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Nov. 11 - Energy of Antique Temples

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Energy of Antique Temples

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Introduction – Energy of Mass

For a longer time I have applied myself to buildings, which have influenced human health. New knowledge has enabled me to complete some information that is why I have returned to this object.

Like objective instrument I have made an octagonal plot of construction whereat I have demonstrated energy situation inside and outside the construction. I have chosen the octagon because it is easy to find out from it zonal configuration of two opposite walls and even zones of square and rectangular plot. Zones of circular construction can be located just as easy. In most of cases must be completed the inner raster by zones of roof. It is impossible to map them into the plan because it will become unnoticed. So we will take into account that inside a building the raster is more concentrated.

Along the experiments with octagonal plot I have understood the function of small circular buildings called rotundas. Semicircular outbuilding on one of them has indicated it to me. Builders of rotundas known energy quality of circular plot and when they needed an expansion of energy, they solved it by semicircular outbuilding – by apse. By the half graph of octagon can be proved the energy of apse, which we can find on ritual constructions of all kinds. The rotunda functioned so like family serve unit – people obtained there the energy. In most of churches the apses pile up energy of altars. It is interesting that apses have not the origin in basilicas but it is possible to find them even on the objects from much elder era.

For ritual construction architects chose places with larger concentration of energy, e.g. in inner bend of watercourses (graph of energy in inner and outer bend of watercourses is identical with a half of graph of octagon), in the place of crossing energy zones or above deposits of metal ores, minerals etc. Characteristic signs of certain sacred places on the world are replicate reconstructions at the identical place. On some Gothic cathedrals is evident that construction of towers was not finished. From that follows that along construction the constructors watched its energy and after achievement of planed value the mass of towers could not be magnified.

Experimentally tested finding of my research is the reality that every mass, including organisms, has its fundamental energy value. If the mass falls to contact with energy component of major charge, then takes from it energy. By organisms it is identical, cellules receive energy from inner overstrain of buildings. Physician biophysics has mentioned that cellular membrane has the capacity microfarad for square centimeter. The total area of cellular membranes creates so certain reservoir of energy for electronic of human body. It is generally known that any electronics is constructed for certain tension and a deviation of it makes breakdowns. So we can presuppose that to resembling effect will happen in human body – changes on cellules will evoke health disorders, too. From it has followed that the ritual buildings of all religions from menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs, mounds, till cathedrals, mosques, synagogues and other buildings were built for stabilization of tension on cellules and thereby for repair of human health.

Historic buildings by the influence of power stations, distribution of high voltage, large towns and other sources, obtained larger energy value than was primary proposed. Over modern buildings the designers have been not even engaged by energy of constructions. Statistics has indicated some buildings like “cancerous houses” and has called attention to some hospitals with major mortality. But that cannot be judged by empirical method, thereto will be requirement of new measuring instruments.

Energy of Antique Temples

The characteristic sign of Greek, Etruscan and Roman temples are the circumferential lines of vertical knurled pillars, under them central hall with the sculpture of eternal was placed. Columnar facades of antique temples are envisaged generally only like decorative architectonic component, but after my research the lines of pillars had also the energy function. Only priests could enter into the sanctuary, for gathering of believers the space in front of building was determined, where sacrificial alter was situated. On that account had been necessary the energy overstrain don´t create in the building, but in its vicinage. From the standpoint of finding, which I have described on my web sites, I can give hereto the following reading.

Energy components of pillars, which copy their shapes, by crossing of zones generate round the temple more thickened energy raster, in which major quantity of energy is found. It is perceptible from the graph where zones are illustrated (for lucidity interzones even energy of church interior have not be sketched). In case that pillars would have been placed under peripheral wall inside the building, the peripheral wall would create only horizontal zones and energy overstrain incurred by crossing of zones would be found inside the building. The vertical grooving of antique pillars, which has been the topic of various considerations, has its warrant. Their surface, length of zones and subsequently also the energy are thereby reduplicated. The energy effect of pillars round the temple was used probably for the first time in Egypt. It is also the part of architecture in Saint Pietro´s cathedral in Rome, where the whole length of Bernini´s colonnade are lined by pillars, which create in circular assembly room the same energy conditions like near antique temples. Another columned colonnade, but two-floored one, we can see on meeting-place of pilgrims in the middle Islam world in Mekka. The resembling colonnades are duplicated in cloisters of various sacral buildings.

