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Dec. 20 - The Mayan Calendar and the Four Ages or Periods of the Sun

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Tzolkin Mayan CalendarThe Mayans knew about this, in my own interpretation this new idea that I explain in detail in my new book ‘The Mayan Calendar: The Holistic Book of Knowledge.’ They knew how the four ages or periods of the sun work in relation with the precession of our inner alignment, precession of the equinox and the precession of climate.

Figure 1-1: From the Book by Jose Jaramillo ‘The Mayan Calendar.’ Look carefully in this picture is showing the four Ages or Periods of the Sun along with the four important aspects of creation, red initiation, white refinement, black transformation and yellow completion.
In each age or period of the Sun are 5 worlds within it, for example in the First age of the ‘Red Age of the Sun and Initiation’ the day signs involve as the five worlds are known as the worlds of ‘ 4 Serpent, 4 Death, 4 Deer, 4 Rabbit, 4 Offering.’ As you can see out of these five-day signs the predominant color is red ‘Serpent and Offering.’ In the second age of the ‘White Age of the Sun and Refinement’ the day signs involve as the five worlds are known as the worlds of ‘4 Dog, 4 Monkey, 4 Road, 4 Reed and 4 Jaguar.’ As you can see out of these five-day signs the predominant color is white ‘Dog and Jaguar.’

Then in the third age of the ‘Black Age of the Sun and Transformation’ the day signs involve as the five worlds are known as the worlds of ‘4 Eagle, 4 Owl, 4 Earth, 4 Flint and 4 Storm.’ As you can see out of these five-day signs the predominant color is black ‘Eagle and Storm.’ And finally the four age of the ‘Yellow Age of the Sun and Completion’ the day signs involve as the five worlds are known as the worlds of ‘4 Sun, 4 Crocodile, 4 Wind, 4 Night and 4 Seed.’ As you can see out of these five-day signs the predominant color is yellow ‘Sun and Seed.’

According to my own research and interpretation each of the five worlds within each age are made of 1,170 years for a total of 5,850 years for one complete World-Age Cycle. The way in which it was put in place was by the knowledge of QUETZALCOATL and the Aztec prophecy of the 13 Heavens and 9 Hells. Each Heaven made of 52 years for a total of 676 years and each of the Hells made of 52 years for a total of 468 years. This was commemorated by the ‘Harmonic Convergence

This time each of the heavens and hells were made of only 360 TUN days, it is important to mention that among the Aztecs, Toltecs and the Mayans this time cycle was considered as the ‘Prophetic Cycle’ that would take us to the end of the Great Mayan Cycle. So in the precise moment in time on August 16th 1987 was the beginning of the first heaven cycle until we reach the end of these 13 heavens on June 8th 2000. As everyone can see this time frame was the most peaceful years ever recorded in the last 100 years of human history. Then the new 9 hells cycles begins and the end of these 9 hells cycles was April 21st 2009, exactly on the anniversary 490 when HERNAN CORTEZ landed in VERACRUZ on April 21st 1521 AD. This time frame cycle made of 22 years cycle, which ended in the precise moment in time. After this time we all entered into the ’40 days and 40 nights of preparation’ from April 21st 2009 to July 10th 2009. After that we all entered into the last 1,260 days of redemption, forgiveness and universal love until we all reach the exact moment in time of December 21st 2012. In my own interpretation this time frame of redemption, forgiveness and universal love is an important cycle known in the bible as the exile:

‘The Women herself fled into the desert, where a special place had been prepared for her by God; there she was taken care of for 1,260 days.’

Book of Revelation 12:6

Our Mother Earth is the mother that the book of revelation mention on the above quote and we all are within her womb, so we all need to exile ourselves because this is the time frame that God has been prepared for those who can hear the voice of his prophecy, so this time of 1,260 days known as the time of preparation, forgiveness and universal love before we go into the new world age of peace. After this time frame we all need to walk this earth for another 60 days to complete from July 11th 2009 to February 21st 2013 the last 1,320 days where we are going to celebrate the beginning of the new cycle, it is the beginning of the new Age or Period of the Sun. This time is not the end not either the beginning is the time cycle of completion that would last another 5,850 years.

So if we add together the first 1,144 year plus the last 22 years and the last 4 years all together add to 1,170 years that is why I assume that one complete age or period is made of 5,850 years (1,170x5), which is just 10 year longer than 4 Sothic Cycles of Sirius of 1,460 years (5,840 years). In order to go around once all the twenty Mayan day signs or Zodiac we need move through a 23,400 years cycle. This time cycle is what I call the right precession of personal alignment, climate and equinox cycle.

