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sEPT. 13 - Stargate Ireland

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Stargate Ireland

September 6th, 2009

I’ve just returned from an amazing tour of Stargate Ireland with Dr. Chet Snow. The Emerald Isle or Island of the Sun is truly an enchanted place. Some consider it the Great Motherland and the Atlantis of Plato. Every bend of the country’s many storybook rivers, every moss covered forest, takes one deeper into Ireland’s ancient history and exotic mythology.

The Cliffs of Moher

One enchanted forest

A nice place to sit for a moment

My quest, as usual, was to seek out stargate imagery and clues.

I was delighted to have had the chance to visit Knowth with its fantastic stone age rock art, and Newgrange in County Meath, the prehistoric mound dating to 3,500 B.C. where the Tuatha de Danaan are said to have escaped to another dimension. They are considered to be direct reincarnations of the ‘Shining Ones’, the Anunnaki gods of ancient Sumeria, born again to serve as guides and teachers for the new and evolving souls. They possess the keys necessary for the development and growth of body, soul, and spirit, i.e. how to attain perfection and join them in the otherworldly Tir Na Nog, the Land of the Forever Young. I got the clear impression that whoever built Newgrange had been to Giza and knew the secret of the pyramid builders: that is, how to construct wombs of transformation, or rather, transfiguration devices.

Newgrange, mystical Ireland’s sacred mound

The entrance to Newgrange, the Neolithic womb of transformation

Me, at the entrance to Newgrange, on a cold and windy August morning

The doorway into the womb of Newgrange features a white quartz-lined aperture through which the sun’s rays shine to penetrate into the tomb’s sanctuary, more than 90 feet inside, at the winter solstice on December 21 each year. (How did they do that?!) The cozy sanctuary with its intricately stacked stone roof reminded me of the nurturing and warm feeling I get inside the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

No photos are allowed inside this sanctuary, however, the triple spiral on the massive ‘gateway stone’ is duplicated in one of the sanctuary’s three side chambers (the one upon whose wall the sun shines) and its meaning is a mystery. Also known as the triskele, many believe it stands for the three realms of Land, Sea and Sky or Body/Heart, Soul and Spirit. This prehistoric symbol is considered the ‘logo’ of the Celts, the ancient inhabitants of much of Europe. A wise and spiritual people, who may fairly be called the Irish Magi, their rich mythology and symbology later merged with the Christian beliefs they embraced to create a distinctive art seen uniquely in Ireland and Scotland.

Modern version of he Triple Spiral at Newgrange

The triple spiral above Jesus’s head on the mysterious 8th century Celtic Crucifix found in Athlone, Ireland especially intrigues me. A plaster copy of this cross has hung on the wall beside my desk for over ten years

The symbolism on the Celtic Crucifix of Athlone signifies the perfection of the light body. From the Irish National Museum

Detail of the 8th century Celtic Crucifix of Athlone. Jesus’ face is beardless, serene and meditative. He appears to be focused on the triple spiral in the ‘gate’ above his head

As I’ve established my many books, beginning with Blue ApplesThe Light Body Effect and Morph), the ancient mystery traditions viewed the human body as the Cross of Light, and it is this Cross that the solar drop or divine spark, embedded in every human body, uses as a ‘stargate’ to cross out of space-time. The Celtic Crucifix of Athlone reflects this belief. Jesus is the transfigured (‘metamorphosed’) and crucified light being personified. I believe this Cross encodes the Secret of Secrets (SOS) known to all who have transcended stargate Earth and now walk between the worlds…and the stars. (1998), and discussed in numerous DVD presentations (especially

My old friend, Father Charlie Moore, a beloved scholar deeply missed by many, once gave me a treasured gift. He annotated Blue Apples. In the margin of the book he wrote to me: “’Jesus’ is originally a Sanskrit word meaning “Pure Essence”. A Jesus of the Essenes was one who looks within and finds the ‘manifesting power’ (the Pure Essence) and then spends the rest of his life helping others to do the same.”

This is the SOS. One who has tapped the Pure Essence (i.e. discovered the Blue Apples) can share it, but can also attain the light body and - F-L-A-S-H - travel through the 4th dimensional wormholes that operate outside of (but may permeate) our reality, according to Quantum Theory and String Theory.

