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27:01:2013 -- A Review of the Most Awaited Day in History D21-2012: The Grains of Truth and an Expose´of Those Who Obscured It

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A Review of the Most Awaited Day in History D21-2012: The Grains of Truth and an Expose´of Those Who Obscured It

 Depiction of the New Fire Ceremony from The Codex Borbonicus

At the root of most everything said
about the “Mayan Calendar’s end” is a grain of truth.

And we have reason to celebrate because the most significant
and relevant grains have sprouted and are taking vigorous root.

Depiction of the New Fire Ceremony from The Codex Borbonicus
The most awaited day in history came and went, and the mainstream media had a back slapping field day acknowledging that the “Mayan Apocalypse” had failed to materialize. All of the ridicule, delusions, fear and false hopes associated with December 21st, 2012 fall squarely on the shoulders of spiritual charlatans and pseudo-scientists and their naive and scientifically illiterate audiences.

The non-events of December 21st, 2012 should be a wake up call to the self-proclaimed spiritually awakened. And in particular to the faithful followers of the late Jose Arguelles, Carl Johan Calleman, Graham Hancock, Greg Braden, Mitch Battros, David Wilcox and Patrick Geryl. Those of you who follow Arguelles know about all of the magical things he predicted would happen on December 21st, 2012. Specifics further down.

In order to distinguish himself Calleman invented his own Mayan Calendar end for October 28, of 2011, and he went as far as too predict that “global humanity will attain nondualistic enlightened consciousness by the end of October 2011. It will simply not be possible not to be enlightened after October 28, 2011″ ~ Carl Calleman

Even Daniel Pinchbeck, author of The Return of Quetzalcoatl, still clings to the claim that December 21st, was a “hinge point — in a shift of planetary consciousness.” The phrase shift or transformation of consciousness must be the knock out buzz phrase for the New Age/spiritual/mystical community.

All of the authors mentioned, including John Major Jenkins have used the phrase in either the title of their books and/or they use it extensively within their books. Jenkins is by far the most grounded and best researched of the well known 2012-Mayan Calendar (2012-MC) researchers so I can only surmise that his use of the phrase in the title of one of his most recent books is a marketing tactic used to appeal to those who are fond of content that seems to promise a “transformation of consciousness.”

But why the inordinate attraction to the concept of transformation of consciousness? In our context consciousness means the mind’s awareness of itself and the world. Within the New Age/spiritual/mystical community the phrase has come to connote lofty, noble and progressive thinking and/or an “enlightened” state of being.

For the sake of brevity and accuracy I will henceforth refer to the aforementioned community as the Mystics to distinguish between grounded and ungrounded forms of spirituality. Ungrounded forms of spirituality are based on archaic and obsolete ideas, superstitions, psychobabble, pseudo-science, baseless concepts and outright fantasies.

It’s not that I depreciate or take for granted the wonder of existence, but why should anybody believe that the zero date of a calendrical age is going to transform people’s consciousness or bring about any other mass or exceptional effect for that matter? The only reasons that many fall for the “transformation of consciousness” pitch is sheer naiveté and in particular scientific illiteracy.

How is awareness of oneself and the world—transformed —when awareness is not an object that can be transformed into something else. Awareness is a process that automatically records sense data as electro-chemical brain activity and neuronal connections. The mind then does its best to interpret the data. But the mind is a relative entity that is only as effective as the quality of information it contains. Meaning that a weak data base can only generate weak assessments.

At best we can modulate the process of awareness to limited degrees and then it takes exceptional effort and circumstances to achieve what are at most temporarily enhanced states of awareness.

Under normal circumstances we can actively seek to increase the number of items we are aware of by seeking new experiences and purposeful learning, but that says nothing about the veridicality of each item. Meaning that you may have read all of the books by all of the authors mentioned herein, with the exception of Jenkins, and at the end of day much of what you have learned about 2012-MC exists only in your head.

Veridicality refers to the degree of relationship between the ideas we have about how or why anything exists, functions and/or happens and the actuality of it. See Why We Believe What We Do and Why We Should Be Concerned for more details on the challenges of ascertaining what is true and what is not.

Under extraordinary circumstances we can momentarily yet dramatically enhance our awareness by ingesting a psychoactive agent and/or engaging in consciousness altering practices such as meditation, drumming, chanting or dancing to name a few of the more common techniques.

