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Dec. 29 - THE MYTH OF MAN-MADE FLYING SAUCERS by Anthony Bragalia

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Many have touted the theory that the anomalous aerial craft seen in our skies are man-made. Authors of such material believe that UFOs are actually "secret US government experiments." Others maintain that these advanced craft are resultant from hidden "Tesla technologies." Still others maintain that there are really "WWII German flying saucers" and that we secured their designs. Some even believe that an "Illuminati" - or some closed cabal - controls this secret science.

A long line of researchers has promoted the idea that there has been a "legacy of suppression" of these amazing aerial technologies. They say that UFOs are craft of human construction. But all of these researchers are wrong. And incredibly, the US Government has itself quietly and craftily reinforced this fallacious "man-made UFO" belief over many decades.

The truth is that there are very good reasons that "genuine" UFOs cannot be the creation of man - and very good reasons to dismiss forever the notion that classified or covert human technology of any kind accounts for these strange craft.



There is no doubt that many sightings of UFOs are actually of advanced military aircraft. And there is no doubt that the U.S. military and Intelligence agencies do not mind when these craft are misperceived as "alien spacecraft." We do indeed have craft that are far ahead of what the public is generally aware. We've made circular craft and other craft of even far more novel appearance. And such ultra-high-performance craft are clandestinely test flown at places such as Area 51.

But many of the operational and design characteristics of some UFOs simply defy the limits of current human technology by anyone's measure - and will for at least many centuries. These characteristics include:

· The ability to "morph" appearance (including shape, density and size) often assuming craft configurations that are not even aerodynamic
· "Changing state" by exhibiting a defined material structure and then appearing as "engineered light" or plasma-like
· Seamlessly "splitting" from one craft into multiple craft - often creating formations
· Appearing in one part of the sky and - in a literal instant - appearing in a completely different part of the horizon
· Hovering silently and then moving at tremendous speed- without leaving a plume or contrail or without emitting a sonic boom
· Dodging advanced fighter jet intercepts and playing "cat and mouse" with the very military that should know of their existence
· Exhibiting flight maneuvers requiring G-forces that surpass the levels of human tolerance and endurance
· Displaying no rivets, bolts, welds, fittings, joints, seams (or intake and exhaust features) that are common and essential to all air and spacecraft in all history




On the very face of it there are very fundamental reasons why such fantastic craft cannot be our own. If we have had such aerial abilities for so many decades:

1) Why do they fly in full view of civilian populations or within commercial air routes?

With all of the hundreds of thousands of square miles of Area 51's and other such places, why fly publicly? It may test the "reaction" of the populace, but it would at the same time unnecessarily expose the technology and performance capabilities to enemy powers. In reality, security would never be compromised in that way.

2) Why don't we use this technology to transport our astronauts into space?

It makes no sense that if such UFO-like capabilities are man-made that they would not be applied in the exploration of the cosmos. Why continue to use "outdated" technology that relies on conventional combustion and thrust technologies, with extremely limited range and with significant safety issues?

3) Why is the technology not used in warfare?

If such things have been developed by our government, why have they not been applied in national defense? It would have instantly ended conflicts in past decades in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. If another country has been the developer of UFO-like technology, why have they not exercised such amazing aerial superiority during conflict?

4) Why don't we use this technology in commercial air flight?

Such navigation and propulsion breakthroughs would revolutionize the flight of people and parcel. Billions would stand to be made- and everyone would appreciate shortened flights!

5) Why hasn't the aerial technology been used to take over the world?

If the "controllers" of such technology are of nefarious intent (i.e. former Nazis, the Illuminati or even an enemy country) why have they not openly displayed their terror technology and by now have commanded the world's allegiance?

6) Why haven't other scientists anywhere in the world "stumbled upon" such aerial breakthroughs in intervening decades?

It is inconceivable that only a very few working within deep black programs (or who were WWII Germans scientists, secret Tesla disciples or the like) could alone have discovered the secret to such propulsion without any other scientists or physicists in private or university employ ever having envisioned these same technologies after all of these years.



The truth is that the US Government really wants us to believe that UFOs are man-made, and even by the government itself! Promotion of this belief has been both subtle and direct.

