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May 23 - Spiral of time and comets in the era of a Great Celestial Conjunction‏

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Spiral of time and comets in the era of a Great Celestial Conjunction
by Segey Smelyakov and Jan Wicherink

Original version

1. Comet Hale-Bopp (HB) and its siblings. In 1997 a forecast was published in which the influence of this comet was predicted on the basis of analysis of its conjunctions with the Sun and their aspects and associated eclipses [1-3] with the use of conventional astrological concepts. The qualitative description of effects which could be produced at these conjunctions was presented by (1) Factors of influence that were divided into three groups: natural, technogeneous, and socio-political; in their turn, in each group a series of directions was specified. For example, for the first group these are seismicity and volcanism, floods, fires, etc. For these Factors of influence a concentration of events and/or appearing of record (rare or extremal) events of respective direction was forecasted. By their nature, these events exert a negative influence (catastrophes, conflicts, etc.), although in the third group a favourable events may occur.

The moments of these conjunctions specify the (2) Time Foci of influence which, due to their mundane (viz. world-wide) nature, are defined as calendar dates with the effective orb of 5 days which corresponds to 5° orb for Ecliptic conjunctions.
With the use of AstroCartoGraphy, the moments of these conjunctions were also used to obtain the (3) Geographical Foci of influence – the meridians with the respective orb corresponding to 5° orb for Ecliptic conjunctions, along which the most pronounced manifestations of the events were expected. In particular, they pass through definite regions of the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, China, Middle Asia.

It turned out [2,3] that in 1997 the forecasted concentration of events pertaining to the specified Factors of influence had actually taken place around the defined Time and Geographical Foci, and many of them were manifested as records; due to the nature of these Factor of influence the most part of the events present inauspicious kind of events. After then, for several years the Time Foci had reiteratively marked themselves while continuing the trends (in countries and types of events) that were firstly marked in 1997 [4-11].

Among these trends those are very important which mark the beginning of military operations and confrontations at the Time Foci of the comet Hale-Bopp, both local (e.g. between Israel and Palestinians, N. and S. Koreas) and global; thus, the beginning of the most world-important operations almost exactly fit these Foci: the bombardments of Yugoslavia had started on March 24, 1999 (viz. exactly at Т5, March 24), military invasion in Afghanistan – on March 1, 2002, with a full swing on March 2 – 6 (viz. exactly at Т3, March 3), the war in Iraq – on March 20, 2003 (viz. exactly at Т4, March 20), etc.

Not less significant are the trends in acts of terrorism ; the most infamous of them is the 911 attack that took place within a 5° orb of the Focus T7, September 16; note to this end that the problems of this kind in the USA were predicted [5, 6] namely on the basis of continued manifestation of these trends over the Time and Geographical Foci.
It is also astonishing that the preceding (Hyakutake) and subsequent comet trajectories are closely associated with that of the comet Hale-Bopp [14].

After some “lull” in the manifestations of events pertaining to other Factors of influence, since the middle of the first decade of the XXI century the intensity of manifestations around the Time Foci had started to grow once again, as well as the number of record events. The most significant example – is the starting of the “explosive” stage of the World financial crisis on September 15, 2008 (viz. exactly at Т7, September 16) [4].

So, the specified Time Foci being defined as calendar dates still continue to manifest themselves, well over the time of the pass-by of the comet Hale-Bopp [6 – 10] – up to the current Spring. At this, as it is seen from the supplied Summary, at these Foci a stable trend relative to the specified countries and types of events is seen, but the magnitude of manifestations varies not only from year to year, but from Focus to Focus as well; this Spring the most sound was the Focus TB (April 7-11) which, by aspects, is associated with Algol, Saturn and Moon [3, 14] (See item(i) of the Forecast, below).

The 14-year analysis [4 – 11] of the trends in event distribution over the Foci of the comet Hale-Bopp allows us to conclude that the points of Zodiac which correspond to the Foci of this comet has gained their own significance, and, on this ground, transfer their influence when the Sun passes these points of Ecliptic, since both the surges of Solar activity [6, 11], and the Geomagnetic storms (as shown in [6] and in the Summary, below) also show a trend to concentrate or to intensify at the Time Foci. We may consider various hypotheses relative to the origin of the influence of these Time Foci. From our viewpoint the following considerations are consistent.

The physical analysis of the parameters of the comet Hale-Bopp shows [James M. McCanney] that it possesses a huge electrical charge, is far from being a “piece of ice”, and its size is comparable with that of the Moon. If so, its conjunctions with the Sun (viz. alignments with the Sun on the plane of Ecliptic) may have left a “footprint” in the Interplanetary magnetic field [13].
Therefore, the size of this comet and proximity of its trajectory to the Earth (during 1997) give us the grounds to consider it as an astrological object and, respectively, the moments of its conjunctions with the Sun and a series of associate celestial events that took place during its fly-by in 1997 – as a set of critical points on the Ecliptic, or composite Mundane “Natal” chart for this comet’s fly-by.

Besides, a long duration of comet HB’s manifestations allows us to suggest that it was probably that mysterious planet the appearance of which was predicted in the letters of Helena Roerich who said that fly-by of this planet would cause new influence, not all aspects of which would be adequately accepted by humanity but which in the upshot would be for common good.

Of course, weak arguments exist as to stating that the influence of this comet would have been the same 50, 500 or 5000 years ago. However, in the context of the current situation in the space and phase of the Earth’s evolution we may state that its Foci come to a resonance with a series of other factors of influence. Just to begin with, these are other comets [14] and the Solar cycles [6].

More importantly, a series of periodic and background evolutional factors of influence exist which, by the principle of resonance or response ratio, can be considered as such to amplify the manifestations of the comet HB’s Foci. In brief, they are as follows.
2. The Great Celestial Conjunction (GCC). In 1996 on the ground of bringing into correlation the Tropical Zodiac with the Zodiac of the Solar System, the latter being defined by the axes similar to the Solstice and Equinox ones of the former one, a hypothesis was put forward and analyzed, on the ground of historical, esoterical and astrological considerations that presumed that we actually live in an Era of great evolutional transformations [12, 15]. It resulted from the analysis of alignment of the Tropical Zodiac axes with the Galactic ones. Later on, it was shown [19] that these and some other alignments are associated with the direct physical influence. Alongside, after defining more exactly the epoch when the Solstice and Equinox axis of Tropical Zodiac coincide with their analogues (defined by the planes of Ecliptic and Galactic Equator) of the Solar Zodiac and correlating the concepts and symbols with those that were presented in the Secret Doctrine, Mayan and other ancient cultures, the epoch of coincidence of these two pairs of cardinal axes was named the Great Celestial Conjunction [16].

Among four such conjunctions during a Plato’s year (or Sidereal year, or the cycle of precession of equinoxes) having an average duration of 25770 years (since this value varies in time [18]), one takes place at present (denote it G4) it is described by the coincidence of the Tropical Winter Solstice point with the “Equinox” axis of the Solar System defined by the intersection of Ecliptic plane and Galactic Equator.

