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May 23 - The 9/11 Cube‏

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The 9/11 Cube


"And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

W. B. Yeats

As I write these words almost nine years have passed since the epoch-making event universally known as "9/11." I say "epoch-making" because its impact on the collective psyche of the human race has been out of all proportion to the scale of the tragedy. For example, we now use the terms "pre-9/11" and "post-9/11" in much the same way as we use "BC" and "AD" (or the rather bland "BCE" and "CE"), in recognition of the fact that 9/11 has changed our world forever.

Who was really responsible for this horrifically audacious, breathtakingly successful act of terror? What is presented here is not another "9/11 hypothesis" -- rather, it is my interpretation of what appears to be a communication about 9/11 that has been placed
within the event itself, insisting that the ultimate perpetrator was not any group of people but an intelligence which created 9/11 to mark a watershed moment in history. The communication is written in a symbolic language utilising words, numbers and geometric figures and is translated by means of an esoteric science known as gematria.

Gematria arose in classical antiquity from the practice of using strings of letter-numerals to represent numbers (a vestige of these ancient counting systems is Roman numerals). Each letter was converted to a number under an accepted system of alphabetic numeration, then the numbers summed to give a total. Since words are also strings of letters, then in any language to which a system of alphabetic numeration can be applied, words -- and by extension phrases, sentences, etc -- can also be assigned numerical values. Gematria is the discernment and study of what is claimed to be a numerical cyphertext within many ancient and modern languages, including the English language, its central tenet being that if a meaningful relationship exists between two words or phrases then this will tend to be reflected in their numerical values. Strict causality would deny such a possibility, insisting that languages evolve in Darwinian fashion over time. The existence of a cyphertext would suggest a very different reality, where teleological foresight triumphs over the blind stumblings of evolution.

The translation key for a major part of the 9/11 message is the simplest and most natural system of alphabetic numeration: the substitution of a letter by its position in the alphabet. So for English words A = 1, B = 2, C = 3... Z = 26. An example of English gematria based on this system is given below.

Jesus Christ = 151

Holy Spirit = 151
Jesus is Lord = 151
Lord of Hosts = 151
Christ the King = 151
The Sacrificial Lamb = 151

This example shows the number 151 to be a kind of "strange attractor" for names and phrases meaningfully related to Jesus Christ, hinting that some divine ordering principle has indeed been influencing the development of language.

Another example is more subtle, involving a third, geometric, element of gematria (the word comes from a Greek word meaning "earth measures").

God = 26 (13 x 2)

Lord = 49 (7 x 7)

I have broken down the numerical value of each word into its prime factors, through which it can be seen that the largest prime factors of each number are thirteen and seven, respectively. There seems at first glance to be no obvious relationship between these numbers, but they are indeed related through a geometric figure. Regular arrays of counters can create polygons and thirteen is the number of units required to form a hexagram, within which is a hexagon of seven units (figure 1).

This Star of David, ancient symbol of Christ and modern emblem of Israel, links the two most significant English names for the Judeo-Christian God. The product of 13 and 7 is 91, the numerical value of "Spirit" and "The Father."

My own involvement with 9/11 and gematria began in 1998, with an internal vision that symbolised my entry into a kind of celestial college, staffed by angelic teachers. The first course of study lasted three-and-a-half years and amounted to a tour-de-force of spiritual and paranormal experiences, deftly woven into my life to teach me important lessons and often having a distinctly Christian flavour. By 2001 my long-held agnosticism had been replaced by an awareness of unseen dimensions and invisible but very real companions.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, several hours before the attacks (I live in the UK), I heard a male voice speak the words "Serpent Power" into my left ear. I knew from past experience that the two words were important in some way, so I wrote them down. Serpent Power is also known as Kundalini energy, from the serpent goddess of Hindu mythology. Yogis claim that this energy is our life force, normally residing in our "subtle body" near the base of the spine. Under certain conditions this energy can rise through the subtle body's channels and give rise to a Kundalini awakening, a dramatic and potentially dangerous moment of enlightenment. Around 3.00PM my wife telephoned me to say that something extraordinary had happened in New York and that I should turn on the television. I did so then sat in front of it for eight hours, watching with horror, fascination and an odd sense of unreality as the serpent struck New York and Washington, causing the deaths of three thousand people, the destruction of the twin symbols of global capitalism and the "Kundalini awakening" of our sleeping world.

My sense of the unreality of 9/11 was compounded by something else: a growing number of coincidences involving the number 11. The date was the 11th, the twin towers resembled a giant eleven and there were 110 storeys in each building. These snowballed into an avalanche of elevens, including historical links with the number. For instance, Manhattan Island, on which the WTC stood, was first seen by Henry Hudson on September the 11th, 1609, and work on the construction of the Pentagon began on September the 11th, 1941. [1] Bizarrely, the 9/11 Commission report was released on 22/7/04, 1045 (11 x 95) days after 9/11. Could this clustering of elevens around 9/11 be accounted for simply by chance? I sensed from the start that a more likely explanation was a phenomenon described by the great psychologist Carl Jung: synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. [2] My own spiritual awakening had been accompanied by many synchronicities and I could confirm the observation made by Jung and others that these intensified during periods of transition or crisis, outer events reflecting inner changes. Could 9/11 itself have been such a reflection? What inner change was it reflecting?

