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Ellen Lloyd -- Shining Ones And Magic In Ireland - Secret Wisdom Of The Gods

9 May, 2014

Ellen Lloyd - - NOTE from the author: This is an article I wrote some years ago and I would like to share it with all readers of MessageToEagle. This time I investigate the secret, ancient wisdom of Tuatha De Danaan. - Ellen Lloyd

"Not of the Seed of Adam are we, 
Nor is Abraham our Father. 
But of the Seed of the Proud Angel
Driven forth from Heaven."

I accidentally came across this Gaelic chant from the Hebridean island of Barra, while doing research on the Watchers' activities in various parts of the world. 

The "Proud Angel Driven forth from Heaven" is of course according to the Christian tradition Lucifer, the fallen angel, who together with one-third of the angels rebelled against the supreme god Yahweh. They were all punished and cast out of heaven.

The intriguing question is - what was the Watchers' connection with the people of Ireland, Britain, and Gaul (mainland Europe)? What kind of secret, ancient wisdom, were the Druids trying to conceal and from whom did they gain their magical powers?

Tuatha De Danann
According to Julius Caesar, the people of Gaul claimed to be descendants of Dis (equivalent to Pluto), the God of the Underworld inhabited by the dead. 

Dis is said to have dispatched a group of Gaels from Hades, ordering them to take possession of Ireland. Was this statement pure Roman/Christian propaganda on Caesar's behalf? Did the people of Gaul really pay their tributes to demons, or is the true history of Gaul more complex?

Dis (equivalent to Pluto), the God of the Underworld

Is it not possible that the Gaelic people did in fact worship our alien gods, who once upon a time arrived on our planet and seeded life? The history of the Celts is indeed often puzzling, and we may never know the whole truth about these peoples' origins. However, taking a closer look at the Druids and their beliefs might help us cast at least some light on this mystery.

I am a Serpent, I am a Druid

The Druids belong in the distant past in Celtic history. They were intelligent and remarkable individuals in a number of ways. Unfortunately, the information we possess on the Druids, is limited. These great magicians, as they were often referred to did not keep any written records of their sacred knowledge. Writing was more or less prohibited among the Druids. It is therefore difficult to track their history. Even if there ever were any Druidic documents, which seems unlikely they would not have survived after the Roman invasion. Although many Irish epics do in fact speak of the Druids, none of the Irish source literature is actually written by the Druids themselves.

Ancient Druid - Celtic Priest

From what we know about the Druids, they existed in Britain, Ireland and throughout Gaul. Their main function in the society was priesthood, but not only. These Celtic priests acted also often as doctors, teachers, scientists, judges, and advisers to the kings.To become a Druid was not an easy task.

Druidic training could take as much as 20 years, and since writing was discouraged, the student had to memorize sometimes up to 20,000 sacred verses.

The most important mystery schools were located on the Island of Anglesey (Island of Mona) and on the Island of the Druids, which is now called Iona. St. Columba later converted the school on Iona into a Christian monastery.

After the Roman invasion, Druidism was prohibited in Britain and Gaul, but the Druids remained powerful on Ireland until the coming of the Christian era.

The Druids shared a number of beliefs with the ancient Egyptians. They were Sun worshippers, they taught reincarnation, and they believed in the immortality of the soul. These mysterious priests were familiar with the secrets of the universe. They were skilled astronomers and they possessed the ability to read celestial patterns. 

Caesar's comment on their astronomical knowledge was the following:

"They discuss and impart to their youth many things respecting the stars and their motions, respecting the extent of the universe and of our earth, respecting the nature of things, respecting the power and the majesty of the immortal gods."

Nature played a vital role in the life of every Druid. Secret rituals were carried out in caves and forests. Certain hills, groves, and stones were considered to sacred.

What perhaps most characterized the ancient Druids were the spells through which it was believed that they gained their magical powers.

Brian, Iuchar, and Iucharba, are called tri dee Donand, "the three gods (sons of) Danu," or, again, "gods of dán" (knowledge)

They used to meet during a full moon night, near a sacred mound or grove, and if possible during a lighting storm. A circle with elements of the Dragon was traced upon the ground. During the ritual, the priest held his wand high up in the air, while chanting a sequence of magical words loudly pronounced in each of the four directions. Incantation was a method used to summon the great Dragon from which they received their unusual powers. The power was a form of energy that moved through the Druid's body and enabled him to perform magic. 

serpent was, as in many other cultures recognized as a symbol of wisdom and strength. The Celtic Druids used to pronounce, "I am a Serpent. I am Druid." No country in Europe is more associated with the serpent than Ireland.