But it is not only one of four events that takes place once in about 6500 years: it should seemingly be considered as the principal of these four events since both the Tropical Winter Solstice, apart from conventional astrological considerations, can be considered as the principal of these four points, and this point is directed to the Galactic Centre.

Moreover, the importance of this epoch is enlarged by its close proximity to the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar which, by itself, quite exactly describes the evolutional world trends. At this, the difference in several years between the millennia durations of these cycles is not significant and may be attributed to uncertainty in the position of Galactic Equator and Centre of Galaxy as well a to variations in the orientation of Ecliptic.
Therefore, due to the importance of the current conjunction in transmitting of the Space influence it was proposed to consider it as the Origin of the Plato’s year.

In different aspects the concept of the Great Celestial Conjunctions was later (and seemingly independently) reflected by John Major Jenkins in the astronomical part of his concept of “Galactic Alignment” – as a Winter Solstice position of the Sun that conjuncts the Galactic Centre, and by Nick Anthony Fiorenza in the astronomical part of his concept of “Holy Cross” which does not consider the Solstice lines (in more detail – See [16]).

Therefore, the current Great Celestial Conjunction can be considered to exert a prolonged background influence to which the Earth is submitted in the sense that even for its physical effects [19] this alignment of the Earth’s axes creates a special channel for transmitting the “direct” Space influence during a relatively long time interval.

Notice, that the preceding GCC (G3) relates to the epoch of approximately 6500 BP (or 4500 BC), which is correlated with a conception of the “ancient” cultures. Before it, the GCC (G2) took place around 13 000 BP (11 000 BC); this era is correlated with a series of cataclysms and processes that changed the surface of the Earth, including the North American continent the Northern part of which had cleared from the glacier shield. 26 000 years age the same (relative to the mutual orientation of the axes) Great Celestial Conjunction took place as the present one, after which the last large-scale North American glaciation had started: during the latter part of the Wisconsin Stage (26,000 to 13,300 years ago) the ice sheets extended to about 45 degrees north latitude; these sheets were 3 to 4 km thick. Make note, that the termination of this glaciation was synchronous with the GCC G3!

It is also interesting to note that the current year by the Hebrew calendar (viz. 5770), the origin of which was formerly associated with the “Date of Creation”, is also close to the remoteness of the GCC G3 and, thus, actually gives a date being close to the last “Creation”, or Transformation of the Earth’s World.

3. The Auric Time Scale and Mayan Calendar. In 1997 it was shown [20] that the periods of many, if not majority, of the basic processes in nature and society comply to the discrete values of progression with the geometric ratio equal to the Golden Mean number . (or its inverse value .), or to their doubled values.

By the Latin root (sectio Aurea) it was called the Auric Time Scale (ATS). It is marvelous also that the average length of the 11-year Solar activity cycle .=11.07 yr and periods of the planets of the Solar System also fit these series and their harmonic correlations when the period . (or Earth’s one, it does not matter) is taken for the unity. Moreover, the terms of these series corresponding to smaller values, coincide with the basic processes in nature and society [21].
It turned out that this Scale structures not only the periods of various processes by correlating them with the average duration of the 11-year Solar activity cycle, but the evolutional cycles as well. The partitioning of the Mayan calendar into periods the lengths of which decrease by the Golden Section has shown that the bounds of these periods (more exactly – short time intervals centered on these separation epochs) define the crucial epochs when an intense surge of events take place that pertain both to natural phenomena (Earthquakes, etc.) and evolutional shifts in civilizations [22, 23].
In particular, the last separation epoch before the end of the Mayan Calendar relates to 1997 (if 7 intervals are considered, the number specific to the esoteric measure of time); this is – the year of fly-by of the comet Hyakutake, the direct predecessor of the comet HB, the trajectories of which had made a cross over the Earth as if blessing it with future transformations (the subsequent comets have also come to the resonance with their critical points [14]). The respective effect remains effectual for the separation pointes obtained by increasing the lengths of the intervals by the factor . while going to the past from the beginning of the Mayan Calendar (3114 B.C).

Moreover, it turned out that when the ATS is applied to the Mayan calendar to a its full extent, that is considering the infinite series converging to the end date (December 21, 2012), it gives qualitatively the same separation epochs on the basic interval (before 1997) while it provides us with an additional series of critical separation epochs (Bifurcation Points, BP). In application to the Mayan Calendar it was called the Infinite Auric Spiral of Time (IAST) [24].

Since the fly-by of the comet HB four such bifurcation points have passed. The first one, BP12 (January 20, 1997), fits the interval between the first and second comet’s conjunction with the Sun during its perihelion in 1997: T2, January 3, 1997 and T3, March 3, 1997. Seemingly it was this synchronism that caused an efficient manifestations of the comet HB’s Foci from the very beginning.

The second one, BP13 (February 19, 2003), was very close to the calendar Focus Т3 (March 3) and reflected in intensification of the comet’s influence after some calming down; thus, exactly on the Focus T4 (March 20) the USA started the war in Iraq.
The point ВР14 (November 22, 2006) was far enough from the comet’s Foci, but when the next bifurcation point, ВР15 (March 20, 2009), coincided with the Focus Т4 (March 20) the effect was very powerful [4].


Therefore, we may expect that this year, after a series of stormy manifestations of the Spring Foci T3T5 and, especially – at TB (April 7 – 11) the after-effects (as in the preceding years) can take place pertaining to the comet Hale-Bopp Factors of influence at the following dates:

(i) on May 17, when the Sun will pass Algol (this star is associated with the Focus TB; See above);
(ii) a sound resonance of the bifurcation point ВР16 (August26,2010) with the Focus Т7 (September 16) may take place in the interval August 26 – September 16, the more so since this Focus is marked by two world-wide catastrophes (911 and explosion of Financial Crisis; See above);

(iii) a surge of the Timewave Zero function around July 9, 2010, coincides with the comet HB’s Time Focus Т6 (July 4 with possible after-effects on July 14), thus giving a dangerous resonance interval for July 4 – 9 (and, possibly, July 9 – 14).
4. The Spiral of Evolutional Time. The concepts of ‘Spiral of Time’, that were mentioned above, with respect to methodology as to how they were obtained could be considered as empirical models: although they are verified and tested by observations, the model they are based on does not follow directly from any concept of general nature. However, just published results show [17] that a generally used concept of “Spiral of Time” not only has a sense, but presents a chart of mathematical function of physical or evolutional, or psychological, or other type of time if presented as a polar function of, for example, physical time. Consider the required elements of this work as its English translation would appear later.

Thus, bringing into correlation the concepts of Time and Space as they are considered in modern physics with the Theosophical concepts (first of all – The Secrete Doctrine) has shown that these general categories are generally understood in both these approaches in the same sense, whereas a series of principal concepts pertaining to cosmology and relativity that were formulated in the second part of the XX century and during the last decades not only have the adequate analogues in the Secret Doctrine, but were verbally described in it.

