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Jan. 27 - Why Global Warming is the Least of our Concerns‏

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Why Global Warming is the Least of our Concerns

Before I get into my Global Warming brief I’m going to give my regular readers a quick update on what I’ve been working on since my last Global Transitions Report at years end and what my readers may expect as far as upcoming content.

I will soon release an article with demonstrations of the empirical methodologies one can use to validate the predictive powers of the Tzolkin cycle… methods anybody can employ.  This is a very significant development in that it will provide further evidence for the existence of the Tzolkin Cycle and bolster my claim…  that the Tzolkin cycle represents the greatest natural history discovery of all time!!

Also in the pipeline is a followup analysis of my ongoing study of the novelty/change tracking TimeWave program. The results are impressive and intriguing to say the least. Stay tuned both reports will be out by months end. Once I publish the two articles mentioned I will begin work on “What is a Planetary Culture and Who is a Planetary Citizen”.

Priorities for the Emergent Culture Movement

The world is beset by mounting problems of every sort and our leadership agencies are busy maintaining the status quo at the expense of everyone else and every living thing. What are ecosocio progressives to do in the light of such dire circumstances?

Let’s assume that the hundreds of thousands of pro-ecosocio organizations around the world came together to form a coalition large enough to coordinate the efforts of hundreds of millions of people worldwide as outlined in my proposal a Movement to Unite All Good Will Movements.

At this future and hypothetical Worlds People’s Congress a list of priorities to address humanities most pressing problems would be drafted.  After a thorough evidence based analysis of the worlds collective problems it was determined that an immediate cease fire to all hostilities and multilateral disarmament would be the first demand of the World’s Peoples Congress. And the last item on the list of priorities would be Global Warming.

Militarism would be our first concern because it inflicts the greatest harm on society and the environment and drains away untold trillions of dollars into oblivion just so the richest among us can grow richer.

Secondly the money used to create untold problems via militarism could now be allocated to solving problems…imagine that. 

With militarism dispensed with we could now direct our new found resources toward solving the world’s other collective problems?

This is what is meant by swords to plowshares or the conversion of militarism/armaments/disaster industry companies into useful problem solving companies.  What follows is my rational for placing Global Warming concerns at the bottom of the list of priorities so that progressives may focus their time and energy on humanities more clear and present dangers.

My contention is that Govcorp is manipulating the Global Warming issue so as to distract from the real problems, create pretexts for more government taxation and develop carbon trading schemes to further enrich well positioned Govcorp entities.

Furthermore the act of resolving humanities more clear and present problems will simultaneously address the presumed causes of so called Anthropogenic (man made) Global Warming (AGW)

Graph A: Click to enlarge. This graphs show the major climate shifts of the last 4500 years. We are well within what it to be expected of earths' climate variability.

I DO NOT DENY that the Planet has experienced an increase in average
overall temperatures over since the mid 1800′s when what is known as the little ice age came to an end.
What is unclear and wholly inconclusive are the causes of the temperature increase. 

The primary purpose of this article is to show that there are more questions than answers to the matter of GW and as such environmentally sensitive groups and individuals should instead focus their time, money and energy on problems that are much better defined and pose unquestionable clear and present dangers. 

I have absolutely NO economic or any other vested interests in petroleum companies, companies or organizations  in general of any sort who would have an interest in promoting biased science with regard to AGW, nor am I affiliated with any government or government agency from any country. 

My sole interest is the accurate and untainted presentation of scientific fact. If you are familiar with my website then you know that my work involves exposing government and corporate corruption.

Why Global Warming is the Least of our Concerns.

An increase in CO2 is NOT Always Associated with Higher Temperatures.

The key premise of AGW proponents is that increasing CO2 levels will lead to inevitable and corresponding increases in the mean global temperature. They are plenty of studies that contradict the foundational premise of AGW proponents. Climate is just not that simple. The entire AGW is built around a premise that has been shown to be false. CO2 is just one of many variables involved in determining global temperatures.

Weather is Not Climate.

Graph B: Click to enlarge. Weather is not climate. Climate trends are measured in hundred of years not decades. 

Weather refers to what is going on in the atmosphere right now or in the recent past. Climate is a sustained pattern of weather activity. The question is how long must a weather pattern hold so that it can be called a climate shift.

The graphs displayed in this article show that long term heating and cooling trends over the last 12,000 years last between 1000 and 2000 years. While shorter term oscillations last between 300 and 600 years.

Even within a general period of cooling or heating there are oscillations in temperature every 10 to 20 years as shown by graph C further down .  The data used to “prove” global warming is usually a graph that starts at the end of what is known as the little ice age (circa 1400-1800AD),  a  period of below average temperatures for the last 10,000 years.

Inaccurate, Misleading, Erroneous and Hyped AGW Claims

Many of the concerns and possible implications of Global Warming (GW) have been overstated, exaggerated and unsubstantiated. Every day brings more expose´of failed predictions and unsubstantiated claims
Climate Change Science is in it’s Infancy.

Climate science is a developing field with much to learn and then factor for the enormous number of fluctuating and indeterminable (volcanic eruptions) variables at play. It will take decades before climate science gets any kind of grip on future climate trends. If that is even possible given the number unpredictable and yet to be discovered variables.

A small number of volcanic eruptions could send the planet into period of global cooling within a matter of months and with far more devastating results than those proposed by GW scenarios.  The suns influence is also a factor and predicting solar activity is just as difficult as predicting earth’s climate which is turn largely influenced by varying levels of solar activity.

