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SEPT 8 - September 2009 - The Turning‏

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Saturn Uranus 44-year cycle mid-point
Realization of the Theme - September 2, 2009

The Uranus-Saturn 44-year synodic cycle midpoint

The Sept 2, 2009 Uranus-Saturn 44-year synodic
cycle midpoint, a cycle that began on June 9, 1988.

In the midst of the five Saturn Uranus Oppositions, and just before the Earth-Saturn-Uranus "Synodic Opposition" of mid-September 2009, Saturn and Uranus reside in exact opposite parts of the zodiak as seen from the Sun. This alignment, occurring on Sept 2, 2009 marks the midpoint of the Vision and Realization in the 44-year Saturn-Uranus Synodic Cycle that began on June 9, 1988.

The five Saturn-Uranus oppositions, and the associated Earth-Saturn and Earth-Uranus synodic cycles occurring throughout this time, nest within this more embracing 44-year Saturn-Uranus Synodic Cycle. The theme of this cycle is of utmost significance as well as the events surrounding its start date. This embracing cycle reveals yet another level of context underlying the years upon us.

The theme of the 44-year Saturn-Uranus Synodic Cycle is defined by the stellar alignments at 04°07' sidereal Sagittarius. This is within a one degree orb of the "Gate of God," the primary north galactic equatorial node (N-GEN). The Gate of God is the primary fiducial (reference point) in the Cycle of Earth's Precessional Cross; making this specific Saturn-Uranus cycle one of the most significant in world history. This specific Saturn-Uranus cycle not only conjoins The Gate of God, it also occurs during the 270° square in the ~25,000-year Cycle of the Holy Cross (when Earth's vernal axis is perpendicular to the galactic equatorial axis in the ecliptic).

Consider what you were doing in 1988, what was occurring in the world, and the transitions you were making in your life, as this entire lunar cycle (August 20, 2009 - September 18, 2009) can bring vision and revelation regarding it. The upcoming "Saturn-Uranus Synodic Opposition" (Sept 15-17 2009) and the start of the new "Juno-Uranus synodic cycle" nest around this longer cycle's major transition point, all of which occur over the days ahead.

Saturn & Uranus Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonics Audio Meditations, September 1 through September 17 is an ideal time to work with the Saturn and Uranus audio meditations. See the August 20, 2009 Lunar Calendar, or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page for exact aspect times.

Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune

An Excerpt from the August 20, 2009 Lunar Planner (for subscribers) :

"Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have been conjoining in the latter few degrees of sidereal Capricorn, at the cusp of sidereal Capricorn-Aquarius. The first Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction was presented the April 25, 2009 Lunar Planner: "Beneficence - The Crossing Begins." It was triggered by the Last Quarter Moon of the April lunar cycle, which initiated a several month period with a mobilizing, expansive, optimistic and opportunistic force to create and cross a Chironic bridge across the Saturn-Uranus abyss (opposition).

Now, in the midst of their retrogrades, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune will begin new and compounded synodic cycles (Jupiter-Chiron Sept 4 / Jupiter-Neptune Sept 19). Jupiter and Chiron begin their new synodic cycle on Sept 4, hours after the Full Moon, on our day of realization in the lunar cycle. Jupiter and Neptune will began thier new 12.7-year synodic cycle on the following New Moon.

This compounded Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune synodic cycle is another reason why September 2009 creates a primary turning or transition. The Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune 2009 cycles are quite significant. They occur 30° away from Uranus (Aquarius-Pisces cusp). The 30° aspect (semi-sextile) provides and opportunity for growth. Harmonically, these are two energetics that want to ally in strength.

The several month Jupiter-Chiron conjunction and the synod occurring now are also quite significant because of Chrion's harmonic relationship with Saturn and Uranus. Chiron's orbit is highly eccentric. At its perihelion (closest point to the Sun), it lies just inside the orbit of Saturn. At its aphelion (farthest point from the Sun), it lies close to the orbit of Uranus. Thus, two significant "orbital harmonic resonances" occur, linking Chiron with Saturn and Uranus. For this reason, Chiron creates a bridge, way, or link between the realms of Saturn and Uranus--from the old, established, concretized, stoic realm of Saturn to the new, unconventional radical, electrical, spontaneous realm of Uranus. As we move outward in our solar (system's) consciousness, we move from Saturn to Uranus. Uranus breaks us from the conformity of the past, opening us to new realms of possibility. Thus Chiron escorts us in this process, often helping to create the way across the Saturn-Uranus abyss. Chiron can indicate where personal healing or transmutation is required. More about Chiron.