By the summer of 2001 my spiritual education had begun to include the study of gematria and one day in November 2001, during a period when I was myself at the centre of a storm of meaningful coincidences, it occurred to me to look at the gematria of 9/11. The first words I numerated were ‘Osama bin Laden'. A thrill went through me when I saw that the most popular English translation of his name has a numerical value of 110. Next I numerated ‘New York', which has a value of 111. ‘September the eleventh, two thousand and one' is 440 (11 x 40). The US emergency code ‘Nine One One' is 110. ‘Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden'--the name the man used for signing documents after the 9/11 attacks--is 209 (11 x 19). Bin Laden's full name is ‘Osama bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Laden', which has a value of 263, the same as the sum of the flight numbers of the three planes that struck their targets (11 + 175 + 77). Two of these are 11 and 77 (11 x 7). How many coincidences make a communication?

As my researches progressed I was helped in unusual ways. In addition to the synchronicities I mentioned, much of this assistance came from dreams and visions, guiding me with hints and clues I was expected to follow up. People around me also began to have strange dreams which they felt compelled to share with me. One woman with whom I worked had this dream in 2004.
I swap bodies with my cousin, who is very beautiful. My father then catches my cousin (in my body) with a diary in which she has written many hateful things about him. My father reads the diary then attacks my cousin in anger, slashing her back and chopping off two fingers. This is a dream about 9/11. The two amputated fingers represent the destruction of the twin towers, suggesting it was a punishment from God (the father in the dream) for our rebellion. However, the beautiful cousin who took the punishment for my workmate, because they'd swapped bodies, reminded me of the "perfect sacrifice" who took our place on the cross. The slashes across her back represented the scourging with whips Jesus received before his crucifixion.

"The Pentagon" has a numerical value of 125. This is the cube of five, a number that is as strongly linked to The Pentagon as 11 was to the twin towers. For example, the Pentagon building has five storeys and consists of five concentric pentagons, the pentagon itself being a five-sided figure. "Pentagon" = 92, which is a pentagonal number. Again we find coincidences that defy the odds and which, in some cases, have been built into our language, precluding any possibility of a purely human conspiracy.

The number 125 can be displayed as a cube five units on a side. The other structure hit on 9/11 was The World Trade Centre, the value of which is 218. There is a profound geometric relationship between 125 and 218, because 218 units can surround cube 125 to create the cube of seven, with 343 units. Coincidence? Well, the twin towers were individually known as The North Tower and The South Tower (these are the names on the architect's plans for the WTC). [3] The value of "The North Tower" is 189 and that of "The South Tower" is 197. These sum to 386, which is, incredibly, the number of units in another hollow cube, surrounding cube 343 to create the cube of nine, with 729 units (figure 2).

The "reasonable" explanation of coincidence is seriously undermined by this second discovery, which takes us beyond the reasonable world into a realm where some events, rather than being senseless accidents of history, have been created to bring transcendent meaning into our lives. The meaning within the events of September the 11th, 2001, is encoded into this nest of cubes; these present a kind of puzzle, the solution to which is shown below.

The two hollow cubes surrounding cube 125 can be opened up to reveal
two crosses, built from 218 and 386 units (figure 3).

The twin towers themselves resembled the stake and crossbar of a cross, as do the digits of 11. Bearing in mind that cube 125 is associated with The Pentagon and the number five, what then does it represent? The pentagon and related pentagram have many symbolic associations. However, for Christians they are associated with the five wounds received by Jesus Christ as he was crucified: the wounds to his two wrists, his two feet and his side. In fact the early Christians used the pentagram as a symbol of the crucified Lord, before it was dropped in favour of the cross. A reciprocal link is found in the numerical value of "Jesus Christ," which you will recall is 151 (notice that this number incorporates the digits of the numbers 11 and five). Geometrically, 151 is a centred pentagram, as are 11 and 911. All three numbers are therefore linked to the pentagram and five-ness (figure 4).

A particular flower that has long been associated with the number five and its geometry is the rose. Christian symbolism associates the five petals of the wild rose with the wounds of Christ-the rose therefore carrying precisely the same symbolic meaning as the pentagram. The link between the rose and the crucified Lord is so strong that two well-known esoteric societies, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons, have combined rose and cross to create distinctive emblems (figure 5).

Recall that through gematria the names "The Pentagon" and "The World Trade Centre" suggest cube 125 nested within cube 343. If we now take cube 343 and unfold its outer shell of 218 units, we see that we have a symbolic crucifix (figure 6).

The inner cube of 125 units is automatically positioned where the beams cross and thus, like the pentagram and the rose, symbolises the crucified Lord (figure 7).

The same procedure could be carried out on cube 729 to leave a cross of 386 units. The cube mounted on this cross has 343 units, symbolising through gematria the death of Jesus (the Pentagon) and the two criminals (the World Trade Centre) at Golgotha. This brings me to a remarkable confluence of cubes within the Bible that supports the crucifixion interpretation of 9/11. Here is Matthew's version of the Superscription, the charge against Jesus placed above his head on the cross (Matthew 27:37).


