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Dec. 24 - Alchemical 11:11 2012

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Aztec Sunstone Maya CalendarBlue Spiral, Bible Prophecy, 2012 & The Aztec Sunstone

What possible link can there be between an extremely famous actor, a current U.S. president, spiritual alchemy, ancient Mesoamerican calendars and biblical end times prophecy?

If you had asked me that a couple of days ago my answer would have been either none or that I had no idea. Actually it transpires that there is far more to the matter then I ever considered. It is worth taking a moment to consider some of the interwoven material.

I have some knowledge of biblical prophecy interpretation but as I am not a Christian myself I tend to shy away from writing on Christian centric subjects. Other researchers tackle such material better than I can as a rule. It always seems that there are plenty of other strange things to be researched.

After listening to an interview of William Henry by Henrik Palmgren on RediceCreations e-radio I have been inspired to take a wild sojourn into biblical topics. William Henry touched on his suspicion Barack Obama and Will Smith may be somehow related to the two witnesses of God’s revelations. This was further interesting to me as I had just posted an article to my site that also referred to a verse from the biblical book of Revelations. Incredible synchronicity in action as far as I am concerned.

Let me start by saying that I really have no idea if these two persons are literally Gods witnesses at the end of time. As I am not a Christian follower of the bible my default position is that such things are for others to decide. What I do know however is that there are powerful New World Order forces deliberately propping up certain individuals and attaching powerful symbolism to them. This is typically done for esoteric ritualistic reasons. My suspicion would be that these are not the fire breathing, water morphing and sky stopping, duo sent by the Alpha & Omega at the end of days. Perhaps they are however the New World Order’s chosen figureheads for this important biblical symbology.

The three of us actually have some things in common; we are all of us not truly black people but rather mixed race with some black hereditary. Barak Obama is mixed Black African and White American, whilst Will Smith is mixed Black African and Native American. For my part I am mixed Black, White and Native Amerindian. We all also each grew up in white middle class western societal settings. From there we part ways of course. This has meant these men, along with Tiger Woods, represent to me the heady heights open to a man much like myself, but for a twist of the hand of fate. I certainly would not want to knock them down unfairly for any prejudiced reasons, unlike some of their critics. [Interestingly between these three men are represented all four root peoples of the Earth, being Black, White, Red and Yellow]

Let us progress with the material most pertinent to the majority of my American Christian readership. Firstly both of these men are self-proclaimed Christians despite claims to the contrary (Barak Obama supposedly Muslim and Will Smith supposedly a Scientologist). Separating the birth of these two men are exactly 7 years and 7 weeks of 7 days. The numbers 7 7 7 are linked to Jesus in Christian mysticism and are also found in Kabbalistic material. I am sure that no Christian needs me to point out how terribly often the number 7 occurs in their own philosophical tradition. Most important here are the 7 years of the end times also depicted as the last week. Most readers will likely have also heard of the 7 seals and 7 trumpets.

Obama the CloneThere have been several articles online that link Barak Obama with the heretic pharaoh Akhenaton via symbolism used around him. Actually it has even been pointed out that facially they look extremely similar. Akhenaton himself has often been considered a candidate for the historical Moses. It is then interesting that Moses and Elijah are the top choice for God’s two witnesses in the minds of biblical scholars. I am not sure of any obvious connection between Will Smith and Elijah. It is worth noting though that in the film ‘Hancock’ Will Smith stars as one of only two remaining powerful angelic beings on Earth.

On something of a more superficial level one might expect the two witness to be of somewhat Middle Eastern looks rather than of Western appearance. Neither Barak Obama nor Will Smith would unduly stand out in a Middle Eastern or North African setting. As far as I am aware there were no white biblical characters of great note.

The text of revelation 11 sets out a time-scale of events for the reader. It tells us that 3 and a half days of the last week or 1260 actual days will be the time in which the two witness are to give their prophecy. For that period they are under God’s protection but will then be killed by the devil. Probably a bullet for Obama and a car wreck for Smith orchestrated by the Illuminati devils (expect burning torch statues at their gravesides). Revelation 11:11 actually deals specifically with the end of the 1260 day period and the ensuing events.

Incredibly I had just this week posted an article onto this site tackling the link between the 1260 period described in revelation 12:6 and the Maya calendar time cycles. I do love that synchronicity.

Alchemy, Logo’s & Hollywood Films

Obama LogoAlchemy is the ancient source of most modern scientific disciplines. It is largely thanks to the alchemists that we have modern chemistry, biology and physics. The alchemists however chose to split their focus between matters of physical science and metaphysical research. The word alchemy probably brings to mind hunched up wild-eyed hermits pouring strange chemicals into jars of frogs’ eyes with the hope of creating precious jewels. Alchemy probably does not immediately bring to mind Barak Obama or Will Smith.

