems to correspond to the degree of distribution through various media of these proxy forms.

Statistically, I would be surprised if I could create in stealth, a credible "prototype" that was non existent and then provide with parameters that are parasitic to deep psychological social fears or conflicts and then have it be carried by the mediums of popular transmission, low and behold, we have four legged spiders with the heads of fish.

Bear in mind the concept of interdependence, of One rather than a dissection by classification that is so obtuse that it no longer even remotely resembles the frog we took apart. In other words, psychology, physics, anthropology, and cybernetics all played a role in our singularity of manifestation as well as in our conceptual model. This infers a multi-disciplinary approach is required for a serious study of the UFO or for that matter, other ghost phenomenon. We will not, nor ever find the answer by simply rereading our own recycled anecdotes that have become Trojan Horses
by our own projections by making empirical hybrids out of our self created mythologies. Is the UFO community lost in space?

Good Night Vienna
Of course we must take the stance of the exopoliticians walking down the pathway of dry canal, and ask our desk entrapped government bureaucrats to become ghost hunters, or shoot missles as a form of exorcism..both are equally arcane anthropological forms of a skewed empirical hybrid philosophy that attempts to make totems out of energy which can be sensed. Really. Enough is enough.

In Part Two, If I find the motivation to overcome my growing ambivalence on this topic, I would want to explore with you gravitational forces in relation to energy to look for further correspondences, or if you prefer, we can follow the popcorn trail of our wonderfully compliant intelligence services in their old hat trick of Roswell or some other goofy juvenile sink hole. Good luck.

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Always be prepared. Have a digital camera or better yet a video camera with you, charged and ready to go, at all times. Make sure you know how to use your camera (and your cell phone video/photo camera) quickly and properly. These events can occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and often quite randomly, so you will need to be prepared.

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