Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct. 24 - Marooned In The Hard Light‏

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marooned In The Hard Light

No-one really loses in the cycle of conscious evolution. It’s rather more a question of velocity. The deeper one is embedded into the industrial construct of transforming time into money, the slower and more laboured one’s consciousness becomes. Not unsurprisingly, such insentient drifting is actively encouraged. The self-confessed arousal junkie can drink deeply from an epicurean cellar of endless sensual narcotics - all freely available through innumerable screens, stores and capsules. The dark sorcerers are renowned for their many flavours of oblivion. It is in this constant suppression of man's natural transcendental trajectory that the greatest deception of all is perpetrated.

Humanity Incorporated

First, some third dimensional phenomena.

The hostile industrialization of the inner and outer landscapes has extorted man to concede that he is complicit in the necrotic perception of himself as little more than a utilitarian commercial resource. In terms of consensus nanohistory, it would appear that the shadowy march of ‘progress’ has at least allowed the little biobody unit of sweating flesh to last rather longer than it did in the mid 19th century (average life expectancy then around 40). But this is skewed. Life expectancy statistics are meaningless without adequate context of environment, nutrition, geopolitics and geography. For example, 4000 years ago, the average Bronze age man living in Sweden would reach 60 years of age. Whereas, the average lifespan of a man living 150 years ago in London was 40.

Something is badly wrong when the core expectation for the sacred span of a human life on Earth, whatever its duration, has been reduced to resourcing a roof over one’s head, putting food in the belly and having an occasional afternoon in the sun. Does this enrich the soul? Is this creatively and emotionally fulfilling? Is it what we’re supposed to be doing here? We know the answers.

The mega-corporations like Exxon Mobil, Wal-Mart, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Toyota, Chevron and ING Group do not exist for the benefit of humanity, nor do they respect the planet from which they extract their raw materials. They exist to sequester and homogenize the creative output of man. If it is not incorporated, it does not exist. Any apparently heartening stories of corporations helping to stimulate local communities, build schools and support indigenous traditions are essentially bogus. Some people get fed, watered, housed and employed - but it’s not for their benefit. Corporations create such schemes to help mitigate the hideous stench of their own abusive economic nihilism.

Money is an abstract trading unit with no inherent value. The people who keep the ledger and govern the fractional-reserve banking system, are neither equitable nor benevolent folk. Their primary motivation is to transform the proletariat’s time into money. Grim equations slither through society. Work hard. Pay taxes. Move up the ladder. Save for the future. Money = Control. Even the enduring mirages of Fascism, Communism, Capitalism and Socialism are all identical at the apex of the pyramid. It’s just a matter of politeness as to how hard and how swiftly the boot is brought down upon your face. The very lifeblood of Western commerce itself - competition - is nothing more than a rabid virus that will destroy its own host should that entity deign to contemplate any large scale collaborations for the common good. In this manner, sustainable energy and food solutions are logically undermined before they're even assessed. This is why the existing energy abundance on earth is being brutally suppressed.

Geothermal, tidal, wave, solar and wind technologies are marginalized and sometimes even destroyed (as General Motors did with the American railways in the 1930’s). There has to be manipulated scarcity for there to be a viable profit model. This is why we’re still using ridiculous oil, gas and other biomass materials. The technology needed to move away from these has existed for a very long time. Check it out for yourself. The reports, transactions and correspondences are all there. It’s just that nobody really cares anymore. Corporate ownership of the media makes it a non-issue. The result is that our personal transport systems continue to use the outrageously archaic oil-devouring combustion engine. We are driving around in century old antiques. Corporate patents and extreme government pressure keep advanced battery, solar and maglev technologies away from the mass market. Renewable, clean, efficient technologies exist - but they don’t quite make enough money yet, so they remain in suspended animation at the research and development stage. And who own the largest and most fabulously resourced R&D facilities on the planet? The aforementioned corporations.

We know in our hearts that what industry cannot manufacture and mass produce - it discards as useless. Individuality disintegrates. It’s simply not cost effective. Penetrating through this smokescreen, the esoteric student determines that the real purpose of industrialization is to acquire the willing consent of man to sign away the creative power of his imagination. This is the real target of the military industrial megacorps. They want our imagination. Imagination conceives reality.

The Mythology Of Truth

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s imaginal and emotional landscape was inspired by his many wanderings around the hills, woodlands, bogs and farms of Worcestershire, England, as a young boy in the early 1900’s. A trip to Switzerland in his teens further inspired Tolkien’s soulful palette as the magnificent mountains and valleys of Europe opened up before him. Little wonder then, that Tolkien loathed the advancing tentacles of industrialization, as he observed them slowly spreading across his beloved England. After his return from service in the first world war, the idyllic landscape he’d cherished as a boy had largely disappeared. Many of his friends had not returned from the great war at all. The profound effect this had on Tolkien is reflected in his depiction of the enforced industrialization of the rural landscapes and peoples of “The Shire”, in his remarkable book, “The Lord of the Rings”.

