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©Freddy Silva, 2010

It was during my teens that I saw a documentary about a group of adventurers who had embarked on a trip to Borneo to hike the dense rainforest and see unusual flora and fauna. They had joked about bumping into a ‘lost’ tribe. Yet bump into a lost tribe is precisely what they did. After a good clamper through the bush, they unexpectedly come upon a village, an indigenous village, with a tribe of people so unknown to the outside world that there was yet no proper noun for them.

It was hard to imagine who was more stunned, the travellers or the villagers. After all, this was a genuine case of polar opposites: the villagers were naked, the hikers were coated in some strange khaki cloth; they looked to the Sun to work out the time of day, the strangers stared at round, metal devices strapped to their wrists; they decorated their faces with paint, the mystery people pointed a metal object at their faces and made them reappear on a square thing called a Polaroid. You could almost hear the villagers think “who are these aliens?” What do they want? Have they come to conquer us? Are they gods?

A few days later, the travellers decided it would not be in the villagers’ best interests to engage any longer in this otherwise innocuous exchange between cultures, given that an object as commonplace as a camera would indelibly alter the course of this secluded world deep in the bush. The travellers bid their farewells and duly departed.

Long after they returned to the world of machines and flying metal birds the consequences of this encounter was debated in earnest, and it was decided after a decade to return to the village to study how life there had changed. True, they still painted their faces and used the Sun as time-keeper. But something was different. Clothing had been introduced as a sign of status, and materialism had entered the culture, for the first time, in the form of attachment to or perceived value in everyday objects. Well, you cannot stop progress. But whether these changes have been for the better is a matter of debate. As we now know in the modern world, the accumulation materialism, capitalism and status have supplanted the down-to-earth values our ‘advanced’ culture once had in common with such indigenous people. These artificial social distortions have also become the root cause of all that is wrong with modern society.

One of two glyphs containing the maths for three speeds of light

But there’s a much bigger issue here— alien intervention in any culture seldom leads to a positive outcome. Especially for the recipients. And human history testifies to that. Europeans introduced vices that wiped out entire indigenous American cultures; the Conquistadores put the Incas and Aztecs to the sword for the greed of gold; the ones who survived fell into the mental prisons of the Catholic church; Polynesian islanders were wrecked by viral infections introduced by land-based traders or invaders. If we extend this argument, it stands to reason that an intervention in human affairs by an extraterrestrial culture should follow the same pattern.

Or would it? A civilization capable of reaching us would have mastered the art of space, even time travel. This implies a long history of exploration, and thus a culture that is cognisant of the dangers inherent in overt communication with outside worlds. Assuming that a culturally, even ethically advanced entity has been interacting with us, it would do so in a manner that is as subtle as it is all-inclusive. And there is strong evidence to suggest this has been going on for quite some time.

References to out-of-place geometrical shapes appearing in cereal crops date back fifteen centuries. Chronicles of English customs during the reign of Henry VIII mention Maypole dancing— that curious fertility dance common to Celtic Britain— in which locals describe the origin of the dancers’ movements by learning ‘the geometrical shapes we find in the tall grasses before the morning’. By the 17th century, these strange markings spiralled into crop fields had become the stuff of folklore, the ‘witch’s circles’ or ‘devil’s rings’ as they would later be called in the Victorian era.

Then, these sporadic crop circles— as they have become known— suddenly gained international attention in the late 1980s when they grew in size and number throughout the world. That their timing coincides very conveniently with the approach of 2012 has not gone unnoticed, and could be one significant reason for their sudden re-emergence.

