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Time, Understanding, and Manipulating

Time is a label that humans have applied to the aggregate of many aspects of reality. Within the samskrta (sanskrit) based linguistic traditions which are just about half of the languages on planet earth, 'time' is actually a collection of individual aspect/attributes of the manifestation of reality. The early Greek reality descibers (philosophers) identified at least 2/two aspects of the collective we call 'time' in their discussions of chronos (measured or mechanistic time), and karios (the quality of a time/moment, the 'opportune' moment). The Taoist tradition going back to at least the 5/Five Bushel League years included 22/twenty-two identified aspects/attributes of reality that fell within the general category of 'time'. The Yogic school going back through the experimental stages of the formation of the Science of Yoga, had identified over 100/one-hundred aspect/attributes of time, though many of these also include the time-binding properties of what we call 'karma' in the collective, and karmans in the particulate.

Time, from these views of reality, is not a 'river' carrying 'events' in a stream. The alternate understanding expressed in what can be labeled as the 'yogic' understanding of reality, 'time' is but part of the 'template' through which continuous creation expresses itself. This is to say, that in the 'continuous creation of universe, including me and you and everything in between' school of reality, 'time' is but a necessary component of the basic 'infrastructure' of reality. It must also be understood that in this view, 'time' is not a separate part of reality, nor is it a 'singular' part of reality.

Make sense? Clear as brown goat butt in a howling dust storm?

Jumping Off Point....

As a point of departure for this discussion of 'time' and the techniques of its use, we begin at the beginning, or the source of time. This is a tiny spot, waaay too small to be seen by the naked human eye, even likely way too small to be seen with any of our most advanced microscopes. This tiny tiny spot is at the absolute center of the universe. That it is also at the very center of the multiverse (all of the multitude of singular central points), is best left for another discussion. This small point contains all that is Source for what we call, 'reality' or 'the material world'. This Source is actually an energetic pulse that fires off at the rate of 22/twenty-two trillion times a second (in our understanding of what a 'second' actually is in the chronos meaning).

Every single pulse, which is to say, all 22/twenty-two trillion pulses each and every second since the beginning of time, instantly travels in Non-Time/Space (aka - The Void to all the taoist/buddhists out there), to the center of all the galaxies within universe (and the multiverse....but again, for later). As there is no time in The Void, or Non-Space/Time, each of the pulses travels to the center of each of the galaxies simultaneously, and from there, also taking up no Time, each pulse spreads out to the center of each of the material bodies such as suns, and planets and stuff throughout the totality of that galaxy. It is this pulse, at the rate of 22/twenty-two trillion times a second, that 'regulates' the manifestation of time. As 'time' in the aggregate of all of its aspects/attributes is central to all conscious perception of motion, distance, and indeed, all forms of perception itself in any form of consciousness expressed in material universe, 'time' is thus the 'propellant' that causes consciousness to perceive. Stated another way just to be really confusing, without time, consciousness could not perceive any motion, any change, including the 'change' that is required within each of the senses of the body themselves. Thus 'time' as an integral aspect of perception within the consciousness manifesting in material universe, is what the pulse from the center of universe carries directly to consciousness.

Looked at yet another way in an attempt at understanding, while it takes no 'time' for each of the pulses to expand through out each universe from the initial, and central pulse point, each of these pulses is a 'carrier' of time, in all its aspects and attributes.

Yet, just to confuse the hell out of consciousness, these pulses from the center of universe, *are* consciousness itself, about to perceive itself, in the reflections of its own perception of itself as time. See...? Nothing to it...clear as the grounds at the bottom of a cup of Navy coffee? This is the whole of the duality problem, the perceiver is the perceived and vice versa. However as far as Time, its nature and manipulation are concerned, not too relevant. Stated another way, the pulse at the center of continuous creation carries directly to consciousness, the necessary creation of 'time', at a universal level. This 'pulse of universal time' is, for most of consciousness in manifesting material world, not sensed, yet it forms a 'universal platform' for all of universe. The base pulse of continuous creation is not sensed, noted, nor felt, by any (at least most), consciousness manifesting within continuous creation..