In The Lord Of The Rings, Book V and Book VI, published as "The Return Of The King", there is a chapter entitled “The Scouring Of The Shire”. In a series of disturbing and extraordinary scenes, we see a freshly disempowered and suitably vindictive Saruman (a dark wizard) assuming the role of industrialist tyrant. He transforms the halcyon lands of The Shire into an urban wateland of mechanized drudgery, complete with fascist shock troops, mind control and viral fear memes. Non-compliant Hobbits are threatened with economic ruin, physical violence and imprisonment. There are even whispers that certain dissenting Hobbits have even been executed. Trees are cut to fuel new engines and mills, crops are shipped off to distant lands at immense profit, beautiful Hobbit-holes are dug up to make room for unsightly functional square dwellings, strangers move in with little heed for Hobbit traditions, and traitorous "Shirriffs" are recruited from among the Hobbits themselves to help suppress any potential uprising. In short, Saruman turns The Shire into the Orwellian shithole that England has now actually become.

When the heroic Hobbits we followed through "The Fellowship Of The Ring" and "The Two Towers" return home to find The Shire and its inhabitants in ruin, Merry and Pippin (now battle-hardened from their adventures) take direct action. They lead an uprising of Hobbits to victory at the Battle of Bywater, signalling the end of the dark occupation of The Shire. Finally, at the doorstep of Bag End itself, Saruman is betrayed by his own servant Grima Wormtongue, who cuts his master's throat. Wormtongue is slain by Hobbit archers as he attempts to escape.

Over time, trees are replanted, buildings rebuilt and lives are gradually pieced back together. The Shire becomes whole once more and peace settles into the land. The land is healed. Notably, this entire chapter was absent from Jackson’s otherwise admirable film adaptations. It was momentarily envisioned in the Mirror of Galadriel in the first film, but was entirely removed as part of the ending from The Return Of The King to offer a less complicated conclusion to the epic tale.

The rich libraries of early Germanic and Anglo-Saxon literature and mythology, doubtless had an effect on Tolkien’s literary creations. Sources of stimulation included Beowulf, the Norse Volsunga saga, the Hervarar saga, the Edda, and the Nibelungenlied. Some even suggested that Tolkien’s visions were similar to some of Richard Wagner’s operatic Ring series, to which Tolkien responded, “both rings were round, and there the resemblance ceases.” I have heard from three independent esoteric sources, that Tolkien channelled much of his Lord Of The Rings and Silmarillion texts and was a member of a secret group who had access to ancient Earth records. Was he trying to tell us something of our own history and future?

All That Has Been And Will Be

Now let us consider the fourth dimensional context.

To counter the spiritual degradation of the industrial machine, one needs to change the frequency of one’s own consciousness, that is, stop operating within the officially sanctioned parameters. It is possible to tune the mind (the brain-field interface) out of the range of their control. This is initiated by contemplating what it is that ultimately separates the conscious authentic being from the pre-programmed sleepwalker. For only sleepwalkers can be commanded. Some observers believe that the distinction lies in intelligence and education. Not necessarily so. The learned fool, saturated in the scholastic vapours of separatist tunnel research, can be the worst blunderer of all. Processing power and data retrieval, whilst handy for any bio-computer, are not the critical elements in spiritual perspicacity. Their inflated presence may actually present a colossal hindrance to progress, even more so than their total nonappearance.

Real and unreal expressions of life begin to crystallize when we contemplate the nature of the sacred path itself; not the individual walking it.

I formulate the two core principles of the path as (1) discovery and (2) transcendental becoming. Discovery encompasses the key faculties of learning, growth, discipline, courage, impeccability, perception. Transcendental becoming resonates more metaphysical concepts that touch on the multidimensional nature of our universe. Knowing without knowledge. The remembrance of ourselves as multidimensional beings. The art of being present. The observance that ‘all that has been and will be’ is already in existence.

Let us expand upon that last point, as it is of tremendous benefit in understanding the dynamics of the transcendental journey and how the conscious being moves away from the base con of trading time for money.

Consider existence not as an unfolding process, but as an object. We can’t see what lies ahead for us from a flat ‘on the map’ perspective. We are quite unsighted as to wider perceptions as we traverse the face of this immense multidimensional object. To gain a higher perspective, we need to get up and above the object, into the surrounding and enfolding dimensional space. Only from this zoomed out viewpoint, can we see the object. We see at once that there is indeed no time, no past, no future. There is only ‘contact’ with it. Everything is already present within this fabulous iridescent object of pulsing sacred geometry, stretching monumental distances in all directions. Flying over it, we may be able to see large areas of the object, but it would take an unfathomable consciousness, an almost infinite fractal resolution, to take it all in at once. Perhaps that’s not the point right now. It’s about the journey. It’s about our free will, intricately and creatively illuminated in each sovereign step we take.

Walking the path manifests our authenticity without trying. It is not possible to walk one's truth from a bearing of untruth. It doesn’t work. One foot will not go in front of the other. Smooth movement comes from a sustained awareness that 'we create what we live'. We choose to be present, to conduct consciousness and to formulate our own experiences. This is encoded into us all. It is in those moments when our divinity finds solid experiential expression - when the magickal becomes part of the living day - that we can truly feel the path beneath our feet, step by step. It is real.

