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Jan. 18 - Was the tragic Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010 foretold by a crop picture in England nine months earlier?‏

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Was the tragic Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010 foretold by a crop picture in England nine months earlier?

Contrary to what is often said in the mass media, for example by international newspapers or TV, crop pictures from southern England (and other locations in Europe) are paranormally real, not usually made by local fakers with rope and boards, and sometimes can predict the future. Two proven examples of future-prediction from 2009 include a series of ejections from our Sun during September or October, some of which coincided with large earthquakes in Sumatra or Samoa on September 29 or October 1 (see waylandsmithy3). Many other examples of future prediction in crop pictures from 1994 to 2008 have been discussed in a general review (see /WHAT DO MODERN CROP PICTURES MEAN).

A “mushroom” shaped crop picture appeared in southern England on June 24, 2009

Now at Rough Hill in southern England on June 24, 2009, there appeared a spectacular “mushroom” shaped crop picture, which also contained symbols for a “big explosion”, and time codes for “three or nine lunar months” (see roughhill2009). Early attempts to decode that crop picture discussed it in terms of a volcanic explosion, putative solar flares, or a lunar eclipse (see roughhill or roughhill).

Yet in light of the powerful Haiti earthquake on January 12, 2009 (see earthquakes), a more plausible explanation can now be suggested, simply by looking on Google Earth at where the earthquake occurred!

The region of our planet where that earthquake occurred has the approximate shape of a “mushroom” when viewed from space

Thus as shown in the comparative figure below, the general region of Haiti and other Caribbean islands on the surface of our planet has a distinct T-shaped appearance when viewed from space:

When compared with that crop picture from southern England on June 24, 2009, one could even say that the geography of Haiti and nearby islands has the overall shape of a “mushroom”. By that colourful analogy, its “stem” would lie near the equator off the coast of Peru, and while its “cap” would lie further north near Haiti, Puerto Rico and surrounding islands.

A “big explosion” within that “mushroom” crop picture matches where the epicentre of the Haiti earthquake was located along the surface of our planet

Next when we look more closely at the precise location of that earthquake in Haiti near Port-au-Prince, we can see that its epicentre coincides with the relative location of a “big explosion” in the “mushroom” crop picture, somewhere between its “cap” and its “stem”:

Time codes for “three or nine lunar months” in the “mushroom” crop picture match dates of a total solar eclipse in July 2009, or the Haiti earthquake in January 2010

Finally when we look at two sets of lunar symbols which were drawn there for either “three or nine lunar months”, we can see that there were three lunar months from the start of the last crop-circle season at Rutland’s Farm or Morgan’s Hill on April 25, 2009 (a new Moon), until a total solar eclipse on July 22, 2009 (another new Moon):

Likewise, there were nine lunar months from the start of the last crop-circle season on April 25, 2009 until the powerful Haiti earthquake on January 12, 2010, to an accuracy of three days (the new Moon was on January 15).

Other details of this interpretation

Various details within the “cap” of that “mushroom” seem to represent undersea contours of our planet as seen from space. For example, a large “curved finger” which was drawn upper left at Rough Hill seems to match a large undersea contour that extends northeast from central America towards Haiti. Another irregularly shaped “indentation” which was drawn upper right at Rough Hill seems to match a region which includes Haiti and part of the Bahama Islands. Likewise, six small circles in the lower left or right parts of that crop picture seem to match stars in Earth’s sky, close to the location of the July 2009 eclipse (see roughhill).

If they knew there was going to be a big earthquake, why didn’t they tell us in some other way?

Now if our crop artist friends knew nine months ago that a powerful earthquake was going to strike Haiti in January of 2010, causing great loss of life, why did they not simply land and tell us about it directly? Or why did they not go to 10 Downing Street or the White House, and tell Gordon Brown or Barack Obama that something bad was going to happen; but that we could avoid the worst of the trouble if we took proper precautions beforehand?

Although we cannot know the psychology of those crop artists for sure, several plausible scenarios come to mind. First, they are watching Earth from far off in space---that “mushroom” shape would only be drawn by space-faring aliens---and landing on Earth would be quite dangerous for them, given the hostile attitude of the British military (see youtube). Nevertheless, a few visitors from other worlds may have set foot covertly on British soil last summer (see

Secondly, their forms of communication seem quite different from ours, so that even if direct contact were soon to be made, the free exchange of ideas might remain difficult. Which artist on Earth, for example, would tell us about an upcoming earthquake in Haiti, by drawing the imaginative diagram of a “big explosion within a mushroom”, and then expect us to figure it all out?

Thirdly, the mass media of international newspapers and TV remain in stark denial that paranormally created crop pictures might really exist (see for example the amazing disinformation just published on Crop-Circles-The-Art-of-the-Hoax). How then are those crop artists meant to communicate with us, about possible dangers which they can see on Earth for humans in the near future? Perhaps they would create a spectacular spiral of light over Norway, or hover in a large pyramidal UFO over Moscow (see cropcircleresearch), having drawn crop pictures of those same two shapes years earlier?

To conclude, whatever you as a general reader may think about English crop pictures, media disinformation, or a possibility of predicting the future, we would argue (as experienced researchers) that the longer we wait as a species to consider and accept these new ideas, the worse it will get for us as a whole. They told us in 2002, “Much pain but still time”, and now in 2009 our time seems to be running out.

CMM Research

P.S. We would like to thank Steve Alexander for the field photograph used here.

P.S.S. Geographical symbols similar to those drawn in the “mushroom” were also drawn in the “dragonfly” crop picture of June 3, 2009, to tell us where a strong solar wind would impact on Earth sometime in the near future (see yatesbury). Thus far that predicted solar event has not yet occurred.

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