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Report 224
October 9, 2012
Large Report, large images, slow loading!
Joseph P. Skipper

Some may not like this report and may even trot out some "experts" trying to convince you of its insignificance and how wrong I am but I'll tell you right up front that I believe this report along with my discoveries of surface water in a liquid state and bio-life on Mars in my 2012 combo Report #221 as well as hidden immense artificial Moon objects in my 2004 Report #067and Report #068 to be among the most fundamental and important that I've ever personally made and reported on. Further, this report may be one of the biggest discoveries from an insight point of view to come along so far in human history here on Earth. That's just how important I believe this evidence to be in relation to its potential.

Although some, if they have anything to say at all, may try to shift the impact of this discovery over into the ridiculous and conspiracy theory trying to manipulatively mitigate its impact, the evidence presented here tells us that the past existence of at least one technologically very advanced civilization well beyond our current level here on Earth is fact. Likewise not growing up on this world all alone as previously thought has all kinds of implications for Earth humanity and our beginnings.

So just what kind of evidence are we talking about? In a nutshell someone very advanced has apparently since ancient times been routinely surface mining this planet's ocean floors on an immense scale but in the deepest places that we would normally regard as inaccessible ignoring the many difficulties of working at such depths as though they were no problem at all.

There may also be those that will disagree with my identifying this evidence as surface mining and point in another direction? Maybe but at this point I'm satisfied that the evidence points directly at surface mining of metals and/or chemical compounds on the sea floor and be forewarned that believing otherwise is going to take some real convincing with me.

I discovered the basics of this some years ago but back then did not feel that the visual evidence alone was sufficiently convincing for me to endure the major onslaught of derision and misdirection that I knew to expect in trying to keep the mainstream public, science, and academic communities ignorant on this. I knew it would be enough of a job just trying to endure the inherent incredulous reactions that even some normally independent thinkers might have.

Why? Well this type of evidence is strong and it's right here on Earth. That's the problem, ITS RIGHT HERE ON EARTH. Such a reality means that it will hit close to home in the mainstream Earth human psyche and therefore may as an uncertainty fear reaction tend to slice through the psychological insulation that usually comes with the mainstream being able to fall back on regarding something ultimately as something distant on another world and/or open to interpretation in order to feel that sense of being "safe" about it.

For example, I usually know when my reporting is getting a little too close to home and too real with some folks when it is met with very much wide spread silence. Some of my Antarctica and Moon reporting was like that and so I backed off it a little trying not to "beat a dead horse" as the saying goes. Acceptance of truth will generally not come if it is pushed too much and perceived as carrying within it too much of the unknown. Then it appears to be perceived as threatening.

What you're going to see here is the visually distinct track evidence of immense often up to 5-mile wide machines that I believe are combination surface mining dredges and processing plants operating in Earth deepest ocean depths typical of 3,000+ meters or 9,842+ feet to over 6,000+ meters or 19,685+ feet depths. The tracks traverse over huge cracks, up and down cliffs and mountains without course deviations (in straight lines) for hundreds or even thousands of miles as though none of these were obstacles worthy of concern at all. Now that's advanced technology and, if nothing else, that alone must be taken very seriously.

The most telling type of evidence that convinced me to report on this now is on the occasion when these gigantic rigs do make purposeful physical changes in direction of travel including 90º turns, U-turns, pivot turns, angle turns, jockeying back and forth over older tracks, etc. That evidence demonstrates that these rigs are in fact physical constructs deep down on the sea floor and under intelligent control by "someone" rather than imaging or processing false artifacts.

The most telling and convincing of this evidence is near the island of Saipan in the Pacific on elevated ridges tops that are still very deep down but also even deeper down as much as 21,000+ feet in the bottom of the super deep Mariana Trench system itself. Present are multiple examples of these immense mobile mines making multiple course corrections including tracks superimposed upon earlier tracks providing the needed proof of intelligent purposeful control and that they are real and not imaging or processing artifacts.

