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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb. 03 - Tzolkin Cycle HYPER-DAYS, The Haiti Earthquake and Critical Junctures Update # 3‏

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over the edgeOn Dec. 15th of 2009 I published my second in depth report on the nature of critical junctures and I advised my readers to expect an uptick or intensification in all matters from the personal to the international starting on Dec. 15th and ending on the 27th.

The specified time period coincides with a ten day stretch of Tzolkin cycle “HYPER-DAYS“. My ten year history of tracking the Tzolkin cycle has enabled me correlate the tendency of peak events to cluster on or very near, 1 to 2 days before or after one of the 52 “special” days comprising the overall 260 day Tzolkin cycle.

If you are unfamiliar with previous Critical Juncture reports then I suggest you start with my report entitled Critical Junctures, Solar Cycle 2012 and the Global Predicament: Breakthrough or Breakdown? and then review Tipping Points, “HYPER-DAYS” & Critical Junctures in Human Systems:

Note: Those of your who read the December report might remember that I used the term “convection vector, but I have since come up with HYPER-DAY as a replacement.

The following is a excerpt to serve as a quick recap from the Dec. 14, 2009 article entitled Tipping Points, “HYPER-DAYS” & Critical Junctures in Human Systems:

[We will encounter a stretch of 10 HYPER-DAYS days starting on Dec. 15 and ending on Dec. 24.

Expect an uptick or intensification in all matters from the personal to the international.

As I continue my series on the Science of Synchronicity I will make the information on the Tzolkin Code/Dynamics more relevant on the personal and interpersonal level. For now I am primarily addressing the collective of humanity. It is simple enough to say that an individual, human family or couple is a micro-system cell composing the larger systems of communities, nations and lastly, global humanity.

The Tzolkin Dynamics I have described herein affects all systems inclusive of mechanical and electrical systems. For a greater explication on systems and fractality please see SOS pt. 2 Self Organizing Systems from Atoms to Humanity

There are 6 key areas in which to watch for exceptional activity over the next 10 to 13 days.

  • Rumors and Outbreak of War
  • Energetic & violent uprisings
  • Economic decline
  • Extreme weather, Volcanism, Strong Earthquakes; Higher than 6.6 on the RS
  • Increased Solar activity: Flares, CME's, sunspots
  • False flag operations by governments.

The Nov. 2009 Critical Junctures update also involved a stretch of 10 HD's. I have included the news reported during that time as evidence of the accuracy of my forecasts. You will also find some recent stories reflecting the forecast made for the time period of September through December of 2009. Once the Dec. time period is over I will issue another report to review what took place and how the events relate to the categories and time period in question.]

The rest of this report is a review of what transpired during the 10 to 13 day Dec. 09 window to see if there were any peak events that we could correlate with my forecast. Granted, it will take more instances to prove to others the existence of the Tzolkin cycle, but the results are already very provocative.

What follows is an expanded definition of ideas essential to understanding the phenomena of critical junctures and

HYPER-DAYs. Please note that the HYPER-DAY sequence in question is 10 days, long but my time window is 13 days long to account for aftershocks.

At this point I will also say that we will continue to see a general intensification in all matters I have discussed within the context of my critical junctures updates until at least some time after the solar cycle maximum in late 2015. I do expect peak intensification right around the end of the already fabled 2012 and into mid-2013.

I will continue to post reports in advance of HYPER-DAYS. For those who wish to pay close attention to my reports I suggest you subscribe to my blog via RSS or email. I will also create a special twitter account for those wishing to learn about the Tzolkin cycle component of Maya calendrics. In the mean time you may connect with me on twitter at

After the definition you will find a review of what transpired during the 13 day window (Dec. 15- 27/09).

The 52 “Hyper-Days” of the Tzolkin Cycle

The 260 day Tzolkin Cycle contains 52 “special” days. Those days are denoted by the color green and their distribution throughout the Tzolkin chart forms a spiral shape. See fig.

260 day tzolkin
The report entitled Tipping Points, “HYPER-DAYS” & Critical Junctures in Human Systems: was a review of of my Nov. 2009 Critical Junctures update and brief. The brief pointed to the Tzlokin’s first consecutive stretch of green squares(column 6 (HYPER-DAYS) just left of center. The report you are now reading is a review of what transpired during the second stretch (column eight) of HYPER-DAYS starting on Dec. 15 and ended on Dec. 24 of 2009.