Physics does not define the concept of Time; instead, in theories it uses a numerical parameter, the properties of which depend on the selected model, whereas in measurements it rests on use of various Time Count Systems (TCS) which are based on operational definitions. Therefore, different TCSs are mutually heterogeneous; for instance, their basic periods may differ, and even if their periods are equal, the respective clocks may define non-uniform ticks: as an example take the “uniform” ephemeris time and the apparent Solar time. If we compare it with atomic time it turns out that the ephemeris time is not uniform due to significant variations of Earth parameters.

At this point the scale itself does not cause a problem, since we may divide or multiply the time unit as required; the problem arises if non-uniform processes are considered in TCSs. For this reason in physics, economy and other spheres of life the scientists try to select such TCSs which have close time units, and we do not see the discrepancy between them.
However, if some process develops with a substantial acceleration, the TCS base on it will be notably non-linear with respect to any physical time system (since the latter are coordinated to be homogeneous), that is the same “periods of time” with respect to this process will correspond to smaller and smaller “intervals of physical time”.

In this sense a propagation of the concept of TCS being adopted in physics to other application, including the evolution, is as natural as in physics when a new TCS is defined. The only difference is the essence of the parameter called “Time” (we have to specify how to measure the respective quantity).

Then if we define the evolutional time as a mathematical function of physical time, a graph of typical evolutional cycle would take a form of slowly growing line (at a large interval of physical time, where the evolutional changes are almost not seen, but the harmonic cycles dominate and clearly seen – e.g. in seasonal variations) with a more or less sharp rise and fall (depending on the type of the cycle) at the point of bifurcation (Fig.1.a). A sequence of such cycles present a saw tooth-like curve (Fig.1.b).

The examples – are economical cycles, evolutional cycles [David Wilcock], cycles of variations in nature and society during the 11-year Solar activity cycles revealed by Alexander L Tchijevsky, and other.

Fig. 1. Evolutional cycles
a) one cycle: linear development on interval 0 – 1, quick nonlinear rise (1 – 2) and fall (2 – 3)
in the vicinity of the bifurcation point 2;
b) a sequence of evolutional cycles of the same type (arrows denote the vicinities of bifurcation points);
with respect to type of the cycles, the waves may be more and less abrupt.
Now, draw the charts of the same functions, but in a polar coordinate system: we obtain the phase-plane portrait where the polar angle correspond to physical time, and radius – to the ratio of time increments for physical and evolutional time scales, respectively.

If the increments are the same for any moment of physical time, we obtain a circle; thus, the interval 0–1 at Fig. 1.a will be reflected by an arc being close to a circle (or to a fragment of a circle). However, the interval 1–2 will be reflected by a spiral curling to the center: the same increments of physical time are corresponded by greater and greater increments of evolutional time so that the ratio rushes to zero, and vice versa – for the fragment 2–3.

Thus, let a single period of physical time (e.g. Plato’s year) present the full sweep angle of 360°. Then, if an evolutional cycle goes to “infinity” at a bifurcation point while developing during the whole period, we obtain a spiral presented in Fig.2.a; two spirals (Fig.2.b), if the evolutional cycle develops twice during the whole period, four spirals (Fig.2.c) – if the evolutional cycle develops four times during the whole period, etc.

Not less amazing is the fact that these spirals, viz. mathematical functions, reflect the world-wide known symbols of time and cycles in time– the most sacred Mayan symbol G [26], Eastern symbols Yin-Yang, Swastika and some other which you can find in [17], including the case with the limited growth of function.

Last, but not least is that the psychological time can be defined and reflected in the same way.

Fig.2. Phase-plane portraits of evolutional cycles with infinite growth in the points of bifurcation
5. Spring Foci of the comet hale-Bopp in 2010. This year the statistics of natural cataclysms, air crashes and technogeneous accidents, as well economical, political and social events of greater importance and those which present records and concentrate around the comet HB’s Foci have shown once again that these Foci, both Calendar and Geographical, are still effectual relative to the major aspects of the Factors of influence pertaining to the Foci of the comet HB. In particular, the trends that appeared in the USA and Israel, between the N. and S. Koreas, in Russia and Ukraine a decade ago are seen once again.
Besides, a trend in distribution of volcanism and seismicity, that has intensified last year along the edge of the Pacific Plate, in Europe and in Asia has had world-wide consequences. Once again, Focus TB manifested itself most violently, like it did in the year 2009 (See Sec. 2 of [10]).

What is important, an event pertaining to one Factor of influence (volcano eruption) has caused the extremal consequences being specific to all three Factors and exerted influence over the all Geographic Foci; only several events over the last decade had developed to such a great scale – the 911 attack and the explosion of the World financial crisis among them at T7 (not counting the military operations), and they also developed at the comet HB’s Foci, as the tragically known Sumatra-Andaman earthquake of December 26, 2004 (it was still December 25 in Europe and America, viz. at the Focus T1, December 21) that killed nearly 230,000 people in fourteen countries.

However, in the Summary below we consider only those spheres where the specified factors of influence have manifested themselves to the largest degree and/or continue the trends that started to appear at the comet HB’s Foci since the very beginning.
On the other hand, all the events that shocked the world in these months also fit these Foci, at least those which are unique in modern history: for instance the plane crash of the President of Poland, airtrafic collapse caused by the volcano eruption, an attempt to adopt a bill putting the ban on astrology and some other.

Seemingly the only event of great significance that fits the Foci and show positive perspectives (let us hope!) is the following:
TB 08.04 The Presidents of the USA and Russia has signed a new SALT agreement which returns
a new process of nuclear disarmament that was actually interrupted for decades
This Summary may appear unimportant since the presented events are quite recent, in addition not all types of events are considered to their fullest extent. But one must note that for the fourteenth year the records and the concentration of events pertaining to the same Factors of influence continue to appear in the same regions and cluster around the same calendar dates. And this does already become a system.

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Distribution of events of extreme nature over the Factors of influence
and Time Foci of the comet Hale-Bopp
In this Summary the events are distributed in the following format:
Ti Date: country, event {victims, wounded and other features}
where Ti specifies a Time Focus (T3, T8, T4, Т5, ТВ), and Date – the calendar date for the related event(s) which, as a rule, lies in a 5 day orb of the Focus corresponding to 5° orb of Sun-HB conjunction.
The calendar dates of the considered Foci are as follows
T3 (March 3), Т8 (March 13), T4 (March 20), Т5 (March 24), ТВ (April 7 – 11)
(May 20, 2010)
The above article and the below Summary were posted on May 4, 2010 [25]. As it turned out that with respect to the above Forecast (item i), the events of extremal nature pertaining to the comet HB’s Factors of influence had actually started to appear and to continue the specified trends at the resonance point of May 17, the below Summary was replenished with the respective events at rubric AE (after- effects).