Maybe I've just gotten used to it but to me the evidence isn't so startling in of itself. After all it's just tracks but rather it's the implications and scale that may be a bit disturbing to some. It suggests factually that someone technologically advanced far beyond current Earth human standards has been present here on Earth in at least ancient times with the opportunity to (if they chose) influence human development as many of Earth's civilization legends and "myths" tell us. The list of implications just goes on and on but this report is not the place for all that. This report's purpose is just to basically introduce you to this reality.

Now take a look at the images below to establish the location of the main Saipan and Mariana Trench system evidence site concentrated on here. You should know that the whole site primarily being examined here is some 624 km or 388 miles long. It's just too big to show anything more than partial sample images of it in this brief type of reporting style but I'll try to cover what I believe to be the better key features offering the most insight that I think you should at least initially be aware of.
The above 1st image should help generally locate the main Saipan site on the world globe and the 2nd image zooming in a bit on it should help more specifically locate this site on the undersea Lapulapu Ridge in the Mariana Trench area and demonstrate what bottom formation shapes to look for. As you can see even at this still wide-angle distance, the strange formations are very organized, appear to be too geometric to be natural, and the distance length this discovery site encompasses at 388 miles length gives you an idea of the tremendous scale involved.

Once you know what to look for via this reporting, you should know that this site shows evidence of having been previously mined. Very close inspection suggests that the older and newer evidence is often mixed up together tending to generate some visual confusion as to which is which. However, we're not going to get into an analysis of that here. In this reporting we'll try to stick to the more obvious evidence.

Even so and as you might anticipate, most of this mining likely occurred in ancient times and there are many questions of course that satellite imaging cannot be expected to answer. For example, how ancient and does any of this evidence predate human presence on this planet?
The above 3rd and 4th images are of the south western end of this 388 mile long evidence site. It is located just off the island of Saipan and most of it is on the top of an undersea elevated ridge that is part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) which following World War II has been an unincorporated territory of the United States. Note that the water depth even on this ridge top where most of this evidence is located is still plenty deep averaging about 3500–4500 meters or 11,483–14,464 feet.

DARKNESS: Remember that most of the visible light spectrum is absorbed within 10 meters or 33 feet of the water's surface and almost no sunlight penetrates below 150 meters or 490 feet of water depth, even when the water is very clear. So beyond 500 feet depth it is as dark as the inside of a cave and natural visual sight for we Earth humans ceases to be of benefit. We must then rely on electronic devices and their representations for navigation purposes. Yet these mines appear to navigate great distances in the deep's black dark in straight lines on the sea floor without any problems. This suggests physiology different than humans and/or prior scout precise pre-navigation course mapping. That alone is a considerable technological achievement.

PRESSURE: At sea level, the air presses down on our bodies at 14.7 pounds per square inch (1 bar). We don't feel it because the fluids in our bodies is pushing outward with the same force. However, dive down into the ocean even a few feet beyond that and a noticeable change occurs. For example, one can feel an increase of pressure on one's eardrums. This is due to an increase in hydrostatic pressure, the force per unit area exerted by a liquid on an object. The deeper you go under the sea, the greater the pressure of the water pushing down on you. For every 10 meters or 33 feet one goes down, the pressure increases by 14.7 psi (1 bar). In the deepest ocean, the tremendous pressure is equivalent to the weight of an elephant balanced on a postage stamp or the equivalent of one person trying to support 50 jumbo jets! Imagine the pressure at 21,000 feet and yet these massive mines appear to operate well at that depth and pay no attention to it.

