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Dec. 20 - Are We Entering An Engineered Ice Age?

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Are We Entering An Engineered Ice Age?

by Zen Gardner

From a leaked Climategate email:

“The western world’s leading climatologists have confirmed reports of a detrimental global climatic change [cooling]. The stability of most nations is based upon a dependable source of food, but this stability will not be possible under the new climatic era. A forecast by the University of Wisconsin projects that the Earth’s climate is returning to that of the neo·boreal era (1600-1850) – an era of drought, famine, and political unrest in the western world.” (1974) Source

Pretty alarming. And of course suppressed, while we’re told the world is warming and to “turn the heat down” in every way possible, including “reducing our carbon footprint”. Excuse me for living.

So what are they up to?

Current Situation – Beginning of “A Little Ice Age”?

Record lows are being reached in many parts of the world. Almost daily there are new reports of virtually closed cities in Europe and Russia, with severe winter storms now pushing down into North America and even the Caribbean.

“Unbelievable amounts of snow” in Berlin (AW note: 800 flights grounded in EU)

Germany, too, is being hard hit. Thomas Globig from Germany’s weather service Meteo Media says:

It might even get worse: “It is quite possible that we are at the beginning of a Little Ice Age,” the meteorologist said. Even the Arctic ice could spread further to the south.”

In Berlin, there was an absolute cold record in early December, “For 100 years it had not been as cold as in the first decade of December,” said Globig.

The last two weeks have been the coldest in England since the second-to-last solar minimum, many hundreds of years ago.


The Cause for this Severe Cooling?

Globig sees two main causes for the significant cooling: First, the cyclical changes in the big air currents over the Atlantic, and second, the variations in solar activity.

“Everyone has heard about the high over the Azores and the low over Iceland,” said Globig. The most important question for weather forecasts for many years was: “What are the air pressure differences between the two regions, how stormy will it be – and how much mild air is being shoveled sequentially from the Atlantic to Europe?”

“Both pressure areas do not exist right now,” explains Globig. On the contrary, over the Azores there is lower air pressure and a high over Iceland. “The weather over the Atlantic is upside down,” said Globig. Now cold air from the polar region has lots of space to flow to Europe – and that is what is happening. (Source) (emphasis mine)

Interesting, something’s “flipped” the weather over the Atlantic. Hmmm.

Could anything or anyone be exacerbating this air current reversal?

Enter the Mad Science of the Global Elite

While it may seem the elephant in the living room is an embarrassed global-warming-turned-climate-change crowd, we may be missing some major factors staring us in the face. And deliberately so. Do you expect to be told the whole truth?

In fact, the idiots are saying the cooling is happening BECAUSE of the warming! And people believe it! They’ve been so shamed for being alive and having a carbon footprint they feel guilty and thereby not in a position to contest this insanity.

Geoengineering – Deliberate and “Accidental”

Up and coming on the world stage is a deliberately increased awareness and attempted acceptance of “geoengineering” – “scientific” methods for improving our environment. Again, most of these are based on the false Global Warming scare first conjured at the Club of Rome in the ’70′s that claimed:

“We are facing an imminent catastrophic ecological collapse” and “our only hope is to transform humanity into a global interdependent sustainable society, based on respect and reverence for the Earth.” Source


Interestingly enough I found this government graph about our “wicked” carbon emissions, nicely projected on a sky full of another of their nefarious experiments, persistent contrails or “chemtrails”, first appearing in the ’90′s and now prevalent all over the US, Europe and many other parts of the world. And they’re blaming us?

Below is a not-so-atypical sky if you’ve been looking up. Normal contrails? They’re covering the sky for some reason, and won’t even acknowledge they’re doing it. And most don’t even notice! Orwellian.

Don’t believe this is a government program?

Below is one of their own drawings of what they “propose” to do….as if they’d ever wait for the population or even our inept legislators to weigh in on it.

(Go to for more information on the impact of these horrific programs)

Multiple Purposes – Cooling Just a Bonus?

Not only do these toxic, reflective chemtrails keep the earth from heating, they also keep water from naturally evaporating from the earth, thus wrecking the water cycle as well. Crop production is down with lesser sun exposure, and the toxins from these aerosols are killing plants and soil and weakening the human immune system through metallic salts and lesser levels of Vitamin D. (Other even more deadly toxins have been found. Research chemtrails for more info.)