The antiquity had contributed to advancement in energy of buildings also by apse and cupola. Though cupolas had existed in less scale already in antiquity, the pantheon in Roma with its colossal dimensions had been the first building of this kind. A cupola has appeared like most effective shape for concentration of energy, on its inner side creates utmost density of crossing zones and thereby also utmost energy overstrain. Domes of all sorts create any smallish energy effect. In the same way effective are circular and to a circle resembling ground plans of buildings. So as to the list of used energy shapes have been total, is to be mentioned even towers, which are in contact with major part of energy raster. Tips have also considerable influence on energetic of buildings, whereby I have been engaged in my web sites more detailed.

The mentioned shapes of mass, which create energy overstrain, can be followed on the architecture of sanctuaries of different religions and can be observed their evolution. Probably everything had started in Sumerian where towers and temples had been built. In Egypt there had been pyramids, temples, pillars and obelisks. The cultures, which had not have enough of means even understanding for hard constructions, had to content themselves with menhirs, dolmens, earthen mounds, circular constructions from rocks etc. The reality, that these cultures had known already “tower effect” for obtaining the energy, has indicated the erection of menhirs, in same cases more than ten meters high. Further circular buildings have validated that their architects had been acquainted with energy of mass.

We will come to the same conclusion by survey of other buildings also in distant times, which I will mention at random. Muslim mosques are characterized by cupolas, towers (minarets) and by series of pillars inside the sanctuary. Buddhist temples were built in the shape of cupola or in combination of cupola and tower. Hindu temples have tower form. On the lump of Christian buildings can be find all the shapes of mass, which generate energy profit. Which of them were built on chosen energy location is easy to determine by construction. Ritual constructions of all religions and all eras were built for accumulation of energy in their mass, which had positive influence for health conditions of believers.


We do not know much about menhirs, maybe only that erect rock could have served to ritual ceremonies. During past years I have published my new knowledge on megaliths that way, how they have resulted from my research, and it has been placed on The total results of experiments and new knowledge enable to carry out the appreciation of historical buildings out wider standpoints.

I have persuaded that the mass erect out of terrestrial surface obtains the energy according to the known physical effect “charge flux”, which was discovered by the English physicist Michael Faraday in the year 1824. It is indifferent if it is menhir, dolmen, cromlech, clay mound, zikkurat, pyramid, obelisk, pole, tower, or father resembling constructions. All of them obtain the energy out of energy raster by means of physical effect – charge flux. But the energy raster is not only the one source of energy, the further sources can be ore deposits creative in interaction with country rock local energy overstrain or also crossing of energy zones even long-distance sources. Some of such places are easy to find, usually alone megalithic or sacral construction there is built.

Watercourses are the big energy sources, especially in upside, where the water moves faster. Compared to direct streams major concentration of energy occurs in meanders and in inner bends of stream, which is evoked by the concentrated energy components owing to the bend. Great deal of Hindu temples is situated on sangam, junction of two rivers, what is the especially energy place. The historical construction placed in the bend of river is usually situated on its inner side.

The mass of construction can obtain the energy together from more sources. If it had not been the locality of mineral at the place of construction, it was replaced by metals or minerals installed into the construction. In zikkurats it had been the gold statue of godhood, in pyramids metal in their tip, in antique and other sanctuaries golden statues etc. If the watercourse had not offered enough of energy, the builders of cloisters installed to the construction conduits in which the traversed water had completed the missing energy.

The accumulated energy generates in the mass of construction the separated source and its energy components imitate the shape of the construction. In some its parts can be by various formation of the mass the energy voltage of construction more increased. Circular plots, arcs, copes and cupolas function at the identical principle like the bend of watercourse – on the inner side of concentrated zone they create the major overstrain. Already the master builders of the prehistoric sanctuaries on the island Malta exploited the energy effect of rounded formation of the mass – the plot of sanctuary and its inner space were rounded.

