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Feb. 24 - Telestics 101: The 9/11 Solution‏

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Strange, but interesting twist about 9/11 from John...

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Telestics 101: The 9/11 Solution

From Deception to Liberation

The Unique Call to a Planetary Society

It has been said that the main obstacle to accepting what happened on 9/11 is the refusal to believe that anyone could be so evil.

This essay will address that obstacle and apply a dia-Gnostic correction. My argument will use a detail of Sophianic myth, the sacred narrative taught in the Mysteries: namely, the Lord of the Clones, a demented pseudo-god called Samael, "blind." I do not ask or expect anyone to believe this myth, to accept it on face value, to revere it, or whatever. I present the myth as an instructive parable that can aid the human mind to see what it cannot accept, what lies, or appears to lie, beyond the rational boundaries of the mind.

When the supernatural and irrational are banished from consciousness, they are not destroyed, rather, they become exceedingly dangerous.
-- George Hansen, The Trickster and the Paranormal

A strong warning, there. But don't get me wrong heading into this dia-Gnosis. I am not going to suggest that 9/11 was perpetrated by alien ETs, or the US government in collusion with such entities. Nor that the supernatural played any role in that horrific orchestration with its world-wide ramifications, still unfolding as I write. No, but I will propose the perpetrators of that event employed the technological equivalent of supernatural power to pull it off. The admission that such technological magic exists for use against the general public in a "psy ops" or mind control operation, combined with overwhelming lethal firepower ("shock and awe") is crucial to the liberating view that opens for humanity if and when it can really solve the events of September 11, 2001.

No Planes

So what is the "9/11 Solution"? It is the clear, rational explanation of HOW the attacks of 9/11 were accomplished. Not WHY that horror was committed, or WHO committed it, but HOW. To sort through the morass of 9/11 "conspiracy theories" — a derogatory term used to dismiss genuine inquiry and dodge the questions it raises — requires separating these three, three-letter questions: HOW? WHO? WHY? An uncountable number of theories have been advanced, mixing the three questions. A dia-Gnostic approach separates these questions on the basis of a single determinative issue: What do we have to see first, to see the way to the correct explanation of 9/11? In the telestic idiom of aim and purposes, which question leads the inquiry to its goal? Which question, once answered, opens the way to answering the other two?

The dismissive term "conspiracy buffs" describes, in many but not all cases, genuine investigators. Those who investigate are not without their agendas and biases, and not, in the worse cases, without disinfo motives. The official version (read: cover story) for 9/11 is absurd, full of holes and contradictions. But some conspiracy theories are equally absurd, preposterous, not grounded in evidence. How, then, to sort through this morass of fantasy, confusion, and speculation?

The 9/11 Solution leads all other inquiries with the question of HOW.

Of all the theories proposed, I submit that the superior explanation of 9/11 is the one that refers to common sense and applies laws of nature, in particular, Newtonian physics. This explanation will also be the one that integrates closely with inquiries into WHO did it and WHY, and sets the stage for those inquiries. In other words, scientific evidence provides the basis for a deeper motivational analysis of the event. Also, a point of signal importance: the rational explanation reveals how it could NOT have been done. That is, precisely how the official version of events does not and cannot stand against the laws of nature.

I refer to the official explanation of all four events: the two attacks on the Twin Towers, the attack on the Pentagon, and the crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Designated by flights, these events involved

  • American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles
  • United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles
  • American Airlines Flight 77 from Dulles to Los Angeles
  • United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco

Flights 11 and 175 are associated with the Twin Towers attacks, Flight 77 with the Pentagon, and Flight 92 with the Shanksville crash. I say "associated" because 9/11 Solution asserts that no planes, i.e., ordinary passenger airliners, were involved in any of these incidents. 9/11 "no planers" have been widely ridiculed, of course. Of the countless conspiracy theories, the no plane theory seems to be patently ridiculous. After all, did not the entire world see the planes hit those towers? And were not those crashes recorded by many witnesses, thus offering video evidence of real-life events?