This Jupiter-Chiron synod marks a primary shift in the midst of the bridge we are now crossing, a bridge that we are still forming over what may appear as a massive mysterious abyss. Jupiter's expansive and mobilizing force not only brings tremendous support and optimism to cross this bridge; but Jupiter will move to conjoin Uranus starting in June of 2010. Jupiter will play a key role in the entire Makemake-Saturn-Uranus cycle from May 2010 through March 2011. Jupiter's presence will be responsible for the next major shift in the 2008-2011 timeline--creating the September 2010 Synodic Synchronization--"the mobilization of change."

This new Jupiter-Chiron synodic theme occurring now resides exactly on the cusp of sidereal Capricorn-Aquarius, and is defined by the principle star Sadr of Cygnus, heart of the Swan (heart of the northern the galactic cross). The cusp of sidereal Aquarius is marked by the wing of Cygnus the Swan, which extends from Sadr, the heart of the Swan, to Gienah, the tip of the wing. We also have the Veil (Lacework) Nebula residing on the wing near Gienah.

This point in the ecliptic is where we are motivated to strip off the cloaks of personality-based facades and shenanigans to reveal true heart-level self and to live from our deeper hearts' truth for the greater nourishment of all. Sadr, the heart, and Gienah, the wing of Cygnus, lifts us from a self-centered exclusive focus to a more embracing and inclusive level of participation. This marks the start of the true humanitarian facet of the zodiak.

To live a lie in attempt to protect others from their own emotions is to deny others the opportunity for their own growth, as well as to deny our selves the opportunity to grow and change. This act lowers our resonance into a sympathetic vibration, which only perpetuates conditions we would really like to change. Living true to self is the real gift we have to offer each other. To be humanitarian is not about self-sacrifice or creating dependence, it is about living in our personal integrity and supporting others to do the same. From this stance we allow a natural spiral of creative growth to carry us forward into a new humanitarian-based era.

Also marking the cusp of sidereal Aquarius and conjoining Sadr of Cygnus is the Quasar 2134+004, which resides in Aquarius. This Quasar inspires us to enter deep within self and to bring forth our unique substance and soul essence that is of true value to each other and to the world, rather than projecting just superficial skin-deep appearances or false facades common to earlier sidereal Capricorn. Here we are motivated to demonstrate our capacity to participate with true humanitarian vision, with interest for all rather than for the manipulation of an exclusive few."

This many month Jupiter Neptune conjunction and the new Jupiter Neptune synodic theme is also significant because Jupiter will now start to move to through sidereal Aquarius as it makes its way to conjoin Uranus starting in May 2010 and continuing through early 2011, a time period where we will experience an expansive mobilization of the changes we are making now.

Relationships in Transition
The new Juno-Uranus Synodic Cycle.

An Excerpt from the August 20, 2009 Lunar Planner (for subscribers) :

"Juno has been in a retrograde cycle conjoining Uranus, and is responsible for the massive and radical restructuring of relationships and partnerships of all types--those of a personal nature, in business and those political. This Juno-Uranus synod creates another of our major shifts catalyzing this September's turning. It occurs exactly on the Disseminating Moon of September 8, 2009.

Juno is the asteroid of covenant relationships, soul colleagues, and true lovers. In an astrological chart, Juno indicates the nature of the issues and opportunities in significant relations of all sorts: those that are of a personal nature to those of political leaders and nations of the world. Mature Juno is diplomatic, tactful, cooperative, and mutually trusting. Mature Juno expresses with a sense of equality within self that provides the ability to draw true partners and those of equality into one's life. There is an acceptance of another's truth or opinion without need to challenge or debate. There is an ability to honor and support others in their own choices and decisions. Mature Juno expresses self-confidence in humbleness and without defense.

Potential Juno issues are: Superiority / inferiority complexes - competitiveness, defensiveness, lack of self confidence, arrogance and judgment of others; unconscious manipulation of others - power struggles seeking contention; betrayal, bitterness, spitefulness and standoffs; jealousy and possessiveness; one-up-man-ship--validating self by invalidating others (or reverse); dictating behavior--telling others what they should or should not do--minding others' business instead of one's own. More about Juno.

