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Feb. 7 - Will the turmoil in the Arab world come to an end?‏

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Will the turmoil in the Arab world come to an end?

For those who have studied my books, and especially The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004), current events in the Arab world should hardly come as a surprise (If you have not read this book yet, I urge you to do so soon if you want to understand the decisive time we are now entering. No book about the Mayan calendar has proven to be so accurate in its predictions and understanding). One of the theories developed there is that the modern nation state, and also the whole concept of dominance originates in the dualist consciousness of the National Underworld (6th wave) as this is essentially described by the so-called Mayan Long Count. The modern nation state as a social structure, and projection of the human mind, took its beginning in northwestern Europe at the beginning in 1617 of the Seventh day of the National Underworld. The countries in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and to some extent England were close to the line dividing the Western and Eastern hemispheres (the 12th longitude East) and so it was there that for the first time in history national institutions of rule were established which were independent of the particular monarchic dynasty that were ruling these countries. The concept of a nation state has since, throughout this Seventh day of the National Underworld, spread all over the world, mostly through European imperialism, to a point that modern people today tend to take this organizational structure as a given. Global politics, despite its many current international organizations, is still essentially based on relationships between different nation states. In reality, however, the nation state with a ruling government at its center is nothing but a projection of a particular human frame of consciousness timed by the Mayan calendar and related to a particular polarity field of our planet. One of the last regions of the world to embrace the concept of a nation state was the Maghreb (Arab North Africa), where borders were drawn up by European powers only as the sultanate of the Ottoman Empire collapsed in the early 1920’s.

One of the predictions that was made in my abovementioned book is that as the polarity of the Seventh day of the current Galactic Underworld (8th wave) was established on November 3, 2010 the system of dominance created by the National Underworld would come to be balanced by a complementary polarity. The result would be that not only left brain (and male) dominance would start to crumble, but so would also Western dominance and all the institutional framework that has been associated with this. The rug would be pulled out under the phenomenon of dominance as such. The only unanswered question has been how long time it would take for the human beings to assimilate the new global field change. In what order would these changes manifest in the current high frequency of change of the Galactic Underworld as we approach the Universal (and Ninth) Underworld with its uaxaclahunkin rhythm?
A clear expression of this end to Western dominance on a global scale was evident in the recent visit of the President of China, Hu Jintao to the White House when for the first time this seemed like a meeting of equals. Despite the fact that the US economy is still far bigger (on paper at least) than the Chinese, everyone now knows in what direction the relationship between the “consumer” nation (USA) and “producer” nation (China) is going. In the end the power of one nation to print money will not give the same solid foundation for an economy as the actual manufacturing of goods (Chinese patent applications will become the most numerous in the world in 2011). Today, many people take this changed relationship between the economic powers of the East (especially China) and the West as a given, but it truly deserves to be pointed out that this change was predicted based on the Mayan calendar and its various Underworlds long before it came to public awareness. The point to realize is that the balance between the East and West that is now becoming apparent is part of a cosmic plan of balancing the planet prior to the beginning of the Ninth and highest evolutionary wave of the Mayan calendar.

This balancing and the end to dominance that it implies in the Seventh day of the Galactic Underworld was also expected to generate renewed democracy movements and protests against dictators. What would then be more natural in the current Underworld than if these would start in Tunisia, which is located on the earlier mentioned longitude 12 East line separating East and West, which was the line where national dominance was initially established? (As it turns out my collaborator Barbara Hand Clow was exactly right when she said half a year ago that she expected this line to collapse as the Seventh day of the Galactic Underworld began.) A chain is broken at its weakest link and so it is natural that this also happened in the Maghreb region, which is among those where the national consciousness has been the weakest in the world.
As we know this democracy movement has now spread, notably to Egypt, where regardless of what form it will take the era of rule of Hosni Mubarak has come to an end. Several other Arab nations, such as Lebanon, Algeria, Jordan and Yemen, have also been affected by similar democracy movements. While the Western media have reacted to these events much with a “business as usual in the Middle East”-attitude, speculating about its effects on the geopolitics of the region and the strategic US-Israeli relationship, I think that we, with a background in the Mayan calendar, must instead recognize that we are witnessing something more profound. I think that the desire of the Arabic peoples to set an end to dominance (implying more democratic forms of rule) is authentic and deeply felt and even if there is a possibility of some theocratic regime taking power I believe this could only be temporary and not lasting. If nothing else it would soon become clear that such a regime would not be able to handle the economic problems that these nations, as well as the rest of the world, will be facing. As we know from the elections two years ago the Iranian theocracy is not particularly popular even at home. In the Galactic Underworld the global field no longer favors dominance and as we enter the high frequency of the Ninth wave this will become even more clear.

To provide further context it may here be appropriate to provide a quote from the Quran (Surah 82:17-19) And what will make you realize what the day of judgement is? Again, what will make you realize what the day of judgment Is? The day on which no soul shall control anything for (another) soul; and the command on that day shall be entirely Allah's. We should here be aware that the Quranic prophecies and their possible interpretations play a very significant role in the everyday life of the entire Muslim world, which is now in turmoil. What the quote above is telling us is that true Islam is not dominance. True lslam is not a theocracy like Iran, True Islam is not suicide bombers or terrorists like Al-Quaida. True Islam is not suppression of women. (Hence, I support Europeans, who resist that such practices are imported to their countries). True Islam is, as the word Islam means, “unconditional surrender to the will of God” whatever form this surrender takes. At least in my view this form may be very different from how official representatives of this religion has actually been practicing it, but as with Christianity and Judaism there is a whole range of interpretations of Islam ranging from Sufi to Scriptural. At the end of time, at Judgment day, this total surrender however seems to imply the end to dominance of one soul over another and I believe it is to this point we are coming now, which is expressed in the “democracy” movement we see in the Muslim world. The logic is that if you are to surrender to the will of Allah you cannot let any other human being (autocrat, theocrat or dictator) control you since this would conflict with eternal law.