A few have special talents that enable them to modulate their consciousness at will or it happens to them spontaneously, but a calendar zero day has never been shown to alter consciousness much less transform it.

But spontaneous events can alter consciousness in permanent and dramatic ways and in particular traumatic or life altering events such as the unexpected death of loved one, a shamanic initiation, a psychotic episode or when you’ve learned that you’ve been deceived in very big way.  In certain cases the use of psychedelics can also leave us with permanent and significant alterations in our state of awareness.

Otherwise I am sorry to report that a spontaneous transformation of mass consciousness is not remotely possible on any day.  We must replace the misleading and useless concept of transformation of consciousness with the precise and practical—transformation of leadership culture— ; for it is the policies of our current leadership agencies (governments) that are propelling the degeneration of society and the natural world.

The dominant leadership culture of Imperial Civilization thrives by economic parasitism e.g., taxation, monetary monopolies, and resource theft. A practice made possible via a misinformed, domesticated and distracted subject class.

The ruling classes leverage their power to immiserate the vast majority of humankind and then they use our collective resources build better cages for the subject class, to realize their vision of the world and to amass their fortunes at the expense of nature and society. It is the leadership class who controls our collective resources and it is they who appropriate the commons for their benefit.

If we were to spend our collective resources on improving and educating society to the same degree that our governments develop militarism then an enlightened society becomes a plausible reality.

I sense that the most enlightening thing about December 21st, 2012 was that, unsurprisingly, none of the many predictions came true for that day. To the disillusioned I say demand evidence and strive for scientific literacy so that you don’t end up believing in delusions. And if you won’t make the time or don’t have the patience for scientific literacy then at least read those who do.

And while we are at let us also demystify scientific literacy. Scientific literacy is a concise term for universally valid knowledge of how nature works and of how such knowledge is arrived at and applied effectively. Knowledge that is not dependent on faith. The Earth tilts on its axis whether we believe in it or not. If people knew about plate tectonics then they would never fall prey to those talk of sunken continents (Lemuria, Atlantis) because continents don’t sink.

According to the United States National Center for Education Statistics, “scientific literacy is the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and processes required for effective; personal decision making, participation in civic and cultural affairs, and economic productivity”. A scientifically literate person is defined as one who has the capacity to:

understand, experiment and reason with basic scientific facts and their meaning.
ask, find, or determine answers to questions derived from curiosity about everyday experiences.
describe, explain, and predict natural phenomena that accords with universal actualities.
understand articles about science in the popular press and to engage in social conversation about the validity of the conclusions.
identify scientific issues underlying national and local decisions and express positions that are scientifically and technologically informed.
evaluate the quality of scientific information on the basis of its source and the methods used to generate it.
pose and evaluate arguments based on evidence and to apply conclusions from such arguments appropriately.
It is my hope for all concerned that December 21st, 2012 was the beginning of the end for pseudo-scientists and spiritual swindlers. If our world is expected to evolve then the majority must learn how to separate the charlatans from the diligent.

The True Meaning of D21-2012

Before I go on to talk about the grains of truth I want to touch on what I had been saying in anticipation of December 21st, 2012 (D21-2012). On April 21, 2009 I published my first article on the significance of the Maya Long Count calendar’s reset. That article is entitled Transitioning to a Planetary Culture: Trend Convergence and The Case For Socio-Cultural Transformation.

And then on September 15 of the same year I published a second article is entitled Imperial Civilization has Run Its Course: The Birth of a Planetary Culture is Upon Us. The titles of both articles clearly indicate that my take on the root meaning of D21-2012 is planetary scaled socio-cultural change. I also expressly state that such changes have been taking place well in advance of D21-2012 and that they would continue long after the Long Count’s zero date.

I have always said that D21-2012 was a day of observance and that if anything exceptional happened on that day it would be socio-cultural in nature. And that was the case as millions around the world gathered in observance of that day.[2]

In order to appreciate the universal relevance of D21-2012 one must understand the concept of cycle juncture window (CJW). A CJW is a period of time either side of a cycle’s zero date. I have found that shift type events are most apt to happen within a CJW and that the magnitude of such events are proportionate to the scale of the cycle in question. A CJW is also proportionate to the size of the cycle in question.