Traditionally, signs from the heavens have been handed to us in subtle ways: a miracle here, a supernatural feat there, but on the whole gentle nudges. Such encounters typically occur in out-of-the-way places like deserts or mountaintops, and far from great crowds. The individuals who experience such events are seemingly hand-picked: simpletons of noble character, spiritually-aware teachers, or open-minded seekers who would in all likelihood apply the experience for the benefit of the greater good. Moses, Mohammed and the children of Fatima are but a few examples. In other words, megalomaniacs and mobs are seldom considered when outside sources interact with our world, and that reveals a great deal about the integrity and purpose behind the source. During such transmissions sober pieces of advice are offered, a titbit of Universal wisdom imparted, foreknowledge of impending calamities given, and sensible laws for the proper conduct of human affairs suggested. But when signs of impending catastrophe are ignored then more direct means are used to shock people out of complacency and into awareness. And today, signs that a direct conversation is taking place are all around. No less than 29 countries have reported crop circles. What began as a rare and local phenomenon in a remote county of southern England, which initially interacted with a handful of people— including one ex-NASA engineer—has noticeably projected itself outward and across the global scene. The intense public debate it has stoked, not to mention the controversy among scientists and politicians, and the concerted debunking of the issue, is a sure sign that a communication of ‘non-local’ origin is afoot. And direct signs of a global, supernatural phenomenon indicates that, for once, the message needs to be disseminated at a faster pace to a mass audience.

Beams of light shot the very moment the Tawsmead Copse formation of 1999 was created.
A local woman out walking her dog witnessed the event close up.

And yet the source behind genuine crop circles remains sensibly invisible from the public eye. A handful of individuals have come face-to-face with it, myself included, but as far as the rest of the human race is concerned, they may as well be that secluded village in Borneo.

It has been said that the sign of an advanced civilization lies in its ability to encode volumes of information in a simple symbol. In this respect the crop circles are proof of a highly intelligent source. One case in point is a crop glyph called the Barbury Castle tetrahedron, named after the location of its appearance in 1991. Here we have a symbol that is at once the alchemical code for life, the foundation of universal molecular bonds, a numerical reference to the angle of upwelling of energy from within a planet, a coded numerical reference to the phrase ‘Lord Jesus Christ’, and information on anti-gravity technology (which has been successfully tested in three separate continents!). And that’s just a quick summary. If ever there was an example of multiple levels of information, this is such a glyph. And what’s more, there are at least 900 other individual designs to choose from.

Just as in the film Contact— where a blueprint is encoded in a signal received from Vega— latter-day crop circles are packed with multi-disciplinary information. There are new mathematical theorems based on Euclidean geometry; numbers depicting not one but three speeds for light (at a time when orthodox science only accepted one speed); and yes, there is the aforementioned blueprint for an energy device. There are also esoteric associations between these glyphs and symbols common to many ancient indigenous cultures around the world: symbols that communicate culturally-shared concepts and ideals. So, this is a conversation with universal appeal, yet it is careful not to ally with any specific culture or creed. If you were trying to intercede in the affairs of another race in a manner that is non-proprietary then this is it. After all, to bring consensus to bear on a race who seems destined to exploit each other to death, who pays little attention to history or the lessons it teaches, crop circles are a non-threatening method of delivery.

There are those who argue that an advanced alien life form wishing to communicate with us would do so clearly, directly, and use a universal language such as English. But then half the world does not speak English, and envy is a deadly sin. Besides, history shows how direct intervention can be catastrophic, both physically and psychologically. If we believe that the human race is so evolved as to cope with visitors from other realities, consider that if either a UFO or a man claiming to be Jesus tried to get to the White House lawn, both would be shot down well before their intended destination. Our culture has allowed itself to be dominated by fear and cynicism to allow such direct contact to be anything other than disastrous. It requires a spiritually and ethically open society to accept outside intervention without repercussion or irreversibly altering the course of its own destiny.

Ptolemi's Theorem of Chords encoded in glyph. Such calculations are difficult enough
to create on paper let alone in a field in the dark.

So the circle-makers attempt to get their point across by etching euphonious symbols in fields of wheat, barley and corn. It is a subtle and a artistic way of inviting contact with another race. Humans are mesmerized by symbols, because symbols are silent, they are mysterious, and within mystery lies concealment. And everyone loves a good mystery. Had these visitors simply etched ‘WE ARE FROM MARS’ in a park lawn along with a picture of a flying saucer and how to build it, we would have taken it as a prank. Certainly there would be no investigation of the plants, the soil, not even the message itself. But these are no ordinary symbols, and as anyone who has come into contact with them very well understands, there is something unusual about the way they interact with you. Like a portrait by an accomplished artist or the moving hand of a master hypnotist they seduce you, and before you realize it you have stepped into a very complex and nurturing dialogue. This communication is achieved, for the most part, through the symbol’s geometry. But how can geometry be a form of communication?

