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Sept. 4 - A Nuclear Holocaust threatens because ...

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A Nuclear Holocaust threatens
because of the West's prolonged and shameful apathy

Initial observations

Having concluded that the Wayland's Smithy circle, of August 12, had been designed to warn the West that plans are afoot to mark the imminent 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US, of 2001, with another assault, planned for 8 o'clock in the morning [ref. waylandsmithy3, it was immediately apparent that the Tidcombe formation, of August 16, displays this factor 8 in an explicit way i.e. it's comprised of that quota of spokes, as shown below, which is an adaptation of an image that was kindly provided by Olivier Morel:-

But it was also clear that the factor 480 I'd inferred from the Wayland's Smithy circle - which equals one 8-hour period's quota of minutes - can similarly be inferred from the Tidcombe structure. … Each of its 8 spokes contains an array of 6 minute circles [in a 2-4 configuration (when viewed from the outside)], as shown below:-

- and when the total number of these, 48 [= 8x6], is juxtaposed with 0 [= zero], which the formation's dominant central circle could represent, the cited 480 can be inferred.

Furthermore, the described 2-4 array of mini circles could also infer 24, and a single occurrence of this factor was similarly inferred from the Wayland's Smithy structure i.e. 1440/60 = 24. This relationship exposes more links between the formations. …

Firstly, the Wayland's Smithy circle was found on the year's 224th day and when the solitary 24 that was inferred from the formation is added to 224p [= 1409], we obtain - 228p [= 1433] - the Tidcombe structure having been found on the year's 228th day.

Secondly, if each 2-4 array of mini circles in the Tidcombe formation was considered [from one perspective] to represent 24 then the full set of them would entail a total of - 192 [= 8x24] - and this number was also inferred from the Wayland's Smithy circle: the missing entries in the arithmetic series that can be derived from the small blocks of standing crop in the 2 rings, 52-56-60-64-68-72-76, add up to 192 [= 60+64+68].

But a more obvious link between the formations also exists: the time span, in days, between their cited days of discovery, 224 & 228, is … 4 … and, as again explained in my Wayland's Smithy article, this simple factor was highlighted in that structure in a number of independent ways.

Confronted with the possibility, then, that the adept crop circle builders had invited us to deduce that the Wayland's Smithy and Tidcombe edifices are related to one another I decided to undertake a more detailed comparison between them. …

My analysis and conclusions

Definitive geographical relationships

Having noted that the letter endowment of the name TIDCOMBE, 8, equals the quota of spokes in the Tidcombe formation, I was curious as to whether this word embodies any other interesting attributes - and I quickly discovered that its alphabetical value [i.e. its value as per the cipher A=1…Z=26] is … 71 [= 20+9+4+3+15+13+2+5] … which I knew I'd encountered during my analysis of the Wayland's Smithy edifice. …

To recall, I'd found information embodied within the relationship that exists between the 7 concentric circles of standing crop zones that encompass the clock face, and the 18 circles to facilitate the analytical process, as repeated below:- the latter encapsulates; and I employed a symbolic representation of these

With my attention now drawn back to this elementary diagram - which can infer the cited 71 - I discovered that it has a profoundly important role that could not have been recognised before the Tidcombe formation had appeared. …

I already knew that the depicted arrangement embodies a novel way of displaying the mean radius [in kilometres] of the earth model employed in the WGS 84 map datum, but I didn't refer to this fact in my Wayland's Smithy article [for the sake of brevity] i.e. when the 8 circles are labelled sequentially, starting at 1, the sum of those labels is 36 [= 1+…+8], and when this is placed directly above the 71, the factor 6371 can be obtained by reading anti-clockwise from the 6, thus:-

I also knew that this elegant manifestation of the key geodetic parameter, 6371, could be indicative that the figure from which it was derived is even more important then I'd appreciated, but in the absence of the Tidcombe structure I had no idea how. …

Shortly after this website reported the formation, however, on August 16, I estimated its centre's geographical coordinates by comparing a cropped panoramic image of the area, the original having again been kindly provided by Olivier Morel, with a Google Earth print as shown below, where the obtained values are pasted on the second Fig.:-

I now discovered something extraordinary: I found that the meridional and latitudinal displacements from the illustrated Tidcombe point to the one I'd previously identified [also estimated] in the Wayland's Smithy edifice are embodied in the earlier described figure in ways that are the epitome of simplicity and elegance. …

Knowing that the cited 6371 had been read directly from the following array:-



- I discovered that the two numbers' product - 2556 - is the latitudinal displacement [WGS 84 datum] between the two points, exactly, expressed in degrees/10000.