The 9/11 Solution states: the witnessed and recorded events of that day were accomplished without using the passenger jets associated with them. Does this explanation look totally ludicrous? Before rejecting it out of hand as irrational, consider these clear, pertinent, and inescapably rational questions:

What to make of the numerous eye-witness statements that the attacking objects were not airline passenger jets? Did not appear to have windows? Did not make the usual sound? Did not even look like normal airlines?

What to make of the numerous expert testimony of pilots that such aircraft could not have been flown in that manner, at that speed and altitude, not even skilled professionals and certainly not by amateur trainees?

What to make of the flagrant inconsistency between the official explanation, asserting that jetliners were used, and the physical evidence showing that jetliners could not have accomplished the damage evident at each location? For instance, that jet fuel does not burn at the temperature that can melt steel columns? That the floors collapsing in the way supposed would have slowed down and stacked into a pile of layered rubble, rather than disintegrated to dust at they descended at free-fall speed? That the damage at the Pentagon is inconsistent with the size and impact of a jetliner? That no wreckage, baggage, or bodies were found at the Shanksville site?

What to make of the violation of the laws of physics exhibited by the objects that crashed into the Twin Towers: no deceleration upon impact, no crunching of the hollow metallic cocoons into their own length, no shattering of debris on the site?

All of these questions arise from common sense and basic knowledge of the laws of physics possessed by a high-school teenager. All of these questions are consistently answered in the 9/11 Solution: the events of that day involved remote-controlled CGI-cloaked missiles, that is, military aircraft holographically disguised as airliners. No planes were used on that day. This is the 9/11 Solution. Wild and ludicrous as it may appear, this is the single, inclusive explanation that most conforms to scientific analysis of the evidence. It is a definitive answer to HOW the events of 9/11 were done.

Planetary Shift

Finally, looking forward to a future related essay on this topic, I ask you to consider this question:

If the four passenger airliners did not crash in the way the official version describes, where did they go? Could the passengers, numbered at 198 people, still be alive? If they are alive, where are they and what is being done to them?

It is hard to imagine the horror that happened on 9/11/01, but there is worse still. The horror is not over, for the nightmare continues. But the endgame of the perpetrators may be at hand, precipitated by the excess of their madness. To awaken from this nightmare would be the moment of vast collective liberation for humanity. It would bring freedom from violence by those among the human species who prey on their own kind, surro-predators. That freedom would become a reality not only for the citizens of the USA where that horror was perpetrated, but for the people of the entire planet. 9/11 offers the opportunity for liberation from the fascist globalist scheme of those who planned and executed it. It is THE supreme opportunity for a true "planetary shift" toward a more sane and humane world.

I am no prophet. I do not predict on this site. But I am convinced that the 9/11 Solution of "no planes" is correct. It can be proven scientifically and successfully argued in a court of criminal law that jetliners could not have done what they are claimed to have done. Beyond that refutation, we can actually know HOW 9/11 was done. And knowing that, proceed to dispel the nightmare of terror thrown over this planet by those events.

As I write these words, friends, relatives, and loved ones of the victims of that day are proceeding toward a trial. There is conflict underway concerning whether the trial will be held in the public eye, or conducted in a closed session like a military tribunal. I am convinced that when the initiative for this trial converges with ever-growing awareness of the 9/11 Solution, it will be impossible to keep either the Solution or the trial from the public eye. Already, the information consisting of clips, testimonials, and carefully researched documentaries in support of the 9/11 Solution is spilling into the mainstream from the marginal zone of the Internet, alternative media, and YouTube. The Solution is the tipping point in the so-called infowars. At this moment, humanity can shift out the great deception required for the perpetration of social evil, toward liberation from the agencies of such evil.

Again, I repeat the question:

If the four passenger airliners did not crash in the way the official version describes, where did they go? Could the passengers, numbered at 198 people, still be alive? If they are alive, where are they and what is being done to them?