Since the year 2000 we had been in Red Galactic Week for the beginning of the Mayan New Years. For example currently we are in the year of ’10 Wind kin 62’ that started last February 22nd 2009, and this day signs is in the red galactic week of the ‘Reed.’ This coming February 22nd 2010 would be the year of ’11 Deer Kin 167’ and this day sign is in the red galactic week of the ‘Earth.’ Then on February 22nd 2011 would be the year of ’12 Road Kin 12’ in the red galactic week of the Crocodile, and finally on February 22nd 2012 would be the year of ’13 Earth Kin 117’ and this day sign is in the red galactic week of the ‘Serpent.’

The Traditional Mayan calendar moves one day every four years for the beginning of their Mayan New Year, and because the year 2012 would be leap year then in 2013 the first day of the year moves back one day, so February 21st 2013 would be the first day of the year, in the day ‘1 Wind kin 222’ and this is the beginning for another thirteen years of ‘white’ galactic weeks of refinement. Currently we are at the end of the ‘World of the Storm’ this time cycle started on 843 AD and will end on 2013. This time cycle is known as the cycle of ‘Transformation,’ we all are here in this moment in time to transform ourselves into higher beings, so we all can reach the state of enlightenment. Then we would move into the first world of the Yellow Age of Completion known as ‘4 Sun,’ the time cycle of completion.

Some Cosmic interpretations of the prophecy 11:11

First I want to mention to all of my readers that the Aztec calendar stone had two serpents one represent TEZCATLIPOCA and the other QUETZALCOATL both their bodies had 11 segment together add 22. From here we take the importance of this number of 11:11. In the old continent of MU ‘RAMU’ the last king of the motherland continent was the Eleventh in the succession of the throne. Then Lord PAKAL was the Eleventh in succession of the throne. The CUAUHTEMOC was the Eleventh in succession of TENOCHTITLAN before the final conquest of the Spaniards.
In modern times after the discovery of the tomb of Lord PAKAL by ALBERTO RUZ on June 15th 1952 day of ’13 Owl,’ would be 11 modern presidents of Mexico.

Well probably some of you would remember the Solar Eclipse of August 11th 1999, this day in the Mayan calendar was the day of ‘11 Storm’ not only a solar eclipse was going on but was a perfect alignment made in the form of a cross in the heavens where the earth was exactly in the middle of it. Well, this was the event that we all were waiting to happen, because was the time when the cosmic portal was open for the last 14 years before the portal would be closed. The exact moment when this portal would be closed is February 18th 2013, nineteen cycle of 260 days after the solar eclipse of August 11th 1999, so after this time cycle we would reach the exact moment in time on February 18th 2013, this day would be in the Mayan calendar the day of ’11 Storm,’ so this portal is known as the portal of CAUAC and the reason why, it is because this day sign help us to count our lessons as blessings and also function to catalyze our efforts in order to really change all those things that we want to change before the end of the cycle.

Another interesting cosmic event that happen every February 18th is that our Earth and Sun align with the Star X-3 of Cygnus

Cygnus constellation represents in the Mayan Epic of their creation legends the World Tree or the Tree of Life. It is the same world tree that we can see in the Lid of Lord PAKAL. So it is clear that we all entered into this cosmic portal when it was a cosmic alignment in the form of a cross with the eclipse of August 11th 1999 and would end with another alignment with the mythical cross of the heavens with Cygnus on February 18th 2013. The first 7 years from 1999 to 2006 was the time of bounty and the last 7 years from 2006 to 2013 are known as the seven years of famine. If you don’t believe on this please ask yourself and be honest if this is not about right.

My last point in this article if the cosmic importance of the Venus transit of June 6th 2012, this day in the Mayan calendar would be the day of ‘1 Wind kin 222,’ so we all know that the human gestational cycle is about 9 months which is more or less about 260 days cycle. From June 6th 2012 through February 21st 2013 is exactly the 260 days cycle of gestation. In a cosmic sense our Mother Earth would be pregnant and ready to deliver the new humanity within the New Age of the Sun, after this 260 days cycle. So in my own interpretation the famous three days of darkness could be the last three days before our mother give birth to us and to the new sun in the new age or period. This is from February 18th to February 21st.
on August 15th 1987’ day of ’13 Sun’ and the next day of August 16th of 1987 was the beginning of the next prophetic round of the Second Harmonic Convergence Prophecy. This is how after this time cycle of the first harmonic convergence prophecy of 1,144 years the new cycle started on August 16th 1987. constellation, which NASA since the year 2000 said that is the most powerful source of X-Ray gamma source of our entire galaxy. I recommend to read the book of Andrew Collins ‘The Cygnus Mystery’ to understand more about the importance of this star and constellation that at one time was the pole star and has a lot to do with the change of human consciousness. I considered for many reason that the alignment between our Earth, Sun and the star X-3 of Cygnus on February 18th 2013 it is so important because is not a coincide that this day is going to be exactly 19 cycles of 260 days of the 11:11 Portal of CAUAC the storm. Also because we are at the end of the fifth world of the Storm, so it is clear that we all are in this time cycle of the Storm, we all here to correct things in time.

Article by Dr. Jose Jaramillo

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