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May 6 - Are ET's Living In Earth's Past Sending Message Formed As Crop Circles?

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Appendix 2. True images of Quetzalcoatl and his headdress from ancient central America: could a small group of extra-terrestrials, living in Earth’s past, be sending messages forward in time to our modern era as English crop pictures?

This slide shows at its centre Stela 19 from La Venta, which is the earliest known representation of a Feathered Serpent in central America. On the left it shows two quetzal feathered headdresses from the ancient Mayan city of Teotihuacan, along with a matching crop picture from southern England on July 5, 2009. On the right it shows a Venus symbol from Teotihuacan, along with two matching crop pictures from southern England on July 10, 1998 or August 26, 2002. On the far right it shows D.H. Lawrence visiting Teotihuacan in 1923, along with a cover of his book “The Plumed Serpent”. Finally at the bottom, it shows an ancient mural from Zacuala in Teotihuacan, which portrays a glowing saucer emitting four mushroom-like exhaust plumes, while two nearby “eyes” suggest that local people are watching.

In the previous part of this article, we analysed mathematically a series of “dot = 1” or “bar = 5” symbols within the “feathered headdress” part of a spectacular crop picture which appeared near Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009 (see silburyhill2009 or Those Mayan numbers provided dates within their Long Count calendar which ranged from 33 BC to 191 AD by our modern calendar system. Quite plausibly, such dates could mark the beginning and end of Quetzalcoatl’s reign as a king in early central America, especially since the “feathered headdress” was one of his regal symbols (see time2010f).

Here we will compare some of those modern crop-based images with true archaeological images of Quetzalcoatl or his headdress from ancient central America. Some of the images were taken from travel sites, for example Teotihuacan or, while more general information about the remarkable Mayan city of Teotihuacan may be found on

Early portrayals of Quetzalcoatl in central American art

According to our previous findings, Quetzalcoatl may have ruled as a “king” in early central America from around 33 BC to 191 AD, while residing in his Palace of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan (not far from modern-day Mexico City). Murals or sculptures devoted to him literally cover that ancient temple, and provide much useful information concerning Quetzalcoatl as a person, and how he is portrayed in modern crop pictures.

He was first portrayed in ancient central American art as shown below on the left, by a small statuette called “stela 19” found at La Venta in the Yucatan (see La_Venta or Olmec_religion). There we can see a man of European appearance riding inside of a “feathered serpent”, while wearing a modern airman’s or astronaut’s suit, a helmet with a small “microphone” curving around his neck, and holding some kind of “controller” device in his right hand. Behind him, we can see what looks like a modern flat-screen TV, along with several vertical rows of switches:

This is truly an out-of-place, out-of-time artefact, which should have suggested to Mayan scholars that something unusual may once have occurred in ancient central America! Next on the right above, we can see how some of the priests from his Palace of Quetzalcoatl later copied his attire in a kind of cargo-cult fashion: by wearing a feathered headdress with a long “snake” on their heads, wrapping a “microphone” around their necks, and holding a small feathered bag as the “controller” device. The broad, diffuse shapes shown emerging from the priest’s mouth are “speech bubbles”, just like we use in modern comic strips to indicate that someone is talking, although we do not know how to decipher those lost scripts.

A remarkable crop picture appears near Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009

Now on July 5, 2009, certain unknown parties created a large and spectacular crop picture next to Silbury Hill in southern England, while several filmmakers were watching carefully with their eyes and cameras all of the night before, and saw no one in the fields below, until the Sun rose at 4:30 AM and a newly formed crop picture slowly became visible (see or

There were also rumours of three tall, blond extra-terrestrials of human-like appearance being seen in that crop picture by a Wiltshire policeman just after it appeared (see or UFO-alert-police-officer-sees-aliens-at-crop-circle or /UFO-PoliceSergeant-SilburyHil). A lot of activity if nothing paranormal were really happening!

The 7-7 feathered headdress symbolizes Quetzalcoatl as a king

That remarkable crop picture is shown in the lower part of the diagram below:

On each side of the centre we can count 7 “quetzal feathers”, whether on the left or on the right, to give 14 “feathers” in total. How might that compare with the real feathered headdress which Quetzalcoatl once wore as a king in ancient central America? Well, we can see on the left above one of his priests, wearing a white headdress with 14 quetzal feathers (or sometimes 15 in other murals).

Then on the right above, we can see one of the many “feathered headdress” symbols which adorn the walls of his Palace at Teotihuacan. It shows 7 quetzal feathers on the left, and another 7 quetzal feathers on the right, to give 14 feathers in total (just as in the July 5 crop picture). Thus in summary, there seems to be an excellent match between what was shown in a field near Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009, and what appears in authentic archaeological records from ancient central America.

A five-pointed star for planet Venus symbolizes Quetzalcoatl as a teacher of astronomy

Now Quetzalcoatl was known not only for his distinctive “feathered headdress”, containing 7 quetzal feathers on each side. He was known also for a “five pointed star” which symbolizes planet Venus, because he taught the local Mayans and Olmecs all about Venusian astronomy, and even incorporated Venusian astronomy into their 52-year Calendar Round:

Such five-pointed stars have appeared many times in English crop pictures: for example on July 10, 1998 at Buckinghamshire as shown, or in other places (see time2007c or time2007e).