The new Juno-Uranus synod occurs exactly on the cusp of sidereal Aquarius-Pisces in "the circlet" of Pisces, a circle of stars that marks the head of the western fish. Here we cross the cusp into the palpable wet emotional world of the masses and of life. Lying north of the circlet and marking this Piscean cusp is the Matar on the left forearm of Pegasus, which marks the gush point in the zodiak. Matar is from Al Sa‘d al Matar--the Fortunate Rain--which articulates movement from high mental and social activity of later sidereal Aquarius, and the vulnerability to psychic manipulation and entrapment that living in the mind alone can cause, exemplified by the Zetas of Reticuli, which mark the end of Aquarius, to the wet sensual emotional world of Pisces.

This new Juno-Uranus 4.5-year cycle moves us from the intellectual gymnastic head-tripping that had been occurring amongst relations to one that is driven from a feeling / gut level--thankfully. This new cycle should help get us in touch with what really matters.

Juno's retrograde conjoining Uranus and opposing Makemake and Saturn is also squaring Pluto, which began on July 10. The second Juno-Pluto square occurs on September 11, 2009. Juno, Pluto and Saturn will then make a dramatic T-square on December 28, 2009 through January 1, 2010, bringing this period of restructuring for relationships to a climatic finale. Pluto is the force that must fire (the harmonic tension) in this T-square. In addition, the Moon will oppose Pluto on December 31, 2009, fulfilling this T-square to create a Grand Square--to be discussed in the December 2009 Lunar Planner."

The Turning - September 15-17, 2009
The Earth-Saturn-Makemake-Uranus "Synodic Opposition,"
the Saturn-Uranus Opposition #3,
and the new 32-year Saturn-Makemake Synodic Cycle

Saturn-Uranus Opposition #3 - Sept 15, 2009

The last phase of the August 20, 2009 lunar cycle embodies the grand event of our September transition, the "Earth-Makemake-Saturn-Uranus Synodic Opposition," which propels us across a major threshold in this few year timeline. This event occurs immediately following the Balsamic Moon of September 15, 2009, which conjoins the asteroid Vesta and Praesepe, the Beehive star cluster in Cancer--inspiring a future focus of clarity of purpose for our emergence from the darkness, dogma and delusion of the past.

This "Makemake-Saturn-Uranus Synodic Opposition," occurring on September 15-17, 2009, marks the coincidence of several synchronous events created by a compounded planetary alignment (Uranus-Earth-Sun-Saturn-Makemake). One event is the third of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions--as seen from Earth.

From the Sun's view, Earth and Uranus conjoin which marks the start of a new 370-day Earth-Uranus synodic cycle. The theme of this Earth-Uranus is defined by the same stars defining the Juno-Uranus synod that occurred on September 8--at the cusp of sidereal Pisces. This also completes Uranus' passage through sidereal Aquarius, as Uranus now makes its complete transition into wet, sensual, sensitive and emotional sidereal Pisces.

From Earth's view, the Sun, Saturn and Makemake conjoin. This means that both Saturn and Makemake are exactly half-way though their respective synodic cycles with Earth. The Earth-Saturn cycle is 278 days long and the Earth-Makemake cycle is about one year long. This is the climax point of vision and realization in the current Earth-Saturn synodic cycle that started on March 8, 2009 (producing a lot of hot air, foul winds, dramatic racket and fiery commotion, but which are mere diversionary tactics intended to distract the masses from the real issues at hand); and the midpoint of realization in the Earth-Makemake one year cycle. It is rather unique that not only the midpoints of these cycles coincide, but that they also coincide with the new Earth-Uranus synod.

Of utmost significance is the start of a new 32-year Saturn-Makemake synodic cycle--catalyzing a major turning in the restructuring of the global economic paradigm. We can definitely consider this event to initiate the development of an entirely new economic structure as well as a new economic administration. (Learn more about Makemake.) Although the Saturn-Uranus oppositions continue into 2010, and the Uranus oppositions to Makemake continue into 2011, the September Synodic Opposition marks a primary turning or transition in the dynamic of this nearly two-year long Saturn-Uranus series of oppositions as well as in this entire 2008-2011 timeline.

