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Report #198
February 5, 2011
Joseph P. Skipper

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I'm sorry that postings are now coming out of me so slow. The problem is that the great majority of my time is taken up trying to fight for my wife's life against cancer leaving little for this work right now.

In this posting, the single piece of evidence reported on here is found in an ESA image at the links provided down at the bottom of Melas Chasma. Now Melas Chasma itself is down in the great ancient and enormous Valles Marineris crack system on Mars. Melas Chasma is the site of a broad depression right in the lower or southern center area of the great crack as indicated in the above first image and is about 9 km below the upper terrain surfaces. It is one of the deepest places on the planet but is a broad opening logically allowing a fair amount of sunlight entry down into many of the bottom areas.

What may be down in such deep holes in the planet's surface? Imagine yourself standing on the rim of Melas Chasma looking down and contemplating this. Compare that to standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon here in the USA looking down and doing the same except that the depth on Mars keeps on going down further and further into the lower distance. If you had some vision enhancing equipment and as you slowly scanned the bottom, the following is what you in theory might see.
How does this evidence grab you? What the hell is that with its red glowing eyes nestled in the bottom of a valley between two ridges? It looks like some cooter out of someone's imagination or nightmare. In fact, it looks a lot like someone's idea of a Sith Lord's head out of the Star Wars movies. Note the markings or symbols on the face. What it does not look like is something you want to meet alone in a dark ally at night.

This was brought to my attention by a viewer M. S. Namba for my opinion. Remember now, I did not in any way make this object and I've confirmed its presence in the original ESA high resolution color image with the handle "Perspective View of Melas Chasma." There is also another image of the same thing in the ESA Multimedia Gallery but from a slightly different angle. In that image the object is not as prominent as it is in this image also that location. However, in the "Perspective View" image, it is something verifiable right in the ESA Mars science data. So the question becomes, despite it being something real in the official science data, is it something real on the ground?

Now just because something appears in the official science data, that does not make it real. In this case, this image to me shows a lot of signs of select image tampering in it. For example, the ridges that drop down from an upper level plateau into the lower level terrain right where this object is at and just above it shows evidence of blur being placed over what I suspect is some dense vegetative growth to distort the view of that. If so, there is no way who ever did this image tampering would have overlooked this standout object and passed over it without doing something about it.

Likewise, the valley that this object is in between two ridges also appears to me to have image tampering in it covering up and hiding every thing immediately around this object. If so, it is likely that this tampering has at least help create the look of this object by confining it within the tampering field.

Of course that in turn suggests that someone intentionally wants us to see this object. Not only that, since an object of this appearance with a demon look to it or evil Sith Lord look to it would obviously strike a negative emotional reaction in most viewers, then I must logically assume that the negative emotional reaction was what someone was really looking for here. That amounts to psychological manipulation through the visual evidence. When that level of manipulation occurs, it means that you and I must exercise real care here in what reaction we allow ourselves to have with respect to this visual.

For example, if this is something real at ground level, it may be part of some ground level collective artwork based on a more innocuous theme taken out of context. Someone may have destroyed the rest of the collective visual evidence here conveying a more innocent theme essentially removing the object from its context or they have just simply created this object in place from scratch to manipulate us. If so, that means someone is trying to screw around with us here because logically no one in the secrecy ranks wishing to hide life evidence (vegetation or civilization) would have overlooked also eliminating this extremely obvious stand out object.

I suspect, by doing this via image tampering, someone is trying to push you and I more open minded types into a more negative fear reaction psychology associated with Mars or aliens in general. As for the general population clueless types, the visual implications are just too disturbing for them to handle and so the demon head is met by them with further entrenched fear reaction instant disbelief psychology. Both reactions are forms of rejection and that would be just fine with the secrecy types. It's two birds down with one Sith head strategy so to speak.

This is the way it is in the planetary exploration science data regardless of its country origins. It is simply not trustworthy. Not only is visual truth most often just outright hidden from us, it is at other times also frequently manipulated and bent to achieve the private psychological goals of the secrecy types with little regard for public welfare.

Any real truth that comes to we in the public who paid for it all, at least truth that we can have any confidence in, is when they make mistakes in the obfuscation and/or manipulation processes. In my opinion, the evidence object in this reporting is pure intentional visual manipulation and the only thing that it demonstrates is the reality of the manipulation and manipulators presence in the official science data.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

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