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August 7 - Time of the Universe is slowing down and de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony

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Dipole of the Cosmic Background Radiation = tai chi

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Time of the Universe is slowing down and de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony

According to my own "trajectory of tantric technology" analysis -- time is accelerating on Earth (using Western logarithmic technology) while space is contracting (the destruction of right-brain dominant ecology, left-handed carbon-based molecules) -- and in contrast the universe of cosmological science has space expanding while time is contracting:

“We do not say that the expansion of the universe itself is an illusion," he explains. "What we say it may be an illusion is the acceleration of this expansion - that is, the possibility that the expansion is, and has been, increasing its rate."

If time gradually slows "but we naively kept using our equations to derive the changes of the expansion with respect of 'a standard flow of time', then the simple models that we have constructed in our paper show that an "effective accelerated rate of the expansion" takes place."

If time is slowing down, according to this new theory, our solitary time dimension is slowly turning into a new space dimension. Therefore the far-distant, ancient stars seen by cosmologists would from our perspective, look as though they were accelerating.

For further understanding of this paradox of time deceleration you can study the concept of de Broglian PHASE as speed of light squared (relativity) divided by velocity of quantum mass (spatial amplitude momentum).... which goes to infinity as the wavelength of energy momentum goes to infinity and the frequency of quantum energy also goes to zero. So the pilot wave is zero frequency but infinite amplitude and infinite phase time. Or alternatively if the frequency goes to infinity then the phase goes to zero and the wavelength goes to zero. This is the INVERSION of the normal Western "amplitude" measurement of frequency phase (time as spatial measurement) as inverse to wavelength:

With the relativistic momentum p = m0v and the relativistic energy E = m0c2 we get our expression (9.10) for the moving particle. We have derived the wave behavior of momentum from the wave behavior of energy. Figure (9.2) shows a particle at rest with [wavelength = infinity] (localized by the function Q) and a particle moving downwards with an indication of the time bands in the rest frame of the particle

The de Broglie wave length is inversely proportional to the speed and becomes infinite in the rest frame. Infinite simply means that the phase is equal everywhere in the rest frame. A small change in phase could be interpreted as a shift of the sinusoidal wave function over a distance which is infinite in the limit. The "speed" with which the phase shifts in the rest frame... would thus be "infinite". The phase speed is the inverse of 10 Chapter 9. Relativistic matter waves from Klein Gordon's equation the material speed v. The phase speed only equals the material speed in the limit of c:

We can summarize the results as: The spreading of the wave-function is inversely proportional to the frequency (the phase change rate in time) of the particle, Higher mass particles spread slower.

The spreading of the wave-function is proportional to the square of the momentum spread. The smaller the initial volume in which the initial wave-function was contained the faster it spreads and keeps spreading.

Another description of the de Broglie paradox:

de Broglie Wave Mechanics - In 1923, while still a graduate student at the University of Paris, Louis de Broglie published a brief note in the journal Comptes rendus containing an idea that was to revolutionize our understanding of the physical world at the most fundamental level. He had been troubled by a curious "contradiction" arising from Einstein's special theory of relativity.
First, he assumed that there is always associated with a particle of mass m a periodic internal phenomenon of frequency f. For a particle at rest, he equated the rest mass energy mc² to the energy of the quantum of the electromagnetic field hf. That is, mc² = hf where h is Planck's constant and c is the speed of light.
De Broglie noted that relativity theory predicts that, when such a particle is set in motion, its total relativistic energy will increase, tending to infinity as the speed of light is approached. Likewise, the period of the internal phenomenon assumed to be associated with the particle will also increase (due to time dilation). Since period and frequency are inversely related, a period increase is equivalent to a decrease of frequency and, hence, of the energy given by the quantum relation hf. It was this apparent incompatibility between the tendency of the relativistic energy to increase and the quantum energy to decrease that troubled de Broglie.
The manner in which de Broglie resolved this apparent contradiction is the subject of the famous 1923 Comptes rendus note [Comptes rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, vol. 177, pp. 507-510 (1923)].

This book in tribute to de Broglie has further details on the Law of Phase Harmony -- as de Broglie's lost secret solution to particle-wave dualism

For how the de Broglie Paradox (increase period as phase in direct proportion to increase in momentum wavelength) applies to general relativity from out of the special relativity-quantum mechanics connection:

de' Broglie's paradox, relativistic Doppler effect, and the ...
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by G Ni - 2004 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
where λ is the wave length of “de'Broglie wave” associated with a particle having ... f in its rest (R) frame, implying an intrinsic period ... - Similar

And how the de Broglie paradox creates a Vortex model of the natural resonance revolution:

In more modern times we might call this the picture of a massive particle as a vortex. It is hard to ignore that fact while particles of spin 1/2, and integral multiples are abundant in the pantheon of elementary particles, real encountered particles of spin 0, have more of a theoretic life. The idea of massive particle as quantized vortex seems less intrinsically acceptable as time has passed.