Factor 1: Natural Calamities

Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions
As in the first manifestations of the comet HB’s Foci in 1997, the natural calamities were starting in 2 – 3 days before the Foci dates.
T3 27.02 Chili: earthquake, 9 on Richter scale – the strongest in 50 years.
700 victims, thousands missing, 2 million homeless. By its magnitude it was 10 times more powerful than the preceding quake in Haiti. It nearly outshined the most destructive quake ever registered that took place also in Chili, in 1960. Afterward, 45 more aftershocks were registered of various intensity. It shortened the length of day by 1.26 microsecond and shifted the Earth’s axis by 8 cm
28.02 Afghanistan, Pakistan, India: earthquake, more than 6 on Richter scale
04.03 Taiwan: a powerful quake, 6.5 on Richter scale; landslides, land lapse, fires, destruction of
buildings, blocking of railways. As an alarm clock this region (together with continental China) reacts to the Foci since the year of 1997
07.03 Kurile Islands: three quakes (up to 5.5 on Richter scale)
T8 08.03 Turkey: powerful quake (6 on Richter scale), 38 victims
14.03 Japan, Tokyo: powerful quakes – up 6.6 on Richter scale
Т4 20.03 Iceland: the state of emergency is announced due to the beginning of volcano eruption
After a 200 years dormant, the volcano Eyjafjallajkull has waked up. 500 people are evacuated from its suburbs. 3 flights from the USA to Iceland are cancelled
ТВ 05.04 Mexico: powerful quake, 7.2 on Richter scale; 2 victims, hundreds of wounded.
Large-scale losses were prevented since this region is sparsely populated, although in several towns the power and water supply, communication lines are discontinued; of roads and buildings are destructed. An echo of this quake was felt by 20 million people in Arizona and California where the shocks continued for 30 seconds: it caused a panic in shops, where the goods were falling on the buyers, calls to 911 due to blocking of elevators, etc. Although there were no victims, the Americans were frightened: such shocks were not felt in these States since 1979.
09.04 Russia, Kamchatka: intensification of ash clouds from volcano Shiveluch
14.04 Iceland: the volcano Eyjafjallajkull exploded with ash after the second crater had opened.
By having started its activity as natural calamity at Focus T4, now, at Focus TB, it propagates its influence over all three Factors of influence.
As this volcano was covered by a glacier of 5 km in diameter, the floods covered the ground and the clouds of ash and steam covered the sky and started to propagate toward Europe. An eruption of the same type took place in 1821-1823, 1612 and in 920.
Since April 15 the ash cloud paralyzed the air communication over Europe, and conventional communications on the Seas and ground due to a cancel of flights. Even half of the flights between the USA and Europe are canceled since the silicon micro particles can disrupt the engines, as it was with Finnish air fighters F16 that got in the cloud. Such an airspace shutdown was not observed since WWII, and has no precedents in its scale: 300 airports are blocked, 63 000 flights are cancelled, 7 mill. people cancelled their flights, 10 mill. people rushed to railway stations. European airlines suffer a damage of 150 – 200 million Euro per day. General damage to airlines, apart from that to passengers and loads, makes more than 2 billion Euros.
14.04 China: the most powerful quake of the year, 7.1 on Richter scale has destructed city Tsega
2064 victims, 175 missing, 12 000 wounded. The subsequent multiple after-shocks, land slides and gale-strength winds destructed 85% of the buildings, power supply lines, roads. National mourning is declared.
AE May 16-17 a month after the air traffic collapse at the Focus TB, the ash clouds from the volcano
Eyjafjallajkull had caused, firstly since the period of TB, a sharp worsening of the conditions for flights over Europe, although on a lesser scale:
16.05 Ireland closes its airspace for the flights. The GB and Germany notify that the airspace
might be closed. Test flights are undertaken for measuring the density of ash clouds
17.05 Europe:more than 1000 flights are canceled. A day before the expected time the airspace
is closed for the largest London airports. Amsterdam, London were inoperative almost all day long. Dozens of flights are canceled in Portugal. The Dutch airports are under a threat
In continuation of the April and last year activity at Spring Foci a series of earthquakes and volcano eruption take place along the Pacific Ring of Fire
AE 11.05 Russia, Kamchatka: intensification of one of the highest (5000 m) active volcano. The ash
and dust is flowing to the Pacific at an altitude of 6000 m
16.05 Russia, Kamchatka: a quake, 4.5 on Richter scale
16.05 New Zealand: a series of quakes of 3.3 to 4.5 on Richter scale
16.05 Tonga island: a quake, 6.0 on Richter scale
19.05 Russia: 5 quakes at the Far Eastern coast – up to 5 on Richter scale
19.05 Peru: a quake, 6.4 on Richter scale
20.05 Russia, Kamchatka: intensification of ash clouds from volcano Shiveluch (See TB):

before May 17 a mudflow from its slope blocked a road and destructed a dam. Since May 19 it throws the ash and dust to an altitude of 5000 m; alongside, about 50 quakes is registered in this region. Airspace limitations are estimated.

magnetic storms
ТВ 6-7.04 The strongest magnetic storm in 1.5 years is registered on the Earth
In its active phase it lasted for 9 hour. By its intensity it was a huge geomagnetic disturbance that was caused by a coronal mass ejection. Noteworthy that it was unexpected even for geophysicists since no noticeable Solar flares were seen which usually cause such events. Note to this end that the Solar events were synchronous with the comet HB’s Foci in the previous years as well [11]
12.04 The peak of the second magnetic storm is registered on the background of a quiet Sun. As the
geophysicists note, in both cases there were no visible causes for these events: if the first storm was preceded at least by a small Solar flare, the second was not accompanied by any one

