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NOV.23 - Part One of The Tao of The Ultraterrestrials - The Fractal Pieces of A Parallel Sentience‏

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Part One of The Tao of The Ultraterrestrials

The Fractal Pieces of A Parallel Sentience

Of Martians and The Theft of Thought

We find ourselves in the situation that Alan Watts once described as "...Yet awareness of time ceases to be an asset when concern for the future makes it almost impossible to live in the present, or when increasing knowledge of the future makes it increasingly certain that, beyond a brief span, we have no future." This post is about the past in the present as it impacts the future in a series of mirrors, whether those mirrors are the work of fertile imaginations or those of a decidedly non human provenance.

In the alchemical quicksilver of the paranormal, when we go seeking our shadows, or those we suspect are cast by others, there is both the hope of a revelation in the nature of our purpose but more likely it is we are the embodiment of Poe's William Wilson, who finds the reflection of himself as an agent of his own self destruction, as the reliance upon the surface of these matters exacts a premium of cost. The revelation we seek may not be all roses, roses, but one of self deception, aided and abetted by our desires.

The working theory of a terrestrial basis of the phenomenon embedded within Ufology is most closely associated with John Keel and then most recently with the late Mac Tonnies,but our story begins nearly sixty years ago in a book by Ray Bradbury entitled "The Martian Chronicles." Consider that Keel's Ultraterrestrials, and Mac Tonnie's Cryptoterrestrials are both a native sentient species that predate the arrival of a human strain. Also, although Bradbury's novel takes place on Mars, it is easily transposed to Earth. Also interestingly there is a further connection to Mars in Mac Tonnie's novel "After The Martian Apocalypse"

In a chapter of Mr Brabury's novel, first published in August of 1948,entitled "The Earth Men" which, in the context of the book, chronicles the events on Mars that takes place during the "Second Expedition" to Mars. The astronauts arrive to find the Martians to be strangely unresponsive to their presence. The one exception to this is a group of Martians in a building who greet them with a parade. Several of the Martians in the building claim to be from Earth or from other planets of the solar system, and the captain slowly realizes that the Martian gift for telepathy allows others to view the hallucinations of the insane, and that they have been placed in an insane asylum. The Martians they have encountered all believed that their unusual appearance was a projected hallucination. Because the "hallucinations" are so detailed and the captain refuses to admit he is not from Earth, A psychiatrist, declares him incurable and kills him. When the "imaginary" crew does not disappear as well, The psychiatrist shoots and kills them. Finally, as the "imaginary" rocket remains in existence,our completely overwhelmed psychiatrist concludes that he too must be crazy and commits suicide.

Centuries before 1948,as Bradbury's fingers typed out the text of what would eventually become "The Martian Chronicles" in this chapter of the Martians who assumed the mirror of human appearances, another chronicler noted; “… and when they pleased they assumed the likeness of man.” I Enoch, Chapter 17, Verse 1.

Of course then we have yet another antecedent, that of Taoism and it's relationship to quantum mechanics as well as the sort of delimited potentiality that allows both human doppelgangers, and any number of alternate, parallel universes in that the non local is "The Tao (the "all-that is" or the way) is like an empty container: it can never be emptied and can never be filled. Infinitely deep, it is the source of all things." Of course when logic based upon the conditioned attributes of semiotics are applied as to it's nature, we have an apt description of the perplexities facing this approach, which is the approach to any Ultra or Crypto terrestrial, in that it" It dulls the sharp, unties the knotted, shades the lighted, and unites all of creation with dust."

In both "The Ghost Phenomenon of The UFO" and "The Afterlife of Memory" I have ruminated on the potential nature of a mirror universe as well as the direct correspondences between ghosts and UFO occupants,and in this I have suggested to myself that these intermediary creatures are neither here nor there. When comparing supernatural beings in Taoism with the similar kind in other areas in the western world, one may easily think of deities in ancient Greek myths, because there are many similar features between them.One of the many themes of shape shifting involve the usurping of a territorial prerogative as Changelings take the place of the infant the elves have stolen, and usually resemble it, at least initially; sometimes, this is temporary, so that the child will appear to die, and sometimes the changeling grows up in the child's family. Other terms for shapeshifters include metamorph, skin-walker, mimic, and therianthrope. The prefix "were-," coming from the Old English word for "man" (masculine rather than generic), is also used to designate shape shifters; despite its root, it is used to indicate female shape shifters as well.This capability to assume the shape of others, may not be so much desire to usurp a specific place as to remove possible rivals, but the intended effect of the removal is much the same.