For his 2008 presidential campaign Barak Obama chose the symbol of a white sun rising against a blue background. The white sun may seem rather odd when contemplated for a moment. We always tend to use either yellow or red in depictions of the sun. I have even see people leap to the conclusion Obama’s campaign symbol must in fact show the moon rather than a rising sun on this basis. There is no need to make such a leap for us to make sense of this white sun motif.

The alchemists considered the white sun to be one of their most important secret symbols, so much so that they avoided referencing it directly whenever possible. Instead of the white sun alchemists talk about ‘white sulphur’ and rather than the red/yellow sun they substitute ‘red sulphur’. The white sun and white sulphur refer to the great work of the alchemists the refinement of more base human energies into enlightened spiritual attainment. It is a symbol of the most profound change and the ending of one state or cycle. ‘Change’ is a word definitely linked to Barak Obama.

The only other reference to the white sun I am aware of comes from a Taoist sect in Taiwan. This group state that we are now in the time of the white sun which is an end time prior to a new age. The sect also links this white sun to the coming of a new Buddha, named Maitreya in Buddhist prophecy. For them Maitreya came early last century. New World Order and New Age movement advocate’s for Maitreya seem to expect his coming in the early years of this century however. The N.W.O. has made no small effort to propagate the idea of an individual named Maitreya into the New Age movement. This figure is supposed to be a world teacher & saviour figure acceptable to all of the world’s major religions.

MaitreyaIn my opinion incredible effort has gone into making Obama fit the Maitreya mould and with a great deal of success. He is certainly the only president I have ever seen referred to as a light worker or spiritual emissary for global change. Amazingly several notable conspiracy researchers have even gone further and backed him as some kind of magical spiritual leader here to take us into the 2012 changes expected by them. I will credit that it is an interesting synchronicity we find that the last Buddha was born of an Asian lady named Maya whilst Barak Obama has an Asian sister named Maya.

The link between alchemy and Will Smith is far less subtle or symbolic. In a recent interview Will Smith described himself as an alchemist. This came after his mentioning a love for the ideas contained in the famous book ‘The Alchemist’ by author Paulo Coelho called. Well you can’t get more direct than that. Importantly he also stated in the interview that he does not want to be seen as an icon but rather as the representation of an idea. This is important to consider as later we see him quoted as saying that, “Barak Obama the person is a fantastic individual, but Barak Obama as an idea marks an evolutionary flash point for humanity.”

Eh? He’s a what now?

Will Smith has had a career involving several big ideas that come up in research of global conspiracies or New World Order plans. One of the core designs of the New World Order elite seems to be creation of a post-human world of humans fused directly with their technology. They also depict some form of advanced artificial intelligence evolving alongside us. This is the Illuminati dream of them attaining eternal life and all seeing knowledge via technology. Of course in the film ‘I, Robot’ Will Smith actually played a post human hero (having a cybernetic arm) living in a world of integrated AI computer systems and emotion capable androids. [Coincidentally Jeri Ryan, the actress that played the post-human 7 of 9 in Star Trek, had an important part in Obama coming to office]

In the films ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Men In Black’ Will Smith deals with the subjects of government awareness of the existence of alien life. We also are given the idea that secret wars with alien races could spill over into our daily world in the near future.

In the film ‘Enemy of the State’ we are shown something of the frightening truth about governments and secretive organisations. We see how they are able to monitor and harass members of the public through their technological toys.

The film ‘I Am Legend’ sees Will Smith thrust into a post-apocalyptic world sometime late in the year 2012. As if that was not enough we also have the theme of a human created global pandemic having caused our downfall. Such mankind-culling viruses are often mentioned in the speeches of our overseer-esque Illuminati masters.

The more recent film ‘Hancock’ touches on an issue found in the works of both Illuminati operatives and prominent New Age thinkers. We are confronted with the idea that here on Earth there are super beings unseen amongst us, some of whom know what they are whilst others have forgotten their true identities. There was also something else in the film Hancock that was very relevant to this investigation. We will get to that in a moment.

One piece of film related trivia worth mentioning is that Will Smith was offered the role of Neo in the iconic esoteric conspiracy film The Matrix. He turned the role down of course (or perhaps his controllers did?).

11:11 2012 & The Aztec Sunstone

Obama Maya CalendarWe already know that both Will Smith and Barak Obama have connections to the year 2012 subject. Barak Obama will be president in 2012 (possibly also military head of the UN) and therefore just about the most powerful man on the planet. Will Smith was the star in a film set in 2012 involving a massive planetary change. To really impress me as a 2012 researcher though I want them both to be connected to something deeper in the land of 2012. Perhaps connections to the Maya Calendar or another Mesoamerican calendar system?