The path unfolds not before us, nor behind or beside us - but from within us. From the inside out. It extends out from the heart centre. This is where the real strength required for our epic voyage from the density of manifestation to the radiance of pure energy derives from. It isn’t the brain, or the mind. The multidimensional object sustains itself through our ability to conduct consciousness. We give reality form. We hold it in place. Every thing is energy vibrating. It is us and we are it. No separation.

So we see that the aforementioned ‘transcendental becoming’ is knowing that the multidimensional object of all existence is already there. Every place, every event, every life, every texture, every detail, every piece. All of it. The meaning of our life is to allow the crystal clear waters of consciousness to flow through us so we may explore it with integrity and vision. Choosing to run someone else’s programming is entirely optional. Choosing to reprogram oneself to become a self-determining vessel for creative manifestation is entirely optional too.

Being The Vessel

Once the multidimensional object is conceived of, even in the most elementary sense, we can better see how sustained progress on the path of conscious evolution is attained with the realization that the world does not ‘happen to us’. We are not helpless leaves blowing around in the indiscriminate winds of a nameless fate. The universe is not random. The object is already in existence. The damaging memes of powerlessness, of “what can I do?” are passed on through the psycho-genetic grid by all those who ignorantly consent to the fakery. These things must be dug up at the roots and thrown out. The intricate re-wiring job is a demanding and lengthy task, but with each new dynamic connection that is forged, more light, more assurance and more gnosis is brought into the life of the individual, and therefore all those who transmit and receive on that frequency. We create reality as it happens, moment by moment. What we have come to understand as the ‘imagination’ is what we use to do it.

The deepening polarization is a temporary stage in the cycle of continually evolving consciousness in our galaxy. It’s not just humans, it’s everything. All vibrating matter throughout the galaxy is shifting. As consciousness naturally ascends into the enfolding fourth dimensional plane, the feeling of time being extracted from our customary third dimensional plane is one of the chief effects we feel. Time is squeezed, contracted. It feels like it's speeding up. In actuality, it is consciousness that is increasing in velocity as it moves from a space of high pressure (3D density) to a space of low pressure (4D less density). Consciousness wants to expand. Let us say, as one useful model of reality, that within its field or wave state, consciousness may freely expand without impediment. When interfacing with an individual mind, the knowingness that comes with expansion is limited by the mind's operational parameters - its belief systems, its capacity for adaptation and upgrade, and its willingness to turn off the ever-churning processor.

When this deep gnosis is integrated into the living moments of our lives - when we make tea, drive a car, brush our teeth, speak to friends, feel the sun on our face - then the imaginal constraints of the crude third dimensional manifestations dissolve. The dark industrial nightmare recedes when it has fulfilled its archetypal role... when we have learned from it. We take its gift, unwrap it and accept it. The entire restrictive shadow paradigm can only exist with the complicity of the human imagination. Billions of deactivated imaginal palettes sustain it. They carry its program, running the code daily through their obedient and defeated egos.

To be marooned in the hard light of three dimensional life is to subsist in uncertainty and ignorance. This disempowerment can be exploited. In fact, it can be alchemically transformed into fuel. This is a clue as to what lies at the uppermost extra dimensional level of the grand power structures that govern Earth.

Once the fourth dimensional plane that enfolds us is brought into personal felt experience, once it is seen directly, it can never be forgotten. There’s no turning back. Like the Matrix, it must be seen to be believed. Abstract theorizing is not enough. It is imperative to experience the enfolding superstructure directly. The means of altering consciousness to reach that level is different for everyone. Some train the mind to become lucid in nightly ‘dreams’, others wilfully detach their subtle energy body from the gross physical form and traverse the higher planes, others imbibe sacred plant medicines to resonate specific frequencies, others still use arcane meditative techniques to convey their consciousness into absolute stillness, where no third dimensional vibrations occur at all.

Personal healing, empowerment, integration and gnosis are hallmarks of a fluid connection to the field of consciousness that surrounds us. Realizing self as a temporary art project is essential in defusing the debilitating effects of fear. We are not body, we are not mind. We are vessels of consciousness. Our personal narrative is one of many precious stories, but that’s all it is. A story. And that’s OK. We don’t lose anything. Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.

Acknowledging the dimensional shift is critical. For one thing, quite literally, there is not much time left. This is exactly as it should be. Time is a device used to discipline the untempered mind, to train it for operations in the 4D where manifestation is immediate. The 3D cause-and-effect built-in time delay is highly effective in teaching individuals how their consciousness manifests their reality. Though even when progress has been good, certain stubborn old-time 3D dwellers continue to cling to the 3D. Quite unnecessary. Others who are walking the sacred path are already beginning the dimensional transition. This is the natural way. Still, even when the polarization is at its most profound, when the darkness opens as a black-hole of infinite nothingness and when the light becomes a brilliant supernova of awesome creation, no-one, not a single soul, is lost in the transition. They either slow down or speed up. Just a question of velocity.

From: The Cleaver

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