Hurricanes, Landslides
Т3 27.02 – 1.03 A wild storm called Xynthia hit Europe – the most destructive in15 years.
At least 57 people have been killed, dozens are missing, hundreds are wounded. Hundreds dwellings are destroyed, millions of houses have no electricity. First it hit the Canaries, and then – Spain and France, with floods and record winds (up to 220 km per hour). Salt water filled the fields, most of which could not be recreated. For France, the damage is estimated as 1.5 bill. Euro. Chaos came to some regions of Germany with closing of some roads, airports and railway stations. Avalanches in Switzerland killed two people.
03.03: Uganda: mudflow washed off several villages, min 100 people killed, 300 missing
05.03: Anomalously great waves (9 meters) had abruptly stroke a cruise liner near Spain: 2 killed,
14 wounded. Such waves may appear in Mediterranean, but once or twice a year
Т8 09.03 In France and Spain a cyclone had turned Spring into a Russian Winter: 40 cm of snow
has fallen in one night. Dozens of thousand houses had no electricity, roads are drifted
13.03 Kazakhstan: a flood killed 35 people
Т4 20.03 China: a huge sand-storm covers 21 region of China during March 19 – 21.
Sand and dust propagate over thousand kilometers to South and East from Inner Mongolia; a yellow dust had decreased the visibility and quality of the air to a dangerous level not only in Beijing, but in Taiwan as well. Several days later it reaches Japan.
The year of 2009 has become the most favorable for the number of sand storms in China over a decade. But the sand-dust storms of this year have surpassed them both in quantity and intensity. Thus, already 5 dust storms are registered in China this year which makes an average yearly number (4 -5 events) for the last decade. However, the first storm in 2010 took place on March 11 only (this is firstly since 2001) – that is at the Focus T8 (March 13); with a small intervals four more storms stroke the country.
Т5 28.03 USA: a wide range of convective events on the area from Florida to Virginia:
8 tornados moved houses, pulled out trees, etc. the gusts reached 140 km per hour, the size of the hailstones reached the size of a baseball ball. Loss of power supply
ТВ 7.04 Brasilia: a shower brought a record of precipitation in 44 years and flood in Rio de Janeiro.
In less than a day a monthly norm of precipitation has fallen, although a raining season is generally stops in February. A state of emergency is declared: schools and most offices are closed. Road are blocked, 180 mudflows killed 133 people. 95 victims of flood, dozens are missing.
08.04 Rio de Janeiro: new mudflow kills more than 200 people.
12.04 Italy: mudflow kills 10 train passengers, 4 missing, 28 wounded
13.04 India: powerful cyclone kills more than 116 people. The speed of wind exceeds 160 km/h,
the hurricane disrupts the roofs, uproots the trees
AE 16.05 Eastern Europe: heavy showers start the floods being a record in dozens of years
On May 17-18 the floods become extremal: dozens of victims, hundreds of thousand flooded houses, washed off fields, destructed bridges and roads. Large-scale evacuation of population and cattle. The record floods cover a region from Poland to Bulgaria, from Czech to Ukraine. In particular:
16.05 Western Ukraine: In a day a monthly norm of precipitation has fallen, but the rains
continue in the subsequent days. The level of rivers is expected to raise by 4.5 meters
17.05 Czech: state of emergency is declared
Hungary: such a flood was not observed for 40 – 50 years; some villages are cut from the
roads. The military and local citizens are emergently erecting the protective dams.
Moscow: a ‘tropical’ shower (40% of monthly norm of precipitation) paralyzes traffic. On
the next day a squall has broken 170 trees.
18.05 Poland: the “red” level of danger is announced for May 18 and 19. The rains are expected
for several days more. The level of Vistula at Krakow has exceeded the centenary record. For Poland the damage exceeds 2 billion Euros. Slovakia: army is used in saving operations. Croatia: a record is established – in several hours 116 mm of precipitations have fallen. There, as in Bulgaria, fields are badly damaged.
15-16.05 China: a very powerful storm and flood unprecedented in 20 years. The field of vision
drops to 1 m. More than 100 victims, hundreds of thousand peoples are evacuated.
17.05 The season of rains and floods in the Southern China has started much earlier than ever.
First showers started in the beginning of March (viz. at T3) – the earliest term in 20 years (as a rule, they start at the end of March or in April). Just in Tzyan-ci province 270 000 people suffer damage. Chinese scientists associate this with El Niño.
19.05 Chili: snowfall in the most dry place of the Planet – virtually rainless Atacama Desert – has
stopped operation of the Observatory – one of the most important in the world
20.05 India: an approaching of a powerful cyclone results in evacuation of 110 000 people
. USA: inexplicable 10-year maximum in tornado activity: just in Oklahoma several dozens
of tornado in 2 weeks; there were only 3 before May 10, but 24 to 30 tornados were registered on this day; in the most powerful the speed of wind reached 300 to 360 km/hr.
Note. NOAA: Warmest April Temperature on Record: the combined global land and ocean surface temperature was the warmest on record for both April and for the period from January-April. Additionally, last month’s average ocean surface temperature was the warmest on record for any April, and the global land surface temperature was the third warmest on record. This extra thermal energy cannot but find the output in an intensification of El Niño and, as a consequence, in reinforcement of processes that cause extremal precipitations and storms (Europe, S. America), tornadoes (USA), dust storms (China), etc.
Meanwhile, a question arises: why the average temperature has grown? In some cases such an increase is associated with the grows of Solar activity; but for several years (even 2-3 years longer than it was expected) the Sun resides at the phase of 11-year minimum. The adequate answer to this question, from our point of view, is given in [The Mahatma Letters, #23] where it is explained that this is a meteoric dust which contributes to the greatest extent to increase in precipitation and growth of temperature. And this statement is supported by the fact that at present the per-year mass of the falling cosmic dust is increasing [13], as the number of asteroids which fly-by close to the Earth [10]; to this end it’s worth mentioning the following:
TB 16.04 USA: after watching a relatively slow fly-by of a huge meteorite (they did not know what
it was), people started to warn security services about coming of extra-terrestrials
Therefore, this external influence and its manifestations at the comet HB’s Foci allow us to assume that later on the intensity of natural cataclysms associated with atmospheric processes would grow and, with respect to this Summary, would continue to concentrate at the specified Foci.

Factor 2: Engineering disasters

Among the technogeneous disasters at the Foci once again the events took place being typical for the specified Factors of influence: destruction of buildings with victims (Hinduist Temple in India, 20 victims, 30 wounded, on March 4); falling of cranes (Russia, Krasnoyarsk, 6 wounded, March 26); fires (Moscow, 600 people evacuated, March 27); technogeneous explosions (Moscow, April 7), etc. As well, large-scale car crashes took place (USA: crash of 31 car, 15 badly wounded, March 6; Russia: creation of illegal car- shield on the road by police, March 9), shipwrecks, etc. To this end the following is important:
TB 14.04 a shipwreck took place that caused an ecological catastrophe: a Chinese tanker had
rammed the Bar Reef. Ecologists think that years would be required for eliminating the consequences of this catastrophe.
since, as in the previous years (since 1997), an after-effect took place: two weeks later an unrecorded catastrophe takes place with a BP’s platform in the Gulf of Mexico: more than 20 000 barrels of oil is escape daily to the sea. The damage exceeds 5 billion USD.
AE 13.05 Philippines: a conflagration destroyed a residential area; thousands became homeless
17.05 Israel: extreme hot (up to 43°C) caused a series of natural fires; one of them had thrown to
a minefield – several mines exploded. A highway was closed
17.05 Turkey: an explosion in a coal mine; 30 people killed, 8 wounded
19.05 Russia, Kuznetsk Basin: landslip in a mine, 2 missed, several wounded
Gulf of Mexico: several unsuccessful attempts to stop oil leakage at a mile leakage
But the most significant, along with the natural disasters, were the events associated with the air crashes that basically concentrated at the Focus TB which is associated with the influence of Algol and Saturn.

Aviation Accidents

Т4 21.03 Moscow: emergency landing of smoking plane Tu-204
Т5 26.03 NASA decides to launch shuttle Discovery on April 5 (viz. at TB) regardless of some
technical troubles (Helium leakage in the right engine). Initially, the launch planned on March 18 (viz. T4), but was put off due a bad weather.
ТВ 09.04 Russia, Voronezh: emergency landing of An-24
10.04 Russia, Kamchatka: an avalanche covered a helicopter that landed near a mound: 10 killed,
including 5 Germans; 8 tourists are saved from a 10 meter drift
10.04 Afghanistan: US helicopter CV-22 is shaken down; 4 victims, several wounded
10.04 Russia, Smolensk: crash-landing of the plane of the President of Poland in poor weather
conditions (fog), 96 victims. The President was accompanied by his wife and the highest State officials during an unofficial visit to Katyn. This situation is not deprived of mystical background since he was traveling to the place where the Polish officers were executed by the order of Stalin. In Poland, Russia, EU and some other countries a mourning is declared.
Although the inquiry is not finished at the moment, it is declared that the plane was in good shape. Competent persons remind that a similar situation took place in 2008 during a flight to Tbilisi when the pilots were forced to land at the adverse weather conditions.