As you can see the tracks off of Saipan are huge. Each path's scale probably represents 5 miles across. The island of Saipan is known to be about 5.6–5.8 miles wide and compared to that the surface mine path is likely 5 miles across and this does parallel Google Earth stats. It appears as though this particular mobile mine in this location sucks up sediment and debris, grinds it up, and deposits most of the tailings back down in place in the track appearing as many very uniform horizontal bar lengths like closely spaced crossties in a railroad bed but keep in mind the 5-mile width and scale involved.
The above 5th image demonstrates an interesting side point. Close inspection reveals that there is visual evidence here suggesting that a mine may have crossed in a straight line over the mid area of the island of Saipan likely in ancient times and likely its great weight crushed that crossing area down forming a shallow tidal gap between the west and east island portions. The east portion is the island of "Saipan" and the west portion is "Tipian."

What isn't as readily apparent in this less detailed more distant image is that the mining activity has also been active on the left or west side of the ridge Saipan is on as well. Now a massive mine would not likely have shown itself out of the water in the crossing during a time when the island was inhabited by humans who would have certainly passed such a strange and unusual "monster" event down into their legends even if scientists in later times would have blown such a witnessing off as impossible and just primitive fanciful imagination.

In other words, even though this mining site is very pronounced mine track evidence wise, unless there is an island record of this event, it is still something that likely happened in ancient or even prehistoric times either before human presence on the island or perhaps before human presence of any kind on Earth and therefore before human recorded history. Human presence on Saipan is thought to have started around 2000 BC.

In the above 6th image note that the mine has also traversed over the length of a very large crack system running along its track direction of travel apparently paying little attention to it as an obstacle but vacuuming out any sediment in the crack's interior. This is an example of what really large scale 5-mile wide size can do when it comes to what you and I might might regard as obstacles.

Note also in the very upper portion of this #6 image as well as the #2 image how this monster mine path at this point changed direction to the left at a shallow angle without a doubt to stay generally centered on the top of the ridge. The point is that, although these rigs normally travel in very ridged straight lines, they are maneuverable despite their great size and under intelligent navigation control by "someone" anticipating despite the blackness of the 12,700+ feet depth that to continue in a straight line on this ridge would not work out well and that preemptive steering correction is required.
The above 7th image is from the mid area of this 388 mile long evidence site. At this location a mine has made a number of 90º turns with the tracks forming a box shape and which overlaps and blurred previous tracks that have done the same thing in this same spot. The purpose is likely to make adjustments in its direction of travel but perhaps to also temporarily get out of the way and avoid the passage of another surface mine working the same site. It at the very least demonstrates that this visual evidence is something real and physical on the sea floor and not false imaging or processing artifacts.

I am sorry that I can show you only representative samples of some of this evidence but that's all this type of reporting on the Internet can practically handle. Some would no doubt try to convince me to make needed money on this discovery by hoarding it for a future book as many would likely do. However, as I write this I'm nearly 70 and might be gone sooner than later and the public needs to know about this evidence NOW without being agenda driven and from the source who first discovered it and who probably has put the most thought into it up to this point.

There are also other points to be made. All of the mine turn evidence and tracking back on top of previously made tracks activity collectively makes it increasingly harder and harder to convince others that I am a poor misguided incompetent fool confused about what constitutes imaging or processing artifacts or long straight fissures or fractures or volcanic folds on the sea floor.

Further, this evidence is in Google Earth, a private company. Although it is suppose to be drawn from satellite imaging that is suppose to be in the official record, it really isn't an official record itself and what is in a private program like this can be altered and/or degraded to fit secrecy perceived needs. Remember, the Moon Clementine mission data was a direct official record and yet it was eventually years later thoroughly sanitized as per my Report 180 by the Navy and basically eliminated all of the significant anomaly evidence in it.

The US Navy claimed early on that the data set was in need of correction of its faults and thereby needed "improvement." You believe that don't you? Further, the subsequent improvements happened years later over no objections by NASA or a public trained to be apathetic about such matters. Remember, the Navy's secrecy driven definition of what constitutes a "fault" in the data is without a doubt considerably different than what you and I in the public would regard as a fault.