Space-time is viewed as a fabric. By ‘folding’ this fabric one creates ‘short cuts’ called ‘wormholes.

That’s the way I see it anyway. I call my theory Stargate Christianity because my 25 plus years of research reveals that the Crucifixion was a stargate event. Jesus, who referred to himself as the door, was a stargate-hopping time-traveler, a high-energy or quantum physics type who taught the metaphysical SOS of opening the heart to the Pure Essence of the universe and how to Transfigure into light bodies preparatory to entering the stargate to Heaven.

The Shroud of Turin is thought of as a relic of this event. In this scenario the image on the Shroud was created by a short burst of radiant light, it Shroud belongs to Jesus and is an artifact of his mastery of the highest level of Eastern Spiritual Sciences known as the Great Perfection, in which a lama can phase shift their body into a flash of light and dissolve into what is called the Rainbow Body. (The Shroud goes on display in 2010. For advance notice on my Summer 2010 Stargate Italy tour please drop me a line:

Jesus on his rainbow throne or in the Rainbow Body?

Where did Jesus go? The Bible says he presently sits on his Rainbow Throne in the Heavenly Jerusalem, a place Judeo-Christian tradition says is composed of pure light and pure love and is unreachable by humans in an unpurified state. Similarly, the center of a wormhole (below) is also thought to be unreachable as the bridge between the black hole and the white hole will collapse before the observer can cross it. Kip Thorne of Cal-Tech provided a fix for this by proposing that “exotic” matter could be created to hold open the ‘throat’ of the wormhole. I equate this exotic matter with the Manifesting Power or Pure Essence. In order to reach the throne, enter the wormhole, we must be transformed into this Essence.

Approaching a wormhole hole. The bright white center is unattainable unless exotic matter is created and ‘threaded’ through the open throat of the wormhole

Support for my take is found on the Athlone Crucifix. Note the twisting strands of ‘braiding’ we see trimming the lower half of Jesus’ body. Braid means to interweave three or more strands together. These bonds symbolize earthly entanglements. The coiling ribbons certainly suggest the helix of DNA. In addition, the vine-like coils of the braids also indicate spiraling or spinning.

Detail of the Athlone Crucifix. Note the four rings at Jesus’ heart

Psychologically, the lower braiding signifies that the ego must conquer its lower nature (fear) in order that the heart-mind may ‘climb the vine’ to the Promised Land (beyond the five senses) and tap the Pure Essence (the exotic love-light-quantum energy) swirling within that invisible realm. The four coils at Jesus’ heart suggest the focus of his life has relocated there. Only then is one able to ‘braid’ with – or, shall we say, ‘spin’ -- the luminous garment or light body out of Pure Essence. The binding (yoga) of the light body is the process of becoming ‘Jesus’, and living a pure and enlightened life of union with the Pure Essence. (For more on the Pure Essence please see my blog entry from September 4, 2008:

In my view, the two winged figures on either side of Jesus’s head can be interpreted as the Old Testament spies Joshua and Caleb. I began trailing these spies in Blue Apples, in which I proposed that the Book of Numbers (13) relates how these two thieves lifted the stargate secrets from the Anunnaki at Eschol (‘the valley of the cluster’, as in grapes), their secured valley in the Promised Land.

Autumn. Grapes of the Promised Land. Nicholas Poussin. Louvre. Photo by Wm. Henry

In the esoteric Christian tradition, Joshua and Caleb are thought to be the thieves crucified along with Jesus. A woodcut in Sion, Switzerland shows them delivering the goods of the Anunnaki (symbolized by a cluster of grapes) to the Crucifixion! I have proposed that the grapes represent the Pure Essence (‘wine of the heart’) that opens the gate to Heaven

Me, at the Castle of Valere, Sion, Switzerland. Joshua and Caleb deliver the ‘Grapes of the Promised Land’ to the Crucifixion. This image is the definition of Gnosis. Much of what it infers has been kept secret for centuries. The reason for this is that it crosses the events of the Crucifixion of Jesus with a bizarre event in Numbers 13, Joshua and Caleb’s theft of these grapes from the Anunnaki or Shining Ones. Who are the Anunnaki? How come their grapes are so large? Ah, the mystery begins

The Athlone Crucifx also feeds my hypothesis that the wormhole experience conceived by Carl Sagan and modeled by Jedi, excuse me, Jodi Foster in the movie Contact, where she is ‘flushed’ down the wormhole to the Galactic Center, is incorrect. So is the Stargate movie and TV seriesmodel in which people simply walk through the water gate to, once again, be ‘flushed’ to their destination. The ancients make clear in their lore that the actual experience is more of a flash, an instantaneous burst of light. It requires a metamorphosis or transfiguration, a transformation of Body, Mind and Soul…into a stargate.

