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Report 177

January 18, 2010

Joseph P. Skipper

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Many of you around the world have likely seen the above Mars image recently circulating on the Internet and in the various news media. The source of this image is the MRO HiRISE science data and the strip is PSP_007962_2635 found at the above link. The media speculative hook is that the above evidence looks an awful lot like trees on Mars but isn't really. It's obviously a beautiful image with its colors and shadings produced at official level (I'm envious) and this visual impact is no doubt one of the main reasons why the media is so readily reporting on it.

The official description of what is going on in this image in a brief caption at the image site is as follows. "There is a vast region of sand dunes at high northern latitudes on Mars. In the winter, a layer of carbon dioxide ice covers the dunes, and in the spring as the sun warms the ice it evaporates. This is a very active process, and sand dislodged from the crests of the dunes cascades down, forming dark streaks." In other words, this evidence looking like upright vertical forms and possibly trees is just an optical illusion.

Also, at the above link, there is a bit more in depth explanation along the same lines where the NASA media mouthpiece interviewed a MRO scientist team member about this. While you're there be prepared for the usual indoctrination crapola treatment as they stress the "illusion" concept and throw in a few buzz words like "bigfoot," etc. trying to influence popular perception toward the ridiculous.

It is obvious that this evidence is actively being orchestrated into the media and public perception at this time for some unknown reason. After all, this particular MRO image was acquired on 4/7/2008, so why now? A trap? Now my reporting here is not really going to fly in the face of this stated official position too strongly. Rather, I'm going to just be adding some information missing from this official reporting that is none-the-less in my opinion germane to any thinking person's consideration of this type of evidence.

For example, when one examines the so called dune field wider expanse, it soon becomes apparent that the dunes crests/peaks are in various stages of splitting on the top along the dune's length. This forms a large split depression and it is down in this depression below the level of the dune crest where the objects in question are appearing. On what appears to be the bottom of the individual objects there is a more solid bell shape to the object and then what looks like a vegetative bushy head (top) on the other end and these two ends are connected by what appears to be a solid trunk.

It should be noted that the bell shaped "bottom" so often associated with certain trees here on Earth (Cypress come to mind) always seems to be located in the dune crest split depression. This of course reinforces the impression that these are rooted "trees" of some kind. Following are some sample closer images of this evidence that tends to support the look of trees.

My selection of the above 2nd–5th images tend to support the so called "tree" evidence look but they are not definitive in that regard. For example, note that if these are upright vertical formations where are their shadows? The problem is that I do not trust the imaging and suspect the shadows have been removed or at least subdued. Note the 4th image and what I've pointed out with the yellow arrows that may be remnant shadows not completely removed.

I don't think that this is the case but do recognize that there is some possibility that the far wall of the depression could be producing dark material that could be pouring down into the depression bottom and piling up there forming a bell like shape at the bottom of each flow. On the other hand, look closely at the 5th image. Note that the bell like base area portions seem to be occupying multiple levels further into the background. This is not consistent with dark material pouring out of a one dimensional back slope but is consistent with these objects being individual free standing formations rising from the depression ground level at different locations.

Further, in the 3rd image note what the yellow arrow points out. It clearly appears to be two separate root systems branching down from the same bell shape. This is strong evidence suggesting that the bell shapes are in fact root systems. You should be aware that this kind of smaller detail is likely only going to be available in the larger JP2 imaging. I sourced my images here from the largest JP2 image which is 1,429.8 MB. That image took well over a hour just to download it on a fast Internet connection.

The official position is that the so called "dunes" are covered in a layer of ice. Since the official position does not permit contemplation of water ice in an open location like this, then it by default must be carbon dioxide ice. In my examination of the JP2 image and the "dunes," I will agree that they are covered by ice. In fact, I'm going to suggest that the dunes themselves are ice but that ice is water rather than CO

So how do I arrive at this conclusion? Because close inspection reveals that ice has a highly reflective wet moisture coating on it and it is very translucent in many large areas. I'm not sure whether CO
2 can have that much ice transparency on a planet like Mars but I'm satisfied that highly reflective sheen reflecting strongly off of some dune surfaces is likely moisture. As many of you will know, CO2 in open environs in a warming trend sublimates directly from a solid (ice) to a gas and does not have an intermediate liquid state as does water.