In 1997, Gerald K. Haines, National Reconnaissance Office Historian, issued a lengthy statement (now archived on the CIA's website) entitled "
CIA's Role in the Study of UFO's, 1947-90." Haines made official statements that "over half of all UFO reports from the late 1950s through the 1960s were accounted for by manned reconnaissance flights (namely the U-2) over the United States." Haines continues with this obvious absurdity, "The Air Force made misleading and deceptive statements to the public in order to protect an extraordinarily sensitive national security project."

Haines made these statements with great fanfare and received National Press Club attention. He even "slummed" and granted interviews on this to the paranormal press and sat for a lengthy interview with the now-defunct "
Parascope." Haines became the government's "messenger man" that UFOs were man-made.

But such admission by the US government is disingenuous. It is a "second layer" of cover-up. That is, Haines is revealing a "state secret" that he should not be revealing. And he is doing this in order to cover up the "real" secret: Real UFOs are not man-made.

If what Haines says is true, why "blow the cover" of a valuable "technique" used to encourage the belief that sightings of experimental craft are UFOs? By stating such, Haines limits the ability of the US Government to ever be able to use this technique again in the future.

And not coincidentally, Haines' statements were made at a time when the Air Force was issuing "Roswell Reports" denying that the 1947 crash event was extraterrestrial.
In that instance, the US Government also wanted us to believe that the UFO was ours - in the form of a Mogul balloon train. It is also during this same time period that the US Government officially acknowledged the existence of Area 51 as a hidden base for testing advanced craft. It is a pattern...

They would now have us believe that UFOs are in some way ours rather than Others
. They'd rather confirm that we confuse the craft with advanced aerials of our own than to compromise the ultimate state secret: The UFOs are from other worlds.

Bear in mind too that Gerald Haines is associated with liars. The agency for which he works - the NRO - even denied its very existence for decades and then refused to report its location, nature of operations or its taxpayer-provided expenditures. In fact, I have in my possession a letter from the 1970s from the US Government denying that it had any knowledge of the National Reconnaissance Office!

And this is not the first time that the government has implicated itself as the cause of the UFO phenomenon...



In 1953 (the very year after the historic and still-mystifying UFO "wave" of 1952) the USAF commissioned a prototype VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing craft) to the experimental "AVROCAR" that was disc-shaped. Later, images and films were released to the public of the AVRO disc in "flight." These films and pictures were distributed as reels and for TV and still today can be seen on YouTube.
The silent implication was that "we fly the discs." It helped to fuel the belief later promoted by some researchers that the government's UFO craft account for the amazing aerials seen in the sky.

The truth though is this: The government would never have openly released such AVRO related material if they were really intensely planning on making secret, circular supersonic aircraft. If this really were a future and serious development goal, they would not let their enemies know about early experimental efforts in that direction.

And such discs were actually notoriously unstable
. They lacked any kind of fine navigation and control - and could rise no higher than the height of a man. These circular plane-forms made short hops that were not considered true flight. Many aeronautical scientists to this day remain perplexed by just what the government was attempting to accomplish with these circular craft. They are considered by many to have been the world's worst aircraft.

But still, such images of such craft planted the seed that UFOs were man-made and even built in the USA. They continued to reinforce this idea by authorizing the release of ridiculous, fictional images (like the one pictured below) to instill somewhere in the back of the public's mind that
we make the saucers:


A Note: Readers know that I maintain that the US Government does hold ET hardware from the 1947 Roswell crash. However I do not believe that we have been able to fully "reverse engineer" their craft. Given that the pilots are extra-temporal, their technological achievements are unable to be replicated in our time. We can attempt analysis, but we are very limited in our ability to learn details of its design- let alone its operation. The materials of construction of the craft however (as found in the "memory metal" debris) would be comparatively less difficult to attempt replication than entire engineered systems that could be made operational.)




