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Report #184

April 23, 2010

Joseph P. Skipper

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The above 1st image is representative of the International Space Station (ISS) as it first appeared in year 2000 back when it was launched into orbit around Earth. I am providing this view so that there will be no confusion as to what you will be looking at in the evidence images further below. I do this because the look of the ISS has changed over the years as many modifications have been made to it.

The above 2nd image taken in year 2009 is representative of how the ISS has changed with its additions and modifications over the years since 2000. As you can see, there have been additions for solar panels and compartments. This view is provided here to make sure you know what the ISS does not look like here in more recent times.

Now with the stage set for recognizing the International Space Station in is older original year 2000 configuration, the above 3rd image is the real evidence image. This image was supposedly taken from the Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-106 mission on 9/10/2000 through the Crew Optical Alignment Sight. This is an instrument routinely used for docking maneuvers and that is why it has the markings on the lens as you see above.

Off in the background colored pink and just below center is the Space Station in its original older configuration as viewed from a distance. However, the ISS is not the evidential item here and only a reference point. The general evidence area that we are interested in is actually in the black star field background down below the Space Station and slightly to the right as indicated in the location pointed out by the two yellow arrows. Note that I have added 1,2,3 number markers installed within the vertical "plus" signs and the evidence area is to the right of the one with the "3" in it.

The above 4th image is the real evidence image here. As you can see within the red on the left and yellow on the right box outlines, the stars there are exact duplicates of each other. Obviously, if any of this S106-E-5052 image is real, then something that someone prefers to remain secret from the public and most scientists has been removed from this image and fake material substituted in its place. Any other reasoning speculation for substituting fake background star fields would just be illogical.

The above 5th image is the same scene as in the 4th image but with the outline boxes not present so that you can have a more unobstructed view of this evidence area. As you can see, when this is done, it becomes more apparent that the star field duplication extends further to the right outside of the area defined by the box outlines in image #4. You should know that this is not my discovery but was brought to my attention by Sander Mulder in The Netherlands.

If this type of thing was a rarity in the planetary exploration science data, then this could be passed off as an innocent anomaly or perhaps just some errant carelessness. However, it seems that the only thing that is rare about this routine obfuscation is the lazy careless aspect of someone putting up such obvious duplication literally drawing the eye to its fake character. Any of you who are familiar with this website's content know that this is just another representative sample of secrecy behavior denying truth to world populations. Of the many examples at this website take a look at this representative sample in my 2004 Report #72 and in particular the 3rd and 4th images. It is just one sample of many.

Please note what has not been done here. In so many cases, distantly seen evidence warranting secrecy obfuscation intervention is small in the distance and just a matter of extracting the small object from the dark black space background or covering it over. However, that is clearly not what has happened here. The whole star field background has been removed (at least in the image's lower right quadrant) and replaced with a fake field so repetitive as to drawn attention to itself. This suggests that what ever original material was removed could not be dealt with on an item by item bases.

That in turn suggests that the offending object numbers were too great and plentiful to lend themselves to the item by item treatment or a single or few object(s) were too close and/or large to be candidates for this kind of treatment. If you follow this logic, then one of your first thoughts would be some kind of artificial object like a space craft. That may well be the case but I don't think we should limit our thinking to that possibility just because it is something we routinely contemplate in our popular culture such as in the movies, etc.

If life is plentiful out there, then it is we in our artificially and self imposed isolation that have the problem of limited perspective. The International Space Station is in orbit at the outer perimeter of Earth's gravity well influence. Life unknown to us and often perhaps invisible to us could normally exist in Earth's outer atmospheric influence. Even life confined to that atmospheric influence could have temporary excursions off out into space like land based Penguins spending a large part of their lives temporarily under water and in an environment that will ultimately not sustain them but which is an essential part of their life cycle.

The Space Station in space out on the fringe of Earth's influence could be within range of such Earth atmospheric based life. Further, what may be occurring on or within that Space Station could be of attractive interest to such life. Before you outright dismiss this life concept, take a look at this STS-75 TETHER INCIDENT VIDEO where an experimental energy source broke its tether to a space shuttle and objects swarmed around it as it drifted away in space likely still generating power radiation. Look also at this 2009 Report #170 of many highly unusual objects around Saturn's moon Enceladus that may represent life in a thin water vapor atmosphere around Enceladus and in a portion of Saturn's outer rings.

The point is that just because we do not admit to some things that "may" be possible, since everything clearly isn't all about us, our "feelings" or "opinions" have nothing to do with whether other life sharing our environment but unknown to us actually exists or not. I suspect that we can safely speculate that what ever visual evidence was sanitized from the above S106-E-5052 image in the lower right quadrant almost certainly represented life of some kind but I don't think it is safe to assume that it necessarily represented artificiality or high technology.

The problem for the secrecy crowd is that recognition of life of any kind opens the mental door through which growing realization would start rushing. So they have to keep us all ignorant as long as possible about everything rather than have that door swing open for us even a crack. The bottom line is that, except for a few, we are all "farmed" for our role as a financial and talent productivity resource but rejected entirely as a partner in any mental knowledge gain resulting in growth.