Flash, gleam, glance, glint, sparkle, glitter, glisten, shimmer, glimmer, twinkle, scintillate. These verbs mean to send forth light. The rainbow above Jesus’s head indicates he has – FLASH - achieved the Rainbow Body or Great Perfection.

The Celtic Druid tradition of Ireland reflectss my insight, as does the etymology of the word braid. Checking the online etymology dictionary (, we find that braid comes from breidan (‘to dart, twist’, ‘pull’), bregdan (‘to move quickly’) and bherek, (‘to gleam, flash’).

Interestingly, says ‘flash’ means, among other things, to move or proceed rapidly, to reflect light, to cover with a thin protective layer, a sudden, brief, intense display of light, and a sudden perception. It also says its an adjective of or relating to thieves, tramps or underworldflash means obsolete. (Did someone say thieves? It seems this work is teeming with thieves.) figures. In the language or cant of thieves, tramps or underworld figures

More importantly, did someone say Gleam? Flash? Move Fast?

You bet!

In his classic work Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries, Evans-Wentz notes that the Tuatha De Danaan are described as a race of majestic appearance and marvelous beauty, in form human, yet in nature divine. They are divided into two classes: those which are shining, and those which are opalescent and seem lit up by a light within themselves. In other words, they were gleaming. This is why they were called the Shining Ones.

Over and over from Tibet to Southern France we hear of a special race known as the ‘Perfect’. These beings, referred to as the ‘luminous’ or ‘illuminated’ ones, have ‘perfected’ their bodies, meaning they have transformed themselves into a vortex of energy.

Did they braid, twist or spin their divine spark into the fabric of space-time and, flash, fly through it like fish darting through water, as the lore and evidence suggests? I believe so and can almost hear the Druids of old and the Tuatha De Danaan singing together now, raising their collective frequency. “Shake it up baby now, twist and flash. You really got me glowing now, twist and flash! Ahhhhhhhhhh(root) Ahhhhhhhhhh(third) Ahhhhhhhhhh(fifth) Ahhhhhhhhhhh(seventh) Ahhhhh Ahhhhh”.


The title of my presentation in Dublin was “The Celtic, Druid, Essene (er, Egypt) Connection.” I called it this because the Celts, the Essenes and the Druids are traced through Pythagoras in 600 B.C. to Egypt, specifically to the reign of Akhenaton (c. 1,500 B.C), who taught the SOS, and how to become one with ATON (a Tone), the “Manifesting Power” that illuminates the Sun.

Druid is derived from Deru meaning "to be firm, solid, steadfast" and Weid, meaning “to see,” and by extension “seers, wisdom, and knowledge”. Interestingly, crucify also means ‘to fasten’ (‘bind’ and ‘make firm, steady’). Since the root meaning of Druid is the same as crucify one can venture to say that the ‘Druids’, including the Essenes, were expert in the knowledge of Crucifixion, i.e. living a life of rock solid spiritual stability dedicated to braiding or firming up the light body, morphing the body into a stargate and, flash, getting the bleep out of Egypt (the now obsolete human body).

In the Platonic dialog Axiochus, Socrates gives his Gnostic take on the soul and the afterlife to Axiochus, who is near death. Death is the passage of the true being within us (the immortal divine spark) out of its mortal prison, the body. “…When the compound (of soul and body) is once and for all dissolved, and the soul is firmly established in its proper place, the body which is left behind, being earthly and irrational, is not the person. In the world beyond death, where the soul has been firmly established, in its proper place, and is no longer mixed with the mortal body, it enjoys a ‘sort of calm life, untroubled by evils, at ease in immovable tranquility.’

“Immovable” is the term applied to this firmly established race of perfected humans.