Sometimes,in a dark mood, I often think we have a certain rebellion of nature itself at hand, whereas about 6 waves of massive extinction are known in the history of the Earth. The last one wiped out the dinosaur world 65 million years ago and was probably due to a meteorite collision. But the recent one has no natural causes. It is man made and rampant, eliminating three animal or plant species every hour. What has shifted into their former roles, we have no means of predation to counter such an invasion. If so, the infinite inventiveness of nature has provided man with a worthy counterpoint.

The names and titles of Taoist supernatural beings are numerous, so are the figures. Most of Taoist supernatural beings in Taoism were the real historical figures but this human mimicry was also more global in effect. According to the Taoist explanation, these immortals can be divided into three types: heaven immortals, earth immortals and immortals after death. Heaven immortals are supernatural beings that can directly go to the heaven; and earth immortals are medium-grade immortals that can only stay on the earth but can become supernatural beings when alive; and immortals after death are those people who can become supernatural beings only after they are dead. While this conveys a sense of a theme found in many religions, in terms of the potential alternative states one finds in either the books "of the dead" as regards to the self organizing principles of consciousness creating a variety of entangled states after death, Taoism also directly references anomalous creatures of the Earth as supernatural aspects of the consciousness of the planet as a whole, which are often linked to mountainous regions and refuges of nature, much like that of the many faces of Sasquatch. The capabilities of nature to reflect a state within a state comes to mind in the startling experiments of Princeton's Global Consciousness Project, which in turn reflects these archaic traditions that often crop up in new variations as if they were being discovered for the first time as the concept of a Noosphere comes to mind.

The Animism of Mind and Matter
Within this worldview of parallel states is the concept of animism , which is in the widest sense, i.e. thinking of objects as animate, and treating them as if they were animate, is near universal in the conceptual models of matter being implicitly related to the nature of the mind, which then, in turn, relates to the uncanny ability of these parallel realms of sentient, non human terrestrial creatures to mold it at will. The term animism is derived from the Latin word anima meaning breath or soul. The belief of animism is probably one of man's oldest beliefs, with its origin most likely dating to the Paleolithic age. From its earliest beginnings it was a belief that a soul or spirit existed in every object, even if it was inanimate. In a future state this soul or spirit would exist as part of an immaterial soul. The spirit, therefore, was thought to be universal. This divisional aspect of the human from nature led Jean Piaget to apply the term animism in child psychology in reference to an implicit understanding of the world in a child's mind which assumes all events are the product of intention or consciousness. Piaget explains this with a cognitive inability to distinguish the external world from one's own psyche. Developmental psychology has since established that the distinction of animate vs. inanimate things is an abstraction acquired by learning. Perhaps in the context of our conditioning education, we unlearn a perception that quantum physics is discovering, that we do not live in a universe where such a demarcation is possible, except in reference.

The Jinn of Taoism
It is interesting that the immortal system of Taoism is a whole copy of that of the human society. In the world of supernatural beings, there is a bureaucratic system, and every immortal has his/her own official position. In this way, Taoism uses a lot of stories of supernatural beings to promote the authenticity of the kingdom of supernatural beings, and tries to prove its correctness theoretically.

This interestingly corresponds to the conceptual model of The Jinn, whose origin predates the arrival of the human species, found in Muslim cosmology which is a spirit, lower than the angels, who could appear in animal or human form and influence men. If we look at their classifications of the Jinn, we have;

1.Those that fly ( A direct correspondence)
2.Those that are stationed in one area or region on land (One thinks of specific regions and ranches, farms (Skinwalker Ranch )where extraordinary phenomenon corresponding to the Jinn occur)
3.Those that take the form of these animals ( Sasquatch, Mothman,Goat Suckers, etc)

Is all this coincidental?