For example the solsticial year cycle has a CJW of around 36 days while the outgoing 5125 year Maya Long Count Cycle (LCC) would have a CJW of around 520 years. This means that shift type events are most apt to happen within a window 18 days before and 18 days after the solstice zero date for the solstice to solstice year cycle. While proportionate shift type events for the much longer LCC would be most apt to happen within a window of time 260 years before and 260 years after the zero date.

One example of a proportionately scaled shift type event or series of events for the LCC was the shift from hand based production to machine based production that started in the mid-1700′s. A shift commonly known as the Industrial Revolution.  A shift that began 250 years ago. More information on shifts and the various CJW’s maybe found in Anticipating Personal and Collective Shifts in Relation to MMAC Time Science.

The one other key theme associated with cycle restart is renewal as it pertains to the socio-cultural domain. And how has this theme manifested itself?  Imperial Civilization is over 5000 years old.  Large scale rebellion against this age old institution began 52 years ago with the onset of the 1960′s counter cultural revolution.

The ongoing rebellion reached new levels of organization and scale with the emergence of the Arab uprising in January of 2011 and the Occupy Movement in the fall of the same year.  And then with just 11 days before D21-2012 the world’s latest anti-establishment movement—Idle No More— sprang to life.

The world’s 100,000 plus social and environmental justice movements are also manifestation of the socio-cultural shift that has been underway since the 1960′s. After a slow and steady period of emergence and development during the sleepy 70′s 80′s the movements got a major boost when the internet became publically available in the early 90′s. The emerging Planetary Culture seems to have shifted into high gear over the last 2 years and that process can only continue to grow!

Socio-cultural renewal was the only happening prophesied by precolumbian Mesoamericans [1], and it is also the only happening implied by the LCC’s D21-2012 zero date.

It’s hard to say how many millions of people observed D21-2012 out of fear, hope or reverence.[2] Whatever the precise number it was significant because those who observed it out of hope and reverence represented just about every culture and nation. That means that D21-2012 was a cross cultural ritual event on behalf of humankind and its socio-cultural evolution. I did my part to rally people to observe and use the momentum of D21-2012 to help propel the growth of the emerging Planetary Culture with the following 3 articles.

The Universal Meaning of 2012 and the Mayan Calendar: The Mythos, Astronomy and Sociology of 2012-MC
Call for a Global Jubilee: Why and How to Celebrate December 21st, 2012
Call to Action: Let’s Declare a Year of Jubilee on the Most Awaited Day in History

As the sensationalists and wannabe prophets fall by the wayside I want to stand out as the one independent researcher who had his feet planted firmly on the ground, and as one who did not succumb to sensationalistic tactics for the sake of notoriety and commercial success. The true story of 2012-MC doesn’t need to be sensationalized or exaggerated to be appreciated. The truth about it is fantastic enough.[1]


THE MAYAN PROPHECIES: This was perhaps the biggest lie told by 2012-MC writers because there are no oral or written Mayan prophecies to be found anywhere!

The Grain of Truth: There are only two verifiable prophecies related to 2012-MC. The main prophecy is around 1200 years old and is of Zapotec origins. The second prophecy was given by the man who delivered the Zapotec prophecy. They are both documented in a 1971 book and they both have come true. [1]

THE END OF THE WORLD: This lie was propagated by the mainstream media. Not a single pre-columbian culture predicted the end of the physical world and neither did the present day Maya. No 2012-MC author that I know of made mention of the “end of the world” in literal terms but many did predict large scale cataclysms.

The Grains of Truth: The Aztec Legend of the 5th Sun is a mythological account of 4 previous world ages and their subsequent destruction. According to the Legend we are supposedly in age of the 5th Sun and it too is to be destroyed. The Legend of the 5th Sun is a mythical tale and therefore cannot be taken literally, but in a mythically illiterate culture literal interpretation of myths is a common problem.

Large calendrical periods such as the Maya Long Count calendar are referred to as world ages. D21-2012 marked the end of a world age. The scandalous mainstream media dropped age and instead declared the rumored end of the world.

However, I do believe that we are witnessing the end of the dominant world system of the last 5000 years. That is the transformation of a cultural system that I call Imperial Civilization. Imperial Civilization has defined the overarching process, thrust and characteristics of human history since its inception.