The whole of material reality is merely a giant collision of energy bouncing off itself at a huge multitude of frequencies, amplitude, and ranges. Some of these collisions of energies are extremely temporary such as radioactive decay or gamma radiation, others form standing wave patterns that persist over 'time'. Such persistent standing waves of collisions of energy include suns, solar systems, dust, dirt, humans, pigs, fishes, birds, planets, plants, pies, bacteria, and a multitude of other 'things' which all are 'alive' in the energetic sense, though some of which we consciousness-expressing-as-humans, might not recognize as being in the category of 'life'. Nonetheless, all of reality is but our perception of these energetic collisions filtered through 'time' into consciousness.

Let there be....complexity

So to be clear, such a view of universe/multiverse can be expressed as follows. In the beginning was the vibration which popped out into existence, creating itself, within itself. The vibration then bounced off the inside of itself, and collided with itself, creating duality, and perception of itself as duality. The perception of duality was so cool to the vibration-that-is-consciousness, that it sent in more pulses of itself as vibration such that there could be even more collisions of vibration-that-is-consciousness, and thus was created, continuously, and constantly, complexity.

As the complexity of the energetic collisions increased, so did the energetic density at the 'site' of the collisions, and thus 'density' was created, and perceived by vibration-as-consciousness.

As the density of the complexity of the energetic collisions increased, so did the perception of that density increase, and thus material universe was created and perceived by vibration-as-consciousnes-in-all-its-complexity. And in all of its myriad of forms of standing waves of vibration-as-consciousness.

Note now that as the yogic and tao/chan/zen understanding of universe proceeds from this point, it recognizes that, within the expression of material universe, *most* of the standing-waves-of-energetic-vibration will become 'trapped' in the perception of material universe via aspect/attributes of 'time', and thus will these standing-waves-of-consciousness-as-energetic-collisions come to think of 'themselves' as 'separate beings'. It is thus that greater levels of expression of both duality, and complexity begin to increase. As well as spawning the creation of both psychiatrists, and lawyers. But again, for another discussion.

Of course, as soon as the 'separate' perception arises within these standing waves of energy colliding with itself, there naturally arises the perception of 'space', which is to say, the 'place' where 'separation' may be expressed. Usually as the 'distance' between the perceiver and the perceived. All perfectly perceptually clear so far?

That the rate of the pulses from the center of the universe is at 22/twenty-two million times a second naturally allows for the expression of reality to include everything from this level (22TrillionPerSecond) through all other permutations both actual and perceptual to consciousness (human and other). Thus it can be seen that complexity is on an order where numbers simply make no sense and expressions of the pulse become easier to discuss at the more vague, but also more encompassing level of linguistic understandings. As an instance, the yogic study of reality has identified 66/sixty-six thousand aspects of the pulse that affect our 'material world' perception of reality. These 66/sixty-six thousand aspect/attributes also act combinorically to form a huge level of complexity that perhaps *may* be enumerated, but to what point? After all in combination the aspect/attribute complexity would begin with 66,000 times 65,999 times 65,998 times 65,997 and so on down to 'times 1' a whole lot of 'times' (multiplication) involved.

So, to be thoroughly confusing, let's start with graphics.


It can be seen from the crude layout above that 'time' can be considered easily as an expression of the level of vibration being 'perceived' or 'sensed'. Now, since the senses are themselves but a function of the vibrations which form them, it is not possible for the senses to sense at the rate of pulse that creates them. In other words, the complexity of human biologic activity, being regulated by the expression at the electro-chemical level of material reality can only perceive, without aid or augmentation, at a level below its own rate of operation. So biology scientists are probably correct in their thinking that the human mind receives some 5/five million sensory inputs per second, and perhaps processes directly something like 5/billion of those sensory inputs at the biological level in a span of 24 hours.