That this can also happen in Google Earth should come as no surprise. In fact, take my 2010 Report #189 on undersea ruins west in the Atlantic off of Gibraltar where I speculated about an Atlantis connection. Since my initial report a subsequent revision of Google Earth didn't completely eliminate the evidence but it did substantially degrade it visually. Anticipate that once my reporting here has revealed this mine track evidence and what to look for, a "revision" may likely be forthcoming in Google Earth.
The above 8th, 9th and 10th images are samples taken from the upper or northern portion of this 388 mile long evidence site. The evidence in the upper mid and left of Image #8demonstrates various reorientations of a mine's direction of travel. Note especially the considerable overlapping tracks in a relatively short space as a mine jockied back and forth on a terrain elevation slope.

In the above 9th image, a mine makes a decision to go down the 10,000 foot ridge slope and out to sample test mine the Mariana Trench floor system as deep as 21,260 feet further beyond or it is parking out of the way waiting on another mine to pass and do so. Apparently the foray testing the Mariana Trench floor likely did not produce what it was looking for there because it turned around and came back and up the cliff wall without further ado leaving only its tracks as a silent record of its passage.

The above 10th image provides a closer view of the mine's turn around on the Mariana Trench floor. Note that there is a dividing line down the center middle of the mine pristine tracks typical of its design. This indicates that half of the mine's bottom business end width is likely independent of the other half and this is further confirmed by the 90º turn evidence as the inside side gives way to the outside turn side in the track evidence. It appears that the mine when fully in operation as a mine sucking and grinding acts as a giant nozzle on the sea floor like a monster vacuum cleaner sucking onto the ground and it can release suction to traverse across sensitive areas if it chooses creating a smaller less obvious mine track.

The mine may be a gigantic single object but, if it is manned by organic beings and not entirely robotic, I would not be surprised to learn that it is an at least a two piece affair. The bottom would be doing the mining and processing while the upper unit, if not serving entirely as a fully implemented remote control, is connected to the lower unit by a flexible assembly and provides navigation, control, storage, and perhaps even living quarters. Any speculation along those lines would of course be dependent on just how technologically advanced these people really are and what conventions they may employ at home where they came from in problem solving,

In my research, it appears these surface mines traverse the sea floor most of the time in very straight lines that can extend for hundreds and even thousands of miles without making many or any steering corrections for what you and I might regard as obstacles. They tend to just traverse right over most obstacles rather than avoid them. Of course some or most of this may be a function of thorough scouting from different vehicles and precise navigation map programming to mitigate such problems before a trip is even started.

You should know that there are also likely mines with differences as revealed by their tracks. The most prevalent evidence are mines that may just suck up the bottom finer material exposing the underlying rock strata and blow a lot of the processed material off to the side where it settles in smooth banks but also leaving very rough and very irregular coarse material in the tracks. This evidence may represent older technology and its design blowing material tends to visually foul any previous adjacent tracks making it easy to mistake them for older imprints.

Then there are mines that not only suck but also grind off rock upper surfaces depositing the finer processed material more neatly back into the tracks just made with a lot less blown off to the side. These are characterized by their deposits being fairly uniform but also still just a bit coarse and irregular.

The visuals of this are compromised by sediment settling back into the tracks obscuring them over time. If this observation is accurate, this tends to suggest that a lot of this type of mining has occurred really far back in time and over a great deal of accumulated time. Further, when the track evidence tends to become more obscured presenting a smoother surface, the wave or vegetation mimicking image tampering seems to then be able to dominate more in its applications further obscuring the evidence. Only when the tracks are very organized and regular do they tend to dominate over the tampering applications.

Then there are the mines like that at the Saipan evidence site. They also suck and grind but the deposited material that goes back into their tracks is very uniform with hardly any blown sediment building up out to the sides of their path. Of course I can't know for sure but suspect that these are newer and more recent mine designs. If true, this again suggests the passage of time resulting in improved equipment designs and mining procedures.

