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July 21 - Introducing the Cosmocycle: God as a Universal Cyclical Process‏

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Introducing the Cosmocycle: God as a Universal Cyclical Process

Round and Round

Cosmocycle is a new term in my attempts to universalize the Maya-Meso-American Calendrical (MMAC) system. By universalize I mean to describe

and define

the knowledge comprising MMAC in a language specific enough to satisfy the technician and yet uncomplicated and familiar enough to reach the layperson.
By now most people have heard of MMAC by its more common name, the Mayan Calendar. To universalize MMAC also means to show how MMAC is a revelation of our natural world and not a cultural invention belonging to the Maya or any other pre-columbian Meso-American nation. As a discovery of nature it belongs to everyone.

At this point the savvy infonaut rightfully believes that the “end of the Mayan Calendar” is a profit driven media hype project designed to snare the ill-informed. I estimate that the vast majority of those who have looked into the Mayan Calendar information are likely to have been repelled by the obtuse and sensational presentation put forth by the overwhelming majority of writers on the subject.

If you’ve done a search or read a book then you know what I mean. If you are not familiar with the history of just how the Mayan Calendar rose to infamy and why 2012 is all the popular rage then I suggest my article entitled Origins of Mayan Calendar Confusion and 2012 Mania–Separating Fact from Fantasy
I have followed and studied the 2012/Mayan calendar phenomena since it first came onto the world scene in 1987 so I am well acquainted with the subject. Those wanting more background information may review the synchronicity and 2012 sections of What follows is a brief summation of MMAC and an explication of how the new term cosmocycle is related to MMAC and the God concept.

Nutshelling and Cracking MMAC Code.

The Solar System

The MMAC system is the study of our solar systems (planets-star-moons) orbital cycles relative to the stars of the Milky Way galaxy and to the center of the galaxy itself. Therefore MMAC is an astronomical science. Also accounted for is the tilting of the earth axis, which is responsible for the seasons and the earth’s axial wobble responsible for what is known as the precessional cycle.
Modern astronomy is well acquainted with all of the aformentioned. Meso-American calendrics is a fractalized counting system reflecting the numerical order the Ancient Meso-Americans (AMA) found within the orbital frequencies and interrelationships of our solar system’s members.
The AMA‘s discovered a set of numbers that underlie the motions of the heavenly bodies and the corresponding peculiarities associated with specific orbital intervals.

The AMA‘s also discovered that numbers are as much qualitative as they are quantitative. The qualitative aspects of their numerical knowledge are encoded in the Tzolkin Code as 4 colors and 20 symbols.
A calendrical system is a charting of overt and subtle cyclical celestial movements. A moon calendar charts an approximate 28 day moon cycle and a solar calendar charts an approximate 365 day solar cycle. A precessional calendar charts an approximate 26,000 year cycle.

The Long Count cycle that comes to a closure on Dec. 21, 2012 is the calendrical cycle popularized by the Mayan Calendar media circus. The Long Count Cycle is one fifth of a 25,636 year precessional cycle.

Pretty tame stuff… so you might ask what is so special or so interesting about calendar systems so that the average lay person should even take note? For an expanded explication please see The Difference between Natural & Artificial Calendar Systems: One Enlightens; the Latter Enslaves

The Tzolkin Cycle-Code

The Tzolkin Cycle Code

At the heart of MMAC lies the enigmatic Tzolkin cycle. The unique discovery made by the AMA astronomers was that of a 260 day cycle known to us as the Tzolkin Cycle. It is yet unclear as to what the Tzolkin cycle is based upon. We have lunar, solar and star constellation cycles based on the cyclical movements of the bodies in question. But we don’t have a planet, moon or star system with a 260 day cycle.

The 260 day Tzolkin cycle does hold the place of common denominator between the orbital frequencies of our solar systems members and can be used to calculate eclipses. The human gestational period is on average 266 days. But what do the motions of heavenly bodies have to do with the length of a variable human pregnancy. The Tzolkin cycle’s length does not vary.

