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From Light Eye -- Mayan New Age via Oculus Rift -- Galactic Birth of Virtual Reality By Goro

Mayan New Age
via Oculus Rift

Galactic Birth of Virtual Reality

By Goro

Original version Jun 10, 2014 (on STRUG)

This version Sep 21, 2014 (on Etemenanki)


As said in the movie Prometheus: "Big things have small beginnings"...

It was the day before the release of Prometheus on June 8, 2012that a big thing indeed had a small beginning. The Oculus Rift - avirtual reality head-mounted display - was revealed to the general public at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 5-7. Tellingly the occasion came accompanied by a rare celestial alignment called the Transit of Venus, the biggest celestial event of the year. It was a "magical" time when things were very much in alignment. "As above, so below"...

~ Early June 2012 events ~

Oculus Rift first public preview...

2012 Venus Transit, as above so below...

As you can see, the Oculus Rift was largely hidden behind other flashier Transit Ritual events when all this was happening. It was a very small beginning of a very big thing.

*    *    *

Per usual, I'm going to approach the subject from a multicontextual/synchronistic angle, showing my own reasons for why I think it's a big deal.

Simply put, Virtual Reality (VR) is about to change the world, largely thanks to the breakthroughs made by a little Kickstarter-funded company called Oculus founded by a young guy named Palmer Luckey. (Oculus VR was bought by Facebook earlier this year, officially bringing VR into the mainstream.)

Numerous companies have tried VR before and failed. The graphics were too pixelated and worse the lag in the interface response time was making people sick. The technology was simply not advanced enough back then to do anything about it. It's only in the past few years that these issues became solvable by cutting edge technology.
Virtual Reality is being born as we speak. What's happening now... is the birth of a new world.

That's no exaggeration. Can you now imagine living in a world without the internet? The smart phone? After the birth and rapid spread of VR, that's how we will look back at the the world as it exists now, living without any VR to speak of around us. The original iPhone was released in 2008, look at how far we've come in just a few years. It's the same kind of big shift that's about to happen, with much more profound implications.

Cyberspace is amazing and real, but it lacks the immersiveness of VR. If you can feel you're living inside a digital virtual world, then who is to say it's not a "real" world? Who is to say this physical world we are living in is not a virtual world to begin with? And if it's a whole new reality that is being born via VR, as the name "Rift" was intended to imply (i.e. a rift between this world and the virtual world), then it is a "Big Bang" that's taking place now or about to take place.

Big things have small beginnings. A whole new reality has a small beginning too.

Sounding too grandiose and cosmic? Perhaps, but multicontextually we could even infer that the "end" of the Mayan calendar on the December solstice 2012, marking the end of an age and the beginning of another, had a lot to do with the Birth of VR via the Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift didn't just burst onto the scene in the year 2012, it did so exactly when the biggest celestial event of the year took place, i.e. the Transit of Venus, right at the edge of the Milky Way near theGalactic Anticenter...

...which is the opposite point from the Galactic Center regionpopularly associated with the "end" of the Mayan calendar.

That's the so-called "Galactic Alignment"... often said to signify cosmic rebirth from the Dark Rift underworld (called "Xibabla" by the Maya).

Dark Rift = Oculus Rift
  • "Dark Rift"... as in Oculus Rift
  • Galactic Center = massive Black Hole = hole/opening = "oculus"

[The Oculus Rift]

What's really telling here is the fact that the word "Maya" in Hinduism and Buddhism means "illusion"... which is what Virtual Reality (or reality in general) is all about!

This birth of a new world via VR was quite realistically depicted in the 2010 Syfy TV series Caprica which was an offshoot or prequel ofBattlestar Galactica... "Galactica" as in Galaxy... as in the Milky Way and the Dark Rift.


Note that the name "Caprica" is a reference to Capricorn, as in the "Tropic of Capricorn" which is the latitude (~23.5 deg S) marking the angle of the December solstice Sun positioned at the Galactic Equator in the Dark Rift, in 2012 coinciding with the "end" of theMayan calendar ("Galactic Alignment").

Caprica also highlighted the apple and the infinity symbol (used by a group called "Soldiers of the One" which is heavily woven into the overall story), together alluding to the company Apple... Apple's main campus has the street address "1 Infinite Loop".

Interesting that "oculus" means "eye", the eye has the iris, and "iris" spelled backward is "Siri", the name of Apple's virtual assistant program.

Iris is also the name of a Greek messenger goddess... And given the underlying context here, this would be a "Mayan messenger". And that is exactly what we had in May 2014 as a major "signal" in the form of the death of the famed poet and writer Maya Angelou, i.e."Mayan Angel/Messenger". ("Angel" means "messenger".)

The day after Maya Angelou's death came the unveiling of the SpaceXDragon V2 by Elon Musk.

Isn't a "space dragon" just like the "feathered serpent" (flying reptile) - Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan - a major deity the Maya and other related Mesoamerican peoples worshiped? Not technically an "angel" perhaps, but a very prominent deity in those cultures nonetheless.


Plus, SpaceX founder Elon Musk is someone I've highlighted for years as a Promethean figure having a lot to do with not only Mars but also specifically the "Face on Mars" via his name...
  • Elon: meaning "oak"; anagram of "Leon" meaning "lion"
  • Musk: meaning "man" (younger/son)
Elon Musk in this way is a lion-man hybrid, just like the (decoded)Face on Mars and its earthly counterpart, the Great Sphinx, sitting at the edge of "Cairo" (Al Qahirah/al Qahir) which means/implies "Mars".

And of course a stylized "Face on Mars" is a major part of the moviePrometheus (poster):

 Face_on_Mars-decoding.gif (228446 bytes)   
SpaceX/Elon Musk/Mars-related Etemenanki articles:

May 25, 2012 Transit Ritual 2012
Oct 13, 2012 SpaceX Marks the Spot
Oct 21, 2012 After 2012, After Earth

Last but not least, all the "phoenix" (death/rebirth) nature of thebirth of a new world via VR around the Mayan "end" (death) date is reflected in the name of the guy who first created the Oculus Rift -Palmer Luckey...


"Palmer" means "palm tree", which is literally a "phoenix" (= name of the plant's genus). And from "Palmer" we also get "palm"... a hand, which has five fingers. In Mayan tradition, it is the "Age of theFifth Sun" that is either dying or being born via the "end" of the Mayan calendar, i.e. right now.

*    *    *
All the multicontextual clues collectively suggest that the rise of VR via the Oculus Rift - and other VR products also coming out from various tech companies - is a big deal, not unlike the clues for the rise of SpaceX/Elon Musk/Mars. Previously we thought that the New World/Age emerging through "2012" is Mars. While that is still the case, we now see that we have another one simultaneously being born called Virtual Reality. This is going to change the world, more profoundly and more rapidly than you think. You will see the VR/reality revolution starts in earnest as soon as next year when the Oculus Rift is likely to be made available to the general public.
Are you ready? Because this is coming...

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