Due to the senses being formed from complex collisions of energies, just as is the brain, and all matter, the senses will never be able to provide human consciousness with perception at the level of the base rates of pulse, or 22/twenty two trillion times a second. Indeed, there are likely actual 'physical' limits on perception at a base vibratory level for 'human consciousness' itself that likely forms the absolute limit of our ability to perceive the energetic vibrations that are our bodies and minds continuously creating themselves around this base rate vibration and its multiplicity of collisions which form our perceived material universe. Make sense?

So a static view of perception by consciousness, of time, and thus itself, can be summarized crudely in the chart below.

From this energetic collision basis for reality, and for the expression that is consciousness at all levels, including humans, it can be understood that various 'higher' levels of vibration exist within the complexity of reality. Some of these levels are so 'high' in vibration as to form a 'perceptual barrier' to our consciousness even when augmented by our material world instrumentation. Of course this is also true of vibratory levels so low (once every so many tens of trillions of seconds/hours/days/years/centuries) that humans are also not able to directly perceive these vibrational changes. This 'perceptual barrier' on both sides of the vibration frequency equation forms what consciousness-as-vibration-collision-thinking-itself-to-be-human senses as the 'material universe'.

It can also be inferred from this understanding of universe, that such efforts at 'colliding particles' as in the LHC at Cern in an attempt to 'capture' (or perceive) the sub atomic particles postulated are actually attempts to quantify the actual vibration levels of manifesting universe. In the yogic understanding, the scientists who are rushing all these particles at each other are wasting their time as they will ultimately end up with yet another description of the 66/sixty-six thousand aspects of the collision of energies that we call manifesting reality. And note that they whole of reality is NOT particles, sub-atomic or other, and is actually the collision of energies at levels of complexity so dense as to 'trick' the conscious mind (at least humans) into thinking (at 30 to 60 times a second) that 'reality' is 'solid' or 'material'.

Complexity, thinking itself human...

In the regard of 'tricking' human consciousness into thinking 'reality' is solid, the continuous creation that is universe has an advantage in that it is also forming the very 'material' through which consciousness 'senses' reality. Neat trick...use vibrations, pretending to be solid, manifesting as nerves, and other senses and a brain within a universe of vibration pretending to be 'solid' of course the senses will return (to consciousness) the 'appropriate' response from the 'solids' out-and-about in universe.

Once there is an sufficient level of complexity of vibrations within continuous creation, the notion of 'time' does come across to consciousness, but the perception of 'time' is bound by the nature of the being (creature/body) actually doing the sensing. The more complex the manifestation of consciousness as a material being, the 'higher' the level of ability to both 'sense' and 'interact' with the 'time' aspects of continuous creation. It can readily be seen that complexity, in an example, at the level of an earth worm will necessarily experience creation and thus time differently from the complexity of other creatures, including humans. As an aside, humans should also understand that just as we are 'higher' in complexity of experience of continuous creation than earth worms, logically there are probably much higher levels of complexity than ourselves also expressing in universe. And by extension, these higher level of complexity of vibration creatures/beings, would have a much higher or more refined ability to both sense, and interact with the time aspect (component) of continuous creation.

