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DEc. 15 - Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 5, The Real Lost Symbol‏

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Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 5, The Real Lost Symbol

Ancient Astronaut Theory is just that - a theory. We obviously don't have access to the ancient astronauts themselves, so it's up the various researchers to present their theories based on the evidence as well as the gaping holes in orthodox theories of human civilization and evolution.

In Secret Sun parlance a theory is a query, and I don't view any of the various AAT researchers as authoritative. I'm not always interested in their answers, either- it's the questions that fascinate me. Those questions that keep the denialists and the theologians up in their beds at night, sweating and grinding their teeth.

Opinions vary, but the basic narrative behind Intervention Theory- the term many researchers prefer to AAT - is that a technologically-advanced race traveled to the planet Earth, perhaps in search of precious minerals like gold, platinum, and diamonds. Or maybe just for the adventure of it.

In some accounts, the space-race needed an intelligent race of workers to help extract resources. None was available, so the space-race experimented with primates/protohominids to create a thinking, manually-dexterous race of workers and trained them. They did so by recombining their own DNA with the apes' over a long period of time (millennia actually). Eventually modern humans emerged and were taught the rudiments of civilization by aliens who were eventually worshiped as gods.

Researchers point to civilizations all across the world- North Africa, Mespotamia, Mesoamerica- but most of these alleged visitations seem to have happened in hot climates, often near large bodies of water. From there there are a host of different theories and variations, depending on the author.

For our purposes, here is the basic AAT narrative in three easy steps:
1. A race of alien beings with unimaginable advanced technology comes to the Earth.

2. Through the genetic engineering of primate DNA, they create an intelligent, dexterous race of workers.

3. At some point the aliens either destroy each other in a terrible war, or simply return to their home planet. Either way they are gone- the alien "gods" are dead, but they have left behind their advanced knowledge in their myths and artifacts.
It all gets a lot more complex from there on in, but various researchers have also pored through those ancient texts and claim that not only are those alien gods due to return, they left behind a secret class of priestly servants, who are responsible for preserving the legacy of the 'gods' in lieu of their return. This ties directly into the Shemsu Hor- the Followers of Horus, the last god-king of Egypt- who we've discussed several times on this site as being the spiritual descendants of groups like the Dionysian Artificers and the Freemasons.

The apparent goal of the Shemsu Hor was to guide humanity back to the Zep Tepi- the 'First Time', the time of the Rule of the Gods. For some reason, architecture and stonework- as well as the use of arcane symbolism- was the primary interest of the Shemsu Hor, though their exact secrets have been lost to history- orthodox history, at least.

Now, here are your typical modern Freemasons. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think it's a safe bet these boys aren't the guardians of the great secrets of antiquity, And for those of you who've read The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown doesn't seem to know much about those secrets either.

But what if some trace of the original revelation - the teachings of the Shemsu Hor - remained in Masonic symbol, but had been lost to corruption and misinterpretation even to the most advanced Freemasons? Let's go back to the tracing boards for evidence.

As we've discussed here before, the First Degree tracing board depicts a stairway descending from the star Sirius, upon which are a group of angelic beings coming down to a lectern or altar. In other versions symbols of learning and technology descend down a ladder.

So, what was the first step of the AAT narrative again?
1. A race of alien beings with unimaginable advanced technology comes to the Earth.

As we discovered recently, there is a spiral staircase- now used as a symbol of the DNA double helix- in the Second Degree board.

This lies inside what looks to be a temple or castle, or even the entrance to a royal laboratory - and there are two armed guards at the building's entrance. Outside we see a waterfall. Remember that the protector god Ea/Enki/Oannes/Osiris - was identified with water (we've also see the waterfall in other, similar contexts, haven't we?).

So here we see here a symbolic parallel to the second stage of the AAT thesis:
2. Through the genetic engineering of primate DNA, they create an intelligent, dexterous race of workers.
This is a good time to take another look at the DNA helix alongside a Second Degree tracing board created by Lady Freda Harris, designer of Crowley's Thoth tarot. Unbelievable.

Created well before Crick & Watson's discovery of DNA, in case you were wondering.

The Third Degree depicts a casket, alongside some of the sacred symbols of Masonry. This implies an inheritance; the spiritual leader (Hiram Abiff, in Masonic mythology) is dead, but has left behind the tools, information and laws vital to human evolution.

Waldo, if you will - the third AAT step...?
3. At some point the aliens either destroy each other in a terrible war, or simply return to their home planet. Either way they are gone- the alien gods are 'dead', but they have left behind their advanced knowledge in their myths and artifacts.
Let's review the parallels again:

AAT01 - Landing of alien colonists
First Degree - Descent of winged beings from Sirius

AAT02 - Genetic engineering of primate DNA
Second Degree - The spiral staircase, resembling the double helix

AAT03 - Gods 'die' but leave behind knowledge, artifacts
Third Degree - Coffin, sacred symbols of knowledge, law

You still with me? Let's proceed, then...


Leaving aside Freemasonry (which, after all, has only a symbolic connection to actual masonry), we have a long tradition of sacred stonework throughout history, particularly in Egypt. So the obvious question becomes, why this obsession with stonecutting and megaliths and all of the rest of it? Why has carving gigantic structures in stone been the highest expression of devotion in religious traditions all across the world- Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and on and on?

Let me answer that question with a question. Hypothetically, say you were yourself an intelligent, space-faring being who zoomed around the cosmos, leaving colonies and settlements in your wake. You're aware that the Universe is a violent place, especially on water planets close to their star like the Earth. All trace of your presence could be wiped away in a heartbeart.

But still, you want some trace of your planetary accomplishments left behind. Either that or you want your 'children' to know about their 'parentage', or you may even want to leave messages for them whether about your existence or even your eventual return. How would you do that on a violent planet like the Earth?

You'd write your messages in stone.

Maybe you'd carve gargantuan blocks at precise angles difficult for modern machinery to achieve and move them for distances that no pre-industrial race could possibly dream of doing, no matter what the ridiculous denialist shills might claim. Stones sometimes weighing hundreds of tons apiece, I might add.

Or you'd design massive structures set to precise alignments, whether geographic...

...or cosmic. Cosmic and geographic alignments we are now just discovering the existence of, I should add.

You might even leave behind traces that your progeny might only be able to discover once they'd mastered the art of high-altitude flight. It might take a long time to decipher (and might be buried under centuries of message-corruption) and the shills and the stooges might muddy the waters and make the process more difficult, but maybe your message would eventually get through.

And then what?


DISCLAIMER: I'm fully aware that the Masons themselves don't interpret the tracing boards this way, and some might get quite annoyed at me for doing so. Let the record state that I'm simply making an interpretation based on the images themselves and not taking any other interpretation of them into account.

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