There are other minor and more mundane instances of possible attribution such as its correspondence to the time between the planting and harvesting of corn at certain elevation in the highlands of southern Mexico and central american (Jenkins). The truth is we cannot point to any celestial object and say with certainty that the Tzolkin cycle is based upon its cyclical movement.

Curiouser and Deeper

More fascinating and much more mysterious are the three subcyclessubcycles of 4, 13 and 20 days. Hints of the Tzolkin cycle may be found here and there, but no other body of calendrical lore or science that I am aware of makes mention of cycles other that what calendrical science is already well aware of and they are the earths year cycle, the suns 11.3 year sunspot cycle, the precessional (zodiac) cycle, the lunar cycle, the earth’s seasonal cycle and the cycles of the various planets.

composing the Tzolkin cycle—
What could the Tzolkin’s subcycles be measuring? My study of the Tzolkin’s subcycles has led me to conclude that they point to deeper (atomic, sub-atomic) properties and processes of our energy-matter universe.

It is as if there were some ever-repeating intrinsic process to the evolution of energy-matter that makes itself manifest at each scale of the energy-matter continuum. In this view the world we see without the aid of microscopes can tell us about the nature and structure of the microscopic realm.

The ancient hermetic principle of “as above so below” (golden mean, fractality) has been validated by our direct observation of the microscopic realms all the way down to the quantum realm.

Just how AMA astronomers managed to uncover the Tzolkin’s subcycles is a great mystery. My work has found evidence of key Tzolkin cycle numbers at every scale of the energy-matter continuum. Please see ARTSOS part 2 Self Organizing Systems from Atoms to Humanity.

The Universe’s Operating System Code?

I am talking about atomic and sub-atomic states and processes that are made manifest as the DNA code and process that results in life forms and their evolution. An algorithmic program for the behavior of energy-matter at the most fundamental scales.

An algorithmic view of the Universe’s processes is theorized for by the digital physics and cellular automatonic models of the Universe.

The fibbonacci sequence pertains to the patterned structural, form and growth characteristics (fractality, golden mean) of phenomena all across the energy-matter spectrum from quantum states to galaxies, inclusive of life forms.

Whereas I see the Tzolkin code as an algorithm identifying the basic rules and relationships governing the movements (attraction-repulsion forces, vibratory rates), states, processes and forms that energy-matter undergoes. The DNA code governs the birth, growth, development and demise of single celled energy-matter organisms as well as for trillion celled organisms called humans.

The DNA code is scale invariant and that means that the same code works for all organisms regardless of their size or complexity. The same would apply to any other set of rules governing the behavior and appearance of energy-matter. The genetic code says somethings about the fundamental nature of energy-matter.

In a liquid and gaseous (read elastic) environment with just the right temperature range and quantitative proportions the elements produced by the stellar life cycle are able to combine in ways that reveal the behavioral-organizational tendencies of energy-matter bits as they float around and interact with each other.

Whatever we want to call the fundamental forces, attributes or laws that govern our universe we must understand that they are just that—our labels. I believe that there is more than one way to model the universe and the different systems may be equally valid in their description and each is suited to the purpose of each school’s mode of investigation.

Particle physics has presumed to be the “end all be all” on the road to unlocking the secrets of the Universe. Particle physics has it place, but its reductionist, strict utilitarian and separatist approach to energy-matter has left it in a philosophical quandary of quantum proportions.

My understanding of the Tzolkin cycle-code is that it is a charting of fundamental energy-matter processes, states and frequencies as revealed by the AMA’s naked eye observations of macro-scale phenomena.

I make the foregoing claim based upon my discovery of the Tzolkin code’s perfect correspondence with the genetic code and the key Tzolkin cycle code numbers that I found operating at the foundational level of every scale of the energy-matter continuum. For a more detailed and technical explication please see ARTSOS part 2 Self Organizing Systems from Atoms to Humanity.