And having found that 36 x 71 relates in this definitive way to the points' latitudinal displacement I quickly established that another expression based on these numbers [but now including their 4 digits] … 36+71 - [3+6+7+1] … yields - 90 - which is the exact meridional displacement [WGS 84] between the two points [again in °/10000].

Furthermore, my recognition that the digits of 36 & 71 were also used to produce the latter result alerted me to another extraordinary fact: the expression 3x6 + 7x1 yields … 25 … which has an intimate and unique relationship with the Tidcombe formation: the structure's total quota of circles can be expressed as … 25p [= 89 = 8x(5+6) + 1].

The foregoing information is summarised in the following text + symbolic diagram:-

It now seemed barely conceivable that this clutch of imposing and thought provoking relationships between the two formations could embody any additional attributes that would be of relevance to my investigation but I was stunned to find that they do. …

Verification of geographical relationships

I first noted something that appeared to be merely a strange coincidence: the numbers that express the respective latitudes & longitudes - 51.571; 51.3154 & 1.594; 1.585 - have digits that, in each case, add up to 19 i.e.:-

5+1+5+7+1 = 5+1+3+1+5+4 = 1+5+9+4 = 1+5+8+5 = 19

But when I realised that the quota of digits in these numbers is also 19 [= 5+6 + 4+4] it seemed possible that the whole relationship was the outcome of intelligent action - and when I reconsidered the distinctive structure of the Tidcombe formation I was left in no doubt about the validity of this theory. …

I knew that each of the edifice's spokes bears a clear resemblance to a familiar glyph, S, and it now seemed relevant that this represents the 19th letter of the alphabet that's widely used in the UK, where the structure appeared. But it was also evident that this particular manifestation of S is closely tied to a 5 & 6, the two numbers that represent the digit tallies of the cited latitudes i.e. the letter comprises 5 large circles & 6 small. And I realised that if these circles are considered to contribute 11 to the 19 that the S is associated with [in the alphabetical context] the remaining 8 could be expressed as - 4+4 - the very two numbers that represent the digit tallies of the cited meridians. …

These curious relationships are shown below, alongside an image of a typical spoke:-

Powerful indicators that the crop circle builders had invited us to find this information are embodied, I believe, in the simple fact that the cited position of S in our alphabet, 19, is the 9th1 must be counted as the first prime]. … prime [as stressed before,

This reveals that 19 can be expressed as the sum of its prime rank, 9, and 10 … and these two factors are also closely tied to the geographical coordinates of the defined points in the respective formations. … 9 is the quota of digits in 51.571 & 1.594, the numbers that represent the latitude and longitude of the Wayland's Smithy point; and 10, the quota in 51.3154 & 1.585, the corresponding numbers for the Tidcombe point.

Furthermore, we know that 90 [= 9x10] is the exact meridional displacement between the Wayland's Smithy and Tidcombe points, expressed in degrees/10000.

If the groups of 9 & 10 digits are now labelled sequentially, starting at 1, we produce - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - and their respective sums are: 45 and 55. And when these are multiplied together [just as the 9 & 10 were] we obtain … 2475. But we know that each spoke belongs to a set of 8 that encompasses 1 central circle, and when 81, which can be inferred from the arrangement, is added to 24752556 - the exact latitudinal displacement between the two points [again in °/10000]. we obtain -

At this juncture, then, I was convinced that my initial suspicion that the crop circle builders had wanted us to conclude that the Wayland's Smithy and Tidcombe edifices are related to one another is correct, indeed, the intimate relationships between them that I exposed were more comprehensive and impressive than I could have imagined. I still did not know, however, if the Tidcombe circle had also been designed to tell us something about the planned 9/11 attacks that the Wayland's Smithy structure hadn't revealed. I therefore made a determined effort to answer this profound question. …

References to thermonuclear bomb materials

Although I believed that my interpretation of the S glyphs comprising the formation's 8 spokes was correct I was still curious as to why these structures were made to look the way they do, and I suspected that I hadn't exposed their full communicative role. Knowing, then, that in each glyph curved hoops [which form the S's dominant curves] link two pairs of the larger circles, I decided to label sequentially all 5 of these circles that are present, defining the innermost to be the first, as depicted below:-

This exercise quickly produced a positive result: when I added the products of the two pairs of numbers that are linked by the curved hoops, 5 & 3 and 4 & 1, I obtained the familiar … 19 [= 5x3 + 4x1].