The Navy iron “fertilization” project under way in the Pacific northwest is just as troubling and will wreak havoc on the marine eco-system. This is not as well known and should be publicized more. See HERE.

Normal Jet Stream

Jet stream pattern takes on a special shape. Pictured on Friday.
Jet stream pattern takes on a special shape. Pictured on Friday.

Controlling the Jet Stream

The HAARP program in Alaska uses high frequency waves that bounce off the ionosphere and can manipulate the jet stream, amongst other things. Yes, that can affect the weather, and the program has at least two patents for weather modification. Think this isn’t in play? Think they keep their fingers off the trigger of a weapon this powerful?

Though denied by HAARP officials, some respected researchers allege that secret electromagnetic warfare capabilities of HAARP are designed to forward the US military’s stated goal of achieving full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020. Others go so far as to claim that HAARP can and has been used for weather modification, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more. Source

And remarkably there are several such arrays around the world. Here’s just a few.

The EISCAT facility in Norway

The massive Australian ELF transmitter in Exmouth, Northwest Australia

Chemtrails and ELFs

It is believed the chemtrail program is also useful to this weather control since it is heavily ‘seasoning’ the atmosphere with mainly metallic salts that resonate with the electro-magnetic impulses. Mind you, inhaling these for years also makes us vulnerable to HAARP-type technology, and apparently we now show up on radar thanks to the barium, but that’s another story.

Either way, the manipulation of the jet stream is very much a part of existing programs, so is it any wonder we’re getting weird weather patterns around the world?

Have the Ocean Currents Been Compromised As Well?

This is what “coveys” the temperature-regulating ocean currents around the world, besides the sea life that depend on it. If these are seriously compromised, it would have a profound impact on the world’s weather.

Gulf Oil Disaster Impact

As the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster grew, fears abounded. Not only could the Gulf of Mexico be turned into a toxic soup, but the water evaporation rates would drop due to the high oil content in such a large body of water.

Another concern was that the gulf loop current could stall. It apparently did. - BP Oil Spill Stalls Gulf Loop Current

Oceanographic satellite data now shows that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of the BP oil spill disaster. This according to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy.

He further notes that the effects of this stall have also begun to spread to the Gulf Stream. This is because the Loop Current is a crucial element of the Gulf Stream itself and why it is commonly referred to as the “main engine” of the Stream.

The concern now, is whether or not natural processes can re-establish the stalled Loop Current. If not, we could begin to see global crop failures as early as 2011.


Was This Deliberate?

The cover-up and downplaying of the BP disaster has been abhorrent, and extremely suspicious. We know big money and corporate and banking interests are involved for sure, but then forced use of the highly toxic dispersant Corexit takes it to even another dark level.

The circumstances around the original explosion, the indications of foreknowledge with Halliburton buying the clean up company days before the disaster, and then being the same company that came in to take over the cementing of the well cap just before it blew, and the ongoing cover up, all smack of 9/11.

We can’t tell people’s motives if they won’t tell us the truth. But we can sure look at the outcome.

Little Ice Age the Objective? Or ‘Bonus’?

I believe weather warfare, (as supposedly prohibited specifically by UN resolution 31/72 way back in 1977) means just that. Warfare. And this is waging war on the human population as the controllers do in every sphere of our lives.

Did they know it could possibly bring on an ice age? Sure. Do they care if it happens? They’re out to disrupt and control, so it’s all a bonus to them.

We’re up against evil here folks.


Besides this continued ecological and sociological assault being waged by the insane powers that be, something fundamental seems to be changing–and for the worse.

If this continued depletion of sunshine and clean air, destruction of our natural ocean systems, engineered drought and reduced food production continues, we’re headed for a man-made catastrophe.

And it sure fits their plan. These insane controlling elites are longing to reduce the world’s population, create a continued breakdown in the economic and socio-political fabric, and usher in their new world fascist dictatorship.

And they’ll do anything to bring this to pass.

Fear not, this will pass. The darkness cannot overcome the light.

But keep your eyes open–nothing is at it seems, and certainly not according to what they tell us.

Keep wondering, Zen

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