If this is water ice, it may just be possible that the loss of Mars' great seas was so gradual that it allowed some sea life to adapt to open air conditions. Corals, nudibranchia, and sea slugs are examples that come to mind. Maybe some Mars sea creatures of the ancient past where consistent cold environment temperatures permit carry the water around them in the form of a water ice shell combined with soil. Perhaps these dark objects are temporary retractable projections like breathing appendages? It's speculation but I suspect we're going to eventually learn that a lot of things we never considered before may be realities on Mars.

Now the above 6th image moves us out of the more densely packed dunes collection area in the same image strip and demonstrates a couple of smaller dunes a little further out in the Polar terrain. Note that these dunes are characterized by having a extended tapering tail on them. Note also that they are showing signs of fissures just forming at the dune crest and continuing down along the dune's length.

The obvious conclusion is that the central fissures may eventually result in a widening split down the partial length of the dune with a depression forming as has happened with nearby dunes in the official colorized image. Note the dark material concentrating the heaviest in the center area of the broadest portion of the dune. It is not hard to imagine these being the site of future broader and thicker upright "tree" formations IF
the splitting process continues exposing the inner lower areas of the dune.

As you can see in the above 7th–9th images, the dark material coming out from within the dune mass via these fissures also appears to be upright and vertical. If you question this, note the many parallel ridges on the light color dune mass and that the largest concentrations of the dark material completely ignore and are unaffected by crossing these rough directional patterns. Do you think that this would be the case if the dark material was merely dark loose sand pushed out, hugging, and flowing across this dune mass surface and down its slopes? The answer is obvious.

I don't claim to have a definitive answer but this forgoing closer inspection information when added collectively to consideration clearly begins to erode confidence in the official theory as to what the dark material on the "dunes" might be. I do not think that these are permanent trees in any kind of sense we here on Earth might be familiar with but neither do I think they are dark sand either. What I do suspect is that there is some kind of life in these dune shapes unknown to us and that these dark objects are temporary projections of that life, perhaps a relatively temporary reproductive bloom of some kind like a mushroom.

For example, an independent life form like a tree might emerge from ground level into the open to struggle for life as a partially above ground form as long as possible. That kind of life duration design would almost certainly seek the sunlight and respond to the gravity of the planet with a vertical configuration designed to counteract that gravity. An example that comes to mind is a tree here on Earth emerging on a steep mountain slope. As a weak sprout it will quickly orient to optimize sunlight access and orient true vertical to counter gravity regardless of the angle of the slope is grows on.

It must be noted that this Mars dark evidence does not do that. Its emergence is fully effected by the angle of any slope it emerges from including even horizontal without reorienting to vertical and/or sunlight. If it emerges on a slope, then its emergence from the slope matches the angle of the slope. Obviously dark sand pour out would not behave in this indifferent to angle orientation manner.

If it is life as opposed to dark sand, that suggests that it is merely a projection like a mushroom of a underlying main body and not an individual life form unto itself seeking sunlight optimization. It suggests that its purpose and presence above ground will be temporary. If a mushroom pushes out from level ground, then it will be vertical but, if it pushes out from the side of a vertical tree trunk, then it may be horizontal. Just a thought.

Okay, so much for the exploration of the "dunes" and "tree" concepts. However, there's more evidence here in this strip. Go back up to the 7th image and take a look along the right edge of this image. You'll see a thin faint vertical line there that you likely missed in the first observation. The question is what is this? It's potentially the next stage in the evidence revelation here. Remember my use of the word "technology" in this report's title followed by a question mark?

The above 9th image demonstrates a medium size (huge to us) dune. It's in a standard aerodynamic configuration for these type of objects on Mars. Note the sharp well defined edges in the curved back area. This suggests an ice makeup. Note the strong sunlight reflectivity off of the upper right rear section. This suggests a moist surface characteristic of water ice thin melt conditions and not characteristic of CO2 ice melt.

That's one point but the main evidence is the three very thin vertical lines pointed out with the yellow arrows same as the one line on the right side of the 7th image. Note that they cross this huge object without being effected by its presence in the terrain. This is typical of this "line" evidence. This suggests that these lines are either artifacts that are not part of the Mars environment and do not belong in the image or they represent some kind of advanced transport technology on Mars.

So is this evidence and question as to what it may be the "trap" for someone like me and the real reason that there is an official push to get this image strip content into the media? Note that terrain around the "dune." There is simply no real geological detail in it. Any true detail appears to be covered over with smudge and yet these very slender lines are still prominent and unaffected by such "treatments." That is very suspicious.

