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JAN. 29 - ANALYSIS: The Timewave, the Webbot and the Massive Tipping Point of November 2010‏

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Road to the Great Awakening? The Timewave and the Massive Tipping Point of November 2010

Making waves
Whew…  the last two and half months have been fast and furious with happenings of every sort.  And this is supposed to be the slow time of year in the northern hemisphere.
This report serves as a review of my pilot study to test the premise of the TimeWave Zero software program as a measure of novelty or change in our world.
If you are new to the TimeWave material then I suggest you review my introductory article on the subject and then the first TimeWave report to make sense of and appreciate what I relate in this report.
I must emphasize that I am not “trying to prove” the TimeWave right or wrong—I am testing its premise. But I will add that the results are provocative enough to continue with further studies. The implications are enormous should the TimeWave be validated.
My first Timewave report was sparked by the announcements of Clif High, developer of the Alta Program aka the Webbot. Near the end of October 2010 reports began to circulate about an impending “tipping point” in mid November 2010.

Clif High and His Webbot
The specifics made by Clif High in his latest futures report refer to dates and times pertaining to the beginning and ending of periods of “tension releasing” and “tension building” . Clif derives the phrases tension releasing and tension building from his analysis of the emotional content of the words prepondering on the internet.
Clif’s method for predicting future events is based on the linguistic analysis of emerging web content. It is as if the reverberations of mounting future events are able to bleed through humanities collective unconscious and be expressed in the words we chose today.
This is not as far fetched as it may seem. The CIA and Google have partnered to create a venture whose purpose is to predict the future based on content that is emerging now.  The scientific establishment has also lent credibility to this notion and I have also written a paper showing how this is possible.
click to enlarge. This part of the report refers to the emergence of a Frenchman and of revolutionary thematics. Indeed Frenchman and famed soccer star Eric Cantona was in the media spot light for his call to revolution via bank runs. A bank run was organized in Europe for Dec. 7th 2010 but the turnout was anticlimactic.
Clif analyzes his data and issues reports giving his take on what it could mean in terms of events and windows of time. His last 36 page report is for the most part long winded, garbled and cryptic. Rather ironic when he purports to be deciphering meaning.

Three of Clif’s Predictions were Met
I did find three themes in his report that did indeed manifest within the time period he indicated. One theme pertained to “precious metals”, another to a “Frenchman” and the last to the epic flooding that affected many parts of the world from mid December through mid January. I have included snap shots of the report pages where those references are found.
What intrigued me about Clif’s last report was the mention of specific dates and time periods and how uncannily precise those specifics correlated with dating features on the Timewave. In my initial report I gave some scenarios as to how that could be so.
But at this point I feel inclined to say that Clif is more than likely using the TimeWave to give his reports a timing backbone and thus enhance the value of his reports, but without giving credit to the TimeWave.
I’ve been aware of the TimeWave’s existence for many years, but until now I had not studied it intensely to see if I could discern any utility or patterns from its form and properties.
The TimeWave’s basic premise is that novelty will reach some sort of zero point or singularity near the December 21, 2012 date….yes the day the Mayan Long Count cycle restarts.
The Timewave was developed independently of Mayan Calendar knowledge… interesting huh.
Terrece Mckenna, the TimeWave’s developer began work on the TW during the late 70′s.  Information about 2012 did not come out until the publication of the Mayan Factor in 1987