If you were to stack Tzolkin charts vertically atop each other the spiral form would be much easier to see.

I describe HYPER-DAYSs as points in time where various factors are more apt to converge and in doing so push events about to happen over the edge and into actualization. A good example to illustrate the dynamics involved are the occasion of earthquakes.

Intense and abrupt seismic-tectonic activity is the result of pressure release that builds up over long periods of time along an earthquake fault line. I term the point at which an earthquake takes place as the point of critical juncture. The principle action driving the occurrence of earthquakes is tectonic plate movement. Tipping point is the popular term of the moment to describe a facet of critical junctures. A critical juncture alludes to the dynamic convergence of requesite factors inducing the tipping point.

Tectonic plates abut each other and their abrupt movement relative to one other is what we experience as an earthquake. As the pressure builds up along a fault line there are other temporally acting factors that sometimes act as triggers.

The moons gravitational tug is a factor. Powerful storms driving the ocean against the continental self have been implicated in the triggering of earthquakes as has the amount of water deposited on the land by storms among many other subtle and not so subtle forces.

Any one co-factor or the tandem occurrence of various co-factors is enough to push the earthquake system in question, “over the edge”.

Convergence dynamics defines the scenario of various factors converging on a system so as to induce the singular dramatic event or cascade of events characteristic of transition phases (tipping points). HYPER-DAYS are also implicated as one of the many factors capable of triggering earthquakes.

A yet to be released study of HYPER-DAY and earthquake correlations shows a propensity for earthquakes to happen on or within one to two days either side of a HYPER-DAY. The Haiti quake took place right between the last two HD’s in column number 9. The Tzolkin sequence begins in the far upper left corner and when you reach the bottom of the column you start at the top of the very next column and so on.

Convergence Dynamics

The principle of convergence dynamics applies to all systems inclusive of humans and human collectives. For the moment I am using the word convection to describe the non-stop jostling, vibrating activity of atoms, molecules and organisms. According to Tzolkin Dynamics there are days (day=oscillation or vibratory rate of terrestrial masses) when the convergence of simultaneous multi-scale factors result in a flare up of activity in all systems (things).

It is helpful to better imagine all of this if we view the Earth’s night-day cycle as its spin rate and the year cycle as its oscillatory or vibratory rate. What we experience as the seasons is in effect the different stages of the earth’s vibratory rate as it wobbles back and forth over the course of the year.

Every particle and every agglomeration of particles vibrates and the Earth is no exception.

It is as if every particle everywhere vibrates at higher and lower frequencies simultaneously according to the waveform plotted by the Tzolkin Code. The Tzolkin Code suggests an intrinsic timing mechanism to all energy-matter. We know every particle everywhere is vibrating, but are their vibrations fractally synchronized?

The Tzolkin code seems to be saying that indeed that is the case. We have yet to devise ways to measure the synchrony of such events at the atomic scale, but we can feel it and see it acted out on other scales. I denote HYPER-DAYS to specify the days on which the effects of convergence dynamics are most pronounced. Peak events occur throughout the 260 day cycle, but yet to be released studies of mine indicate a clustering of peak events on or very near HYPER-DAYS.

Waves out of phase

Here is a simple example of what happens when energy-matter waves, i.e. sound waves, ocean waves, snow waves (avalanches) or people merge. The wave experiences an increase in amplitude. Amplitude denotes expansion. Energy increase. Two people (everything being equal) in a tug or war cancel each other out and neither side gains. Two people (2 waves ) against one tips the scales in in favor of the 2 person team. Two waves(people) synchronize and multiply effort and the one person team loses ground. The Tzolkin Code is saying that wave mergers of every sort happen on predictable times scales we measure as days.

I have used the words “boil over” (transition event) to describe the tendency of a system to act abruptly and dramatically as the continual influx of convergently dynamic energy, in all its forms, reaches critical thresholds (self-organizing criticality). Exceeding the critical threshold forces the system to reorganize into a novel state.

Transition events appears to us as chaotic (mass murder), as abrupt (volcanic eruption) and dramatic, as in a woman in labor. The term bifurcation (branching dynamics) is also useful to understand the point at which a system divides (cell division), grows new branches (living systems) or transitions to a new state (dormant volcano).