The central object of interest here is a chain of algebras given in terms of nxn complex matricies that connect the Canonical Commutation Relations CCR for n unbounded with the Canonical Anticommutation Relations for n=2; hence Finite Canonical Commutation Relations or "FCCR". They happen, also, to pass through the unitary symmetries of particle physics contained in "the standard model"

Well the focus is on the "de Broglie paradox" which is a quantum doppler effect based on the switch between special and general relativity:

This is the result that we have to expect from the concepts of Quantum Mechanics. But suppose that we make this Michelson-Morley experiment for protons, and we get a result showing that the speed 30km/s of the Earth does not have influence on the proton’s diffraction, no matter the direction of the flux of protons with regard to the Earth’s motion. Clearly this experimental result does not fit to the concepts of Quantum Mechanics, as has been shown above. One can say that there is no paradox, because it is necessary to consider the velocity of the crystal with regard to the proton, i.e., actually it would be necessary to consider the relation λ= h/m(V-v), where V is the velocity of the proton, and v is the velocity of the crystal. With such argument, actually we are introducing the Doppler effect between the proton and the crystal. However such argument is valid only for pure waves, it is not valid for the de Broglie’s idea of duality. Let us show

Consider a proton with speed 30km/s. Its wavelength h/mv is λ= 0,11Å. And if we use a crystal with distance d= 0,06Å , from the Bragg’s relation we get λ= 0,11Å, and therefore in the laboratory we must detect the proton’s diffraction. This is the prediction according to de Broglie’s interpretation. But now consider that we make such experiment with the proton going in contrary direction of the Earth’s motion around the Sun. Therefore, with regard to the Sun, the velocity of the proton is Vp= 0. In such experiment, the proton is at rest, while the crystal has a velocity Vc=30km/s toward the direction of the proton. Unmistakably the proton is stopped with regard to the Sun, and this means that it does not have wave feature. The proton with Vp= 0 is 100% corpuscular, and therefore it cannot suffer diffraction into the crystal. So, the de Broglie’s interpretation is wrong.

New de Broglie's Paradox

Obviously we have a paradox. The duality, according to the interpretation of de Broglie, is not compatible with the Michelson-Morley experiment for protons. Let us call it Michelson-deBroglie Paradox. It shows that it is not correct the de Broglie's interpretation for the relation λ=h/p.

New interpretation for duality wave-particle

Instead of being a property of the matter, it's possible the duality wave-particle may be a property of the helical trajectory of elementary particles as the electrons. The helical trajectory is known as zitterbewegung, which appears in the Dirac's equation of the electron.

From such new interpretation, the duality wave-particle is not a manifestation of the matter. Actually it's a property of the helical trajectory.

Related paradoxes

The de Broglie's intepretation on the duality wave-particle is related to the EPR paradox. Such relation is analysed in the book Quantum Ring Theory( 2 ), where it's proposed the hypothesis that EPR paradox can be solved from a model of photon composed by a particle and its anti-particle moving with helical trajectory

The de Broglie's interpretation is related to several other paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics, since the de Broglie's postulate is the fundamental background of the theory. It is related to the inversion of logic in Schrödinger equation, and also to a paradox of the Bohr theory of the hydrogen atom (see Successes of Bohr's model in the Discussion of the article Bohr model : )

And finally another attempt to deconvert the de Broglie paradox back into Newtonian physics:

Evidently, Eq. (19b) is just the opposite of Eq. (19a). Indeed, accounting for time dilation leads to the slow down of the "moving clock" frequency,
Eq. (19b), whilst accounting for the energy increase of a "moving particle"
yields an increased frequency, Eq. (19a). Thus, it is clear that some additional
assumption is needed to overcome such a fundamental contradiction.
To find the way out of this paradox de Broglie assumed that f in Eq. (19b)
is not the frequency of a clock moving with the particle but the frequency of
The Dynamical de Broglie Theory 17 a wave accompanying the particle propagating with velocity v p in the direction of motion. The fact that its velocity v
p = c2 v is necessarily greater than light speed c, shows that it cannot represent transport of energy. It is a "phase wave".

That's the special relativity analysis -- like a transverse or dilated doppler effect where light is momentum. But the general relativity combined with de Broglie means that the time as frequency is going to zero -- based on phase as amplitude squared. So the phase is infinite as superliminal but it has no mass -- that's the superliminal pilot wave.

That's the way general relativity is combined with quantum mechanics as per the "de Broglie paradox" but it's rejected by mainstream science since there's no empirical verficiation (zero frequency can not be measured).

But then combined with dark energy as the quantum zero point energy (antiparticles) then the geometric vortex model applies -- as a Klein Bottle that can not be visualized. The dirac helical double torus which unifies general relativity and quantum mechanics. Again it's not verifiable empirically but then pure mathematics is based on deductions, not induction.

The Doppler effect is an effect of frequency change o Df = f - f due to relative velocity v between the source and the observer. While o Df f is of the order v /c in classical physics, it is further modified to the second order (v 2 c 2 ) in SR. Although various relativistic Doppler effects are stemming from the common essence of SR, we should be careful not to confuse the time dilatation effect (3.Cool with the transverse Doppler effect (3.9) because their conditions in measurement are different. On the other hand, the gravitational redshift (GRS) is the frequency change due to the existence of gravitational field ,i.e., due to the relative acceleration between the source and the observer. Interesting enough, in experiments on the rotator, once GRS is taken into account, the second order Doppler effect in SR should not be doubly counted.