...decides to change things

Humans perceive at (more or less) a rate of about 30 to 60 'frames' per second. This rate has been established over centuries, and forms the basis for the 'moving picture' or video business. The frame rate of 30 to 60 is the result of the aggregation of several billion sensory inputs. Most, apparently, of the experience of manifesting continuous creation is not directly perceived by human consciousness. In fact, the ability to 'perceive' more and more of the vibrations of continuous creation beyond the limitations of the human body's senses, forms the actual goal of of the yogic and martial art traditions. Within these traditions, getting closer to the 'source' is not a vague statement of religious intent, but rather an actual goal within the awareness of perception of manifesting reality. And, frequently, an achieved goal. Most martial artists and meditators will confirm that they have encountered 'times' during which the experience of the quality of the 'time' was decidedly different than 'ordinary time'. This effect has been noted under many names, and is frequently discussed in the 'peak performance' genre of literature. However, the concepts usually expressed about 'qualitatively different experiences of time' within the sports/body world are usually focused on the ability to manipulate oneself into that peak performance zone which also seems to have a different feeling of time as it progresses. Within the meditation community, the altered perception of time state is the goal itself. Distinctly separating meditation from *any* form of 'contemplation' in which a linguistic or image is attempted to be maintained in the mind, and referring in the main to those forms of meditation typified by yogic, taoist, chan/zen practices, wherein the levels of vibratory consciousness are traversed/explored, it is worth noting that the meditation source material most frequently cites the 'time' quality aspect as both a primary, and the first of the 'extra sensory' abilities to develop. This new knowledge, which is really just an active appreciation of the experience of the variance in the quality of time, is primary as it continues to be refined through out the whole of the meditation experience. That it is also the first of these 'extra sensory' abilities also fits as the 'time' component of continuous creation is pulse based, therefore to 'climb out' of the limitations of your base form requires first the ability to be aware of more of the permutations of the base pulse than before.

While it can be legitimately argued, that consciousness, being a function of the base pulse of the universe/multiverse, can thus never 'know itself' truly, and will always be limited by its level of expressing vibratory frequency, nonetheless, we practically need to keep site of the huuuuuuge level of difference between 30 to 60 frames of perception a second, and 22 trillion pulses per second. So we it is a long way to the top, if you want to meditatively grow in this universe.

Energetic states

It can be understood that if humans can experience different qualities of time, through any method including pineal gland affective drugs, then demonstrably 2/two conclusions about the fundamental nature of universe can be derived. The first is that human consciousness is naturally a multiple state 'thing'. Second, that 'time' has 'qualities' other than mere measurement which can be perceived directly by consciousness, ergo, 'temporal quality variance' is an integral part of 'time' itself, and thus is a necessary component of universe. It is outside the scope of this discourse to really explore how universe/multiverse is manifesting, but it is critical to note that the concept of 'variance' in vibrational awareness is at the core of all of the extra-ordinary, or extra-sensory experiences of human consciousness.

So we have the what?

Well, the pulse, which delivers both time and consciousness, is also the source for the more mundane concept energy in all its possible forms, including 'free energy', or 'zero point energy'....remember where we began our point of departure....

This is a tiny spot, waaay too small to be seen by the naked human eye, even likely way too small to be seen with any of our most advanced microscopes. This tiny tiny spot is at the absolute center of the universe.

This 'tiny spot' is the 'zero point' that is at the center of humanity's quest for hot food, hot rides, a hot shower, and ultimately... 'life, universe, and everything'.

Free Time Energy

In the 'pulse' model of reality explored in this essay, it can be surmised that the idea of 'free energy' is dependent upon a very good understanding of time, and how it works, as well as the complexity of its nature. Time, being a core aspect of the manifestation of continuous creation, is therefore pretty damn central to the idea of 'extracting' or 'converting' any level of the universal pulse to any other level, say to the grosser forms of matter including electric energy.

To model any free energy devices around the understanding that time is a river or tunnel through which events express will necessarily limit such devices to only the crudest level of expression. The greater the understanding of the complexities of time (or rather temporal expression within continuous creation), the 'higher' the level of the pulse of continuous creation will be able to be 'tapped'. So for a speculator interested in gambling resources on the surging plethora of free energy devices, look to the designer/creators understanding of time as a clue as to how 'real' the potential.

The use of 'time' or 'temporal expression templates' as a guide in free energy research is not the only way in which human consciousness can make use of the pulse. In any, and likely, every, successful meditation experience is a temporal relationship change. These are cumulative. They are also useful. As an instance, natural, and trained martial artists use altered states of time perception in their arts. They will change their personal relationship with the temporal template expression for the duration of their need, and thus the frequent reports of 'super human' or 'extra ordinary states/feats' associated with these forms of human artistry. But humans are not limited in their hyper time experience to just beating each other up. As noted the center of zen/chan/yogic meditation is reaching into the 'void'. By harmonizing their vibratory states and through complex manipulations of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, adepts at these practices can achieve remarkable extra ordinary relationships to the pulse, and therefore necessarily, to time.