Imagine what would happen if some of the people pushing for the trial on 9/11, particularly those who believe their loved ones died on those airplanes, would consider the Solution and ask these questions? Imagine if you were one of those people confronting the possibility that someone you loved and thought to be gone forever, could still be alive. Of course, the 9/11 Solution does not determine if the passengers are still live or not. But it does determine that they could not have died on that day, in those events, according to the explanation provided.

Deconning Ourselves

If you are intrigued by the discipline of telestics, you need to know that those who practice it must apply its methods to themselves. Dia-Gnosis includes the practice of self-scrutiny. First and foremost, we decon ourselves. In this essay I am proposing the 9/11 Solution. Fine, but how does the Solution I endorse stand up to the three deconning probes I have proposed? Let's review them and run a quick decon on the Solution.

Does the stated intent of this action, plan, message, or view match the actual intent?

Who benefits from this action, plan, message, or view?

On what authority is this action, plan, message, or view to be enforced?

In this instance, the message is the no plane theory that proposes the use of CGI-cloaked missiles in all four events.

So, to the first probe: Does the stated intent of this Solution (message, view, interpretation) match its actual intent? The stated intent is to solve what happened on 9/11 in terms consistent with physical laws. What is the actual intent? The same. Those who oppose the theory might argue that the actual intent is to blame the US government for something it did not do. Conspiracy nuts will resort to the wildest ideas to make the government of the US into the enemy of the people. Such is the actual aim of the Solution, some opponents would claim.

But the Solution stands by itself, regardless of WHO perpetrated the events. It does not rule on the identity of the perpetrators, does it? And if the Solution is correct, it leads directly to the inquiry into WHO. If it then turns out there is but one military power with the capacity for a psi ops deception at this level, with equivalent lethal power, WHO would it be but the US? Thus, even if the eventual result of the Solution is to accuse the US government, that aim reduces to the original, stated aim: find out how it was done. HOW comes before WHO. And if HOW points to WHO, that does not mean that the inquiry into HOW had to be biased by the intention to blame anyone. It clearly is not so.

Second probe: Who benefits from the explanation set out in the 9/11 Solution? Well, if it is correct, the entire world. But America first and foremost, because the Solution of HOW anyone could have done it leads the way toward working out HOW the US government could have done it. Imagine a government that commits an act of terror on its own people so that it can use the threat of terrorism to turn a democracy into a police state and expand the dictatorial power of that state to the entire world. Today, going on nine years after the events, it has come to the point where "9/11 truthers," those who merely call for a fair consideration of the evidence, are being labeled terrorists, even suspected of plotting to assassinate the President. Many people in the USA believe the country has already been turned into a police state. It is not hard to see who benefited from 9/11. Likewise, it is easy to see who would benefit from the 9/11 Solution: those deceived and oppressed by the perpetrators.

Third probe: On whose authority is the 9/11 Solution to be enforced? This is a tremendous question that may be regarded as comprising two paspects. In the first aspect, the authority behind the Solution is not partisan or prejudicial. It is not even human, for it is the authority of natural science. It is the authority of what any intelligence person on this planet ought to know about natural laws. Imagine that the authority is our common intelligence. There is a Gnostic switch.

In the second part, the authority to prosecute the case supported by the 9/11 Solution can only come from concerned parties in society, not from any authorities. From the victim's friends, relatives, and loved ones who are bringing the trail, and then from the world at large, from all outraged people on the planet who realize the great deception of those events. If is it not to be merely a stage-managed show trial, the authority of the moral conscience of collective humanity will enforce the 9/11 Solution. Nothing else equals the scope of the challenge. No other authority can rule in this matter. How unique is that opportunity?

Technological Magic

In conclusion, let's return to the initial point of this essay:

It has been said that the main obstacle to accepting what happened on 9/11 is the refusal to believe that anyone could be so evil.