Will Smith 2012One thing a US president and a big Hollywood star certainly have in common is that every picture you see of them has been carefully thought out and planned. Nothing in the shot is accidental or coincidental.

This makes it rather incredible that we find both of these men have been pictured next to replicas of the iconic Aztec Sunstone. This particular Mesoamerican calendar stone is commonly used as a stand in for an actual Maya Calendar stone (as no actual Maya Calendar stone has been found).

Barak Obama was photographed in front of the Aztec Suntone whilst on a visit to Mexico whilst in the film ‘Hancock’ we see the same Aztec Sunstone stuck on the front John Hancock’s mobile home. At least Obama had the excuse of being in Mexico the home of the calendar system. For what reason did the directors of ‘Hancock’ decide it was important that the star character should be associated with this ancient calendar stone?

There is another 2012 related subject that needs to be broached here. The now infamous 11 & 11 synchronicities experienced by hundreds of thousands of people (quite likely millions) are very relevant. This refers to people finding four 1’s in odd places during their daily lives. Most commonly it is claimed individuals always notice a clock just as it turns 11:11.

The more astute reader will have noted that we have already referenced Revelations 11:11 at the start of this investigation. Those of you with a laser sharp mind will have additionally noticed that both our subjects of study have the same suffix to their full names. Taken together they give us what looks awfully like an 11 11 in this case it is II II. Pretty far out weirdness in my opinion. Then 11:11UT just happens to be the time of the winter solstice on 21-12-2012 or the last day of the current Maya Long Count cycle. I have noted previously that 11-synchronicity flow through many fringe subjects ranging from conspiracies to global shifts. Barak Obama just happens to be the 44th president of America, which is of course 11 + 11 + 11 + 11. [Eisenhower was the 33rd]

Whenever I start to write these Blog posts they always provoke relevant synchronicity in my daily life. This morning I woke up and turned the television on to find an old episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air showing a young Will Smith. The second synch came whilst reading ‘2012 Science or Superstition’ in the bath. I noticed that the screenshot from Terrance McKenna’s, year 2012 linked, Timewave Zero software shown on page 150 included 11 11. Most notably the image is of screen number 11 of 11 and depicts a period of extreme novelty beginning on 11-11-2010.

Barak Obama & Will Smith Begin 1260 Days of Prophecy
COP 15 white sun
It is no secret that Will Smith supports the Obama presidency, he even donated to the campaign. There are several instances of Will Smith talking positively of Barak Obama. If only it stopped there and that was the end of the subject. No such luck unfortunately.

In mid December both Barak Obama and Will Smith were together in Norway. Just as Will Smith had been present at Barak’s presidential inauguration so too was he present for the Nobel peace prize presentation. In fact Will Smith interviewed the president just after receiving his award. Anyone who has seen the video of that interview can tell these people have a personal friendship on some level away from the cameras.

To make matters all the weirder back in January Will Smith stated he would like to play the role of Barak Obama in a film about the first black presidency. In February Barak Obama stated that if he were ever to have a film made about him he would want Will Smith to play him. It is also notable that the Smiths are sometimes referred to as the ‘First Family’ of Hollywood. Something very weird is going down here. It is like some zany Jesus Christ and John the Baptist thing is going on.

Norway spiralJust before the two men met in Norway the world had been captivated by another interesting event in that country. I refer of course to the astounding blue spiral phenomena in the night sky. These remain unsatisfactorily explained with the crappy ‘Russian missile failure’ story. The Maya calendar deals with an ever-tightening spiral of time.

The celebration concert for Obama’s Nobel exceptance just happened to be the 11th. Just 7 days later Obama appeared at the COP-15 climate change conference, also in Norway. There he gave an address, or rather he offered his prophecies for future rolling catastrophe if no one world governmental policy came into place. The logo of the conference looks rather like a SOHO infrared image of the sun except the sun is portrayed as blue and white instead of yellow and red. There’s that white sun again.

Are we really in the 1260 days of biblical Revelations?
Can we expect to see further esoteric talk and prophecy speak from our two witness candidates?
Is this really a case of divine manifestation?
Or are we perhaps being given a great theatrical show by the Illuminati intended to convince Christians their prophecy are fulfilled?

I am not in a position to make any final conclusions at this time. What I can say is that after having only scratched the surface of this subject I am already feeling pretty ‘weirded out’ by it.

As ever make up your own minds. I would appreciate any further information regarding this subject.

“People laugh, but if I set my mind to it, within the next 15 years I would be president.” – Will Smith [2003]

By Bruce

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