The novel after transition-state for each respective example would be death or jail for the murderer, a new dormant phase for the volcano and a non-pregnant, child toting state for the woman.

Convergently dynamic refers to the compounding effect properties of convergent phenomena or energy-matter configurations (EMC).

By energy-matter configuration I mean to relate all objects to the simple label of energy-matter. Everything equates to some form of energy-matter hence the generic and all encompassing term of EMC. The outward appearances of things and specialty nomenclatures (naming systems) tends to confuse understanding between the sciences and between the sciences and other knowledge realms.

Fractality tells us not only about the self-similar shapes of all phenomena (EMC’s) at every scale (scale invarience), but also of its processes. We can say that processes occurring at atomic/sub-atomic scales are mirrored at every other scale. Even though Quantum Mechanics can’t translate its nomenclature into the world we see around us—other disciplines can. We have evidence of golden mean at quantum-atomic and molecular scales.

The Tzolkin code along with the entire calendrical complex of Meso-America is replete with golden mean numerics.

We can say with confidence that macro events, properties and processes evident to us are merely reflections of micro events, properties and processes. In fact it can be said that the activity of the micro-realm drives the development of the macro-realm.

When was the last time you told your DNA what to do. Humans are not in the drivers seat we are merely along for the ride, but we can decide what kind of car we want to drive and the kind of scenery we wish to look at. For a more in depth explication of fractality, nested cycles and hierarchies please see Self-Organizing Systems from Atoms to Humanity.

More introductory information related to the Tzolkin Code may be found in the article entitled “Introducing Einsteins Piper, The Tzolkin Code Unveiled and how every Event is a Synchronicity”

The Outbreak of War

Hermann Goering Quote**Dec 15th, 2009 US fighter jets attack Yemeni fighters’

The war against Yemen was started by the Saudis on the first day of the last 10 day HYPER-DAY sequence. Please see Tipping Points, “HYPER-DAYS” & Critical Junctures in Human Systems for details.

** Denotes: Occurred within the specified 13 day Dec. 2009 time period

Rumors of War & the Push for War

* Denotes: Occurred within Original September to December 2009 time window

** Denotes: Occurred within the specified 13 day Dec. 2009 time period

Energetic & Violent Uprisings

I include spontaneous mass murders under this category

iceland-protests-fire-nation bankrupt

As noted in Critical Junctures, Solar Cycle 2012 and the Global Predicament social unrest is characteristic of solar cycle maximums. As noted further down the sun is just starting to perk up. We are only beggining to see corresponding human activity. Some of the stories listed are peak events and the two Dec. 21 stories under this heading allude to coming peak events. The curious thing is that the stories alluding to future events occurred within specified time period.

* Occurred within Original September to December 2009 time window

** Denotes: Occurred within the specified 13 day Dec. 2009 time period

Economic Decline

USS america ship sinking economy-tarp

*Dec 13 2009 Top Obama aide: Jobless rate may grow in coming months

**Dec 18 ” Seven U.S. banks closed by regulators; failures at 140

* Occurred within Original September to December 2009 time window

** Denotes: Occurred within the specified 13 day Dec. 2009 time period

Extreme Weather, Volcanism, & Strong Earthquakes Higher than 6.5 on the Richter Scale

earthquakes fault pic

* Occurred within Original September to December 2009 time window

** Denotes: Occurred within the specified 13 day Dec. 2009 time period

Increased Solar Activity: Flares, CMEs, Sunspots

solar prominence

All of the above events occurred within the specified 13 day Dec. 2009 time period and original September December window

December turned out to be the most active month for solar activity thus far this solar cycle. And the 10 HYPER-DAY (HD) sequence Dec. 15-24 displayed the greatest intensity thus far for any ten day period over the last 6 months. The are a couple of ways to count sunspots. One way is to count them as groups and the second counts each distinguishable spot and a third method is a formula that counts both groups and individual spots among other factors.(Wolf Number). Space, the links above, provides only the group number (sunspot cluster) . The solar values report provides the Wolf number.