Almost all humans have experienced altered temporal states. Usually it happens just before our butts hit the ground in a fall. Motion, by which we usually judge the chronos of time, seems to 'stand still' or go into 'slow motion'. Then the big kaaaawhump!, and you are back to 'normal' temporal reality. Of course the same thing happens in car wrecks, the last actions in suicide (no, it is never 'quick'), and in religious trances of all kinds. One of the most frequently noted statements from channellers is that their experience of time altered. They were, for a time, out side of their normal perception of time.

Time Travel Tango

Does the pulse, delivering time in various forms as part of the continuous creation of universe/multiverse, do away with the idea of time travel? No. At least not conceptually. In some respects this understanding of manifesting reality actually makes it easier to understand the idea of 'travel' within the 'physical material universe' as being simpler and much more energy efficient when done 'out of phase' or 'out of space/time'. In this understanding of the vibratory nature of reality, to travel from between any points in the universe it is only necessary to temporarily stop your connection to the pulse of creation, and then to 'dial in' the location desired. Then, reconnect to the pulse, and there you are, just where you wanted to be. While not connected to the pulse, at least at the usual level (no need to go into that here, but basically you never totally cease connection, rather you just block certain vibratory levels of the reality template expression), you are necessarily outside your normal time reference, and thus, are in 'no time' relative to your usual state of being. The traveler is quite actually, out of phase in the fields and frequency meaning of the phrase. As with the time component, the location component (of your consciousness relative to the rest of universe), is merely a matter of which part of the reality template is expressing around you. So, out side of your usual time reference due to a slight vibratory state change, you also change which part of the template you wish to step back through, and when the connections to the totality of the pulse are un-blocked, you 'pop' into the location desired by having made your consciousness (and body presumably) part of the local template expression. Does that make sense? Pop slightly out of phase with current temporal pulses to enter into 'no-time/no-space' and then dial your new pop out spot in universe. Yet another way to think of it is that, in essence, travel through no space is accomplished by 'telling universe' just where you want your personal 'continuous creation template' to exist. Now that is a real 'travel channel'.

Of course, it will be recognized that such a form of travel can just as 'easily' be applied to the time part of the expressing reality template, and thus if you knew *all* of the desired temporal aspects of the template, then you could 'time travel'. Though of course, this travel would also be accomplished outside of space/time continuum due to a vibrational state change. It would also be recognized that necessarily once such a time travel had been accomplished, that the local reality template expression *could not*, and *can not* ever be the same. Further, it can also be seen that such time 'travel' also brings about logical issues of exiting even one's own time 'cleanly', and that the reality template alteration instantly brings forth the issue of, indeed, necessity for, the multiverse to exist. Just to handle the mess that all the time traveling nutjobs will make of things.

The math's involved from this view obviously would contain both special, and general relativity as sub sets expressing a limited view of the nature of continuous creation. It can also be inferred that this view of material universe does not require the 'constants' so readily employed in the 'rigid matter' model of academia. So gone would be a need for Plank, et al, as constancy is not a requirement of the vibrational model. It can also be noted that, language aside, many of the concepts here, are basically expressing (and encompassing) string theory as a sub set. In fact, this larger model would support quanta string mechanics as a practical application in the form of 'location' travel. Noting of course, that in a vibrational view of material universe, terms such as 'location', and even 'travel' begin to take on entirely new surrounding contexts.

Continuous creation nature of reality brings with it certain entanglements when using the out of phase, or 'no-time/no-space' travel method. Such entanglements are more complex with the 'time' type of travel, as opposed to the 'physical' location type of travel. Nonetheless, both types of 'travel' of the individual consciousness require that certain levels of the pulse be used as siting beams in order that personal, as well as universal, continuity be maintained. And complexity, that above all must be continued, as it is the continuous growth in complexity that is both the core and the reason for continuous creation that is material universe.