Circular constructions from mere ditches till Stonehenge are plurality, if the energy place had the sufficient overstrain, it was adequate to demarcate the energy place by a ditch. If it were needed to complete the energy of the place, the builders piled up to its energy place a mass, whose shapes have enabled the energy regulation. The circular plots just as the bends of watercourses have major density of zones and thereby they create larger concentration of energy compared to quadrate and rectangular plots. On antique, medieval even later sacral constructions are perceptible the exploitation of energy sources like the exposure to energy place, the quantity of tips, also rounded shapes of structural constructions.

The important qualitative sign in energy of constructions is the combination of minerals. The quantity of publications has mentioned that the part of minerals for historical construction was transported from sizable distance, though another mineral was at the place of construction sufficient number. At I have published several graphs of various masses and their combinations, where have been evident position of their energy zones and interzones. I have denominated that “bar code of mass”. The like graphs for various masses and their possible combinations I have created in the course of my research the great quantity and I have obtained the piece of knowledge that in all cases their bar codes have contrasted. Next I have not dealt with it. To obtain needed information in this way is troublesome, don´t go only about kinds of masses, but even about their proportions of their hefts. The number of combinations gradates that way to astronomic numbers.

Not all civilization could have afforded to build zikkurats or pyramids, to some cultures had to sufficed menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs or clay mounds. All constructions had functioned on uniform substances - the constructions with larger dimension of mass offered the larger power gain. From building the plurality of these constructions but follow further questions. Probably somewhere in antiquity had remained the mystery how the people had communicated between continents, what kind of method they had overruled the lingual barrier and who had all of that coordinated. The problem also remains down by which technology the people had transferred monoliths of hundred metric tones over natural obstacles at large distances or how they had used the energy of large constructions.

The creation of the large constructions had never stopped. It had passed through antiquity and Middle Ages until our era. It is unbelievable that the stately natural energy had remained hidden to attention of science, though it is found throughout around us and all organisms make use of it. We refuse perhaps wrongfully contemplation that long past cultures could have been in something more perfect.

We will understand it better when we will return 6000 years back to Sumerian, where suddenly advanced civilization had discovered, practically comparable with the civilization of antiquity. Since its evolution is not written down, Sumerians had to take a leaf out of somebody ´s book. I cannot speculate about from whom the information to Sumerians had been transferred, but I suppose that in this part of story people had made use of to us unknown energy. Zikkurats marked by all characteristic signs for the accumulation of cosmic energy suggest to it. It is repeated at pyramids, megaliths and in some further constructions.

If it seems to someone unbelievable, I recommend to repeat the experiment, which I have mentioned The test has argued that by means of energy raster, the rod and Morse code messages can be sent and received. Though the substance of cosmic energy is not yet known, the symbiosis of two imaginary conceptions – the rod and the energy raster – have made of them in the course of communication experiment two factors, which can be impeached no more.


It was probably in Palestineabout six thousands years ago when a man erected a first menhir. Formations of menhirs then followed, thousands was erected at places asunder substantially distant. There is not a rarity not even ten or twelve meters high over a heft of several hundreds tons. The biggest menhir called “Mené er Groah” near Lockmariaquer at Bretagne is 23,5 meters high. Probably at the same time or little later dolmens were built in plenitude, too. They are usually two or more large rocks, on which in some cases even 100 tons cover plate is put. It was built 2000 dolmens in India, and in Europe, Oceania and Tibet there were built also plenty. Dolmens Arabic, Palestine, Caucasian and other are known, too. More and more interesting creations of olden civilization are cromlechs whose ground plot has a form of circle and were built up from bulky rock, whereupon cover plates were put. Resembling bulky megalithic constructions were found in northern Africa, Pyrenean peninsula, Peru, Colorado and at many other places.

Clay mounds are also mysterious constructions and were built also in plurality on all continents in various sizes. At American continent they are called “Mound” and more than hundred thousands there were built. The biggest construction like this is artificial hill Silbury Hill at Europe. It is 40 meters high and its circular basis occupies a surface of two hectares. 36 millions baskets of chalk and clay was need for its erection.

