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Utah Army base goes into lock-down as UFO’s are reported over nearby town [w/ updates]

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Utah Army base goes into lock-down as UFO’s are reported over nearby town [w/ updates]

By Daniel La Ponsie, 28 January, 2011, 3 Comments
Original post: Jan 28, 2011; Last update posted: Jan 29, 2011 [Updates follow original post]

A major Army testing facility called Dugway Proving Ground went into lock-down very suddenly at 5:24 p.m. MST Wednesday. Then, between 7:15 and 7:30, news stations began to receive phone calls from people reporting UFOs over a town to the east of the arm facility: American Fork.

The original headline at FOX News seems to have been “Utah Army Base Locked-Down to Solve Problem.” But that was soon changed to the current headline of “Missing ‘Nerve Agent’ Caused Base Lockdown at Utah Army Base,” to reflect the official story given by the military. (As of this writing, the web address of the story still contains the original slug: “utah-army-base-locked-solve-problem.”)
Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) is a US Army facility where the very latest weapons are tested. Officially, only biological weapons are tested there. From the Wikipedia article on the facility:
Dugway’s mission is to test US and Allied biological and chemical weapon defense systems in a secure and isolated environment. DPG also serves as a facility for US Army Reserve and US National Guard maneuver training, and US Air Force flight tests – mostly from nearby Hill AFB in Ogden. DPG is controlled by the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC). The area has also been used by US Army Special Forces for training in preparation for deployments to the War in Afghanistan.
From the FOX News article:
The Army says Dugway Proving Ground, where military weapons are tested, was locked down for hours over a missing vial of VX “nerve agent.” The amount missing was less than one fourth of a teaspoon and it was recovered at around 3 a.m., according to the station.

The Army says no one was in danger and the lockdown was ordered as a precaution. Between 1,200 and 1,400 people were inside the facility at the time.
American Fork is about a 3-hour drive from Dugway Proving Ground, according to Google Maps. Just a few hours after the military facility went into lock-down, between 7:15 and 7:30,three lights drifted over American Fork. They were red, and appeared to remain in formation the entire time.
From an article at the local
Lynette Chidester lives in Highland and is one of those puzzled by what she saw. “I don’t believe in extra-terrestrials.” But she also doesn’t believe the lights were from airplanes or helicopters. She says they didn’t make a sound, and there were no blinking lights, just a constant red.
“I noticed over the roof of the garage a red light and white light and the red light isn’t flashing like a plane light and that’s what draws my attention to it.” She says soon there were three red lights and those lights started dropping white streams.

Mike Galbraith was a few miles away in American Fork. He was in the parking lot of a shopping plaza when he saw the lights hanging in the sky. Galbraith was in the Air Force and says his experience caused him to take special notice of the unusual lights. He grabbed his cell phone and started taking video.
Galbraith said, “They looked like they were flying in formation perfectly together and then whatever was dropping looked like it was burning real bright.”

Galbraith says he doesn’t believe the trails of white that dropped straight down from the red lights were flares. He says military flares don’t look like that. “They usually shoot out the sides, or they shoot down, and there are a lot of them and you could definitely hear them.” He says there was no sound.

He says he could not make out the shape of the flying objects, but says they were unlike any plane or helicopter he has ever seen, and they were flying at an unusual altitude.

Lynette’s husband also witnessed the lights and streams. He was once an employee of a company that manufactured components for military flares.

Lynette says he could not identify what the flying objects were, but agrees with Galbraith’s assessment that what was being released was not a flare. “After a couple of seconds he knew it wasn’t a flare. He didn’t know what it was.”
No one else seems to know either. The control tower at the Provo airport had no reports of anything unusual last night, nor did the Utah County Sheriffs Department.

Salt Lake International’s control tower had no incidents documented, and officials at Camp Williams also had nothing to report. Both witnesses we talked to say the objects eventually just flew away.

Is the army facility testing something other than biological weapons, or did they receive an unexpected visit from above?

UPDATE — Jan 29:

In the comments at the ABC4 article, some people are pointing out that the lights might be RC vehicles; and what the witnesses saw might have been some folks doing night-flying. 

Apparently people usually assemble at nearby Art Dye Park. A comment from “melfsmite” reads: “Here’s a YouTube Video of our group flying at Art Dye park …”

Night flying at Art Dye Park.

It looks like a great time. And I can see how someone might see those from a distance and think “UFO.” 

However, those craft do not look like the single UFO that was seen hovering and dropping what looked like a flare. 

2 observations about that. 

1 – Another comment from has this to say:
I saw the lights and so did the neighbors accross the street. I grabbed my palcorder and filmed part of it and that is on youtube. We live in AF near the Cemetary. These came from beyond I15 over Walmart and continued on to the southeast towards Lindon. They did not come from Art Dye park. That was completely in the opposite direction. Sorry.

2 – Also, the lights that were seen moved in and out of each other; as if the object was shifting it’s shape slightly, or possibly rotating. And then something that looked hot and glowing dropped (or dripped?) from the UFO. Remember, most of the ABC4 article focuses on whether or not it was a military vehicle doing a flare drop; which tends to be today’s “weather balloon” explanation for UFOs. 

Something was seen falling or dripping from the craft. The RC flyers conversation in the comments thread seems to miss that fact. 


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