Click to Enlarge. On this page Clif mentions gold and precious metals. Gold did reach its all time high and and silver rose to a 30 year high. Max Keiser has created a wordwide stir with his Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan Initiative.
The Approaching Singularity
So what does a zero point or singularity mean? The most broad based definition of a singularity points to a set of conditions within any kind of system where complexity and/or intensity aggregate to such degrees so as to make predictions about how the system will behave and/or look like near impossible.
The systems in question are the world system that governs the vast majority of the super organismic system known as humanity.
Technologists and technophiles speak of a “technological singularity” near 2030, but I don’t care much for their half-brained, no heart vision of a self absorbed cyborg humanity oblivious to everything else.
Humanists on the other hand have been speaking about a cultural singularity and they have hitched their wagons to the December 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar convoy.
The hopes of the humanist community is a cultural singularity that will hopefully result in a course correction that will begin to transform the prevailing culture of insanity and exploitation into a culture of real problem solving, anti-exploitation and eco-sensitivity.
Such an event would indeed be novel in the history of humankind where brutality, cultural primitivism and exploitation have ruled since the birth of imperially fueled civilizations over 6000 years ago.  The current world system seems to have reached its maximum potential and the majority of humanity would like nothing more than to see it transformed.
Indeed… a functional analysis of every aspect of the current world system points to system failure and unsustainability.  And quite bluntly a scourge that must be transformed if we have any hopes of salvaging humanity and the biosphere from a fate worse than death.
Click to Enlarge. Floods/ Catastrophic weather receive lots of mention in Clif's report. A proportional amount I would say given the actuality of epic rains, mudslides and flooding that were felt around the world in Dec. and Jan.

SOC it to’em
The question of a cultural singularity is not a matter of will it happen, but of when.
The development of singularities are best modeled by what is known as the principle of self organizing criticality (SOC). SOC is a well defined property of systems and it is driven by the sheer dynamics of growth, accretion and complexification.
As a system grows or accretes and develops over time it reaches points where organizational instabilities are inevitably reached. The critical point is commonly known as the tipping point. The tipping point leads directly into a period we commonly call chaos or the more technical—a phase transition.
Chaos is another word for extreme novelty or the frenzied reorganization that eventually leads to the restabilization or collapse or some combination thereof, of the system in question. Think bankruptcies, avalanches, revolutions, earthquakes, divorces, outgrowing and finding a new home, waste elimination and the simple act of decluttering.
My questions are… does the TimeWave actually and accurately map and measure of the ebb and flow of change or novelty in the system known as humanity and if so then how does the concept of SOC fit in with the TimeWave?

Expansion and Contraction
Clif’s use of the terms tension releasing and tension building are appropriate to growth dynamics. Each of the examples given above must accrue growth as in the accumulation of snow for an avalanche or tension as in the build up of strain along an earthquake fault.
The stage leading up to the tipping point of any system maybe characterized as the tension building phase. Once the critical tipping point threshold is breached the boundaries of the system are dissolved and energy is released in its many forms, reorganized and eventually resettled into some novel configuration.
The very principle of motion insures that growth or accretion will continue and the cycle continues ad infinitum. Humanity has all the properties of a system and is therefore subject to all of the dynamics of self organization.
Click to Enlarge: Notes on reading the TimeWave
If the TimeWave is an accurate map and measure of the degree and rate of novelty then we should be able to see this. To test this I selected and plotted the events that have captured the most attention on a global scale over the last two and half years.  If I missed any events that you think should be included then please leave a comment to that effect.
A single graph is by no means a way to measure all of the novelty that is unfolding, but it gives us a measure of what and how much is happening at the Planetary scale.

Reading and Riding The TimeWave
The TimeWave plots a waveform with its attendant landscape of inclines, declines, peaks, troughs and flat spots. The bullet points listed below apply to the example in fig. “Notes on reading the Timewave”  above and to your right.
  • Degree of uphill movement on any segment of the waveform means a corresponding  decrease in the rate novelty.
  • Degree of downhill movement denotes a corresponding increase in novelty.
  • Tension building phases would correspond with shifts toward uphill movements and uphill movements themselves.
  • Release activity would correspond with shifts toward downhill movements and downhill movements themselves.
  • Flats spots would correspond to a steadier rates of novelty.
We must bear in mind that since October of 2008 the tendency of the TimeWave is entirely downhill until it reaches zero value or maximum novelty on December 21, 2012. Along the way there are minor uphill periods here and there. See fig. “It’s all downhill” below left.
We must also consider that each increase or decrease in novelty is relative to the increases and decreases that have come before.
While overall rate of novelty (frequency of novel events) should begin to slacken slightly as depicted by the incline of decreasing of novelty that starts on or about Jan. 18th, the magnitude of novelty characterizing events is maintained by the relative depth of the waveform.  Please see graph 2 for visuals and more details.
Click to Enlarge: It's all Downhill
Clif High did NOT mention in his reports that we should expect big 9-11 like events to necessarily happen on the dates he calls out. Many people have mistakenly assumed that something big was was supposed to happen on the dates he called out.
According to Cliff the November 14th 2010 tipping point was to signal the start of a tension releasing period and January 18th 2011 was to signal the start of another minor tension building phase.
It is very important to understand that even though January 18 signals the start of a minor tension building phases the rate of novelty slackens only relative to what has come before. See  graph 2