Meaning that the Imperial model of socio-cultural processes is what has given form to the collective human world of the last 5000 years. The world of Imperial Civilization is defined by leadership agencies (governments) that are characterized by tyranny, rule by force, deception, secrecy, economic subjugation, economic parasitism (taxation, monetary monopolies) gender imbalance, ecological indifference, privileged violence and war as an economic strategy.

If anything must end then it’s the world of Imperial Civilization. The nascent Free Information Age is the undoing of Imperial Civilization because the free flow of multi-sourced information and omni-directional info-channels is diametrically opposed to the Imperial model. The rallying cry heard round the world is planetary scaled revolution against the Imperial establishment!

CATASTROPHES aka EARTH CHANGES: Baseless claims about impending poles shifts, crustal displacement, killer solar storms, super volcanic eruptions, Planet X, Comet Elenin, photon belts, Planet Niburu, and galactic superwaves all managed to capture the attention of the scientifically illiterate.

The Grains of Truth: The Gulf Oil disaster, the Haiti earthquake, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the resulting and ongoing Fukushima disaster, eminent ecosystem collapses, resource depletion, overfishing, deforestation, pollution, ongoing mass extinction event, radical climate extremes and oscillations, increased earthquake activity, faltering economic system, record breaking natural disasters, and worst of all a super deranged leadership class that has settled on endless warfare as a means to enrich itself are all large scale catastrophes.

In the September 2009 article mentioned earlier I wrote. “From my vantage point the catastrophe is upon us and it’s called Western Civilization 1.0 gasping for its last few breaths as it strives to maintain the status quo at all costs. What more calamity do we need in order to recognize that the world as a whole is in the grip of a serious and unprecedented socio-environmental crisis?”

If the state of the world is not enough to unsettle you then you have been socially desensitized and politically neutralized. And not to mention ecologically indifferent. If you need an assessment of just how close humans are to the precipice of human induced cataclysmically scaled ecological disasters please take a look at The Great Wikileaks/Occupy/Jubilee Movement, the Approaching Apocalypse and your Two Choices.

We are indeed in period of increased seismicity, but we needn’t worry about that trend increasing until the Earth breaks apart. Which is what the sensationalists would have us believe. Earthquake activity follows the same curve as the sunspot cycle. Except that solar maximums with the lowest sunspot count are associated with a still greater increase in earthquake frequency and intensity. And we happen to be in the middle of low sunspot count solar maxima hence the increase in earthquake activity.

MYSTICAL-MAGICAL: I must preface this section by saying that the contributions of Jose Arguelles are paradoxical to the story of 2012-MC for it was he who started the confusion surrounding 2012-MC and it was he who also rediscovered what I believe will one day be considered the greatest scientific discovery of all time.[1]

Jose Arguelles predicted a “rainbow bridge” around the earth, universal telepathy, the biosphere-noosphere transition, and spontaneous mass enlightenment. Dolores Cannon predicted a transition into a 5th dimensional realm. Countless others have referred to a Rapture like Ascension and David Wilcock said that our pineal glands would be instantly flooded with DMT. Calleman asserted spontaneous mass enlightenment and Jenkins hinted at a transformation of consciousness.

The Grains of Truth: In the early part of 1900s the Jesuit priest and French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the Russian geochemist and minerologist Vladimir Vernadsky toyed with the idea of an emerging noosphere or “the sphere of human thought.”

Arguelles liked the sound of the noosphere concept and began proclaiming that the Long Count Cycle’s reset date was the “Omega Point” that Teilhard de Chardin was referring to as it related to his borrowed idea from Vernadsky on the biosphere-noosphere transition. To Arguelles the noospheric Omega Point meant the advent of universal telepathy.

I am confident that Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin foresaw the emergence of the internet even though they did not articulate it in technological terms. But in functional terms it is the Internet that they were describing.

The Arguellen claim of universal telepathy is best modeled by Twitter. Twitter is the real time transmission of thoughts offered onto the collective planetary brain or directed at a specific person. Twitter, email and text messaging are technologically mediated forms of telepathy.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” ~ Arthur C. Clarke.

The transformation of consciousness meme is a hyperbolic reference to the universally expanded state of awareness made possible by the free flow of information from any point or individual on Earth. The consequence of which is the gradual transformation of our harmful socio-cultural practices.