The four-ringed Djed pillar signifies ‘stability’

In ancient Egypt the word djed meant to make steady or firm. The Djed pillar represents the concept of ‘stability’ and is the symbolic backbone of the god Osiris, the Green Man who was resurrected and now dwells in the Dimension of the Blessed.

Osiris as a Djed(i) at Abydos

We can thank George Lucas for an inkling of what it means to be Jedi. They are guardians of peace, and use their mastery of the Force (the Great Manifesting Power or Pure Essence?) to serve the public good. (Wikipedia notes that half a million people worldwide declared themselves as Jedi on census forms.)

At Abydos, Egypt we find the pharaoh, Seti, standing beside a Djed column with a ‘crucified’ being upon it (there are two awakened eyes fastened within in the four rings near the top of the pillar). Traditional symbol books say the four rings of the Djed coil or column became the four arms of the Christian Cross. If we see the four rings or circles at Jesus’ heart chakra in the Athlone Crucifix as representations of the four rings of the Djed, then it is easy to see the correspondence between the Irish and Egyptian traditions and their ‘Crosses’.

Seti and Djed column or cross at Abydos (l). The Cross of Ahenny, Ireland

The ‘beehive’-topped Cross of Ahenny, Ireland provides another interesting comparison. The four rings of the Djed correspond to the four circles, plus the central fifth, that dot the cross’s ring. The Irish version shows the rings from the face-on, while the Egyptian view is from the side. Both ‘crosses’ are topped by a domed or rounded top, which symbolizes the head of the cross.


I was deeply moved by the beauty of the Irish High Crosses of Glendaloch, Monasterboice and Clanmacnoice.

High Cross at Monasterboice

High Cross of Muiredach at Monasterboice

The Crucified Jesus ‘in the Ring’. Is he traveling through the stargate?

At Monasterboice the vine and cluster of grapes merge into the Ring

Around the fifth century A.D., the stylized cross known as the Celtic Cross began to appear in Ireland. It is known throughout the world as the emblem of Celtic Christianity and it can be considered the symbol of ‘Stargate Christianity’ itself.

The Cross’s shape is derived from an ancient sun symbol, the sunwheel or, properly, the sun gate. The sunwheel was originally a cross surrounded by a circle with a center stone representing the sun and mock suns at the four quarters. The stone at the center of the circle also represents the navel of the world.

The cross represents eternal life; its horizontal axis being the earthly world and the vertical axis the heavenly world coming together as the union of Heaven and Earth in the human body. Celtic Crosses are imbued with continuous and interwoven knot and spiral motifs symbolizing the continuity of life, death and rebirth, and cosmically speaking, the wormholes that permeate our reality.


On the next to last day of the tour we were scheduled to visit the 8th century monastery at Skellig Michael or Michael’s Rock, a rocky island just off the coast of County Kerry. I wanted to see the stone beehive huts where the early Irish Christians lived. Unfortunately, weather redirected us. Instead, we headed for the megalithic stone circle at Drombeg in County Cork. Known as the Druid’s Altar, its located on the edge of a rocky terrace about a mile away from the sea. Our meditation there still has at least one member of our group visiting the stars nightly.

On our way back to our hotel, we stopped at a gift shop beside a picturesque valley. We had passed it on the way to the stone circle and everyone immediately connected it with it, judging by the oohing and ahhing coming from the bus.

I remember the sense of excitement that everyone felt when we stopped on our return. Indeed, we were right. Waiting for us that day at the shop called Molly Gallivans ( was an extraordinary meeting with a most delightful man who showed us some magnificent sites with astronomical significance and a mysterious connection to the constellation Orion.

His name is Stephen O Sullivan. He took us out for a first hand experience with some of the best-preserved antiquities to be found anywhere, including the remarkable Neolithic “Rolls of Butter Stone”. Local legend says it is a Druid altar stone. I’ll say. One starry night in December, 1999 Stephen discovered that the stone is part of a complex astronomical calendar and that the pools or ‘wells’ of this stone match the three belt stars of Orion and two other stars in the constellation. Quicksilver! You can hear my interview with him on Revelations. Check out for details of this incredible site.

Me, with Stephen O’Sullivan standing at the ‘Orion Stone in the Sacred Valley of Bonane.”

All in all Ireland is not to be missed. Everywhere we went spectacular scenery and wonderful people greeted us. I’ll keep you posted on return visits.

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