In 30 years five Presidents’ planes have crashed, but never so many officials became the victims:
1981 – President of Ecuador: due to a pilots’ error the plane crashed in a hill;
1986 – President of Mozambique and 39 accompanying persons: the plane crashed in a hill;
1988 – PM of Pakistan and Commander-in-Chief: the plane dived and crashed (diversion is assumed);
1994 – Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi: the plane was shot down by a missile;
2004 – Presidents of Macedonia: air crash due to a pilots’ error.
Make note that only the latter case took place after the arrival of the comet Hale-Bopp, but on February 26, viz. near the Focus T3. This means that both air crashes with Presidents during the last 14 years took place at the Foci of the comet HB!
13.04 Indonesia: on landing, the plane slid into a river, 20 wounded
14.04 NASA cannot repair the cooling system of ISS.
Two days later – the landing of Shuttle is postponed several times
14.04 Mexico: air crash, 6 victims
14.04 Start of airtrafic collapse in Europe; airtrafic with Asia and America is
cancelled due to the ash clouds of the Iceland volcano.
At the Focus TB a synthesis of all three Factors of influencenatural (volcano eruption), technogeneous (cancelling of flights) and social (10 million passengers’ problems, etc. ) became apparent, on the unprecedented level. These world-wide effects of the Foci become more and more noticeable since the tsunami of 2004 at the Focus T1.
AE 15.05 Shuttle Atlantis: the crew cannot start inspection of outer casing due to a failure in
infra-red camera. At the same time, a problem arises at the ISS: its orbit must be changed for escaping a collision with a space debris (to this end See also the Note, above, and [10] relative to the influence of various space objects).
Notice, that as with the President’s airplane crash at Focus TB, the majority of crashes in the below “after-effects” are associated with landing and/or poor weather conditions
AE 12.05 Tripoli: crash of airbus А-330-200 on landing. 103 victims, one boy is saved by a miracle.
As an after-effect of TB this crash resembles that with the President of Poland: it is also a crash-landing directly before a landing strip, a crash of the plane that was in a good shape
16.05 Surinam: crash of twin-engine plane An-28 due to a low visibility. 8 victims.
17.05 Afghanistan: crash of air liner due to a fog. 45 victims
17.05 Philippines: crash of helicopter. 6 victims
19.05 Russia, Stavropol: crash of helicopter; pilot is badly wounded

19.05 Georgia: a scandal with installing a catapult in the president Saakashvili’s plane.

Once again the opposition accuses Saakashvili in embezzlement of state funds: “apart from buying for his own comfort a plane for 56 mill. USD, he ordered to provide it with a catapult (after the crash of President of Poland) for 7 million USD whereas he promised to use just the passenger planes ”

19.05 Moscow: emergent landing of Boeing-737

19.05 England: a collision between a plane and a car: a small private airplane has rammed a car
during an emergent landing on the road. The drivers did not suffer, the pilot is hospitalized

19.05 Moscow: Press Conference after the results of investigation of the crash of President’s plane:

The Int. Aviation Committee says that the crash (April 10, at TB) was not caused neither by an explosion, nor by fire or technical failure. But it is still unclear what was the cause of the crash. It is stated that two outside persons were in the cabin, president and passengers were speaking by mobile. The screw was formed several days before the flight and it was informed about poor weather conditions

Factor 3: Social Effects

3.1. Violation of psychological and legislative boundaries by individuals and groups
Acts of Terrorism (AT)
Т8 08.03 Pakistan: AT: 14 victims, 70 wounded; suicide-bomber in a car attacked a police station
Т5 29.03 Moscow: Two suicide-bomber-girls performed ATs in the underground. 37 victims,
60 wounded. It is are reported that more bombs were revealed and deactivated that day

29.03 Russia, Chelyabinsk: especially dangerous criminal Bashir is detained. His band organized criminal underground and secret religious extremist groups; it was kidnapping and planned a series of ATs with suicide-bombers ТВ 04.04 Russia, Dagestan: AT on the railway: 8 carriages were derailed

05.04 Pakistan, Peshawar: suicide-bombers attacked the US Embassy with 6 bombs, another
group shelled it. 4 killed, 10 wounded.
On the same day one of the suicide-bombers made a powerful explosion: 39 V, 100 W
07.04 New York: a powerful explosion in a tourist heart of the city is supposed to be an AT: from
the covers of underground communications the tongues of flame and smoke have broken away. Police evacuates the dwellers of the nearby houses.
AE 14.05 Athens: explosion of a powerful bomb in downtown; several wounded
16.05 New York: one more attempt to perform an act of terrorism with gas in cans in a car
17.05 India: Maoists exploded a line bus: 40 victims
17.05 Russia, Kabardino-Balkaria: gangsters fired a police car; a bomb exploded in Minister’s house
18.05 Moscow: a tear-gas sprayed by someone in underground station in peak hours caused panic
18.05 Kabul: act of terrorism: 20 victims, 52 wounded
18.05 Pakistan: act of terrorism: 12 victims, 7 wounded
Telephone terrorists:
14.05 Latvia: Latvian airlinewas informed about a bomb on board during a flight to Berlin.
After landing no bomb was found
16.05 Canada: forced landing of Hong Kong airline Airbus А340 with 300 people in Vancouver
During the flight from Hong Kong, unknown person phoned to Canadian police and said that the plane was mined. After landing no bomb was found
Crazy shooting
Т4 21.03 Moscow: a man who killed his wife and two daughters is directed to psychiatric examination
23.03 China: a man killed 8 children in the yard of primary school
Т5 29.03 USA, Detroit: 9 members of secret group Hutaree (“Christian Warriors”) accused in plot to
kill police and cause disorders in the name of Christ
31.04 Washington, DC: Crazy shooting into travelers from a transiting car: 3 killed, 6 wounded
AE 12.05 China: 6 small children and a mentor are killed, 20 wounded by the ax at a kindergarten:
the attacker, 48 years old villager, committed suicide. This is the 5-th case in two months – the first took place at the Focus T4, then – on April 28 (16 schoolboys and a teacher were wounded by knife), the attacker was a former teacher; on April 29 (28 children and 3 adults werewounded) when a man attacked a kindergarten; April 30 (5 children were wounded by a hammer), the attacker committed suicide by self-immolation.
Т8 14.03 Poland, Krakow: defilement of the Holocaust memorial on the place of concentration
camp where Nazis killed Krakow Jews
AE 17.05 Spain: night pogroms, mass fights of fans with police
Gangsters and illegal business, pirates
Т4 26.03 Moscow: police detained a band that robbed 15 collector cars.
ТВ 08.04 Israel: a band is arrested that was trading the human organs; among them are lawyers,
specialists in logistics and even a retired army general
09.04 The former head of Polaroid sentenced to 50 years for swindling (financial pyramids); it is
proved that he had stolen 3.65 billion USD. 9 more persons are sentenced with this affair
14.04 Germany: the record (in Germany) cocaine batch of 1.5 ton is seized in the Hamburg
14.04 Ukraine: the country is agitated by a mystical news: the historical remains of state-founder
duke Yaroslav the Wise disappeared from the Temple- memorial " Sofia of Kiev"
AE 13.05 Russia: a spy who passed secret maps to Pentagon is sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment
17.05 Cameroon: at night the ship “North Spirit” entered the port for unloading. 20 armed people
occupied the ship: under the threat of guns and spilled benzene they broke the communications, robbed the cabins and ship cash, and kidnapped the captain and major mechanic. This is considered as a new tactics in pirates’ action. It is worth mentioning that this is the second kidnapping of major mechanic – in August of 2009 he was in the crew of the timber ship Arctic Sea that was seized in Baltic and taken to the African coast.