The next three sample images below demonstrate some of the differences in the surface mine tracks. In this case, they are likely exploratory mines traveling in long straight lines demonstrating the reality that other sites do exist. If I ever get a chance to do a book on this evidence, I'll try to include more such images as well as of large areas that were apparently concentrations surface mined clean but for now consider this report in general as just a basic introduction to the existence of this type of evidence.
The above 11th, 12th, and 13th images represent different evidence sites not associated with those at Saipan. They are just a few of the more unique samples of what my older research discovered demonstrating the difference in tracks and thereby the mines.

The 11th image shows a straight line of mine tracks of the suck and grind variety that deposits fairly uniform processed material formations back in the tracks. Note that the deposits are still just a bit irregular and that settling sediment has partially covered the center areas of the tracks. This evidence is in 16,000+ feet of water and located 1,683 km or 1,046 miles south of Hawaii in the Pacific.

The 12th image demonstrates two different track systems meeting. The lower one is similar to the Saipan very uniform suck and grind evidence while the upper one is more like the more prevalent suck and blow evidence throwing processed material in banks off to the side leaving exposed very rough coarse material in the tracks. This evidence is in 9,000+ feet of water and located 887 km or 551 miles southwest of Guam in the Pacific.

The 13th image demonstrates mine track evidence of the suck and neatly deposit in the tracks kind but much neater in its formations. It may actually be two different mines with one going over the track of the other. Further, although it strains credulity, it could be possible that both mines are actually present in this image even though one can't be sure of this. This evidence is in 18,000+ feet of water and about 757 km or 470 miles directly east of Bermuda in the open Atlantic.

Where the mining activity has detected larger concentrations of what ever it is they are looking for, broader areas of the sea floor there have been vacuumed clean leaving only the underlying irregular processed deposits and/or rock strata visible in the imaging. All of the evidence clearly points to surface mining only and what can be relatively easily vacuumed up through this type of automation and on a large scale. Further, the visual track evidence suggests that this kind of activity may have been going on for a long time stretching back into antiquity as the sites are gradually covered over by drifting sediments over time.

One cannot contemplate this kind of mining evidence without also considering what Zecharia Sitchin interpreted in the ancient Sumarian cuneiform stone tablet writings about the planet Nibiru and its Anunnaki population. Remember that Sitchin's Anunnaki here in this Solar System were all suppose to be primarily focused on recovering gold essential to supporting Nibiru's atmosphere while it is in deep space. In fact, after a rebellion by part of the Anunnaki against their leaders over what they perceived to be their own poor gold mining working conditions, the modern human race is supposed to have been genetically engineered into existence by Anunnaki leaders to take the Anunnaki's place and work as slaves in the land based gold mines.

Even if any of this Sumarian writing has any basis in fact, that record likely represents only what Anunnaki leaders on the war's winning side were comfortable with human assistants knowing which may not all be truth and then humans may have gotten it garbled as well. Still, could that be what these mobile surface mines have been doing on Earth's ocean floors, mining gold for different Anunnaki Earth factions perhaps even without human knowledge of it? Could it be that on land gold mines may have been only a tiny part of the whole truth?

Likewise could the development of these undersea traveling mines that suck and grind and deposit the processed tailings neatly back in the mine tracks in a very organized fashion be a more recent development in an attempt to keep humanity unaware of this activity that blowing plumes of sediment might chance revealing? Could some of the Anunnaki or some other not be passively waiting Nibiru's return but still be here settled in and genetically engineering their own merging into Earth humanity? Could they be genetically hidden among us in plain sight like diamonds hidden among glass beads in a fish tank?

Just who owned, designed, and operated these great undersea mining machines? The Anunnaki or someone else? Obviously it is someone very technologically advanced to deal with the considerable problems that present themselves at 19,000–21,000 feet undersea depths. However, we need to remember that such a capability does not necessarily equate to ethical superiority or reasoning ability either.