Conclusion: Pending manifestation....

Just a bit of noodling about time, and pulses (not legumes)....more later as circumstances permit. Basically a part 2 and 3 are planned.

Why 22/twenty-two trillion pulses per second? Who can say ? But what is interesting is that the number 2.2/two-point-two billion is the yogic understanding of the maximal number of heartbeats allocated to each human life...that yields nearly 70 years. Hmmmmm. Fractals abound at all levels in continuous creation. Time, pun intended, to teach the heart to beat slow, and consciousness to appreciate each and every one. Stretch them waaaaayyyy out....

Note also that 22 in the 'long base' of the sun spot cycle (each half of cycle determined by polarity of sun is 11 years).

22 is numerologically the number of 'mastery' with 11 being the number of 'achieved spirituality'...what the masons call 'saint status'.

Disclaimer: Please note that i did not invent the concepts discussed here, merely are attempting (likely badly) their explanation. I may bring some additional insights, perhaps...but the basic work has been told through The Science of Yoga (aka the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), as well as the Collected Works of the Complete Reality School of Taoism (aka - the 'inner work books', or 'nei kung kuda'). There are probably other descriptions of these concepts out-and-about as the information pre-dates the last great cataclysm of 11 thousand and some years ago. There are hints within various literatures of the sanskrtta (sanskrit) language group in the form of astronomic alignments, that this vibratory view of material universe is actually the product of thinkers of a grand and global civilization of over 200 thousand years ago.


Just to answer the question here so as not to have to repeat it in multiple emails.

I think David Wilcock is wrong about the 'pyramid' or tetrahedron which is shown floating over Moscow in the video's on YouTube. David Wilcock, as i understand his argument, is proposing that the tetrahedron is a hologram, or holographic projection. At least within the context of the video's available, there is no evidence that this rotating tetrahedron is a hologram, or projection of any form using any detectable form of visible or invisible light. The reason that no evidence exists within the video is that there is no source beam. In all forms of holographic projection of any kind, there is a source beam of a higher intensity energy that basically 'breaks down' (at least energetically) into the 'visible light hologram'. Therefore all holograms, or projections of them, require a higher intensity degrading into lower intensity to exist. The net energy loss across the holographic projection cannot exceed the highest level of energy beamed out, so to speak. Mathematically therefore, in order for the rotating tetrahedron to be a holographic projection, the net total amount of light apparent from the projected form would have to start out from at least one source at a higher, and therefore detectable on video image, level of energy. Don't believe it? Well, go look at any holographic projection actually being filmed/video'ed (not the CGI representations of a hologram, but the real thing). You will see instantly that source energy beams are a necessary part of the viewing experience. In my analysis (dinking around) with the video's of the tetrahedron over Moscova, i can find no source beam, even at much smaller, and integrated levels. While it is possible to combine energy streams to create the net holographic projection, these still must be at the sum total (or greater) of the light levels expressed within the projection, and therefore would also be detectable within the video. There are no indications of any video tampering either (not that i am an expert, but nothing so jumps out in the pixels, nor raw data stream). It is worth noting that the night video is cleaner and has the better data from which to do internal comparisons on light levels from ambient to reflected object. Also it needs to be said that the day shots of the tetrahedron were 'fuzzed' at the edges, which may indicate an alteration of the vibratory levels of the local reality where the tetrahedron was appearing, but again, there is no detectable 'source' for the fuzzing. Even if this were, for the sake of speculation, an x-ray projected hologram, or even the IUV (intensified ultra violet light that brought about the name 'blue beam'), where visible light were not expected, a source beam would still likely be detectable as there would be atmospheric distortion all along the source beam path. So, don't quite know what to make of the tetrahedron yet, still noodling on it, but don't think i can find any supporting evidence for it being a holographic projection as we understand the term.

clif high

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