A Closer Look into the new 32-year Saturn-Makemake Synodic Cycle

The Saturn Makemake synod occurs on September 27, 2009 (slightly after the Saturn-Uranus synodic opposition and in the following lunar cycle) on the cusp of sidereal Virgo. I've presented the overal context of this area of the zodiak above, in the Earth-Saturn 378-day synodic cycle section above. Primarily of interest here, and setting the theme of this new 32-year cycle, is Benatnash, the tip of the Bear's tail, the embodiment of the old totalitarian world powers; and Cor Caroli, the Alpha star of Canes Venatici, the barking hounds, along with M51, the giant whirlpool galaxy in Ursa Major, all of which articulate the diversionary tactics and grand spectacle produced by the totalitarian powers. Zavijava of Virgo, conjoining Benetnash, is of the blind followers of the Benetnash directive, those deluded by the diversionary global spectacle. In the southern heavens is Antilia, the hot air pump, fueling the fire and swirling the smoke that is common to such tactics. For those with the perception to look through such diversionary tactics, they wil find Alkes of Crateris, the cup of salvation; and further south is the sail of Argo Navis, and Avior in Carina, upon the keel of the Argo.

Saturn-Makemake 32-year Synodic Cycle

Argo Navis, lying along the galactic plane, articulates the nature of the soul collective's greater evolutionary journey--as in the story of Jason and the Argonauts and in the Sumerain story of Gilgamesh and his fifty Sirian warriors. The stars of Vela (Velorum), the sail of the Argo, are of the transcendent energies and winds that drive souls' evolutionary journey--currents transcendent to the dramatics of the terrestrial incarnational world. The stars of Carina, the keel, are of guidance, navigation, and direction. Avior, one of the principal stars of our new Saturn-Makemake synodic theme, embodies the underlying spiritual truth and wisdom that guides us to our greater fulfillment and well being, a truth far hidden from the ego-driven wanna-be spiritual-political self-proclaimed authorities who spout principles they do not live. Avior also articulates the true spiritual sage, one who often time is found behind the scenes simply living their spiritual truth, transcendent to the smoke and follies common to the global stage. These wise people are often those working with transcendent currents that influence the surface world in genuine and beneficial ways--those who make a real difference but who haven't the need to at a personality level.

As implied, the Leo-Virgo cusp produces quite a mixed energetic as we leave the diversionary confusion and foul breezes common to late sidereal Leo and move toward the influence of the Virgin. Early sidereal Virgo is about the preparation and purification of self to serve our greatest well being and achieve our highest evolutionary potential. On a mundane level, Virgo is of hard work; is health conscious and methodical in development and progress; creating order, continuity and stability; new beginnings, cultivation and harvest. Virgo is the sign of agriculture and of our environment; with a meticulous, organized nature and strong focus in communication and logistics.

Note Makemake's path through the northern heavens as this is of utmost significance. Makemake has recently entered Coma Berenicies, the Crown of the Virgin--having just crossed and conjoined the Gamma star of Coma. Coma Berenicies embodies our spiritual essence and soul guidance. The North Galactic Pole (NGP) resides in Coma (5° sidereal Virgo). This is the northern point of the polar axis around which our entire galaxy spins. The NGP defines a principle geometric relationship between our ecliptic plane and our galaxy. Astrologically, the North Galactic Pole brings confidence, stability, and guidance for the greater evolutionary purpose, mission and fulfillment for our entire soul collective.

Saturn is of structure, form, concretization, establishment and stability. Makemake is audacious, brave, adventurous an of leadership. Makemake's influence appears to be one associated with the administration of material support, financial resources, and ensuring that the basic needs of the people are met. Makemake's passage through Coma (as it approaches the North Galactic Pole) brings attention to our need to administer our resources based upon the messages provided from the natural world around us and from higher spiritual principles, rather from geed and lust. Thus this new Saturn-Makemake cycle initiates the re-structuring of our economic paradigm--and very much in the arena of the old totalitarian world powers and in the midst of their diversionary dramatics--from an entirely new level of conscious awareness. And let us keep in mind that this Saturn-Makemake synod lies in opposition to the Earth-Uranus synod, which marks the start of the new 370-day Earth-Uranus synodic cycle; with Uranus and Earth challenging a rather radical extreme change in our economic paradigm and its administrative system with future vision and a much higher intelligence.

We are of course in mid-stream of this few-year radical transition, with a rather dynamic year (2010) ahead, as dismantling Pluto will soon begin to play a significant role, but the nature of this new Saturn-Makemake synod and its opposition to the Earth-Uranus synod lends significant insight into where the underlying evolutionary currents are attempting to lead humanity.

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