Let’s say you intend to interact with another race, particularly one that prizes the rational above the intuitive. Whatever message you send stands a good chance of being picked apart by the intellectual filters of the brain. And herein lies a fundamental problem: just as translation between different languages can cause potentially fatal errors, rational or left-brain thinking can create a barrier in communication between cultures, because not everyone shares the same values. Even the concept of right or wrong is elastic depending on your culture’s point-of-view. Thus a message from an outside source is likely to be misinterpreted by different groups within different societies. What you need is a universal language that will by-pass all this.

Geometry is the fundamental language of life. Some would say it is the essence of life, because all atoms in the universe are bonded one to another by geometry— specifically, tetrahedral geometry. At the core of every living organism lies pentagonal geometry, which itself is related to that spiral vortex of energy that creates all living organisms, the Golden Ratio. Conversely, the geometry of non-living things, such as crystals and honeycombs, is hexagonal. Geometry is the language of the Universe, it is the ultimate systems language.

And contrary to popular belief, humans understand it too. The amino acids that make up human DNA are tiny crystals bonded one to another in the shape of alternating pentagrams and hexagrams. Geometry is our core, it is who were are. Back in the 11th century, when Bernard of Clairveaux asked to describe the source of creation, he replied “God is length, width, height and depth”. Is it therefore no accident that the predominant geometries used in the holy buildings where we go to reconnect with invisible realms— temples, pyramids, Gothic cathedrals, stone circles—are the pentagon and the hexagon. Interestingly they are also the primary geometries used in crop circles. What better way to communicate effectively with a logical being such as a human than through a universal language that by-passes the fallible filter of the brain. Thousands of cases involving altered states of perception, healing, even out-of-body experiences in crop circles suggest that an exchange of information does take place through immersion in these symbols. And it happens whether you are standing in one or looking at one.

The transmission is subtle. Personal and collective experiences show that it is felt at first; only later is the information processed consciously. After such an encounter— typically a joyous one— a need is felt to disseminate the insights gained with fellow men or women, who in turn spread the information through close-knit networks like a grass-roots movement. This is a pattern akin to ancient esoteric orders following identical experiences with the miraculous; the communication is done predominantly under the radar— a sensible approach, given the pattern of historical persecution, as Cathars, Templars and Albigencians discovered all too well.

That persecution continues to this day. In the early 1990’s minutes of the British parliament clearly show that questions were raised at ministerial level concerning the “problem” of crop circles, with the prime minister being briefed by the military; even the British Royal family were regularly updated on the phenomenon. Margaret Thatcher allocated at least £40,000 to keep crop circles “under surveillance”, and whenever interest got out of hand “debunking” was to be done through allies in the media. Vast sums of money have been allocated to sceptical articles and documentaries declaring the crop circles as nothing more than a huge fraud. Published scientific evidence easily refutes that argument, yet the evidence is always prevented from reaching the mass public media. Again, this behaviour follows a historical constant whenever communication from a potentially alien source—which I define as both physical and non-physical— is observed. And if the information promises self-empowerment for the individual, it is met with ever-increasing fundamentalist resistance from people in places of power.

That crop circles have found a foothold in popular culture lies in the non-denominational nature of the symbols and the universal archetypes they represent. These glyphs are sensitively placed relative to their surroundings on the land, and use beauty as a bait to lure us into a conversation. The cynic might argue that people crave magic that validates their beliefs, like wide-eyed, everything-is-perfect new-agers. But based on my research and direct experience, these experiences have not just been resoundingly positive but beneficial. I have seen people healed of 99% malignant tumours, I have read accounts of long-term sufferers of arthritis who are cured on the spot or by looking at photos of crop circles. Some of these people were even sceptical of crop circles, which demonstrates that the effect is not psychosomatic. Yet there is something much deeper at work here, and it goes back to geometry, because so much of the geometry of crop circles is not overt but veiled within the symbol. Ancient Egyptians used an identical technique to code similar information into the structure of their pyramids, just as Templars did in cathedrals, and people react to these temples in exactly the same way as crop circles. Since these codes are not visible to the naked eye, it further supports the theory that the crop circles’ influence on the human body is subconscious, it by-passes the mind. What the eye cannot see the brain cannot interpret. But the crystalline structure of the body can, especially if we are dealing with bio-geometry— living geometry—because we are composed of the same stuff.