19.05 Paris: “the greatest robbery of museum in the history” - at night, from the Museum of modern arts five paintings of the famous artists (Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani) were stolen. The cost of these paintings makes more than 500 million Euros!


ТВ 12.04 Moscow: the judge of Moscow city court is shot who proclaimed the sentence to the
“White wolfs” band: the skinheads are condemned for the killing attempts on the race intolerance. He was threatened, in particular – at the Web forums.
Poisoning, Epidemics, Genetics
ТВ 07.04 Russia, Arkhangelsk: 86 people are poisoned in a hospice, 61 are put into hospital
AE 18.05 Russia, Altay: 102 schoolchildren are hospitalized after poisoning by unknown gas
18.05 Tajikistan: outbreak of poliomyelitis cannot be localized. 409 children are under suspicion
84 cases are certified, 3 children died in a clinic
20.05 USA: a break-through in genetics:forthe first time an artificial cell is synthesized. Notice,
that since the Spring of 1997 many important events in genetics also follow the HB’s Foci

3.2. Violation of psycological and legislative bounds
3.2.А. Military actions
Friendly fire
ТВ 04.04 Afghanistan: Bundeswehr soldiers ‘mistakenly’ killed 6 soldiers of Afghan army

    1. Russia: at night tank exercises 2 officers are killed
    2. Ukraine: 2 soldiers are killed at an artillery range

Israeli-Palestinian confrontation
Т8 11.03 Israel: Palestine rocket killed a citizen of Thailand
Т4 19.04 Israeli Air Force delivered Gaza strip a series of strikes in response to wounding 2 citizens
Т5 26.03 Hamas militants shot 2 Israeli soldiers; in response, Israeli soldiers killed 2 militants

    1. Israeli armored troops has entered Gaza strip and shelled it at a support of helicopters.

An emergent evacuation has started
ТВ 02.04 Israeli Air Force delivered Gaza strip a series of strikes
Confrontation between the North and South Koreas
Т5 26.03 Once again, the North and South Koreas are on the brink of the war:
near the maritime boundary of North Korea a South Korean Combat Corvette “Chonan” with the displacement of 1500 tons has sunk. Out of the crew of 104 people, 46 are missing. After the explosion it appeared a hole in the bottom. Immediately after the event a suspicion was declared as to the North Korean torpedo or underwater kamikaze attack.
AE 16.05 Two N. Korean warships broke the border where the Corvette “Chonan” had sunk.
The S. Korean ships started the warning fire and the N. Korean ships returned back

Seoul: S. Korea officially accused N. Korea in destruction of Corvette “Chonan” The committee of investigation has officially declared that this corvette was destroyed by a torpedo from N. Korean submarine. This conclusion follows from the remains of the torpedo with the N. Korean marking

3.2.Б. Revolutions and riots
Т3 6-8.03 Nigeria: more than 500 people are killed in the result of Moslem-Christian clashes
Kirgizia: the collapse of “Tulip revolution”
ТВ 07.04 The temporary government dissolves the Parliament and assumed the legislature
As in the previous revolution, the protests started at the end of March – by the 5th anniversary of the “Tulip revolution” that gave the presidency to Bakiev on the wave of mass disturbances being analogous to the current ones. During mass protests of opposition 76 people are killed and 1520 are wounded. Masses produced a pogrom in the Parliament and started a large scale marauding..
9-10.04 are declared the days of morning in Kirgizia. The deposed president leaves the country
AE 13-15.05 After the overturn at TB the disorders started in Kirgizia once again:
On May 13 the opponents of the temporary government seized the power in Osh. On May 14 the clashes (with sticks, stones and guns) took place in Dzhelal-Abad between the supporters of the temporary government and former president with the demand to free the seized residence of regional administration. Snipers were also engaged in firing. On May 15 an attempt was made to destroy the monument of Freedom in the centre of the Capital
18-19.05 Dzhelal-Abad: in mass clashes 2 people are killed, 62 – wounded, 2 – badly wounded. The supporters of ex-president had thrown stones in opponents and State University
Note, that as in Kirgizia, after 5 years of “Tulip revolution”, so in Ukraine, after 5 years of “Orange revolution” a throwing down of former powers, but legal, takes place at the Foci and very quickly.
Ukraine: a fiasco of the “Orange revolution”
Т3 03.03 Ukraine: after election of new President a new majority is organized in the Parliament,
which supports him, without the elections. The coalition retires the “orange” PM and Cabinet and form new government.
ТВ 03.04 Ukraine deflects the plan of joining NATO; this is the first of a series of decisions which
abolishes the key anti-Russia programs of the former Orange rulers.

    1. a court cancels the just adopted (in January) decision of the former president re to

decoration of Bandera (a shady ‘hero’ of the western regions who collaborated with Nazis) with the highest order of Ukraine; his followers were fighting for this since the WWII Thailand: a reiterative attempt of coup d'etat at the Focus TB
ТВ 07.04 Demos threaten to seize the Parliament. The state of emergency is declared in Thailand
50 000 police and soldiers are entered in the Capital. Opposition ignores the state of emergency
09.04 Criminal court of Thailand gives a sanction on detaining of 27 leaders of opposition
With March 12 (viz. T8) the opposition continues the mass protests in Bangkok; they promise “to force the PM to fulfill their demands” by April 12 (viz. TB)

AE 16-19.05: three-month confrontation transforms to a phase of armed conflict:
the preceding surge of counteraction took place on April 10 (viz. at TB), when thee army attempted to disperse the demos, but the “red-shorts” had shown a fierce resistance; 25 were killed, 870 wounded.