A quetzal bird with seven feathers

Likewise on various stone pillars at the Palace of Quetzalcoatl, he was portrayed as a “quetzal bird” with 7 feathers in his head, and 7 feathers in his tail:

A butterfly with seven spots on each wing

Indeed, his palace was sometimes called the “Butterfly Temple”, because many carvings of birds or butterflies adorn its stone pillars and walls! On July 10, 2009, just five days after that “feathered headdress” crop picture appeared near Silbury Hill, we saw a magnificent “butterfly” crop picture appear over two days at Cannings Cross (see canningscross2009):

That “butterfly” crop picture shows “7 spikes” on each side to symbolize Quetzalcoatl’s headdress, plus 18 other spikes along the outside to symbolize his Long Count calendar. There is a beautiful butterfly native to central or south American rainforests called the “blue morpho”, which likewise shows seven spots on each of its wings.

Despite being sent across thousands of years of spacetime, to remind us of Quetzalcoatl and his Butterfly Temple, that “butterfly” crop picture was quickly destroyed by a local farmer who had no concept whatsoever of its significance or its beauty. While we do need to respect the property rights of local farmers, when a new crop picture appears on their land, one can only recall here the words of another great spiritual teacher in the Middle East, who was teaching there on Earth at the same time that Quetzalcoatl was teaching in central America: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

A new interpretation for the “7-7” crop pictures of 2009

In light of this new research, the most likely meaning of many “7-7” crop pictures from last summer could be in terms of Quetzalcoatl’s feathered headdress, rather than a date of July 7, 2009 as was supposed at the time. It was tempting to associate those “7-7” symbols with “month 7, day 7” of the year 2009, because two other major crop pictures had appeared on dates of 7-7-2007 or 8-8-2008. Yet in retrospect, after doing further research, an alternative interpretation can plausibly be made.

Should we fear the return of Quetzalcoatl as Stephen Hawking seems to suggest?

Should we be afraid of Quetzalcoatl if he does return in late 2012? Stephen Hawking tells us that we should be “afraid of alien contact”, because Columbus, Cortes and other early Spanish explorers literally devastated all of the native cultures that they encountered in the Caribbean or central America (see technology_and_science-space).

Yet is he making a valid analogy here? The very reason why Emperor Moctezuma allowed Cortes and his Spanish renegades to proceed freely through the Aztec empire in 1519 (see Moctezuma_II) was because of a case of mistaken identity. Moctezuma and his fellow Aztecs believed (at first) that the legendary Quetzalcoatl had finally returned to their shores, to bring them again an era of peace and prosperity. When he left “for the heavens” many hundreds of years earlier, Quetzalcoatl had promised that he and his friends and family would one day return:

“Cortes was unaware of the spiritual implications that surrounded his expedition. His arrival in the Americas coincided with the predicted return of a Plumed Serpent named Quetzalcoatl, who was credited with teaching the use of metals and cultivation of the land. The expectation among ordinary Aztecs for the return of Quetzalcoatl was considerable” (see

“In his letters to King Charles V of Spain, Cortés claimed to have learned that he was considered by the Aztecs to be either an emissary of the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, or perhaps Quetzalcoatl himself” (see Cort)

Thus believing Cortes to be their long-lost friend Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma allowed those Spanish explorers into his capital city, where they soon took him captive and killed him, then destroyed the city (see Fall_of_Tenochtitlan).

The three-lobed jester’s hat symbolizes Quetzalcoatl as a humorous joker

But what about the real Quetzalcoatl, who built a great city at Teotihuacan, taught mathematics and calendar systems, and built the Butterfly Temple? What was he like as a man, or as a human-like man coming from the distant stars? As far as we can tell, the local people viewed him with gratitude for bringing them prosperity in all aspects of life. The Hopis for example called him “Pahana” meaning “lost white brother” (see Pahana).

Yet they also seemed to have viewed him with a certain kind of amusement. For example, he was often portrayed as wearing a three-lobed jester’s hat, which later became the crown of Mayan kings (see jestergod). In the diagram below, we can see Quetzal at La Venta around the time of Christ, wearing his jester’s hat, and having a small listening device or “earphone” covering his left ear:

The “jester’s hat” motif has appeared many times in English crop pictures, for example at East Field on July 28, 2006 (see above right). There Quetzal cleverly added another symbol to his jester’s hat, namely a “hobo’s bag”, to indicate that he is now a “travelling jester”! He is indeed a long way from home. His home star lies 160 light years away from Earth in the constellation Hercules (see time2007o). And soon perhaps, he may travel once again through time to meet us in late 2012.

D.H. Lawrence was fascinated by Quetzalcoatl

In complete contrast to Stephen Hawking, the famous English author D.H. Lawrence found legends of the Plumed Serpent to be so inspiring, that he wrote a full-length book about them in 1925 (see mexicolore):

If Quetzal was good enough for D.H. Lawrence, then he may be good enough for us! The new 2010 crop circle season is just about to begin, so we will probably see more Mayan-type crop pictures appearing soon, sent to us perhaps from the Butterfly Temple in ancient central America?

CMM Research

P.S. A small “Roswell stone” was found in 2005 amid the mountains of New Mexico, and shows a crop picture from England 1996 on one of its flat surfaces. That strange evidence would seem consistent with some kind of time-messaging hypothesis. The stone could have been carried from Teotihuacan to New Mexico 2000 years ago, by one of the local Anasazi tribes who would often trade with Mayans to the south. The Olmecs were some of the first people on Earth to use lodestones for navigation, and that rock was magnetic. Julian Gibsone flew to New Mexico to investigate the “Roswell stone”, and his story may be viewed at /circles-hidden-mysteries.

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