Study Highlights:
Below I note the most significant events of the last two years as they relate to the most significant features on the Timewave of the same period—the tipping points of October 2008 and November 2010.  I distinguish between the first events that signal the tipping point’s arrival and the cascade of events that may follow for months after the overturning moment of the Tipping Point.
The Tipping point of October 2008 was characterized by
  • Major Stock Market Failure, Lehman Bankruptcy and World Economy in a tailspin.
  • The release of billions of dollars to “save” Wall Street and the World Economy in general.
  • The Election of the Western worlds first Black man to the office of President (people released their votes after a long tension building campaign period)
  • Israel releases a deluge of fire power on Gaza
The Tipping point of November 2010 was characterized by
  • The 2nd release of billions of dollars to “save” Wall Street and the World Economy in general.
  • The failure of the Korean G20 meeting
  • The launch of Max Keisers Initiative to Crash JP Morgan
  • The release of democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi from prison Nov 13
  • The release of a couple held by pirates for over 1 yr released on Nov. 14
  • Hostilities unleashed on the Korean Peninsula
  • The release of the Great Wikiflood

The Anomalous Feature on the Jan. 2011 portion of the TW decline and the Arizona Assassinations.
Clif made it a point to identify a two day period in January where the rate of emotional release would sharply increase. One of those dates coincided with the Arizona Massacre. Click here to see graph in question.

The Graphs
The enclosed graph plots the above noted events and many others. I have plotted those events with worldwide significance and/or implications. If you make it an effort to stay informed then you know that the novelty factor is off the hook.
At every scale we are experiencing an increase in novelty (qualitative change) and in the number of events per unit of time (frequency of events). The Timewave plots a graph of ever increasing novelty that culminates in some sort of singularity near the end of 2012.
My next report on the TimeWave will delve into the relationship between certain events plotted on the Timewave graph in this report and their relationship to the thematics predicted by Tzolkin cosmology. You will note that I have plotted the start of each Tzolkin cycle since November 4 of 2008.
The thematic connections between key events and the start of each Tzolkin cycle are unmistakable.zietgiest or spirit of the times since 2006, through 2012 and until 2019 is accurately identified by Tzolkin cosmology….stay tuned!! I will also show how the overall

Graph 1: Series of Events Plotted Against the Backdrop of the Timewave
Click to Enlarge: Plot of events from September of 2007 thru January of 2011

Graph 2: The 4 Scales of Novelty Between 10/2008 and 12/2012
Click to Enlarge: Here is a look at the 4 scales of novelty and some of the implications.

Graph 3: The Arizona Massacre and the Corresponding TimeWave Feature
Click to Enlarge: It is here that Clif makes mention of an acceleration of release factors for a 2 day period in January. One of those dates Jan. 8 coincides with the Arizona massacre. Clif also mentioned two other dates, Jan. 1st-2nd and interestingly enough there was a 7.0 earthquake on each day. He did mention earthquakes in his report. There was another major 7.2 earthquake in Pakistan on Jan. 18th---day of peak novelty. Three 7.0 earthquakes in less than 3 weeks is very uncommon. I will later release a study I'm working on where I plot all of the earthquakes over 7.0 that have occurred from 2000 thru 2010. I have found that it is very rare for earthquakes to happen on the steep uphill climbs of the graph which would make sense if the inclines point to times of increasing tension.
For a closer look at the Timewave graphs themselves itself I suggest a look at my introductory report on the TimeWave.

TW Founder Terrence Mckenna Describes the Timewave


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