Ancient sources tell the priests were capable of weather manipulations. During the Roman and Christian invasion of Britain, the Druids are said to have cast horrific spells, which resulted in severe climate changes such as heavy flooding and snowfalls. This made it more difficult for the invaders to reach the island, although they finally overcame these obstacles. On the coastline of the Menai Strait, the soldiers became terrified and paralyzed as the watched the Druids casting spells upon them. Tacitus related as follows:

"On the coastline, a line of warriors of the opposition was stationed, mainly made up of armed men, amongst them women, with their hair blowing in the wind, while they were carrying torches. Druids were among them, shouting terrifying spells, their hands raised towards the heavens, which scared our soldiers so much that their limbs became paralyzed. As a result, they remained stationary and were inquired. At the end of the battle, the Romans were victorious, and the holy oaks of the Druids were destroyed."

The Druids were also renowned soothsayers and they were familiar with the secrets of levitation. It is therefore not particularly surprising that the locals, who were regularly, confronted with these "miracles" considered these Celtic priests to be true magicians, standing in direct communication with the ancient gods themselves.

They Came in a Dense and Dark Cloud

In an Irish manuscript, it is written that:

"All who are adepts in Druidical and magical arts are the descendants of the Tuatha De Danaan."

The Iron Mountain, where the Tuatha De Danaan landed in a dark, dense cloud.

Who were the legendary Tuatha De Danaan?

The true origin of the Tuatha De Danaan is unknown. The name means literally "the folk of the god whose mother is Dana." These fabled Irish gods appeared one day, on 1st May (Beltane) out of nowhere.
"They had no vessels… No one really knows whether it was over the heavens, or out of the heavens, or out of the earth, that they came.
Were they demons of the Devil - were they men?" 

Eochaid Ua Flainn

Actually, the Tuatha De Danaan were neither demons nor men. They were the alien gods, the ancient spacemen, and a group of blond, fair-skinned, and handsome beings, who ruled the Earth in prehistoric times. Their superior intelligence, artistic skills, and magical powers, which were based on highly advanced technology, laid the foundation of Druidism. Before the Tuatha de Danaan came to Ireland, they spent seven years in Scotland and some years in Scandinavia.

According to some of the earliest sources, the Tuatha de Danaan came from the skies. 
In the Book of Ballimote, Fintan, who lived before the Flood gives us the following account:

"After them, the Tuatha De arrived
 Concealed in their dark cloud 
I ate my food with them 
Though at such a remote period."

The Tuatha De Danaan landed in a dense cloud on the top of Sliev-an-lerin, the Iron Mountain in the County Leitrim. 

This is very interesting, because it is clear that they appeared in a manner similar to the Watchers when they descended on Mount Hermon. In the Book of Enoch it is written:
"Altogether, they were two hundred who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon."

The Anunnaki, the Sumerian gods descended also on a mountain. In the Sumerian Epics of Kharsag we read:

"At Kharsag, where Heaven and Earth met, 
the Heavenly Assembly, the great sons of Anu~
 arrived (descended) - the Many Wise Ones."

Later, the name "Kharsag" became synonym for "mountain". It is a fact that many ancient cultures associated their worshipped gods with specific mountains. We have the Watchers on Mount Hermon, the Anunnaki at Kharsag, the Tuatha De Danaan on the Iron Mountain, Zeus had his abode on Mount Olympus, Indra, known as the Lord of Heaven, the Rider of the Clouds resided on Mount Meru, north of the Himalayas, just to mention a few examples.

Technology not of this World

Upon their arrival, the Tuatha De Danaan, the legendary magicians had to fight two major battles, before they could take control over Ireland. 

In the first battle, they encountered the Firbolgs (the Men of the Bags), who they defeated at Magh-Tuireadh. Legends relate how the Tuatha de Danaan cloaked themselves in a mist, which enabled them to appear and vanish out of sight as they wished. Naturally, this act completely confused the Firbolgs, who had major problems keeping track of their enemy. Cloaking technology was frequently used among the ancient space gods. In 
Voices from Legendary Times I describe how the alien gods of India for example, used invisible shields as well as holographic projections. No doubt that the Tuatha De Danaan were also acquainted with the same technology.

During the second battle, the Tuatha de Danaan faced the Fomore. They were evil giants, who launched raids on Ireland from Tory Island. One of the leaders of the Fomore was the giant Balor. He used to send a powerful beam ("flux of energy") across the channel between Tory Island and Ireland, to blast his enemies. Descriptions of him suggest that he was rather a machine than a living creature. He was a frightening giant, compared to a Cyclops whose eye cast out a beam that turned his enemies into ashes. Moreover, his only eye could blast a whole army when he opened the seven eyelids protecting it. This undoubtedly special eye of his, had to be kept open with the aid of metal hooks held up by assistants. During one of the battles, the god Lugh, using one of his magical weapons, the Assal spear managed to put Balor's evil eye out of function.

Who were the legendary Tuatha De Danaan?

We can only speculate and guess what kind of high-tech weapons Balor and Lugh were using. Nevertheless, these beings must have been technologically very advanced. Why would otherwise the Tory Tower, the place where the giant Balor lived be vitrified?