The latest study says cosmic rays contribute 40% to global warming. We are just learning about all the factors. Modeling them accurately is another feat altogether and could quite likely be an exercise in futility.  Take for example the independent researcher who armed with a only a laptop outperformed the forecasts of England’s meteorological agency and their super computer .

The Interests of Govcorp have Muddled Climate Science

IPCC boss Rajendra Pachauri has been under pressure to resign for conflicts of interest and for allowing the IPCC to promote exaggerated and unsubstantiated AGW claims

The Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been exposed time and time again of promoting flawed science, overstating claims and being plain wrong.
Things have gotten so bad with the IPCC that its head has been under pressure to resign for conflicts of interest and general mismanagement. If we have learned anything about governments and corporations it is that they cannot be trusted in the least. There are front groups of all sorts promoting every sort of propaganda and misinformation. 

If you click on any other link in this article then I strongly suggest you read The World Economic and Geo-Political Game Plan Unveiled.

Governments Solutions are not Solutions:  Carbon Trading?

If the culprit behind AGW is increasing CO2 then plans should involve lowering emissions, yet nobody wants to cut emissions levels enough to stave off the predictions made by AWG proponents. Two problems: Proposed cuts not enough to deal with purported problem and the worlds countries can’t agree on what’s been proposed.

Instead of finding ways to curtail emissions, carbon trading programs have been proposed. Carbon trading has been exposed as nothing more that another way for governments to justify more taxes and create more opportunities for Govcorp sponsored trading schemes. Schemes the public pays for.

Climate Fluctuations are Entirely Common and to be Expected.

The graphs displayed in this article show that long term heating and cooling trends over the last 12,000 years last between 1000 and 2000 years.

Click to enlarge: The Medieval warm period was warmer than today when CO2 was far lower. 

While shorter term oscillations last between 600 and 300 years. Even within a general period of cooling or heating there are oscillations in temperature every 10, 20, 30 or 40 years as shown by graph C.

The data used to “prove” global warming is usually a graph that starts at the end of what is known as the little ice age (circa 1400-1800AD). A period of below average temperatures for the last 10,000 years. A real picture of expected fluctuations can only be revealed by looking at time spans over thousands of years.

What Scientific Consensus? 

The only word to describe the scientific communities position of Global warming is polarized.  Those with the greatest stake in AGW hype are monied interests with large budgets to air and promote their propaganda, while individual scientists and science organization cannot not hope to have their message heard on the same scale as Govcorp.

We’ve Got Bigger Fish to Fry!

The only thing we can say for sure about GW is that temperatures have risen above the mean temperature of the last 10,000 years or so.  But that has happened dozens of times within the same period, so we are not experiencing anything abnormal.

The CO2 argument has been invalidated by several studies as the sole cause of the current warming period. But as the graphs demonstrate oscillations between cool and warm periods do happen without regard to human activities.  As you can see there are far more questions than answers and then we have to be suspect of all of the various claims and solutions put forth by Govcorp.

On the other hand we are faced with a host of very clearly defined and present problems in which there are no questions about their seriousness and immediacy.

Click to Enlarge: Individual temperature fluctuations within what was known as the little ice age, a period of general cooling between the 1400's and the 1800's. 

Unlike the ultra complex, innumerable and yet unknown variables of climate, we know how many people live on the planet. We know the rate at which populations consume food and resources. We can calculate the exhaustion of food and resources at current rates of population growth.

At current rates of deforestation rain forests will disappear in about 100 years. If every country on the planet consumed like the USA, as the capitalists would like, we would require the resources of 5 earths.

Fresh water is drying up. Food supplies are dwindling. And then throw in the whims of weather and those dates could come sooner.
Then consider the gargantuan problems of Govcorp corruption and rampant militarism. Conditions that consume trillions of dollars. Money that could be spent on a host of existing evidence based solutions to combat the very real problems right in our midst.

If we assume that AGW is a real problem then we must consider that by resolving Govcorp corruption, demilitarizing our economies and resolving the many other problems we simultaneously resolve many of the issues that are said to exacerbate Global Warming. 

And What about Global Cooling?

Then are those scientists who say that the planet is entering a cooling period. They too have graphs and studies to back up their claims. Global cooling was also on the agenda of the 2010 Bilderberg meeting. A group considered to be the agency determining the political policies of Western nations.
The independent researcher who has out forecast the MET center believes his analysis of the available data points to a period of imminent global cooling.
In 1974 Time ran the article How to Survive the Coming Ice Age. At that time they thought that global cooling was the trend.  Thirty years later and we now have a warming trend—just as we should expect. The climate varies and from our vantage point we can’t predict how long a trend will last.

As you can see there is an enormous amount of information to digest. And then factor for Govcorp’s involvement and we have a rats nest of biblical proportions on our hands.

Points of Conclusion
  • We have much bigger and fully present problems in our midst to deal with.
  • The main premise behind AGW  that more CO2=higher temps is flawed and inaccurate.
  • The science behind AGW is muddled and questionable.
  • There are more far more questions than answers.
  • We are well within the planets range of climate fluctuations.
  • By addressing the real and present problems we also address GW concerns.
  • There is no scientific consensus on the current nature of GW
  • Government solutions are NOT solutions to the supposed problem.
  • Many AGW claims have been found to be false, misleading or exaggerated.
  • We must consider the science behind a suspected cooling trend.

A Smattering of Recent Articles on the Subjects Discussed Herein
Video: The Story of Cap and Trade

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