The model is not cyclical but a vortex -- again on Earth modern science is creating a contraction of space and acceleration of time while the opposite is measured or perceived for the cosmic universe.

And so the Klein Bottle is also the full lotus natural resonance through what I call the "Yan Xin Secret"

So this de Broglie paradox between quantum mechanics and general relativity is at the heart of the "Electric Universe" tired light model versus the Big Bang relativity model.

One of Hawkins’ possible explanations for quasars’ lack of time dilation is that light from the quasars is being bent by black holes scattered throughout the universe. These black holes, which may have formed shortly after the big bang, would have a gravitational distortion that affects the time dilation of distant quasars. However, this idea of “gravitational microlensing” is a controversial suggestion, as it requires that there be enough black holes to account for all of the universe’s dark matter. As Hawkins explains, most physicists predict that dark matter consists of undiscovered subatomic particles rather than primordial black holes.


Supernova SN2009bb has a central engine of a scaled-down version of a quasar galaxy. Quasars are radio galaxies with active core nuclei. Relativistic jets of matter are ejected instead of gamma rays at 85 % light speed in SN2009bb by magnetic forces inside the neutron star. Soderberg says its a new method of detection and they will find many more "quasar stars" that are nearby using radio observations. The debris shell is nearly spherical and accelerates relativistic a brief moment in time like an atomic quantum leap or jump. Quasars behave deaccelerated in time, as if they are exploding galaxies.

It should also be noted that when comparing supernovae events at different redshifts we are not comparing like with like. The greater the redshift, the further back in time that event took place. It could well be that, in the past, supernovae just took longer for their light curves to rise and fall.

de Broglie's pilot wave model is resurrected from the ashes

In the early universe, in contrast, we must take into account the fact that space expanded rapidly. In 2008 I
showed that this can cause the initial quantum non-equilibrium to be `frozen' at very large wavelengths (where, roughly speaking, the de Broglie velocities
are too small for relaxation to occur). This result makes it possible to derive quantitative predictions for deviations from quantum theory, in the context of a given cosmological model. Detailed predictions remain to be worked out, but there are two obvious avenues to explore. First, in the context of inflationary cosmology, quantum non-equilibrium at the onset of inflation would modify the spectrum for the CMB sky { the hot and cold spots shown in gure 4. In other words, measurements
of the CMB can test for the presence of quantum non-equilibrium during the inflationary phase.

Dipole of the Cosmic Background Radiation = tai chi


But is there any independent evidence that we are conned to a special statistical state? Arguably there is. Modern physics seems to contain a `conspiracy' that prevents non-local quantum effects from being used to send a signal. Why should non-locality be hidden in this way? The conspiracy may be explained as a peculiarity of equilibrium, in which non-local effects are washed out { or averaged to zero { by statistical noise. Out of equilibrium, the non-locality becomes controllable and the `conspiracy' disappears.

O.K. the research on the mobius strip and the Klein Bottle as per particles -- was established by my former physics professor at Hampshire College --

There's a paranormal psychologist with whom I corresponded -- Dr. Steven Rosen -- who has now published a book on the particle physics based on Pythagorean resonance using the Klein Bottle as an experiential model for reality:

So the Klein Bottle is two mobius strips combined.

My "Yan Xin Secrets" article gives the details how this works through the full lotus third eye lower tan tien feedback via the hand posture:

This book Rhythmodynamics by Yuri N. Ivanov builds on de Broglie to argue for the concept of "frequency depth" as what I had previously called the "fundamental force" or "sound-current nondualism."

Yeah -- here's another Moebius Strip quantum cosmology analysis:

So out of the Klein Bottle -- the moebius strip tunnels complex numbers from nothingness to create the universe....

Here's that Holographic Universe article -- the basic message is that the Universe is information while energy and matter are a holographic projection from the two dimensions of information

Also time is inherently quantum -- foamy or uncertain....

And so the de Broglie pilot wave IS the superliminal holographic information that creates energy and matter

More on the de Broglie holograph connection as the "Flying Orchestra"

More on de Broglie, the Holographic Universe and time

Another "time converted to space, mass to length" cosmology model proposed:

“We view the speed of light as simply a conversion factor between time and space in spacetime,” Shu writes. “It is simply one of the properties of the spacetime geometry. Since the universe is expanding, we speculate that the conversion factor somehow varies in accordance with the evolution of the universe, hence the speed of light varies with cosmic time.”

As Shu writes in his paper, the newly proposed models have four distinguishing features:

• The speed of light and the gravitational “constant” are not constant, but vary with the evolution of the universe.
• Time has no beginning and no end; i.e., there is neither a big bang nor a big crunch singularity.
• The spatial section of the universe is a 3-sphere [a higher-dimensional analogue of a sphere], ruling out the possibility of a flat or hyperboloid geometry.
• The universe experiences phases of both acceleration and deceleration.
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