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Report 231
November 3, 2013
Joseph P. Skipper

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There is a wide-angle panoramic multimedia color image strip supposedly of a portion of Mars terrain drawn from MSL Curiosity data posted at the links below by JPL on behalf of NASA. It is wide laterally and comes with the ability to on line scroll around as well as zoom in and out. According to the NASA Photojournal at the link immediately below it is a mosaic of images taken by Curiosity's Mast Camera while the rover was working at the "Rocknest" site in October and November 2012.
It is no doubt meant only to be a representative example of the planet's dry and inhospitable dessert like terrain. The only trouble for them is that it also contains two small bright and highly reflective flat round disc shaped objects very similar to each other that stand out sharply in that terrain.

Even though highly reflective these two objects are small and are not easy to locate in the image. The one on the right was brought to my attention by Humberto Reyno of Italy while the one on the left was discovered by me. Humberto is to be congratulated on being very sharp eyed as well as understanding the significance of such evidence even though small.

The first image above demonstrates the location of the first evidence object in the left portion of the image strip to help any who wish to check it out in the NASA/JPL image link above. The second image above accomplishes the same thing for the object in the right portion of the strip.

The above third and fourth images demonstrate a closer view that is just beginning to show the small left and right disc evidence objects along with a better view of the context terrain close around them. Again this should help those wishing to verify this evidence in the official NASA/JPL material.

By the way, note the object that I have pointed out with a red arrow and question mark in the upper right portion of the third image. It looks like a skull or head with some sort of adornment on the top of it. It could be something like part of a statue or it could just be a rock. The thing is though that rocky looking debris to the left of it may also suggests the possibility of a impact strewn field in which may be busted up statue parts. I'm just pointing it out to you to let you know that I am aware of it. What ever it is, in my opinion it just isn't definitive enough to be worth putting in a bunch of time speculating on it. For the time being let's just keep it in mind.

There are other items in this strip that raise the suspicion of being anomalous including a broken off statue horse's head not shown here but also may just be rocks with chance configurations familiar to the human eye. If you check out the official strip, be sure to look for them and see what you think.

The above fifth and sixth images demonstrate the left and right Curiosity disc shaped evidence at maximum zoom factor allowed in the official NASA/JPL image strip. As you can see it's not all that good but then surely you didn't believe you would get more out of NASA material posted for public consumption despite the advanced camera technology always officially promoted.

However, it is good enough to see how bright and shiny these two objects are and even as small as they are how they stand out big time in their surroundings once located. It should be obvious that these are objects in the terrain and not native geology or camera or processing artifacts. It should also be obvious that these objects are perfectly round with very high reflectivity indicating that both are relatively flat on the upper exposed surface. Note that the right object is casting a tiny shadow on the near underside further confirming that it is a physical object laying on the ground.

In other words these objects are obviously artificially machined discs and likely metal. Beyond that it is speculation whether they are really objects on the real Mars planetary surface or just part of terrain originally imaged on Earth to play a role in the Mars Curiosity visual data as an obfuscation tactic. If they are the latter, then no more needs to be said by me because they aren't real in the Mar's data and it's just the usual boring secrecy obfuscation missed by those who applied it.

On the other hand, if they are something real in the Mars terrain, then the question becomes how did obviously artificially made objects get there on a world that is not suppose to have such things unless they are incredibly ancient? But, note that both appear very clean as evidenced by their super shiny appearance. Even the metal gold with a flat surface facing the sky would collect wind blown sediment over time and would eventually collect enough sediment to blend in with its surroundings if not bury it completely. This suggests that they are both newly deposited and haven't been laying there long. Has some of the MSL Curiosity or previous missions equipment fell off and come to rest here?

If not, then we are looking at parts originating from someone else's equipment. If accidental, then that takes care of that. However, they could have also been intentionally placed before hand along the anticipated path of the Curiosity rover to monitor it. I suspect it would be relatively simple to monitor the rover's communications with Earth to determine where it is directed to go next and then place interception devises along that expected course. Even our self absorbed scientists and the secrecy people should be very interested in such a possibility because of its obvious compromised intelligence implications.

The main reason I am placing emphasis on and reporting on such small items is because of their implications. There can be little question that this evidence is artificially made and that it is too clean to have been laying there long. If it did not come from one of our Mars missions, then it could be proof of someone here on Earth creating this terrain's details obfuscating what is really there and making a mistake in the process. The alternative is that someone on Mars dropped them from their equipment by chance or by intentional design.

Because someone here on Earth does not want you and I to be considering such lines of questioning, these are big time heavy implications that we are not suppose to think about. We are suppose to be compliant and think only about what has been approved and supplied to us like the idea of ancient water just below the Mars surface as a resource that Earth's colonial and profit aspirations can capitalize on not fettered by moral considerations.

There is no definitive answer to these speculations but they are none the less growing increasingly necessary. It is what happens when military, intelligence, and secrecy takes over space exploration. It results in trust falling to the wayside. You secrecy types have no one to blame but yourself.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

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