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There has been a great deal of chatter about 11-11 over the last few years. It has started to seep through the entire alternative research community and is already firmly embedded in the minds of many fringe thinkers. There are numerous reasons for people to be drawn to this number pattern, or conversely for this number pattern to be drawn to certain individuals by means of mystical synchonicity.

In the last few days there have been several initiatives based on the fact the date 11-11-2010 was coming up. These have drawn thousands of people together in meditation. That tells us there is something very special about 11-11 and for some reason this year unlike others the date 11th November has felt somehow super special. Well that might not be far from the truth as it happens.

Way back in the early 1970's the now legendary Terrence McKenna and his brother Dennis, took a trip (pardon the pun) to the Amazon to explore a little known psychedleic concoction. We now know this to be Ayahuasca, the brew from the 'Vine of Souls'.

The brew catapulted them into the other-world where dwell spirit beings and free standing information constructs able to synegize with, and download directly into, human consciousness. Known as a plant teacher by those who have held it sacred for millenia this concoction provide revelations for the McKenna brothers which changed the course of their lives forever. One of these revelations was that the ancient King Wen sequence of the Chinese I-Ching prophetic system was far more than what it seemed to be.

Terence studied the I-Ching intently and was struck by the pattern it worked to. Each hexagram was made of six lines, either broken or solid. The first in the sequence being six unbroken lines, the second being 6 broken lines, however after this the majority work as pairs where the second hexagram is the same as the first but rotated by 180 degrees.

It is important to note that the number 64 also happens to be the number of codons in the RNA codon table and in mathematics 64 is considered to be a super-perfect number (for reasons beyond my ability to explain).

Terence knew that in much of Asia the I-Ching system with the accompanying hexagram interpretations was considered to be a tool for personal prophecy. What he needed to do was crack was the code behind it and discover what had made it become so important that it had weathered for thousands of years in a place of honour among men.

Eventually he made the breakthrough he needed and by flipping and superimposing the entire sequence he was able to create an interesting pattern of peaks and valleys. Then taking his finding and using a computer he created a graph based on the averages of the peaks and troughs. This created what we now know as the Timewave.

Where it all becomes interesting and relevant to folks today is when we use the system to plot against our human time-line and beyond. Terence had decided that the system should be mapped against major events that would coincide with massive changes in novelty, these would have to be things that had not happened before or were sufficiently earth shattering so as to be considered truly novel in our time-line. On such event was the use of nuclear bombs on populated cities. Matching the wave with the horror of the nuclear attack on Japan allowed the system to suddenly mesh with all of our recorded history in an astonishingly accurate pattern.

It was found that one could pan in and out to find the same wave pattern superimposed over thousands of years or just a few days. It was then that the system revealed itself to be in fact fractal (repeating through macroscopic and microscopic consideration).

One important thing to mention is that peaks in novelty actually show as troughs in the wave pattern rather than peaks.

Where is all this going you ask, and what on earth does it have to do with 11-11?

Well there remain just two major peaks in novelty, the final one climaxes on 21-12-2012 the end of the Maya Calendar and coincidentally the day of a winter solstice that occurs at exactly 11:11am GMT. The second to last novelty peak begins on 11-11-2012 and flattens back out around 14-01-2011. The centre point then being mid December 2010.

This raises the question of why so many people felt that 11-11-2010 was so very important and yet I saw no articles being quoted that mentioned the Timewave theory in respect to this?

Are the alternative community members somehow tuning in to the hidden cosmic fractal fabric of reality and some great bump in the road event just a couple of dozen days ahead of us?

That is indeed my suspicion and I look forward to finding out what exactly it might be and whether it be good or bad for the future of this human time-line.

Please do take the time to read this excellent explanatory article on the Timewave Zero theory with new revisions and possibilities examined. Also another excellent analisys of this and the webbot project is provided by Rohaan at Emergent Culture. You will note that in some opinions the date should be revised to the 14th of November, however I am sticking with Terence on this one.

N.B. I will likely bulk this article out more later but was keen to have it posted on this auspicious day so that people were made aware of its importance beyond simply being a nice sounding numerical date.
By Bruce

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