THE TIMEWAVE: I did not include Terrence Mckenna in the above list of pseudo-scientists because he made a sincere effort to place his Timewave theory on a sound mathematical footing. Though he did speculate a great deal about what his Timewave theory meant. The question has always been whether or not the Timewave theory bore any resemblance to reality. I did what I could to test its premise as a measure of novelty and it seemed as if there was a relationship.

I used the Timewave graph to accurately anticipate 4 upticks in human activity over the last 2 years. The key events listed in the following tally are only the most significant and cornerstone events of the time periods in question. The first instance was the outbreak of the Arab Spring. The second uptick was the emergence of the Occupy Movement and the third was a general across the board intensification of world events. The fourth and final instance was the outbreak of the Global Debt Jubilee meme in late August and September.

The problem with any further testing of Mckenna’s Timewave theory is that it does not go past D21-2012. December 21st was indeed a culmination of sorts, but novelty will continue increasing as long as humans keep innovating.  I’ve recently learned that Peter Meyer, the Timewave’s software programmer, has a version of the Timewave that goes until 2018. Perhaps the Timewave saga is not over. Time will tell.

THE SHIFT: David Wilcock’s Shift of Ages book profile page proclaims “The Earth is already undergoing a Dimensional Shift.” Need I say more? When a pseudo-scientific book such as Wilcock’s makes the New York best sellers list; then you know that it’s a sign of the times. Greg Braden also touts the Shift of Ages meme by telling us to brace for a “zero point pole shift.” He says the last one happened 12 to 13 thousand years ago and that it was the event that sunk Atlantis and caused the great flood.

Pole reversals do happen but they do so only once every one hundred-thousand to every one million years. The average interval being around 450,000 years. The last one happened 780,000 years ago. Additionally, pole reversals take about 1000 to 10,000 years to complete. Meaning that they are not sudden and catastrophic.

And as I mentioned earlier continents do not sink in sudden cataclysmic fashion. The Biblical flood legend is about 5000 years old; not 12 or 13 thousand as Braden states. There is strong evidence to suggest that the great flood was caused by a comet induced tsunami.

Thus far we have two possible sources for the Atlantis mythos and both involve a volcanic induced tsunami. The first event in 1500 BCE wiped out what was the most sophisticated culture of its time—the Minoans on the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean. The second event happened on the Atlantic facing coast of Spain around 1159 BCE.

Somewhat grounded versions of “the shift” involve the transition from a predatory warring culture to a peaceful compassionate one. But even the more grounded visions, such as those of the Shift Network, do not offer viable pathways to facilitate the transition from one state to another. I fear that the Shift Network is more about peddling spin your wheels spiritual workshops than anything else since the practices they sell do not address the real issues.

The idea of a globally scaled shift is based on the premise of highly significant change. In our case a hypothetical reduction of the world’s already bloated military budgets by 5 or 10 percent does not constitute a cultural shift. Global demilitarization and disarmament would be the kind of planetary scaled cultural shift needed to convert our warring world to a peaceful one. The Shift Network message of a shift to a peaceful world cannot be taken seriously unless they were to take up the cause of demilitarization.

The Grains of Truth: The world is in a state of increasing change and instability and that means that shifts of all kinds are taking place. But are they the types of shifts we need to transition out of Imperial Civilization? The answer, based on the worldwide growth of democratizing trends, is a resounding yes! Prior to the age of the internet each nation was under the near absolute control its respective government, but the genie is now out of the bottle and he’s not going back.

Governments have told us that we have enemies to fear, but more and more of us are realizing that our truest enemy is in our midst. We are learning that governments as we know them are the most deadly of all cultural cancers. The social sickness has been identified and people around the world are mobilizing to bring about sane and just forms of leadership.

If we are to shift to a better world then it will be because we have disarmed the beasts and figured out how to do away with imperial governance and all of the problems they create. Instead of building up armies and armaments we will devote our collective resources toward ecological integrity, social betterment and real problem solving.


1). The Legend of 2012: Part 1 The Legend is Alive and Well ~ A True Story

2). Lisa Clapier  with told me in an email that 2,777,430 people email confirmed observance of D21-2012.  The actual number would be higher since we cannot expect everybody who observed was aware of Unify’s participation tracking system nor can we expect 100 percent compliance with their request.


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