In order for geometry to be ‘alive’ it must be the by-product of a vibrational force such as sound or electromagnetism. Measurements taken inside the perimeter of crop circles clearly show that a heightened electromagnetic field is at work. It feels like walking into a weak induction field, in which a variable electromagnetic current is applied or removed. Such a field is capable of acting on the body at all levels because the body is nothing more than a group of molecules in a state of vibration. Back in the 1970s it became possible to measure the myriad of frequencies emitted by the body and its organs and plot them like radio stations along a dial. Amid these numerous frequencies there exists a notable gap between 250-320 Hz. There is simply nothing resonating in that range, and this hole looks very ominous, as if it is waiting to be filled.

Measurements of background frequencies of crop circles show a signature frequency range inside them, between 260-320 Mhz— the missing frequency range in the human body multiplied by a strength of ten. It’s as if the crop circles are adding a new radio station to the human antenna. If you add this to the geometries inherent in both crop circle and human DNA a big picture emerges as to how crop circles are influencing the body. And yet it is far more cunning and elegant than that. The magnetic structure isn’t just interacting with people, it’s interacting with the Earth too.

As with all ancient sacred sites from stone circles to pyramids, from menhirs to Gothic cathedrals, the real crop circles are placed at the crossroads of the Earth’s own pathways of magnetic energy. Thus the influence of communication extends beyond human visitors, for it travels all along the planet’s own communication highways. The implications are astonishing given that every living organism, including the main organism itself is being influenced. Imagine that these invisible roads— which NASA detected over a decade ago— are like magnetic strips of cassette tape. If the crop circles can be seen as a kind of sound form touching the face of the Earth— and there is hard evidence to back this up— a kind of tune is being added into this blue jukebox called Earth.

All biological systems are plugged into the Earth’s vibratory field, so anything of a vibratory nature interacting with that field— solar flares, radio transmissions, sound, crop circles— will affect all life forms. And if an applied new frequency is sympathetic with the Earth’s, it establishes a sympathetic resonance with all living organisms, enabling an interchange of information to be accepted more readily. Given how the crop circles have so far given us new mathematics, biophysics and even anti-gravity, the inclination is to accept them as benevolent harbingers of change.

In ancient times such messages were conveyed quietly by gods and angels. Religious texts and myths are rich with supernatural encounters, in which divine beings are depicted with wings, symbolizing someone who moves through the air, perhaps through dimensions. These ‘angels’ were described by Phoenicians as ‘El’s’, literally ‘shining ones’, because they were seen as coming from a purer source. Metaphors are a useful way of conveying a concept for which there is no prior reference or experience, especially when the experience is otherworldly. With crop circles the method of delivery may be overt but the message being conveyed is still the same: we must take responsibility for who we are and what we are doing to ourselves and the planet or face the consequences. Most indigenous cultures understood this, and through their prophecies they have attempted to tell humanity that it needs to change its course.

Few have paid attention, and so outside forces have intervened, as they have done for thousands of years. However, they cannot interfere directly in human affairs. That would violate the Universal Law of Non-Intervention; Star Trek fans will recognize this as the Prime Directive, and it’s no secret that Gene Roddenbery, the series’ creator, wrote this into the script following meetings with a highly respected trance medium. All that the gods or angels or aliens can do is offer suggestions and guidance and let our free-will allow for events to take their course. If the crop circles are indeed signs of such an intervention then it is fair to point out that within the thirty years of their modern appearance hardly a staid political, social or financial institution is still standing. At some level we may have recognized the communication and applied it accordingly. Change is now the only constant, and it is accelerating at a pace unlike any other time in recorded history. This is a race against time. And ultimately that change will be for our own good.

© Freddy Silva 2010.

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