There is a memorable clip that appears in many documentaries of the 9/11 truth movement. It shows President George W. Bush saying,

"The American people find it hard to believe anyone could be as evil as those who committed these attacks."

But even that is speculation that goes beyond the purview of the 9/11 Solution. Remember, it says nothing about WHO did it, just HOW they did it. The objection that the "no planes" explanation is the fabrication of dissenters who would wrongly accuse the US government of commiting an atrocious act upon its own citizenry, cannot stand, for the Solution concerns not WHO, only HOW.

I am certain that the main obstacle just to considering, not even accepting, the 9/11 Solution, resides in a refusal. But not the refusal to believe anyone could be evil. Not exactly that, anyway. The 9/11 Solution stands easily within reach of anyone who can already knows, or would bother to learn, the basic laws of the natural world (the conservation of momentum) and a few related facts (the velocity of jetliners at extremely low altitude, the temperature at which steel buckles and melts, etc). You do not have to believe in metaphysical evil to see the validity of the 9/11 Solution. It stands totally on its own terms, scientifically.

9/11 truthers who embrace the no plane theory have ample evidence that passenger airliners could not have done the damage attributed to them. The towers could not have collapsed as they did according to the official version. The Pentagon could not have been impacted as it was, leaving a sixteen-foot hole, no extensive fire, not even collapsing the roof upon impact. The crash in the field was not a straight vertical plummet and could not have not left a stream of debris and bodies. The evidence for the 9/11 Solution comes from pilots, architectural experts, demolitions engineers, eye-witnesses, videographers, news reporters, firefighters, and first responders. It even comes from the perpetrators themselves, for instance, the real estate agent who won 7 billion in insurance. And from the globalist masterminds, advisors of politicians and heads of state who declare in their strategic memos (e.g., the neocon manifesto, Project for a New American Century) that the US needed a false-flag operation to advance imperialist objectives within the country, and globally.

The physical and testimonial evidence for the 9/11 Solution is clear, explicit, and overwhelming. The question is, what would prevent any sane and rational person from considering it?

The 9/11 Solution is a challenge to human imagination on a couple of counts: to imagine how it was done, and then to imagine the mentality of those who did it. The second challenge is by far the greater, and indeed daunting. Any intelligent person can imagine (i.e., reconstruct and picture) ) how 9/11 was done by looking at the evidence and factoring in the use of technology for virtual reality (VR), simulation, and holographic projection. Such technology exists in a crude form known to the public at large. Imagine technology of that sort, and scope, that has been kept from public knowledge under cover of military operations and national security.

To imagine the mentality of those who perpetrated 9/11 is another matter, a higher challenge.

As stated at the outset of this essay, I do not claim that 9/11 was the deed of supernatural powers or aliens in collusion with military intelligence. However, I do assert that it was accomplished with the technological equivalent of supernatural power. In particular the power designated by Gnostic seers in the Coptic word HAL, simulation. Arthur C. Clarke said that any sufficiently evolved form of science is equivalent to magic.To me, the evidence shows that the 9/11 attacks were accomplished not only by the simulation of jetliners using holographic disguise of remotely guided missiles, but the cover-up of the events likewise employed simulation—namely, the exercise of a "war game" or rehearsed attack that matched the actual attack, and unfolded simultaneously. How fantastic is that. But the facts, even admitted by the government, show that events surrounding the attacks happened in just that way.

Returning to the objection, how could anyone be so evil? This is perfectly natural and predictable reaction coming from human beings. I will respond to it frontally and at more length in another essay, but for now bear with me while I recount some details of the Gnostic myth of the archons:

The visionary narrative of the goddess Sophia describes the origin of the earth and humanity. As such, it is the sole comprehensive and coherent planetary myth in the entire inventory of world-wide mythology. The Sophia myth contains an episode that describes an alien species akin to humanity, called archons, "rulers, authorities." The myth says that the archons operate on a hive mentality ruled by a master or overlord, variously named Ialdabaoth, "lord of the clones," or Saklas, "foolish one," or Samael, "the blind." Considering the last epithet, I suggest an application of this myth to the human condition: humans are afflicted with a moral blindness toward authority.