As long as we allow this type of slavery and crime against Earth humanity to continue against us and yet through advancing technology we are emerging into the greater environment and interaction with it, surely you can see that this would be a concern for any others out there who may be faced with interaction with us. Remember, doing nothing is itself a choice and one we will almost certainly be held accountable for.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

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How to Digitally Record/Video a UFO sighting:

Como registar digitalmente ou gravar um vídeo de um avistamento de um UFO:

Stabilize the camera on a tripod. If there is no tripod, then set it on top of a stable, flat surface. If that is not possible lean against a wall to stabilize your body and prevent the camera from filming in a shaky, unsteady manner.

Estabilize a camera com um tripé. Se não tiver um tripé, então coloque-a em cima de uma superfície estável. Se não for possível, então encoste-se a uma parede para estabilizar o corpo e evitar que a camera registe de maneira tremida e instável.

Provide visual reference points for comparison. This includes the horizon, treetops, lampposts, houses, and geographical landmarks (i.e., Horsetooth Reservoir, Mt. Adams, etc.) Provide this in the video whenever is appropriate and doesn’t detract from what your focus is, the UFO.

Forneça pontos visuais de referência para comparação. Isso inclui o horizonte, cimo das árvores, postes de iluminação, pontos de referência geográficos (como o Reservatório de Horsetooth, Mone Adams, etc) Forneça esses pontos no vídeo sempre que for apropriado e não se distraia do que é o seu foco, o UFO/a Nave.

Narrate your videotape. Provide details of the date, time, location, and direction (N,S,E,W) you are looking in. Provide your observations on the weather, including approximate temperature, windspeed, any visible cloud cover or noticeable weather anomalies or events. Narrate on the shape, size, color, movements, approximate altitude of the UFO, etc and what it appears to be doing. Also include any unusual physical, psychological or emotional sensations you might have. Narrate any visual reference points on camera so they correlate with what the viewer will see, and thereby will be better able to understand.

Faça a narração do vídeo. Forneça pormenores sobre a data, hora, local e direcção (Norte, Sul, Este, Oeste) que está a observar. Faça observações sobre as condições atmosféricas, incluindo a temperatura aproximada, velocidade do vento, quantidade de nuvens, anomalias ou acontecimentos meteorológicos evidentes. Descreva a forma, o tamanho, a cor, os movimentos, a altitude aproximada onde se encontra o UFO/nave, etc e o que aparenta estar a fazer. Inclua também quaisquer aspectos pouco habituais de sensações físicas, psicológicas ou emocionais que possa ter. Faça a narração de todos os pontos de referência visual que o espectador irá ver e que, deste modo, será capaz de compreender melhor.

Be persistent and consistent. Return to the scene to videotape and record at this same location. If you have been successful once, the UFO sightings may be occurring in this region regularly, perhaps for specific reasons unknown, and you may be successful again. You may also wish to return to the same location at a different time of day (daylight hours) for better orientation and reference. Film just a minute or two under “normal” circumstances for comparison. Write down what you remember immediately after. As soon as you are done recording the experience/event, immediately write down your impressions, memories, thoughts, emotions, etc. so it is on the record in writing. If there were other witnesses, have them independently record their own impressions, thoughts, etc. Include in this exercise any drawings, sketches, or diagrams. Make sure you date and sign your documentation.

Seja persistente e não contraditório. Volte ao local da cena e registe o mesmo local. Se foi bem sucedido uma vez, pode ser que nessa região ocorram avistamentos de UFOs/naves com regularidade, talvez por razões específicas desconhecidas, e talvez possa ser novamente bem sucedido. Pode também desejar voltar ao mesmo lugar a horas diferentes do dia (durante as horas de luz)para ter uma orientação e referência melhor. Filme apenas um ,inuto ou dois em circunstâncias “normais” para ter um termo de comparação. Escreva tudo o que viu imediatamente após o acontecimento. Logo após ter feito o registo da experiência/acontecimento, escreva imediatamente as impressões, memórias, pensamentos, emoções, etc para que fiquem registadas por escrito. Se houver outras testemunhas, peça-lhes para registar independentemente as suas próprias impressões, pensamentos, etc. Inclua quaisquer desenhos, esbolos, diagramas. Certifique-se que data e assina o seu documento/testemunho.

Always be prepared. Have a digital camera or better yet a video camera with you, charged and ready to go, at all times. Make sure you know how to use your camera (and your cell phone video/photo camera) quickly and properly. These events can occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and often quite randomly, so you will need to be prepared.

Esteja sempre preparado, Tenha sempre uma camera digital, melhor ainda, uma camera vídeo consigo, carregada e pronta a usar sempre que necessário. Certifique-se que sabe como lidar com a sua camera (ou com o seu celular/camera fotográfica) rápida e adequadamente. Esses acontecimentos podem acontecer súbita e inesperadamente e, por vezes, acidentalmente, por isso, necessita estar preparado.

Look up. Be prepared. Report. Share.

Olhe para cima, Esteja preparado, Relate, Partilhe.



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