    1. In 17 regions the state of emergency is announced. The clashes between the army and

opposition were going in Bangkok all night long. 10 000 people have occupied the centre of the Capital; the erect the barricades with the aim to repulse the army. Soldiers have started to shoot in protesters
16.05The Government announces the centre of Bangkok to be “a zone of battering”:
there the camp of “red-shorts” is allocated. They continue to erect barricades, put the wheels to fire, throw grenades and inflammatory bottles in soldiers. Officials are evacuated from the city, as well as women and children.
17.05 In two days the centre of Bangkok has turned into a zone of military actions. Shooting and
explosions have silenced just in the morning. The term of the Governmental ultimatum expires without a result. Disturbances do not calm down, dozens of victims, hundreds of wounded.
19.05 With support of armoured troop-carriers the army has started the storm of barricades.
the number of victims and arrested protesters are growing. The robberies and arsons (2 banks, TV centre, etc.) are propagating. The curfew is announced in Bangkok.
By the evening, the opposition have surrendered. The 4-day armed conflict is terminated with a dismal end: 60 victims, 1500 wounded.
ТВ 8-9.04 Opposition started the protest actions with the demand to dissolve the Parliament
Others went on hunger-strike demanding a referendum on confidence to the parliament
3.2.В. International scandals and unexpected declarations
Political scandals of international meaning
Т8 13.03 Georgia: at Saturday night the country was seized by panic: the TV channel “Imedi”
presents a special news issue that the Russian tanks has invaded in Georgia, the plans were to bomb the cities and president Saakashvili is killed. In panic, the citizens started to leave the houses. A minor reservation that it is not a reality was not noticed.

    1. Russia, Lipetsk TV has threaten the citizens by an info that NATO invaded in Belarus

ТВ 08.04 USA: during a Washington-Denver flight a Qatar Vice-consul attempted to set his shoes on
fire; he was neutralized by marshals
13.04 Ukraine: in the Parliament a bill is registered that has no precedents since the times of
inquisition: in the draft it is proposed to ban any activity pertaining to astrology, forecasting and healing except of those “documentary” films that narrate about negative impact of future (fortune) predicting services. Astrologers of the Ukraine have started to protest. Even in the Soviet times there were no laws which prohibit astrology!
AE 17.05Japan: in a protest to the USA base in Okinawa, a living line have encircled the base
18.05 The Security Council considers a proposal as to putting new sanctions against Iran
Shocking deeds, children
T3 04.03 New York: a great scandal has agitated the USA: for an hour a child was monitoring
the air traffic in the largest international airport; he gave the permissions for landing and taking off; he turned out to be a son of traffic superintendent.
ТВ 09.04 USA, a shocking history: a stepmother has returned her adopted 7-years old son to Russia
by sending him alone, with a writing that she made a mistake and now let somebody else take him. In few days Russia adopts a temporary moratorium on adoption of children by USA citizens
AE 19.05 USA: new scandal is flaring up that is associated with an adopted child from Russia:
although the adoptive parents were informed about not good heredity of a boy, they demand 10 million USD from the adoptive agency
19.05 Germany: investigation is started re to illegal adoption of Russian children: some firm
has illegally brought 30 children in Germany
19.05 Moscow, Mytishchi: a citizen of Uzbekistan had made an attempt to sell her 3-month son
for 300 USD. She was arrested on getting money.
International agreements
ТВ 08.04 The Presidents of Russia and USA have signed the long expected new SALT agreement
The negotiations were lasting more than a year; since Autumn, several times it was announced that it would be signed ‘in a week or two’. It returns these states to the process of nuclear disarmament that was actually disrupted a decade ago
3.3. Economic records
ТВ 07.04 The price on gold reaches its 3 month maximum – 1153,0 USD per ounce
08.04 It is declared that bankruptcies in the USA have reached their maximum:
160 000 per March – it is the maximal rate since October 2005
09.04 In continuation of European Gas crisis of 2009 (that also developed in extreme actions
by the HB’s Foci), the President of Russia starts the construction of the marine part of the “Nord Stream” gas line that bypasses Ukraine
12.04 Russia: the USD to Ruble rate falls to a minimum since November 2009
AE 17.05 the Euro had fallen to its 4-year minimum
19.05 Germany: the Chancellor estimated the situation as the most difficult in decades.

This caused a sharp fall of Euro and stock exchange indices

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Faça a narração do vídeo. Forneça pormenores sobre a data, hora, local e direcção (Norte, Sul, Este, Oeste) que está a observar. Faça observações sobre as condições atmosféricas, incluindo a temperatura aproximada, velocidade do vento, quantidade de nuvens, anomalias ou acontecimentos meteorológicos evidentes. Descreva a forma, o tamanho, a cor, os movimentos, a altitude aproximada onde se encontra o UFO/nave, etc e o que aparenta estar a fazer. Inclua também quaisquer aspectos pouco habituais de sensações físicas, psicológicas ou emocionais que possa ter. Faça a narração de todos os pontos de referência visual que o espectador irá ver e que, deste modo, será capaz de compreender melhor.

Be persistent and consistent. Return to the scene to videotape and record at this same location. If you have been successful once, the UFO sightings may be occurring in this region regularly, perhaps for specific reasons unknown, and you may be successful again. You may also wish to return to the same location at a different time of day (daylight hours) for better orientation and reference. Film just a minute or two under “normal” circumstances for comparison. Write down what you remember immediately after. As soon as you are done recording the experience/event, immediately write down your impressions, memories, thoughts, emotions, etc. so it is on the record in writing. If there were other witnesses, have them independently record their own impressions, thoughts, etc. Include in this exercise any drawings, sketches, or diagrams. Make sure you date and sign your documentation.

Seja persistente e não contraditório. Volte ao local da cena e registe o mesmo local. Se foi bem sucedido uma vez, pode ser que nessa região ocorram avistamentos de UFOs/naves com regularidade, talvez por razões específicas desconhecidas, e talvez possa ser novamente bem sucedido. Pode também desejar voltar ao mesmo lugar a horas diferentes do dia (durante as horas de luz)para ter uma orientação e referência melhor. Filme apenas um ,inuto ou dois em circunstâncias “normais” para ter um termo de comparação. Escreva tudo o que viu imediatamente após o acontecimento. Logo após ter feito o registo da experiência/acontecimento, escreva imediatamente as impressões, memórias, pensamentos, emoções, etc para que fiquem registadas por escrito. Se houver outras testemunhas, peça-lhes para registar independentemente as suas próprias impressões, pensamentos, etc. Inclua quaisquer desenhos, esbolos, diagramas. Certifique-se que data e assina o seu documento/testemunho.

Always be prepared. Have a digital camera or better yet a video camera with you, charged and ready to go, at all times. Make sure you know how to use your camera (and your cell phone video/photo camera) quickly and properly. These events can occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and often quite randomly, so you will need to be prepared.

Esteja sempre preparado, Tenha sempre uma camera digital, melhor ainda, uma camera vídeo consigo, carregada e pronta a usar sempre que necessário. Certifique-se que sabe como lidar com a sua camera (ou com o seu celular/camera fotográfica) rápida e adequadamente. Esses acontecimentos podem acontecer súbita e inesperadamente e, por vezes, acidentalmente, por isso, necessita estar preparado.

Look up. Be prepared. Report. Share.

Olhe para cima, Esteja preparado, Relate, Partilhe.



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