It might be interpreted that archons prey on humanity, but Gnostic seers never claimed this to be the case, literally. In a more lucid interpretation, this mythical scenario explains how humanity allows some members of its species to prey on their own kind: by blindness to the authority that masks evil. The operative word here is allow. In the frame of Sophianic myth, I define evil as intra-species predation enacted in orchestrated acts of social harm achieved through a system of relegated authority. The reality on this planet is, not only that some members of the human species commit such evil, but that others allow it. They do so by their blindness to the powers operating behind the mask of authority. The are complicit in the system of relegated authority allowing some few members of humankind to act remotely on many other members.

In Not in His Image, I argued that history leads to a nightmarish ending as long the human race remains captured in victim-perpetrator collusion. The blind overlord of the archons, Samael, represents the mastermind of archontic evil, the arch perpetrator. Gnostic texts describe him as a drakonic figure, a reptilian. He is not an alien abiding in outer space but the presence of a human disposition to manipulate and harm others that lies within each person. The reptilian reflex in human nature, enshrined in the R-complex or posterior cerebral structure, is blind to any aim or goal or choice. It knows only the options of flight or attack. The R-cortex is that part of the brain that does not participate in the spectacular goal-setting and goal-seeking intelligence that uniquely marks the human species—our telestic birthright from Sophia, so the myth relates.

Not to demonize reptiles, but the reptilian complex of the human body-mind is the organic signature of the archetype of evil. Wonder of wonders, it is also the instrument of super-species illumination, kundalini, the serpent power. Gnostic seers in the Mysteries were clear that kundalini both builds and supports human immunity to archontic influences. What leads us into evil, perpetration against our own kind, also holds the potential for transhuman deliverance.

The same Coptic texts describe the minions of Samael, the drones or clones of the archontic system: they are pictured like abortions, taking the form of an aborted or prematurely delivered human foetus. In the modern psyche, this archetypal image emerges in the face and figure of the alien ETs called Greys, imagined to be intruders upon our minds and the planet itself. These wide-eyed bug-faced neonate forms are blind. They do not see through their eyes at all. Rather, their eyes are like solar panels that receive and transfer light rays from the sun. Their eyes do not see but register signals of a telepathic frequency. Hence the captivating power of the state of Grey ETs, attested by many witnesses.

I would argue on the basis of Gnostic studies and experimental mysticism allowing access to the extrasensory realms, that archons project a virtual reality into human mind by subliminal frequencies of the mind, thus allowing them to appear to abduct humans and conduct experiments on them, and so forth. In short, they simulate an event in the mind that does not actually occur in reality, and cause it to appear to occur. To realize how archons might operate in this manner is a challenge equivalent and complementary to the challenge to imagine how 9/11 was accomplished with simulative technology that assumes the look of supernatural power. Regardless of how archontic aliens might work, the archetype of the drones is clearly a reflection of human consciousness: the image of the blindness of victims in collusion with perpetrators.

The victims of the masterminds of social evil such as the 9/11 attacks are also blind, and their blindness allows that evil to exist, persist, and prevail.

With the 9/11 Solution, there is no longer any excuse for human beings to remain blind to authority that masks the perpetration of social evil. The moment the world sees, one person at a time, HOW 9/11 was done, regardless of WHO did or WHY, the sinister spell of globalist fascism is dissloved at the core. The odds of the contest then shift toward those who awaken in conscience and perception simultaneously, and look at what human nature truly is, for what it is:

A species that, divided against itself, cannot survive.

A species that, united against a common enemy within its own midst, against predators of its own kind, can finally grow toward the inspired project of a planetary society and avert the globalist nightmare signaled by the burning towers of 9/11.

jll: 22 February 2010 Andalucia

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