After the Fomore were defeated the Tuatha de Danaan reigned on Ireland for a long time, until they were chased out themselves by the Milesians at Teltown. During their last battle, these mighty gods caused a Druidic fog to arise in front of the Milesians.

Apparently, the fog, which covered the island assumed the shape of a pig. Since then, another name for Ireland has been "Isle of the Pig".

There are many traces after the Tuatha de Danaan. For example, the Isle of Man is named after the Danaan Mananan who set up a mystery school on the island. He was famous for his powers to transport huge blocks miles through the air. Our ancient space visitors used this technology repeatedly, all over the globe, while constructing incredible monuments, which we admire even today. 

It is said that Mananan was also a shape-shifter. Legends describe how he could change himself into one hundred different persons.

Shining Alien Gods

Another great god was Lugh ("Lugh of the Long Arm"), also known as "Chief Doctor of the Sciences". Lugh was the God of Light and the God of the Underworld. He was young, handsome, extremely intelligent, and he was widely worshipped in Gaul and Ireland. Lugh was equivalent to Apollo.

One of the most interesting features about Lugh was his shining appearance. His face was radiant that no mortals could bear to look at him!

Now, let us once again return to Enoch's account of the Watchers, who appear to him as he rests in his bed:

"And there appear to me two men very tall, 
such as I have never seen on earth.
 And their faces shone like the Sun, and their 
eyes were like burning lamps; and fire came forth from their lips. " 
2En. 1:4-5

Faces "shining like the Sun" is a characteristic associated with the alien gods, in every corner of the world. Tuatha de Danaan were described, as the shining ones, and some of them were opalescent and seemed to lit up by a light within themselves.

Magical Treasures

The Tuatha de Danaan will always be remembered for their magical powers and supernatural objects, which they brought with them to Ireland.

These alien gods were in possession of many high-tech devices.

Ancient sources tell us that they could transform objects and persons with help of the Magical Rod. On the Mound of Tara, they placed the Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny, which roared by the election of the rightful king. Lugh owned an invisible sword that ensured victory for anyone who fought with it. The Cauldron of Dagda was a vessel, which could feed a host of men without ever being emptied.

Hill of Tara - one of the most important ancient Irish sites. The historical significance of Tara is 6,000. years old, at least. Tara contains many different monuments from various time periods and it was once the ancient seat of power in Ireland. 
It was the sacred place of dwelling for the gods, and was the entrance to the otherworld.

The alien gods had a boat named Ocean-sweeper. It sailed without a sail and obeyed the thought of it sailor. The steed Aonbarr must have been a flying machine, since it could travel over land and sea.

Alien Invasion?

Despite their advanced technology, the Tuatha de Danaan seemed to fear a threat from the skies. In a manuscript entitled "The Magical Stone of Tara", it is written that Conn, the Hundred Fighter used to watch the stars at Tara every night "so that no hostile aerial beings should descend upon Ireland unknown to him."

Was Conn keeping an eye on meteorites, comets, and asteroids or was he guarding the island from alien sky visitors?

Portals to the Spiritual Underground Kingdom

As mentioned earlier, the Tuatha de Danaan were legendary magicians and the Druids adopted much of the Irish gods' secret wisdom.

The Tuatha de Danaan were excellent experts on medicine. They could heal any wound and cure every disease by giving the person a special drink. 

They were skilled in hypnotism and could interpret dreams and omens. As all other gods across the world, Tuatha de Danaan could soar the skies by the aid of magical wings. They were very artistic and highly intelligent. 

The saying "Wise as the Tuatha de Danaans" can still be heard sometimes in the southern parts of Ireland.

So, what happened to these remarkable individuals? Were did they go after the Mileans defeated them?

 According to some legends, the Tuatha de Danaan never left Ireland. It is believed that they sought refuge in subterranean palaces. They exist underground in a world, which is accessible through specific hollow mounds. These hollow hills are known as "sid" and their inhabitants as "the side". There are certain mounds, especially near the Boyne and New Grange, which are regarded to be portals to the spiritual regions of the alien gods.

Another assumption is that some of the Tuatha de Danaans never left the surface of Earth. Instead, they remained with us as Druids and continued to teach their magic, sharing their secret wisdom as high priests.
Whatever happened to all of these magnificent Irish deities is unknown…

However, one thing is certain, a group of the Tuatha De Danaans managed to escape from Ireland and travel across the sea. They traveled trough Wales to Devon and Cornwall, where they continued to teach their wisdom among the people of Britain…

Written by Ellen Lloyd -

Copyright © & Ellen Lloyd All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of and Ellen Lloyd

About the author:
Ellen Lloyd - is the owner of and an author who has spent more than 20 years researching ancient mysteries, sacred texts, and the existence of extraterrestrial life. She is the author of Voices From Legendary Times in which she demonstrates that races of men have inhabited Earth for millions of years, but not all of them were human. 

In addition, Ellen has written many articles about prehistoric alien visitations, ancient mysteries and alternative history.

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