Sufi Philippe de Vos points out that Islamic prophecy even implies the end to religion: “I find your explanation of the two different dates and time frames of 269 and 234 days very interesting. When we add the 234 days after the March 9, 2011 date we arrive at October 29. This year the latter date is the beginning of the Muslim pilgrimage the hajj, based on the lunar Muslim calendar and it is well known by Sufi masters that Imam Mahdi (= Kalki in Islamic culture) will arrive during the pilgrimage when the Arafat day (the 9th day of the pilgrimage) is a Friday. This is called the biggest pilgrimage - hajj al akbar - and it happens this year 2011, as Arafat day is then a Friday. This convergence is very interesting and in fact in the Islamic world this has already been announced without knowledge of the Mayan calendar. The particular role of Imam Mahdi is to bring Islam to its original state: The sanatana dharma or "din al qayyim", which is a Quranic word meaning "eternal law". The Sufi masters say, no more religions, no more Sufism and no more divisions. All will be "rabbaniyin" (Lord) as says sheik Nazim Cyprus mufti and leader of naqchabandi Sufi way."

To this remarkable quote Hopi brother Hohongwitutiwa has made the following comment:

I'tupkom nihqe i'siwata, my brothers and sisters, I am adopted Hopi. My father was a priest of the higher religious order. I continue to share knowledge we were instructed to pass on to all of our brothers and sisters at this time. This information in many ways agrees with what Phillipe de Vos shared. Namely, that following the end of this Purification cycle, our Earth Mother will ascend to the highest position of our sun system as the new Morning Star, where there will no longer be any divisions, where all will live together in peace and harmony with our Creator, as One.

To reach this exalted life we are called to live much as Phillipe describes as "din al qayyim" (eternal law), which for us is called the Mongko, or Law of Life. To live in this way is to fully appreciate our Mother Earth as a great living being, from whom our lives are given to us, along with everything else we have. The Earth is our Land and our Life, and we live in gratitude to Her as our Creator, the nearest expression of the life and power of the Great Spirit that fills all of creation. We understand that the heart or core of the Earth is representative of that great life and power, which is why most religions still have their priests prostrate themselves face down to the Earth when they are ordained, and perhaps the reason why we bow our heads to the Earth when we pray, although these meanings are largely lost to our modern age.
Part of our Mongko relates to the operation of nature that has been progressing us for many ages within our sun system. This knowledge has been preserved by the Hopi, and perhaps remembered in the Mayan calendar cycles, which agree with our own that we are in the midst of a great change. That change for us, as described above, occurs in nature, and involves our Earth Mother's laboring to birth Her core-egg, the true reason for the changes we are seeing that pahana people call Global Warming. When the eggs of each world of our system are born-ejected, each will move-up to an orbit closer to the sun, where new species will be evolved (due to the excitation in our system during this time) adapted to live under the new conditions. For us, this will be the final step up our evolutionary ladder to what we call the Fifth World, and others call ascension, paradise, heaven, and other names. According to our understanding, only those who hold fast to the Earth through all the lures and temptations to come, living with love and selfless service to one another and the Earth (being the best people we can be) will inherit the wonderful Earth our Mother will soon become, when She becomes the brightest jewel in the sky.

A Hopi can thus easily understand a Sufi and even if the language is somewhat different it is obvious that they have a common message including a purification and an ultimate state of oneness. I believe that the understanding of the Mayan calendar and its ninth wave provides the necessary framework of time for us to understand that these different traditions are talking about the same thing and the same process. Without the Mayan calendar and the timing of its Ninth wave we would not necessarily understand that the "din al qayyim" (eternal law) of the Muslims is the same as the Mongko of the Hopi. Without the Mayan calendar, the truths of different traditions, as diverse as the Sufi and the Hopi, could not necessarily be connected and unified. Most importantly, we would not be able to see the role we could play ourselves for the birth of a new world and the window of opportunity that we have to manifest this.

Thus, I look at the present “turmoil” in the Arab world not as “business as usual”, but as a beginning of a process of total surrendering to the All (Allah if you will) and the end of dominance of one soul over another that will be established through the Ninth wave ending October 28, 2011 (Although the time for this to settle is unknown). Hence, I do not think there will be an end to the current “democracy” movement in the Arab world or elsewhere for some time to come even though there may be setback reactions and ups and downs. (I place “democracy” within quotes because the movement at the current time is not really about some formalized form of governance with certain institutions, which in practice may or may not be democratic. It is about the much more fundamental path towards the end of dominance).

An immediate consequence, especially if the unrest spreads to Mashrek (Arab world east of Suez), is a dramatic rise in oil prices with two consequences. Firstly, a worsening of the economic situation in some already debt-ridden countries in the European Union resulting in significant lay-offs. Protest movements directed more specifically against economic dominance is then likely to continue there and elsewhere, as it becomes evident that the economic problems cannot be solved within the dominating structures.

Secondly, as a long-term effect there will be intensified efforts to shift over to other sources of energy than oil. I thus believe that very likely, especially for economic reasons, the birth of the new world that Phillippe de Vos and Hohongwitutiwa talk about will come to be very painful for many, and especially to those that deny the existence of a cosmic time plan. The high frequency of the Ninth wave will make it very difficulty for people to find something to hold on to as this seems to be designed for us to let go. Nonetheless, it seems that what is now in motion is a process leading towards a birth of a new world in love and oneness where no soul will control another soul. To go there I believe we need to become fully responsible for the world that we are creating and create this world out of a total surrender to the All.
Carl Johan Calleman

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