My identification of this new way of generating the number I believed had a unique role both in the glyph itself, S being the alphabet's 19th letter, and in the definition of both formations' geographical coordinates was of particular interest to me because it also suggested that we'd been invited to label the five circles in the way shown, and I soon produced more evidence that that is the case. …

I noted that when the 4 numbers linked by the hoops are viewed from the formation's outer face they can be read as 53 & 41, which are the 17th & 14th primes, respectively. And the sum of the inferred 17 & 14 can be expressed as 12p [= 31], where 12 was the number that was displayed explicitly in the Wayland's Smithy formation. …

But it's also the case that when this inferred 12 is multiplied by the above described 19 [= 5x3 + 4x1], we obtain … 228 … which was the day the formation was found.

I now had little doubt, then, that the above Fig. had been labelled in the way the crop circle builders had intended - but it still didn't appear to be telling us anything new. …

However, when I re-examined the sum of 53 & 41 [which I'd expressed as 17p + 14p] I realised that the direct answer - 94 - is the Atomic Number of a radioactive element that's a well known constituent of thermonuclear bombs … Plutonium. Furthermore, I then wondered if it is significant that the four linked circles that had generated this 94 encapsulate the circle with a 2 on it. I knew that the expression 94 - 2 yields … 92 … the Atomic Number of another radioactive element that's a well known constituent of thermonuclear bombs … Uranium.

At this point I noted something that appears to support these chilling observations. …

Knowing that I'd already encountered instances where numbers' digits have key roles in the information I'd obtained from the two formations, I observed that the digits of 94 & 9224 … which can be inferred from the 2-4outsideS glyph, are entwined with the larger circles that had generated the 94 & 92. It seemed possible, then, that in the current context the array of small circles [which also had other roles] serves as a subtle means of confirming the presence of the numbers 94 & 92. … add up to … arrangement of small circles [when again viewed from the formation] that, within the

I then noted that when 31 [= 12p], which I'd derived from 17+14 i.e. the sum of the prime ranks of 53 & 41 [whose sum had yielded the 94], is multiplied by 6 [= 2+4], the S glyph's quota of these small circles, we obtain - 186 - which can be expressed as the sum of the Atomic Numbers of Plutonium and Uranium94 + 92.

At this juncture I decided to see if the above argument can be taken a step further. … If one of the covert roles of each S glyph is to allude to the numbers 94 & 92 then it would have to be the case that all 8 such glyphs would represent … 1488 [= 186x8]. And as this number is associated with the area that encompasses the central circle, which is unique because it is the largest one in the formation, it seemed reasonable to assume that we are being invited to consider a relationship that exists between these two entities i.e. the 1488 and the 1 central circle. …

And as 1 also happens to represent the Atomic Number of the other active constituent of a thermonuclear bomb - which is likewise unique because it's both non-radioactive and gaseous - Hydrogen [whose 8 letters also begin with the 8th letter of the alphabet], I decided to add this Atomic Number to the sum of the others, producing … 1489.

This result was profound: 1489 is the 238th prime and both Plutonium and Uranium has an isotope of Atomic Weight 238. But although these isotopes are not themselves fissionable, 238 positively ties the two elements together.

Furthermore, having recognised that 238 is just 10 larger than 228, the day that the Tidcombe formation was reported, I wondered whether these numbers are related in any other meaningful way - and what I found again stunned me. … I discovered that the sum of the 238th and 228th primes is - 2922 [= 1489+1433] - which I knew to be the exact time span, in days, between 9/11, 2001, and 9/11, 2009 [= 365x6 + 366x2].

And when I investigated whether a definitive link exists between 2922 and 9/11 itself [which in a non-leap year occurs on day 254], I obtained an unambiguous answer. …

I discovered that 2922 exceeds the 254th prime by 1315 [= 2922 - 1607], which can be expressed as - 4px57p [= 5x263] - and the inferred 4x57 yields another manifestation of … 228 … the day the Tidcombe formation was reported.

I'd now found clear links, then, between the active elements of a thermonuclear bomb - Plutonium, Uranium and Hydrogen - and the 9/11 that's destined to occur 2922 days after the first i.e. on Friday of next week.

I've been warning for many years that the West's appalling apathy about the shameful plight of the Palestinian people will produce this crisis and I hope that it's not now too late for a radical reappraisal of the situation to steal us from the brink of destruction!

© Neil Hudson Newman September 03, 2009

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