Matthew's version of the Superscription, found as worded here in English versions of the Bible, has a cubic watermark. The numerical value is 343, the cube of seven encoded within the 9/11 targets. The numbers of words and letters are eight and 27, the cubes of two and three, and the chapter is 27. Multiplying the chapter and verse indicators gives 999, which recalls cube 729, and summing these gives 64, the cube of four. In addition to its geometric relationship to the cross, the cube, symbol of perfection, has deep significance within Judaism, as discussed below.

The significance of the crucifixion to Christians is that it ended the need for the Day of Atonement. This most solemn of Jewish holy days was an annual sacrifice by the high priest to atone for the sins of his people, made initially in the tabernacle then in the Jerusalem temple. Several animals were sacrificed and their blood was sprinkled on and around the Ark of the Covenant, which was held in the inner sanctum of the tabernacle, called The Most Holy Place. The Bible describes three Most Holy Places: within the tabernacle, within the Jerusalem Temple and the New Jerusalem itself. Astoundingly, all three spaces were perfect cubes, just like the three cubes encoded into the 9/11 targets! [4]

To enter The Most Holy Place the high priest had to pass through a series of curtains, separating YHVH (who resided within the inner sanctum) from his sinful people. Within the tabernacle there were three curtains: the door to the outer court, the entrance to the tent and the veil (figure 8).

At the moment of Christ's death on the cross the curtain in the Jerusalem Temple was torn in two, shattering the barrier previously in place between God and his people: "The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom." [5] If we now view the three strikes on 9/11 as the tearing of the three curtains separating the Most Holy Place from the sinful world beyond the tabernacle, we see that the events of September the 11th, 2001, were meant to reiterate the significance of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, as the ultimate Day of Atonement. Thus, on 9/11 the Most Holy Place was entered by our high priest Jesus Christ and atonement made for our sins by the blood of those who were killed on that day.

This profound correspondence can be symbolised in a special way, using the cubes encoded into the 9/11 targets. If we colour a one-unit-thick slice through the centre of cube 729, then repeat this process in the other two spatial directions -- to symbolise the three airplane strikes, the three torn curtains and the three men crucified at Golgotha -- we obtain the figure I call The 9/11 Cube (figure 9).

The 9/11 cube looks something like a Rubik's cube, which is appropriate given that it presents us with the final part of the encoded puzzle. The solution is found by shining a light through the cube, oriented as shown in the figure, then looking to see what projects onto a piece of white paper ­-- imagine the cube to be composed of coloured marbles (figure 10).

The projection is a hexagon of 217 units with an internal hexagram of 121 units, itself containing a hexagon of 61 units. The number 217 is the value of the following momentous phrase:

Christ's Second Coming = 217

Incredibly, by counting the individual units in each of the three coloured zones we find that these three numbers are the ordinal values of the individual words in that phrase!

Christ's = 96 = units in outer rhombi
Second = 60 = units in outer triangles
Coming = 61 = units in inner hexagon

The internal Star of David symbolises Jesus Christ, through its instantly recognisable form, and his Second Coming, through gematria (figure 11).

Moreover 121 is the fifth hexagram in its series and the square of 11, five and 11 being the numbers encoded into the Pentagon and the twin towers! The stunning degree of coordination shown here between numerical values, geometric properties and symbolism is singularly appropriate for the message being conveyed and is a magnificent realisation of the potential of synchronicity to bring transcendent meaning into our lives.

Finally, remember the mysterious fall of building 7 of the World Trade Centre? I propose that the fall of this structure was preordained to complete the message built into 9/11. The number 217, value of "Christ's Second Coming," was implied by the numbers of the three buildings that fell on 9/11. These were buildings 1, 2 and 7, which fell in the order 2, 1 and 7! As if to confirm the eschatological import of 9/11, the numbers 217 and 911 twice "cross" each other in the Bible. The 217th verse in the Bible is Genesis 9:11 and the 911th chapter in the Bible is Haggai 2, which opens with these words,
"On the twenty-first day of the seventh month, the word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai." [6] The ordinals "twenty-first" and "seventh" imply 217 again!

I well recall the moment when I discovered the 9/11 cube, because another dazzling synchronicity alerted me to its significance: at that very instant my wife changed the TV channel and I heard the pop band Cockney Rebel sing the opening words of their biggest hit:
"You've done it all, you've broken every code and pulled the rebel to the floor." [7] If synchronicities really are manifestations of psycho-spiritual transformation, then 9/11 may have signified the greatest leap in human consciousness since we first stood on two legs. In fact the 9/11 cube insists that this was the Event that Christians throughout the world have long awaited. What better way to return than by recreating his crucifixion and simultaneously destroying the twin pillars of a rapacious economic system? In this way he demonstrated his ultimate authority over world affairs and reminded us, during his bi-millennial anniversary, of the sacrifice he made on the cross, by making a second sacrifice to atone for our sins.


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  1. Did you know that 911 value in Hebrew Gematria is "Devil Sheol"




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