A Tale of Two Encounters
What is also fascinating is the direct correspondence of The Jinn to Taoist Supernatural Beings in that the Jinn have an organized society, are capable of reproduction and as part of their societal taboos, should avoid human contact.Interestingly, in terms of what are now termed USO's, although many Jinn are inland, their main headquarters is the sea.They mimic or shall I say, steal information and utilize it to turn our cognition of them upside down. I have had one experience in particular, that I am convinced that they attempted to associate my orientation to their existence with a Satanic influence as to ward me off the track, which occurred to another close correspondent who subsequently underwent a horrific series of events that drew in her entire family. The only thing that allowed me to escape this trap was my own hardened sense of skepticism. Both of these events occurred simultaneously. I cannot divulge this person's identity but hopefully, when she is recovered, she will write the account she was going to pursue, in relating what occurred in specific terms. She has become very imbued in Christianity and has broken off all contact with me.

The humanoid creature I encountered had the emaciated face of an extremely angular rodent like facial features having deeply calm but intense thin eyes that seemingly were examining me as if my interior composition were a coffee table. His ears were an exaggerated bat like enormity, out of proportion to the composition of his other features and he was dressed in a robe collared by animal furs. He had a long,wispy goatee. My impression of him was that of a very cool customer that in effect, sympathetic,( perhaps curious is a better term )toward myself and seemingly affirmed in some odd way, that knowledge equates to power, and that he was more than willing to provide it. Of course, I didn't buy what was being sold, and further, I strongly suspected that I was being set up as a dupe as if he were picking my pockets while entrancing me with nonsense. If I believed this even for a moment, I was certainly opening myself up to a dissociative process.The entire encounter lasted for all of three or four seconds in "real" time. Prior to this encounter, I had very strange seemingly telepathic images that would just arrive and then vanish, like still photographs when I closed my eyes in preparation for sleep.I could hear half of some other conversations. One was "Jack Johnson always said that you have to watch your back even when you are out of the ring" How bizarre.The only saving grace in this is that I refuse stubbornly to accept anything at face value nor assign one out of thinking I am "losing" my mind. All of this was occurring while I would hear sounds that would awaken me in the middle of the night as if the house was being hit with an automobile. This was some months ago and thankfully, all has been quiet since.

A Human Context
Publicly ruminating or sharing these experiences has always had a cleansing effect whether or not someone concludes I am a lunatic is besides the point of the exercise. I also share them in the spirit of what are hopefully mutual concerns. Another is what I would term cultural condescension toward our ancestors seeming based on the strange analysis that they were not in possession of gadgets.

They had a certain insight and experience in these matters and my own sense of exploring them in this post as well as others that we cannot simply dismiss these insights as a product of ignorance, especially when what they recorded so closely corresponds to our own experiences.

Like the Martians who greeted the arrival of the human species on their own planet, the Jinn according to Muslim belief, were created before mankind and entrusted with knowledge. That knowledge gave the jinn the ability to improve much in their world. Many civilizations of ancient history attribute their growth and development to a variety of anomalous and equally mysterious benefactors, many of which arrived from the sea.Or we have a oddly contemporary variant where these same benefactors under a variety of guises usually descended out of the atmosphere and had an unusual irradiating glow about them. It is interesting to note that the Quran indicates that the Jinn had the power of flight and much as in our own time, and were made from a "smokeless flame" which seemingly indicates an apt description of a mastery of energetic physics, long before it's principles had been discovered.

Oddly,through their technology and unusual appearance they steered humanity in unique but variant directions according to the preexisting context of the belief systems that were already in place prior to their arrival and only then to find them descended back into a reformulation but none the less, a mirror image of the original state they were found in many years after their apparent departure.

In Part Two, I hope to expand on this theme of archaic references in a deconstruction of the premises which confound our own time much as they has thousands of years ago, and in this venture, of course I am challenging myself, at least, hopefully. These telepathic creatures as covert envoys in their mastery of disguise,seemingly are as fallible and as stricken with the best laid plans of mice and men as we are, which I think is an important discernment before we go off as many have, in building totems or for that matter, join a proverbial cargo cult. We desire above all, a simple plan that yet is inclusive of all, which flies in the face of our receipt of any such silver platter. The danger lies in what we seek, not in what we find.

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