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Unraveling The Mysterious Connection Between Ancient Turtle Worship And Prehistoric Extraterrestrial Visitations

29 August, 2015 - There are many reasons why it is significant to investigate ancient civilizations' fascination with turtles.

Not only was this animal considered sacred in many parts of the world, but there is also evidence its' existence can be linked to ancient aliens.

Were giant flying turtles in fact highly advanced flying machines of superior extraterrestrial beings who later became worshipped as gods?

In this article we examine the ancient turtle mythology, a very strange artifact that depicts a flying being shaped as a turtle and the riddle behind the three-legged turtle that "communicated" with ancient people. As we are about to find out, there is a clear link that leads us straight to prehistoric extraterrestrial visitations.

Maya artifact of a human inside a turtle shell

Let us begin with this mysterious ancient artifact that depicts an aerodynamically fashioned human inside a turtle shell. It was created by the ancient Maya civilization that like so many other cultures across the world worshipped one of the longest living animals in nature - the turtle. It is interesting to note that in Central America, Guatemala there are a number of ancient myths and legends describing how natives witnessed giant flying turtles the skies.
Could this puzzling artifact be considered proof of ancient advanced technology? Does it depict an ancient flying spaceman?

Ancient worship of turtles is by no means restricted to Central America. In Hindu mythology, the god Vishnu took the form of a turtle to carry the world on his back.

In China, the turtle with its rounded shell and square-shaped body reminded ancient people of the concept of "round heaven and square earth".

It was therefore considered to be a spiritual being and turtles enjoyed a very high status at the time. Ancient Chinese created very sophisticated jade turtles in various colors. Several such remarkable artifacts have been unearthed by archaeologists in the Yin ruins in the Henan province.

Turtles are often mentioned in Native American creation myths and legends. Like the Chinese, Indians have a legend that "the world is supported by four elephants standing on a giant turtle."

Turtle carrying the world

Native American Indians believed that the Great Spirit created their homeland by placing earth on the back of a giant turtle. This is why some contemporary Native Americans refer to North America by the name "Turtle Island." Turtles are a symbol of the earth in many different Native cultures. To Plains Indians, turtles are associated with long life, protection, and fertility. In some Plains tribes, a newborn girl's umbilical cord was sewn into a figure in the shape of a turtle to ensure her health and safety. In other tribes, turtles are often associated with healing, wisdom, and spirituality.

In many late classic Maya scenes, the maize god is depicted emerging out of a turtle. The turtle floating on the sea served as a basis for the world in the ancient Maya thought.

Madrid Codex, depicts the three hearth stones of creation on the turtle.

Madrid Codex, depicts the three hearth stones of creation on the turtle.

A late post classic scene from the Codex Madrid portrays a darkened sky raining upon the earth with three hearthstones atop its back.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves why so many different ancient cultures that obviously had to contact with each other and were separated miles from each other, associated the turtle with the creation of the world?

At this point we could still dismiss all the ancient turtle's stories as pure mythology.

However, the story gets even more interesting when we learn about ancient peoples' contact with the three-legged turtle. According to ancient myths and legends, Chinese people came in direct contact with a very strange being that gave them knowledge for the future.

We learn that "from the river I, the three-legged turtle Nai delivered the eternal laws on iron Lo-tablets to the Chinese." Native Americans of Delaware also speak of a three-legged turtle in their Great Flood story. The East Pomo, a Hoka Native American tribe, speaks of a race that was evil and terrible. They were capable of flying through the sky in turtles made of impenetrable iron with which they could drill themselves into the earth.

According to the ancient Maya, the beginning of time was initiated with "Three Stones of Creation" by the deity Wak Chan-Ahaw, which literally means "Risen Master of the Sky." Wak Chan-Ahaw was the god of corn, oftentimes also referred to as Hun Huhnapu, father of the heroic twins. He was killed in the underworld. Yet, with the help of his sons, he was resurrected. This resurrection is always represented by him emerging out of a turtle shell.

In his book, Disinformation Guide to Ancient Aliens, Lost Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History, author and researcher, Preston Peet, writes "according to the ancient texts and traditions, and in this case also according to oral and physical indications, in Guatemala a long, long time ago, the gods flew around in machines, or giant flying turtles. Why is it so hard for us to believe, living in a culture rich in metaphor, that our ancestors drew similar comparisons?

Is it such a stretch to imagine that these flying turtles were really flying vehicles of the more technologically advanced gods?"

There is absolutely no doubt that the turtle played a very important role in the ancient world and as we know, every legend has a true core...


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