Menhirs occur at many places in so far undocumented groups. A lengthwise stone heap of different sizes in dimensions about 10x 100 meters and ca 2 meters in height was piled up in spacing of late Celtic habitation on woody hill about 1,5 kilometers left hand shore of river Vltava (Czech Republic) in vertical direction to watercourse. EZ of watercourse moved all the time by a different influence of water upon the stone heap and transferred the energy to it. The similar menhirs were built probably at other places on the ground of simplicity and suitability.

Several tens of accurately surfaced cylinders from coarse-grained granite, which are situated in surroundings of Zvanovice brook near Jevany, to the east from Prague, can be also designated like menhirs. Most of these stones have identical average 120 centimeter, only some few have the average smaller. The height is variable – it moves from 30 to 70 centimeters. According a tale of local people many of those cylinders have finished on private gardens or have been broken. On adjoining hill alike mysterious objects are situated. Regular stony blocks and stones of uncertain shapes are dislocated there. All stony objects have rounded caverns full of water on their apexes.

A rock placed in energy component of watercourse has larger energy value than the watercourse. It follows that varied high stony cylinders had various energy values, so it is a regulation of energy. By the height of stones and selected time of staying there, people could have determined what quantity of energy they can draw. Stony objects placed on adjoining hill were not located randomly but they were put into EZ of watercourse. Water in their caverns took over the energy of rock. A drink of so energy modified water had a curative effect.

The iron pole in India originates from 9.century B. C., hefts 17 tons, is 16 m high thereof 7 meters is above the ground, and all consists of chemical pure iron. It is doubtless also menhir. In contrast of rock an iron has manifold larger fundamental energy value, which raises by its placing to energy component.

Unnoticed quantity of hypothesis, whereby are these constructions substantiated, only prove that as yet we don´t know to what purpose they could have served and why people of long past civilization applied to it so much effort. From my research followed on, that menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs and clay mounds could have been used like amplifiers and storage batteries of cosmic energy with following utilization of energy for curative purposes.

The new conception for exploitation of menhirs arranges the megalithic culture to a higher evolutionary degree until have been mentioned till this time. People of that era were acquainted with strange energy and used it by unknown method. It may be the principal reason why authors of technical literature of largely description character could not have given reasons for what kind of purpose the megalithic constructions could have been built. Energy exploitation of menhirs can be considered like a first hold at the solving of following problems, which can be heap sight complicated than we could presuppose.

From the mentioned experiments follows that megalithic constructions were built for energy gain. I suppose, however, that reasons for mentioned three sorts of megalithic constructions (menhirs, dolmens and cromlechs) is impossible to judge globally. Their architects kept certainly serious reasons for the difference of constructions. It is also necessary to realize that they were built from various sorts of minerals transported in some cases from distant areas, though other minerals were sufficient numbers at near surroundings. Dolmens and cromlechs were built from various sorts of minerals, too. Every substance has its specific code, which results from distances of EZ and interzones. Other codes different from primary codes rise at combination of minerals. The same result can be reached at combinations of minerals with other substances. Constructors of megalithic buildings did not create energy values only quantitative but also qualitative. I have not been successful even with approximation to qualitative energy values because it is a matter for long-term research in furnished laboratories under collaboration of software technologists. Therefore I will restrict in next descriptions of megalithic constructions only to quantitative energy value. In cases, where combinations of minerals or another substances occur, can be speculated that architects there created also qualitative values.

I sympathize with each one, who thinks that it is incredible, because primarily I have supposed, too. Seeing that the unbelievable effects will more escalate, I consider like necessary to take a think if a prehistoric man, which we know from ancestry, can be given to connection with the advanced technique that shown megalithic constructions and also artifacts from excavations such as boomerang. This dissonance is perceptible there, and historians will be obliged to re-value a great deal of various things.