Think about it. What if who ever designed and built these great machines did leave Earth but also left some of the mines behind intact on the sea floor. Obviously who ever finds one and is able to access it is potentially in for a huge jump forward in technological advantage. Right now China, Twain, and Japan are in heated exchanges over undersea territories extending out from tiny spits of land (islands) that could in theory give them exclusive access to great undersea areas such as covered in my Report 223. Does the real reason beneath the surface have to do with this as I poorly tried to convey in that report in advance of the information I'm revealing here?

If so, in our possibly manipulated bias to believe that we are alone here on Earth, could crop circles be very sophisticated communications directed at someone else here on Earth and not at we humans at all? A form of silent pictogram encryption sent across deep space and possibly time itself? Could it be that a large part of the UFO activity all around this planet is the byproduct of a fascination by others with this state of unique Earth human duality and denial and how it is enabled and maintained here? Are we nothing more than ongoing experiments caught in the distraction of a psychological maze of someone else's making to be bent to someone else's will? If so, it would certainly explain a lot.

For example, might this explain why the mainstream is collectively unable to take contrary but yet verifiable evidence seriously enough to demand independent investigation of it while at the same time accepting the false manipulated information we're so often fed just because recognized leaders endorsed it? Are we being misdirected and have we always been so at the genetic coded level to concentrate on the mundane (example: social media) and accept secrecy and formless outside control as normal with a built in hair trigger in favor of extreme emotion, violence and war as a disabling distraction should we begin to understand our subtle chains a little too much?

Are we just now beginning to notice at long last the residual marks of the presence of others to whom we may owe a great deal including perhaps the good of our very existence but also the bad of long exploitation? What do you think?

In theory this type of undersea evidence could be a great boon in eventually throwing off mind control shackles, if they exist, simply because the clues are something physical on the bottom of our oceans and thereby verifiable as fact. However, who does one get to do the verification that one can trust? NASA, NOAA. Navy, DOD, NSA, etc?

The truth is that the DOD, Navy, intelligence services, etc. have their hands in all of the advancing technology necessary to explore Earth's oceans deeps as well as space. If you will remember, prior to the time of satellites going to the planets, independent telescopes on Earth saw green seasonally advancing and retreating at the poles on Mars and that was speculated to be water and vegetation. However, once satellites came into the picture and with them NASA and JPL's more complete control of the information flow, Mars became perceived as a deadly cold bone dry desolate world devoid of surface water and life of any kind. So the simple seasonal observation issue just quietly faded away.

After all, what scientist or group is going to argue with or worse expose the great employers and social benefactors NASA and JPL or their cooperative entities or the government agencies that support them? Too big and untouchable to fail or suffer a major blow to credibility you say? The public needs to have heroes and confidence in them you say? Does that go as far as accepting partial truths or falsehoods wholesale without question? Do you really think that we can trust the same people and their associated industries to explore these undersea evidence sites reported on here to deliver us the truth and especially the full truth?

For example, take my 2012 Commentary #054 titled "The Bloop." It dabbles with some strands of evidence that there may be an undersea race that has survived to the present on this world 70% of which is covered by water and 90+% of that is essentially unexplored so much so that an old saying has been developed suggesting that we know more about the Moon than we do about our own oceans. If we ever came to the conclusion that an unknown highly advanced race in ancient times may have had a hand in our own development to mine gold on land for them, why then would we be surprised to learn that this type of thing may have also extended to another race developed to operate efficiently undersea on this primarily water world?

Further, why would it come as a surprise for us to learn that a military like our Navy would do what ever was expedient to cover up a reality that Navy use of new under water technology was harming not only sea creatures like whales, etc. but also a race (aquatic humans?) that may share this planet with us? My point being that finding someone both fair and objective without agendas to investigate the mining activity reported on here is much more complicated than one might originally think if real truth is the intended goal and not a white wash.

Remember, least you forget, I do not make this evidence. I just report on its presence along with my opinion as to its nature and that is my right as discoverer. It is up to you to determine for yourself whether any thing here has any merit or not. All that I can do is put the evidence in front of you and hope that you will take it seriously and above all think for yourself independently.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

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