The Arguellen Factor

My 10 year day to day tracking of the Tzolkin cycle has also lead me to conclude that the updating and revisions made to Tzolkin science by Dr. Jose Arguelles , author of the The Mayan Factor, are valid per my observations and studies.
Dr. Arguelles introduced his work to the world as a decree and without proofs, empirical evidence or even a sound logical argument for why his work might be valid. My work fills in the blanks left by Dr. Arguelles and will now enable a greater number of people to validate and learn the system for themselves.

My efforts will also settle the discrepancies between the various Tzolkin counts in use. There can be only one correct Tzolkin sequence and I have devised methods by which one may empirically validate the Arguellen Account of the Tzolkin. I will begin to share the specific means by which do so in my very next article entitled Tracking and Learning the Tzolkin Cycle.

A Real World Order?

The implications of a universally valid sequence of specific themes and attendant attributes to the flow of life’s events are staggering. And I must say that at this point in my work I am only blowing some dust off the surface of long buried treasure.

Our religions and spiritualities or our mythosophical worldviews have been founded on a combination of complete and incomplete understandings/observations and accurate and inaccurate views of the phenomenal world. Groups of people have then gone on to develop whole civilizations out of the behavioral models adapted to each set of beliefs.

The Tzolkin cycle’s promise is nothing less than a unification of science and spirituality and the confirmation that all phenomena inclusive of the individual and collective human socio-cultural universe is governed by an order that affects everyone regardless of what other beliefs one may hold.

Imagine the coherence, beauty and efficiency by which a society might operate if all of its members acknowledged and adapted his or her life and view of life to a universally valid set of energy-matter flows influencing every facet of our experience.

The Tzolkin enables us with the foreknowledge of what to expect thematically
from one day to the next. Such foreknowledge allows a degree of planning and “advance notice” heretofore unknown to the vast majority of earth populations.
It can be said that humans unaware of such knowledge are operating by automatic pilot and in the dark. Those operating with conscious awareness of the Tzolkin cycle are alert to a constantly changing, but predictable thematic landscape.

It is for the reasons shared herein and in the various Art and Science of Synchronicity (ARTSOS) articles that we may refer to God, if one wants to use such a term, as a specific set of cyclical processes with 260 facets or distinct states as defined by the Arguellen account of the Tzolkin. At the human level we experience each state or facet as a day cycle with all of its attendant events and features.

The Tzolkin cycle as Cosmocycle.

The Tzolkin Cycle as Cosmocycle means the Tzolkin Code is a charting of the
most fundamental properties and processes of the Universe.

Cosmos is Greek for universe and order.
Cycle can mean either round, rotation, pattern, rhythm, sequence and succession set.

Cosmocycle means the order of the universe as demonstrated
by a self-existing and self-repeating sequence (process) of patterns, properties and rhythms.

or a more in depth information on the Tzolkin/Cosmocycle please see ARTSOS part 5 Introducing Einstein’s Piper: The Tzolkin Code Unveiled.

In closing I offer the following excerpt from my article Toward a Holistic Cosmology of the Planetary Culture.

The Cosmos: the universe seen as a well-ordered whole; from the Greek word kosmos ‘order, ornament, world, or universe’, so called by Pythagoras and his disciples from their view of its perfect order and arrangement.

Cosmology or
the study of the order of the universe is akin to a worldview. A cosmology being only more expansive in scope.

physical cosmology and as defined by the sciences seeks to understand and explain the laws, origin, composition, functions, interactions and developmental dynamics of the universe.

A mythosophical cosmology as used within the context of religion, spirituality, myth and philosophy, seeks to understand and explain the “laws” origin, composition, functions, interactions and developmental dynamics of the human socio-cultural universe within the context of the physical universe.

A holistic cosmology would be a fusion of physical and mythosophical cosmologies.

I propose the Tzolkin cycle as the foundation of a universally valid holistic cosmology.

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