Here is an indication of just how significant the 10-HD December sequence (10-HD/DS) was. A 5 month period ending Dec. 14/09 saw a total of 681 sunspots (daily ave. 4.54) and 12 flares. The 10-HD/DS saw a total of 288 sunspots (daily ave. 28.8) and 13 flares. Flares are indications of even greater solar sunspot activity-intensity. Activity would start to pick up again on 12/26, but on a more moderate scale. The 20 days from Dec. 26/09 to Jan. 14/10 saw 402 sunspots (daily ave. 20.1) and 7 flares.

My original September forecast called for an intensification of solar activity overall and indeed the 4 month period from September through December saw the greatest amount of activity thus far for solar cycle 24. Solar scientists were expecting an increase in solar activity. But no one to my knowledge had predicted when that would happen.

My prediction in September was that we should finally begin to see the sun wake up from it extra long slumber or period of low or no sunspot activity. The sun has indeed awakened. A 67 day period starting Sept. 21 and ending Nov. 25 saw 638 sunspots while the previous 67 days counting from July 15/09 to Sept 21/09 saw only 24 sunspots.

My more significant predication was that we should see periods of intensification of all phenomena clustered around the Tzolkin’s 52 HYPER-DAYS (HD). As you can see from the information provided that does seem to be the case in every department that I have specified. I will soon produce a report of seismic activity as it relates to HD’s. I acknowledge that it will take more samples to prove conclusively. My work is an ongoing experiment to prove the existence of the 260 day Tzolkin cycle, its characteristics and how it manifests itself to us.

False Flag Operations by Governments and/or Corporations.


Tweets I posted as soon as I read the first account of the would be Airplane bomber.

** Dec 25 2009 US airplane incident was “attempted terror attack”

The details of the incident had all the markings of a False Flag event.

What follows are links to stories that emerged in the days after the incident. Stories that question and poke holes in all of the assertions made by Government officials. In particular please note that the day after the event HS officials recant the Yemen connection. Obama would wait until Jan 1st before asserting a bomber link to Yemen based Al Qaeda based operatives. And then note the story about rogue factions within the intelligence labrynth.

Dec 26th, 2009 Homeland Security is now downplaying the purported al-Qaeda or Yemen connection

CNN fan the flames: “if Obama ordrs a RETALIATORY strike.” “The effort to … link the airliner incident to Yemen.

Other tidbits of information that surfaced since mid-December 2009 in support of my convictions that the both the “War on Terror” and the US-Israeli case against Iran is nothing more than a cover for worlds most powerful economic entities—oil, banking and the Military Industrial Complex.

Briefly: Flash Flag Operations are GovCorp staged events or series of events used to justify unpopular GovCorp actions.

I regard staged media/publicity stunts to be variations on False Flag operations.

By staged process I mean that the warnings, sanctions and UN proceedings against Iran cannot be complied with because Iran is not guilty of any wrong doing.

The ongoing US-Israeli condemnation of Iran’s nuclear program is a type of false flag operation. They are pulling the same type of nonsense, rhetoric and pretense used against Iraq in the lead up to the Iraqi invasion.

The gigantic economic powers behind US-Israel are chomping at the bit to attack Iran even though there is no evidence Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. A former Israeli General is disputing US Israeli claims. Yet we have all of this empty rhetoric coming from the US and Israel about its nuclear weapons program. You can be sure that they want to attack Iran for the same reasons they attacked Iraq. And so what if Iran wants Nuclear weapons. The US has thousands and Israel has a hefty batch as well.

At this point it could be enough cause from Israel’s perspective to attack Iran simply because it refuses to abandon its nuclear energy program.

Whatever the case we must hold suspect everything surrounding the potential justifications for an attack on Iran and for the continuance of war in Iraq, Afghanistan and the start of new wars elsewhere.

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Always be prepared. Have a digital camera or better yet a video camera with you, charged and ready to go, at all times. Make sure you know how to use your camera (and your cell phone video/photo camera) quickly and properly. These events can occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and often quite randomly, so you will need to be prepared.

Esteja sempre preparado, Tenha sempre uma camera digital, melhor ainda, uma camera vídeo consigo, carregada e pronta a usar sempre que necessário. Certifique-se que sabe como lidar com a sua camera (ou com o seu celular/camera fotográfica) rápida e adequadamente. Esses acontecimentos podem acontecer súbita e inesperadamente e, por vezes, acidentalmente, por isso, necessita estar preparado.

Look up. Be prepared. Report. Share.

Olhe para cima, Esteja preparado, Relate, Partilhe.



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