H1N1 VaccineNew World Order Global Dictatorship Endgame to 2012

Shortly before this captivating date with its numeric symmetry I speculated online that something bad would be initiated on that day, most likely a terrorist attack.

There was no terrorist attack but something arguably far worse did arise in the global system on that date. Something many of us have dreaded but also expected began. I speak of course of forced vaccination programs involving the poorly trialed and dubiously effective H1N1 flu vaccine.

Whilst many people in new-age circles bleated about cosmic energies rising and dimensional shifting due to what was factually a day like any other, but for its symmetric date. A real event was occurring however and was in fact extremely negative in tone. This was the day that China (described by the previous US regime as a ‘most favoured nation’) announced its compulsory, or forced, vaccination program. It started out with some 100,000 individuals. Soon after they announced that they aimed to vaccinate 60 million children in the next stage of the program.

It is easy to think that China is very different to other nations and that elsewhere we would not employ enforced vaccination programs. Sadly that is far from true.

America was the second country to announce a law under which private citizens could be forcibly vaccinated. Though starting in just the state of Massachusetts (6.5 Million Residents) it is obviously merely the start of things to come. Obama has already spoken out to the US public encouraging them to accept the mass vaccination program. What may sound like one state’s criminal folly today, could easily become the norm of tomorrow if allowed to run.

The UK has ordered 60 million vaccine doses, which is enough for every person here. They obviously are expecting that virtually everyone will be given a vaccine at some point in the near future or else they would not have ordered this huge supply straight away. Bear in mind that half of the GP's in the uk and a third of the nurses will refuse taking the vaccine.

Let us be clear about just why this is a problem as I am only to aware of the value vaccinations have had on certain diseases over the last couple of centuries. In some situations vaccinations, which always have negative side effects in many receiving them, were still a necessary evil. The problem here is that there is no clear reason to overly fear H1N1 at this time. There is also not satisfactory evidence of effective safe results from long term trials of it. Bear in mind that the 1976 US mass flu vaccination campaign it is acknowledged the more people died from the vaccine than the flu strain it targeted.

It is a fact that contaminants also make there way into vaccines, including animal retro-virus and the poison mercury. Mores than this in a climate of distrust against global governance population begin to wonder if the vaccine is part of some greater police state plan. To draw attention away from this serious situation our glorious leaders are shaking their scabbards over the Iranian nuclear program. The media carries fighting talk such as missile strikes by Israel.

In the Financial Times, Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of "The Truth About Vaccines," said: "… in most cases this is a mild virus which needs a few days in bed. I'd question why we need a vaccine at all."

At the "International Swine Flu Conference" that was held at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill Aug. 19-20 the following key points were discussed:

* "Unwillingness to follow government orders"
* "Control and diffuse social unrest and public disorder"
* "Protect police forces from falling ill and from being hurt in civil disturbances" and
* "Manage a surge in crime and meet routine requests at the same time."

FEMA CampWhen that is contrasted against the words of the new bill being passed in Massachusetts we have good reason to be anxious. Forced vaccination where those who refuse an injection can be fined arrested or forcibly injected. People can be quarantined or even repatriated to isolation camps.

Some astute readers will recall the subject of the large FEMA camps and blacked out window bus and trains being readied. Also we might bring to mind the HR65 civil security legislation which states that FEMA camps can be used to "meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security."

And let’s not forget the threat of contaminated vaccines.

Quote: “In May 2005, Dr Olavi Kajander delivered a sobering message to a joint meeting of the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency on viral safety when he presented new evidence to support something first published in 1997: that vaccines are contaminated with nanobacteria.”

Don’t forget either the mercury preservative named Thimerosal.

Quote: Redwood had received two thimerosal-containing injections of RhoGam while pregnant because her blood was Rh negative. Will got all the recommended vaccines for infants, including multiple shots of Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae B (HiB) and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP)—all containing thimerosal. By her calculations, Redwood’s son has been exposed to mercury in quantities far exceeding safe levels. To Redwood, the cause of Will’s illness was clear: mercury poisoning. “If someone had told me prior to 1999 that vaccines were responsible for my son’s disabilities, I would have thought they were crazy,” she says.

The global regime, and it’s now publicly announced ‘New World Order’ plan for one world centralised money and government is quite prepared to use any means necessary to control us. They know we approach chaotic times ahead and that they must act in advance to prepare for that. They are not the sort of people that have shown any compassion for others. So far there is no longer any excuse to except the dominating mentality when we can see it is morally bankrupt. In doing so we only bring about our own integral downfall.

It is your personal choice as a freethinking human being whether to decline the vaccination program. I certainly will not be taking it and am deeply concerned as to what is in it. That said my greater worry is that the vaccine will be used as the excuse to bring in martial law and round up troublemakers (such as anyone they don’t like). The FEMA camps being investigated currently are suddenly revealed as quite clearly related to the legislation being brought in on H1N1. It also explains the clamp down on gun ownership in the states as the plan is for law enforcers to force their way into private citizens houses when no crime is involved other than refusing vaccination.

Remember that the Chinese originally rolled this process out on 09/09/09. Why announce it on that particular day then?

Seeing as the basis for the Illuminati religion is mostly borrowed elements from ancient Egyptian mystery schools, the ever present number 9 in their work is easily explained. Their belief includes a transcendent group mind made up of nine entities, or rather nine aspects of one greater force (the Egyptian Enhead). There was no way they would let such a symbolic date for their faiths go uncelebrated with some great evil deed. I mentioned previously that this date is also linked to Illuminati messages from corporate Hollywood. These are incorporated in both the films ‘District 9’ and the animated movie titled just, ‘9’ amongst others.

Get yourselves ready in what remains of 2009 to deal with the coming cranking up of the global police state. Word to the wise, 2010 is likely to be very rocky indeed.

By Bruce