It is a long-held notion by some that Nazi scientists perfected advanced aerial craft like flying saucers. Somehow after WWII the US took Nazi scientists under the "Paperclip" relocation program and encouraged them to engineer the UFOs that we see even today. Other versions say that the Nazis were in collusion with aliens or that they relocated to bases of saucer operation in Argentina. Of course all of this is entirely untrue. It is a complex story involving fake photos and documents, fraudulent science and deep-seated and historical reasons for belief in such "Nazi UFOs." What we really got from the Germans were rockets - not saucers. This issue is addressed very completely in a related post appearing in a 2009 blog, The Nazi UFO Lie (which can be found in the archived postings at this blog).



Just as some unscrupulous authors enlarge the Nazi advances in aerial technology, so too do the fanatical adherents to the early inventor Nikola Tesla. He is said by some to be the inventor of virtually everything. And just as websites pop up continually extolling Nazi saucer achievement, so too do websites that link Tesla's supposed UFO science. Googling keywords: Tesla + UFO yields an incredible 170,000 "matches" to sites expounding this nonsense.

In reality Tesla's technologies would in no conceivable way enable the flight and performance characteristics of some sighted UFOs. And Tesla's technologies do not relate to achieving "anti-gravity" as many maintain. In fact, Tesla is "not all that." He did not invent AC Power as proponents say. (Hippolyte Pixii did in 1832.) He did not invent the transformer. (William Stanley did in 1885.) And he most assuredly did not invent the induction coil as his followers insist. (Nicholas Callan did in 1836.) The truth is that Tesla was more of a theoretician than an applied, real-world engineer. Something of a showman, he often "borrowed" ideas wholesale from others and was "patent-happy." Tesla has nothing to do with UFOs.



Some propose that UFOs are the result of hidden technologies that are under the control of "The Illuminati" or a similar secret cabal that operates outside the auspice of any country's government. The "Illuminati" (or "Enlightened Ones") is a term that has designated various groups since the mid-1700s. There are many conflicting narratives about this group and researchers of it are rarely in agreement. The various secret plots and covert alliances they spout are as dizzying as they are paranoid. Some even link the illusive Illuminati with outer space technology. Others maintain that UFOs are human technology funded by the Illuminati, who also oversee its development and deployment. Googling keywords: Illuminati + UFOs yields nearly 350,000 "matches" to sites propping such utterly groundless belief. Such ideas are propounded by authors such as Jim Keith, in his 2004 Saucers of the Illuminati. Despite centuries of Illuminati speculation and conspiracy theory - there has never emerged even an iota of evidence that these private groups have influenced the direction of the history of technology in any continuing, appreciable way. Nor is there any proof whatsoever that they have developed "things of wonder" like UFOs and that they then keep them from the rest of us.



Mad Scientists, Nazis, Secret Societies and the US Military have all been implicated as being causes for the UFO by various people over the years. And all of these purported "causes" are wholly inadequate to explain the reported phenomenon. They are also often based on misguided beliefs. These beliefs find their roots in the concept of exclusion. For instance, most of us will never be as smart as a rocket scientist like Von Braun or as technically visionary as a Tesla. We will never be invited to be a Bilderberger or to become a member of the Trilateral Commission. And most of us reading this are not privy to the latest advances in technology that are held by the military and their contractors. Because we are excluded from these things, we create ideas and stories about them. We elevate them to places that they need not be elevated. We think that they are even behind the UFO.

People support such beliefs because they fear people from other planets.
For them, it is easier and less "threatening" to assign a human cause to the UFO mystery. A non-human answer is unacceptable. Unlike the rabid skeptic - who cannot even accept that such strange craft flitter our skies - these misguided accept that such amazing aerial craft do exist. But they would rather believe that our own military is capable of such stellar technology. Or they would rather think that it is resultant from the "buried science" of "excluded engineers" whose designs are suppressed - or of a secret cabal that suppresses them. Still others wish to think that the once-feared German technology still somehow reigns the skies. Anything but the Alien. Not the Extraterrestrial...But this is indeed from whence the UFO comes.

These vehicles are not of Man. They come to Earth, but they are not from Earth. The craft are piloted by those who are at once interplanetary and inter-dimensional. No vaunted human science - no matter whose it may be - can match the fantastic feats of the real flying saucer phenomenon.


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