If the lines are image artifacts, I can tell you that they appear to be part of the original image and not later additions into the image. That suggests that they were introduced before processing the image strip. If they are something like real transports across the terrain, I can tell you that they exist well above the terrain and their path is unaffected by any irregularities in the terrain they may pass over. Further, there are no supports holding anything up associated with them and they are simply to small to be registering shadows in the terrain and so that is not an issue here.

As you see, this evidence is barely visible even in this huge 1,429.8 MB JP2 image and even at 100% resolution and easy to miss. Because of that, could they have just missed this evidence? The smudge treatments not effecting the lines tends to deny that as a consideration. Even so, you can just see that there are dark objects within the line. Now let's take a closer look at one of these lines in the images below, in fact samples from the one on the left of the huge ice dune.

As you can see, the dark objects turn out to be many darker diamond shaped objects or square objects rotated 45º to form the diamond shape. I can tell you that some objects are alone, some in groups of 2–6 and some in longer strings in tandem as you see above. Most are in a darker color that becomes even darker at the point where the diamond shapes overlap each other in tandem. Some also have dark directional "V" shapes in them as you can see above but those are less numerous.

Since these are such mathematically perfect abstract shapes and all repetitively the same in general, the natural tendency is to assume that they are image artifacts. However, if so, I have never see it before in the MRO imaging. I can also confirm that these lines are not associated with image splicing as that is different and separately identifiable in this image strip.

All three of the lines in the 9th images are basically identical, just with different combinations and numbers of dark objects in them. They are all arrow straight. They all parallel the right edge of the strip and each other and are not found elsewhere in the strip. They do not stop or intersect anything else in the strip. The entire length of each of these three courses is full of these dark objects. In other words, if they represent some kind of traffic rather than image artifacts, that's one hell of a pile of transport traffic. However, that isn't all, take a look at the following image.

The above 14th image is of a 4th course that is closest to the right edge of the strip. It too is arrow straight and parallel to the right edge of the strip and to the other three courses. However, here the traffic (for the lack of a better term) is very light and very spaced out. The two panels on the right represent a section with heavier traffic that is not typical of this fourth course. Note that there is no light color line defining the course as there is with the other three heavily trafficked courses.

If this were real Mars evidence, I would say that the light color continuous line is there in the other three courses because the traffic is so heavy in those courses. I would say that the light color line appearance is not a tube or structure but condensate forming in the thin atmosphere from the friction and heat signatures of the very heavy traffic. That is also why there is no light color line in the fourth course because the traffic there is too light to cause enough atmospheric friction or heat signature to form it.

If this were real, I would say that this is evidence of some seriously highly advanced technology. I would observe that this is probably a commercial operation and that these are uniform containers traveling at high speed between different points on the planet on auto and remotely controlled. I would observe that kind of precise linear evidence would have been too small to have registered on any imaging less than such a huge JP2 1.4+ GB image file.

However, I cannot confirm with confidence whether this is something real or is it image artifact that I've not seen before? Certainly the mathematically perfect shapes and directions give one pause and suggest artifact even as it does not rule out high tech engineering down on the planet. Even more importantly, from my point of view, if the lines are real, why would they be left out of the smudge treatments that cover everything below and around the lines? It's possible that they missed this but not very likely considering the smudge applications in the same areas of the image strip. Linear straight lines and geometric shapes are after all one of the first and main things that the AI automated tampering software is designed to deal with early on. This was true long before the time of the MRO imaging.

There is also another consideration. Could this be some form of communication or labeling embedded in the strip similar to visual Morse code as represented by the numbers of the dark objects and their positions within the lines? If so, I do not have the time or capability to work on something like that. Any of you who feel inclined to tackle this line of thought, feel free to do so and get back to me if you turn up something positive.

Since I have with this reporting exposed this likely in advance of what ever they've intended, I expect that they will take the position that it is their introduction into the strip at original processing level. After all, whether true or not, what choice do they really have now?

Well there you have it, a report covering more than the issue of trees on Mars in this particular image strip. I'm still suspicious as to why this strip and its evidence is currently being pushed into the media at official level. Are they trying to get ahead of and deal with some of their own not in the need to know loop or are they trying to set you and I for something else? If it was just to stir up and keep interest in space exploration alive and well, perhaps they got more than they bargained for? We'll see.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

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