Archaeologist find in mutually distant part of our globe boomerangs as well as menhirs. Apart of Australia boomerangs were used also in northeaster Africa; they were known in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and even in Europe. An oak boomerang, about 2.200 years old, was dug out in Holland. The oldest boomerang was found in Poland according to the radiocarbon method was its age approximately 20.300 years. In view of the fact that wood is not a very durable material, it may be assumed that long ago the use of boomerangs was quite widespread. Menhirs and the boomerang have their common ancient origin, are found on various continents, and share a high degree of technical sophistication.

Czech redactor Jan Novak has written “The aerodynamics of the boomerang is much more complex than that the aircraft wing, whose design cannot be conceived without any complex calculations or research in aerodynamic laboratories. The uplift of the aircraft wing is due to the shape of the wing that forces the air to flow faster along the upper surface than along the bottom one. A boomerang has the same profile, but the aerodynamics of this throwing tool is much more complex. The boomerang arms are at an obtuse angle and during flight they rotate around the centre of gravity that, however, is not situated at the point of the bend, but in free space a couple of inches below. Apart from the rotation, the arms perform the forward motion in the direction where the boomerang has been thrown. The arm rotating in the direction of the flight is flown over by air faster (as the speed of boomerang rotation and its forward speed add) than the other arm rotating against the direction of flight (In this case the speeds are subtracted). This results in the formation of a force that should incline the axis of rotation. Nevertheless, the issue is not as simple as that, due to an additional remarkable phenomenon called precession. This occurs with every rotating body and has the effect of attempting to keep the axis of rotation in a single direction. In this case it does not succeed, as the aerodynamic forces prevail, but it influences the flight of the boomerang so that the flight route acquires a complex curve ending at its origin. The flight properties of this primitive tool are quite extraordinary. The occurrence of a boomerang encountering thermal airflow and flying a distance of over 16 kilometres was observed”.

I would not be surprised if some sceptics would explain the boomerang as a bent branch that by pure chance exhibited the flight properties described above, and then served as a model for the manufacture of other boomerangs. Such an explanation would not stand up to the existence of boomerangs on several continents, similar to the case of menhirs. The discussion of a development of the boomerang does not come into question, as it must have been designed solely on the basis of aerodynamics, which had been instigated by the development of aircraft. Known facts indicate that the issue could only have been based on the handing over of information without knowledge of the actual principle involved. The age of Palestinian menhirs is estimated at about 4.500 years; the age of the Polish boomerang is about 20.300 years. The boomerang was used on Earth 20,300 years ago, for reasons of inadequate technical development our civilisation was unable to explain the principle of its behaviour until the nineteenth century. We may therefore assume that menhirs and their function have not yet been discovered for the very same reason.

At the appreciation of menhirs, dolmens and cromlechs from energy standpoint their evolution is perceptible. After experiences that watercourses are sources of energy, people don´t evade that individually erect rock around watercourse works a human more markedly. Next was probably the finding that the same character has a rock considerable distant from watercourse, and therefore rocks were placed around habitations. Some people got left because their rock was not energetic, and during further observation was concluded that the rock is able to obtain energy quality only at some positions. Afterwards people could have taught to identify such place, and likely was stated that tall rock provides a little quantity of energy even outside energy place, and so they tried to compensate it by larger mass of rock. Another finding could have been that tall eighty rock, which is built to energy place, has more energy.

People could have grown up to it that a rock has not the identical recuperative effect every time but only sometimes in limited time and probably they found a connection of recuperative effect with flow of water. By further observation people could have grown up to the finding that rocks the energy quickly gather and after slowly fade away. As rocks were used plenty to completion of energy, further finding could have followed on that some rocks or their combinations are preferable. Construction of large dolmens protracted the time of optimal effect, and a combination of rocks affected the quality of energy. I suppose that cromlechs generated identical conditions like dolmens, but more people could have participated of recuperative actions. The applied time of recuperative action of cromlechs was prolonged probably with energy completion by means of fires.

Hundreds of thousands of menhirs, dolmens and clay mounds placed at all continents, and manipulation with energy, which still lurks to attention of science, infers that it will not be easy to take bearings in ancestry.

© 2010 Miroslav Provod

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